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Why collectivism is doomed and the next great crisis will massively shift America toward conservatism
I had a conversation with a fellow conservative who said he didn't believe we would be able to turn around the downward spiral the U.S.A.
I explained that giving up narrows the scope of possibilites, that I held out hope that something would turn us around.

To me this applies to the arguments that we should 'settle for' someone who 'is electable'.

We have accepted the meme ever since one of our few true American Hero presidents, Ronald Reagan, was replaced by a member of the rino family.
This only to see us dragged inexorably to the left.

To those who bleat we must compromise our principles, and accept less that perfect and be led by a judas goat further toward our demise I say "For me, it stops now. You claim I will waste my vote? I tell you I've wasted my vote every presidential election since 1988 and I will do it no longer. If the U.S. Citizen voter no longer has the moral fortitude to stand against the elitists and those who want to destroy the United States of America, my vote won't make any difference. I will stand foursquare against the evil, praying God's will be done knowing whatever happens is part of His plan."


I was a FReeper before the 'officially' stated date (and a little earlier than my wife, lula - 1998/08/13).
(I originally attempted to establish my id as "plsjr<><". Unfortunately, the site would not allow it .... and I had to simplify to "plsjr". Apparently correcting my FReeper date isn't easily done ... oh well.)

AF brat, Eagle Scout (well before it was co-opted by sodomite supporters), AFJROTC drill teams, The Citadel '75 (on a USAF Missile 'Contract' scholarship) & Summerall Guards, 4 years as a Titan II Missile crew member (with 12 Highly Qualified Evaluations, and no 'Crits'.
Retrained as a computer programmer. Retired as an 0-4 Jan '96. Hired on and stayed with the same company (admittedly purchased a couple of times) for 13+ years. Worked as a SharePoint Engineer supporting counter-IED operations in Afghanistan and currently SharePoint Lead for Joint Special Operations University ... Still Proudly serving within the one function the fedgov SHOULD be performing: the protection of the U.S.A.
MCSE WinNT/2000, MCSA MS Exchange 5.0, Configuration Management II, MCTS SharePoint 2007 Config/ SharePoint 2010 MCITP / ... the original and only 'owner' of
I adopted Texas as my home ... but lula found a nice spots in SC and FL...
Now I'm torn between Great state of Texas, South Carolina (where I had attended the Citadel and found wonderful friends) and Florida where I was born and Lula has longed to return since before we were married (30 years and counting).

I'm a Christian conservative currently working and living in Tampa, working for the world's best: USA Special Operators.
I encourage you to check out David Barton's presentation: " Is America A Christian Nation?
Moral compass -
darkness is the absence of light - evil is the absence of God
leftists=progressives=marxists=socialists=democrats <=> the end justifies the means and win at any cost.
The democrat party, RINOs and gop-e are the same, only "moderately" less "progressive". They should all be repudiated by God-fearing people.
The only way back to deToqueVille's America is thorough education with the truth: ...

either by having to live through another dark age, ...

or rising up NOW to teach our fellow citizens and children!

Failure to act very soon will condemn our progeny to whatever the elite banksters, crony capitalists, "litigislators" and other evil human and nephilim scum want to impose on them.

one of His <><

BSA,Scouts,Boy Scouts of America (pre-pc),Eagle Scout
Summerall Guards,Citadel,decal
(thank you for checking out my FReeper profile!)

Logical Falacy: Ad Hominem"
- (against the man). Ad hominem is the attempt to impugn an argument by attacking the arguer's character, motives, personality, intentions, or qualifications.

(Note: Insulting, denigrating, or impugning the character or morality of an individual, in itself, however reprehensible, is not necessarily an "ad hominem," as is frequently and falsely alleged. It is an ad hominem only if the personal attacks are used within the scope of a logical argument.)
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