Since Aug 3, 2004

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I discovered Free Republic almost four years ago when I was desperately searching for like minded, conservative viewpoints about the last election. I could see what was going on in Florida, but what I saw was NOT reflected in the news coverage. I did not have Fox News at the time, and was absolutely frantic, searching for a sane voice. Somehow, by the grace of God, I found this forum. Since that time I have been a faithful lurker, spending time everyday here. I feel like I know so many of you personally. I have laughed with you, cried with you, and been mad at some of you. When ANYTHING big happens in the news, I run to my computer to see what the Freepers are saying. I am so proud to, at last, be able to officially consider myself one of you. I really don’t know what took me so long to finally join you all, but now MY two cents can be added to the conversation. God bless all of you, God bless George W. Bush, and God bless America.

July 17, 2008

A lot has happened since I wrote the above. And I still believe what I wrote that day. This IS still the first place I turn to, each day, to find out the truth about what is ‘going on’.

I don’t post a lot, primarily because I am not as fast with fact based, pithy responses as so many of you are. Also because, and I really appreciate this, but also because Freepers demand immediate back up and accurate ‘sources’ to defend a position. This is good....but I am NOT, as a rule, prepared with links. I read quite a bit all around the Web each day. But I find I get so overloaded with ‘stuff’, that I just don’t save the references. Other than in my silly little head. Kind of hard to argue a case without the evidence close at hand. Oh well. So, I watch all of you guys go at it.

I love this place as much as in the beginning. Freepers are the BEST!