Since Jan 5, 2009

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I am a son of a pilot! My father was a retired NWA pilot who flew F-4’s and F-100’s in the Air Force. Some of my earliest memories are sitting on my dad’s lap in the family G-model Bonanza, N4232D, while he explained how to hold straight and level flight and how the VOR worked. I can still see my mom getting green as I (the 6 year old PIC) porpoised along.

I followed in my fathers footsteps and became an Air Force Fighter Pilot who flew F-4’s and F-16’s. After I got out of the service I had a flight school in California which specialized in tailwheel and aerobatic instruction for pilots and air combat simulation for non pilots.

I currently live in Myrtle Beach and fly for a few different corporations in this area. I also give some instruction on the side in my Beech Baron.


Here's a pic of me and my sister whom I gave a Kidney to on election night 2000. She passed Nov 2009.


Here's me in one of the planes I've built.


Finally, here's me sailing offshore on a 65 footer.