Since Oct 1, 1998

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11/5/2002 BREAKING NEWS! The research group I work for at Penn has just been named NUMBER ONE on the 2002 InfoWorld list of the 100 top IT companies. Not bad for a group of five physicists!

I'm a 37 y.o. male, staff scientist at University of Pennsylvania Dept. of Physics and Astronomy. Married with two daughters, ages 6 and 4. As of November 16, 2001, we also have a son!

Ph.D., 1993, Virginia Tech (Experimental High Energy Physics).

My motto: The universe is the way it is, and not how we would wish it to be.

Claims to fame on FreeRepublic:

First (and so far only) Freeper to have his blood shed by radical left while demonstrating for FreeRepublic. (October 2, 1998)

Founder of FreeRepublic Philadelphia Chapter. (December, 1998)

Personally introduced Dead to Lazamataz. (January 20, 2001)

Anyone wanting to join the FreeRepublic Philadelphia Chapter email list should send his email address to me via Freep mail (or email at the above address). Don't forget to include your email address!

It's finally done! Check out The Linear Collider Physics Resource Book by The American Linear Collider Working Group. I worked really hard on it, and am proud of it.