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Semper Fidelis


But what sucks worse is a medical community that is locked into an arcane process whereby long term treatment is much more lucrative than a cure. Under the thumb of mandated medical insurance scams, doctors receive a small fraction of billed costs which, if the market was truly free, would actually be a pittance of what is charged now...and the docs would receive all they billed.

Col Coopers four rules:
1. Always assume all guns are always loaded always. Never assume one is not never.
2. Never point your weapon at anything you are not willing to destroy.
2a. Place guarded trust in mechanical safeties
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
4. Know your target and what's behind it. Don't fire at shadows or presumably hostile muzzle flashes.

"It Is About Islam" Glenn Beck 2017

Keep your powder dry!

I believe...

The Bill of Rights does not grant us rights, it guarantees them. The second ammendment is the protector of the rest.

The job of government is to protect our right to exercise volition. Period. The job of government is not:

To look out for my safety (lose those government programs and save $$).
To take care of me in my old age (lose those government programs and save $$$$).
To regulate business in any way shape or form.
To educate my children (lose that program and see the future of the US brighten!)
To regulate where a citizen can or cannot carry the means of defense against tyranny in all it's forms.
and finally, to project itself into any facet of our lives that are best decided by citizens, businessmen, or parents.

This is recycling that makes sense!!

Changing World Technologies, Inc. is an energy and environmental service company that provides funding and management expertise to its joint ventures and wholly owned subsidiaries. Our mission is to identify, introduce and commercialize environment-friendly energy technologies to the international marketplace. Our company's products and services are aimed at providing energy independence, ensuring a better future for industry, business, engineering and science throughout the world.
CWT is the owner and developer of processes that convert industrial waste and low-value streams into fuels, oils, gases and carbons, with no hazardous emissions into the environment.
Go to for the company details. A great article on the process can be found at
"Sic Semper Tyrannis"


The Sheepdog ethos by David Grossman

Sums up rather well.

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NO good endeavor survives an excess of "adult supervision" (read bureaucracy)!

Hunkered down in occupied Virginia!
CRA, UAW, public education, decline of the republic, IT'S THE DIMS' FAULT!
A gov may create work, but only a free market creates jobs, careers, and growth!
Power corrupts! Why does hoi poloi insist on electing the corrupt?
Grubbers "stupid" electorate is starting to look very much like Romney's 47%. Just sayin...

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