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Pelayo was on Mount Auseva with his people, and the army arrived
and pitched their innumerable tents at the entrance of the cave.
Upon a mound facing the holy cave, Bishop Oppas spoke:

"Pelayo, Pelayo, where are you?"

Whereupon Pelayo, from an opening in the cliff, responded:

"Here I am."

The Bishop continued:

" I believe that you understand how the entire army of
the Goths cannot resist the force of the Muslims; how then can
you resist on this mountain? Listen to my advice: abandon your
efforts and you will enjoy many benefits alongside the Moors."

Pelayo responded:

"Have you not read in the Sacred Scripture that the Church
of the Lord is like the mustard seed, which, small as it is,
Grows more than any other through the mercy of God?"

The Bishop responded:

"Truly, so it is written."

And Pelayo said:

"Our hope is in Christ; this little mountain will be
the salvation of Spain and of the people of the Goths; the mercy
of Christ will free us from that multitude."