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Have You Forgotten?

Howdy Yall!

My family, like most Texans were conservative Democrats. I think most of them still are registered as Democrat but don't vote for them. I thought I was, until recently when I went to officially change to Republican. My first chance to vote was in 1980. Carter had shown us and most of the rest of the country that the Democrats had left the working man behind. Ronald Reagan, the masterful statesman, made that glaringly apparent to most everyone. Maybe that's when I registered Republican, I don't know.(They say the memory is the second thing to go, and I can't remember the first.)

The 489-49 electorial landslide over Carter, the economic prosperity that has followed, and the 1200+ Democrats that are out of office across the country should be enough to convert all, even the blind to see the Democratic Party's defection to Socialism. The 8 "stolen years" of Clinton/Gore and the election revelation last December should have sealed their fate.

If you haven't read Votescam by James and Kenneth Collier, and you're wondering why I refer to Clinton/Gore as "stolen years" click on the link and read the first five chapters, then buy the book and finish it. I can almost bet that you to will see why and agree.

If you don't believe that the Socialist have invaded and control the Democratic Party (I know some folks are slow :-))Click here, or here. If you need more than that to convince you, let me know. (I will pray for you, as the Almighty is the only one that can bring you out of your coma.)

My FReeper Hall of Fame - dedicated to the FReepers that have caught my eye by exposing the evil that is devouring us from within. (If you see something that should be here, Freepmail me with the thread URL. I'll take a look and add it if it meets my criteria.)

From backhoe: The Holiday *Best* of bill clinton and his friends!( (A megathread of clinton scandals.)

Scams, Scalawags, and an all-too-gullible Public...famous frauds sold to America
(A most excellent job backhoe!)

From Stand Watch Listen: Enviromental Corruption: A Cascade of Lies (The related subjects in post are good reads as well. Fine job Stand Watch Listen!)

For an excellent collection from Republican_Strategist see: Democrookery

More Enron Ties to clinton-gore from PhiKapMom Here .

Click on the balloon below for updates on the US Flag Balloon and the Pocket Constitution Project-A great effort by FReepers Abner and Victim of Circumstance.

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