Since Aug 6, 2008

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Although I moved my family thousands of miles away years ago, I spent 40 years in the desert of Southern California and even spent some time in and around Hollywood media and teaching at a couple universities.

All I can say is that the marxists are *extremely* serious about control, they’re getting it, they do not care about true “fairness” or co-existence or collateral damage, they have been serious for decades, and it looks to me like their patient spadework has unfortunately paid off. As we can already see, they are fully intent on destroying American culture, freedoms and the capitalistic economy. We must fight politically and fiercely to defeat these traitors.

(My pictures are made to help the Constitutional Conservative Cause. If you'd like to use one to make a point (or a joke!) on Free Republic, in email or anywhere else you may freely copy, save, modify, repost, email, alter, caption, post elsewhere or reuse any of my pictures without crediting me at any time as long as they maintain a conservative message.)