Paul Pierett
Since Nov 19, 2008

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To Whom It May Concern,

My work on correlation of sunspot activity to our weather is posted at The studies explain why we are entering 30-year period of cold due to the lack of sunspot activity and incorporates Joseph D’Aleo’s findings. The research answered the question at what point could the earth produce a hurricane after the end of the ice age?

I tried to predict the number of hurricanes and accumulated cyclone energy based on historical data and found that the pros do a better job.

Now, I have turned back to historical recorder of the changes that have begun with the reduced amount of sunspot activity. If we were entering an ice age, this is how it would start.

Noted changes:
1. Upper atmosphere level of humidity is dropping.
2. Ozone production on ground level has dropped from critical to normal and this should cause a large hole in the Ozone layer.
3. Hurricanes had a hard time hitting us, less they started off in the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the cause is given to El Nino. What about land mass? The North America land mass versus Africa
4. Drought conditions are worsening as pointed out in Sir Richard Gregory’s research. Fewer sunspots equal lower water tables.
5. Colder Weather is the forecast for the next 30 years Per: UN, Farmer’s Almanac and Joseph D’Aleo.

Hurricanes and the Ozone layer are probably global warming features and have a difficulty existing in solar sunspot minimums consisting of two small sunspot cycles of 200 or less total sunspot mean for the cycle; mini-ice ages reflecting a total drop in sunspot activity; and ice ages. The Ozone damage noted in the 1970s may have been the result of a weak sunspot cycle that strengthened the Arctic Ice Sheet

Anyone who has bought into man-made global warming has a lot to learn the hard way in the coming years. How hopeless! I would say dangerous.

This could be the beginning of a global cleansing. We don’t study that much other than in some Bible stories, but in the bigger picture, The Good Lord has to clean house from time to time.

I believe the Almighty uses solar sunspot minimums to clean a little, mini-ice ages to clean a lot and ice ages for major work.

I tend to look at the Earth as a branch of the Tree of Life. We are only here for a short period of time and, then, we are replaced, recycled. Those who don’t believe in The Almighty, have a hard time coming to grips with that. Then again, an atheist knows how long he or she will live. A believer thinks past that.

God is a jealous God.

Most Sincerely,

Paul Pierett