Since Mar 29, 2002

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I've loved reading FR off and on over the last three years. With the starting of the Religion forum it seemed a good time to stop lurking and start participating.

Some folks on FR are really brilliant, and it is a pleasure to learn from them and interact with them. (Others need to get back on their meds.) Others are like me -- trying to figure out how to be a good American citizen when liberals constantly try to erode everything good in our country.

Being in Texas, I have voted for conservative Democrats before without hesitation. I find it very difficult to vote for Republicans when they take conservative folk like me for granted. I am more than ready for a viable third party that will end the legalization of abortion and cut by two thirds the size of the federal government.

That's all for now. I'm grateful to Jim Robinson for this opportunity. And I hope to make some friends in the trenches here.