Since Feb 5, 1999

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AAS - Computer Programming - 1972. Additional college but no degree.

Operating Systems Programmer (SCOPE 3.3/3.4, NOS/BE, NOS, and NOS/VE on Control Data mainframes) for 18 years, and microcode assembly language on parallel processors for 5 years. For last 20 years applications programs for UNIX systems (SGI and SUN workstations) using C, C++, Java, and Fortran.

Retired in June 2011. Open heart 4xCABG surgery in 2014. Volunteered with Mended Hearts visiting patients at local hospitals until COVID shut our chapter down. Plays guitar and ukulele in two bands, several duets and some solo work.

Genealogy, history, making music, and woodworking are my hobbies. Active in local politics. Enjoys ballroom dancing and biking with Mrs. OrioleFan. Plays 1967 Gibson J-45, Epiphone Les Paul, Ibanez GA6CE, 1961 Stella guitars and Kona ukuleles (soprano and baritone).

visited 40 states (80%)