Since Oct 23, 2000

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Retired US Army Sergeant Major, 4 years Infantry, 2 years Aviation, 14 years Military Police.

Now a dropout from Society.

Ride an ol’ motorsickle.

Update: Can't ride no more.

Degenerative Spinal Whatsis or something.

Oh well...bought a Roxor off road vehicle.

I can terrorize the back 40 now, in semi-comfort.

Own lots of guns.

Ain’t never had a boating accident...but, who knows?

Got lots of knives, a few I made myself.

Live on my own land...but still subject to the whims of the stinkin’ tax man.

Mind my own business...usually, until some dipshit tries to force some crap down my throat.

Got no use for islam or a damned muslim.

Never have had, never will have.

As for the LGB...what the hell ever alphabet crap...well, anybody that can’t figure out God’s plan for the intimacy of the TWO sexes...let’s just say I got no need to be around ‘em and that I have absolutely no use for them.

I won’t treat them harshly...unless they treat me harshly...but I’ll have no truck with them willingly.

Ain’t never voted for a damn democrat...never will.

And I know a RINO when I see one.

And I have now reached a point in my life that I know I have a lot less years left, than have passed before me.

So, in consideration of that, my attitude towards the government and SJW thugs of any skin color has seriously degraded, since I've lived one hell of a life and would have no problems going out in a blaze of glory.

Read in to it what you wish, but know this:

I am damn tired of watching my country degrade to the point that it has.

And anyone trying to justify this debacle is as bad as the damned fools trying to foist it upon us.

If you're monitoring MY profile, Mr. Jack Booted Thug, then all I can say is: "Come and take it".