Old Grumpy
Since Nov 17, 2003

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I pray mightily that Karma is a real action and that it is visited on all of those who shun God, who willfully disobey the laws of decency, and through their lawless actions, acquire that to which they are NOT entitled. <-- Democrats and the lying media. Ronald and Donald: The two best presidents ever.

I lurked here for several years before signing up. Don’t know why I put it off so long. I have plenty of gripes and complaints, hence my name Old Grumpy. After living in Tampa most of my life, I now live in Marion County. I believe in America, gun ownership, and having a strong military. I live with three fur-legged kids, and they rule the house. I intensely dislike obnoxious, loud, overbearing people. Eventually I’ll add to this page; I just need to take the time to come up with something interesting about myself. More later . . .