old and cranky
Since Aug 17, 2005

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Always hated the saying “Single mom” and now, well, here I am. Always felt people just didn’t try hard enough to stay married, turns out I was married to one of those people. He was a great guy, just changed, hopefully we will see the old him one of these days because we miss that guy.

But have 3 great, smart kids. When anyone from neighbors to relatives needs something, my kids are the first people they come to. No matter what happens to me, what situation I find myself in, I will always be proud and thankful for these 3 kids. Oh, also have 3 dogs: a black lab, blacklab/britanny mix, and a beautiful/extremely untrainable german shephard. Also have 2 cats, had a third, my special pretty boy, but he recently died. We have fostered kittens, had a rabbit, Wascal Eugene Rabbit, or for short Wascal E Rabbit, and my kids and I just successfully raised a baby squirrel and set him free.

My kids asked me the difference between Conservative and Liberal. I told them Conservatives make difficult decisions intellectually, taking everything into consideration, being concerned, but logical. Liberals make every decision emotionally, not concerned with how something can be done, or who else it will effect, basically they make their decisions emotionally and in the “now”. My kids are free to make their own decisions, and thankfully, they lean to the conservative side…(happy dance here).