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Since Jun 11, 2009

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“OK Right” is a pseudonym for Oscar De Los Santos and Kelly L. Goodridge, two conservatives working “in the belly of the beast” (so to speak): liberal academe! Oscar chairs the Writing Department at Western Connecticut State University. His books include Hardboiled Egg and Infinite Wonderlands (co-written with David G. Mead). His stories and essays have appeared in New York Review of Science Fiction, Extrapolation, Connecticut Review, and Saranac Review. Kelly teaches at Western Connecticut State University and Naugatuck Valley Community College. A former journalist, her essays have appeared in When Genres Collide and Reel Rebels. Kelly and Oscar’s short story collection, Seasons Light and Dark, will be published in fall 2010. For our entire blog collection (updated at least once a week), please visit and leave a comment at: http://okwereright.blogtownhall.com/