Since Jun 22, 2000

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Lifetime resident of Cincinnati. Conservative Ohio trial lawyer. (No I do not bring the kinds of Class Actions, designed to undermine legitimate businesses because I don't like their product, or to change American Society.)

I have been in the fight to preserve the enduring values of American civilization & traditional culture, since I left High School, many years ago. I attended Oberlin College--known for six generations as a center of Leftist activity, in part to study the foe, in their own lair. While there, I observed the fatal flaws in the Leftist approach to life, politics, economics & social questions. Those observations have enabled me to easily dispose of their spokesmen in numerous debates, etc..

I have built an extensive Web Site, with Conservative resources (and responses) on a wide variety of issues--some basic others topical. These include a Conservative Debate Handbook. Here is a link to the Table of Contents: Debate Handbook. It is there for all to use.

One of the general gates to the Web Site proper, which includes a lot of additional material, with general and specialized menus, may be accessed at Return Of The Gods Web Site.

(The "Gods" are the metaphorical ones in Kipling's poem, The Gods Of The Copybook Headings, which provides the Kipling based theme for my political novel, Return Of The Gods.)

For an extensive menu of what we have to offer, see Conservative Resource Menu.