Since Jun 19, 1998

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Second generation Colorado native, was born in lovely Alamosa Colorado and learned the meaning of the phrase “It is a great place to die but I wouldn’t want to live there.” I can only describe it as “Strange”.

I have had relatives that have served in the military since 1630 and some who died defending this country. Our lives our bound together as links in a chain. Those that have come before me and those yet to come. If Any generation is negligent in defending freedom and liberty the entire chain is weakened and vulnerable. My actions not only affect me but all of my family yet to be born.

My ancestors came to the US about 20 years after the Mayflower. They were from England and started towns such as Deerfield MA. My Great + 7 Grandmother and her child Mercy were shot with one bullet when Indians paid in babbles by the Jesuit Priests attacked Deerfield. Those that weren’t killed were taken hostage and marched (some barefoot) to Canada where they were placed as slaves for the Catholics and/or Indians. My Great + 7 Grandfather returned home the next morning (he had gone to Windsor MA for supplies) and found all but one son had either been killed or taken hostage. He walked to Boston to get help from the Royal Governor and then walked back to Deerfield. He was given enough money to hire a guide and have some money to bribe Indians in letting his family go.

In all he made 4 trips into Canada freeing more than 100 English people that had been taken hostage over the last few years. He was able to gain freedom for his daughter, daughter-in-law and son. His expense reports are still in the Deerfield museum as well as letters written between him and his family members being held hostage. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2637380/posts