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Since Oct 22, 2008

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Let’s keep conservatism and Christianity in America, and stamp out the liberals, secularists, Islamists, unionists, the lazy poor, and the rest of the undesirables that are ruining our country under the Dementocrats and ‘President’ Osama!


-The RINO is one of the greatest enemies of liberty; compromising our principles in the interest of politically compromising to liberals is always unacceptable. RINOs do more damage to the conservative movement over the long term than Democrats do, given that RINOs shift the Overton Window of the Republican Party to the left.
-No sensible person would state that left wing ideologies (such as Nazism, Stalinism, Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Islamism) are legally acceptable, as these ideologies and the people advocating them imperil and violate not only the Constitution but the concept of freedom itself. Being logically consistent, other left wing ideologies such as liberalism and secular humanism/naturalism/materialism should also not be legally acceptable ideologies. Society has degraded too far into moral degeneracy to realistically believe that democracy is the best form of government.
-Anyone who says that modern-day liberals are anything other than an enemy of liberty are enemies of liberty themselves. Anyone who holds a casual friendship with a liberal has likely compromised their principles, and is consequentially suspect. Any 'Republican' who opposes impeachment of Hussein Osama is a RINO and a traitor to the nation.
-American foreign policy should strictly serve the interests of Americans. In scenarios which are zero-sum games, Americans should always be the ones to benefit. We're the ones with the military firepower, so we should be the ones to dictate how the world should run. Since America has a global advantage both economically and militarily, strict isolationism is never an acceptable position. (Incidentally, the terrible foreign policy platform of the Constitution Party is the only valid reason to continue to support Republicans over the Constitution Party.)
-Christianity is the only system which can provide a reasonable framework for all aspects of the world. Anyone who attempts to argue against the Bible or Biblical literalism (Biblical infallibility is a 'subtle' liberation theology attempt to undermine Christianity) is supporting the destruction of society.
-Under no circumstances is government involvement in the economy acceptable; the market is always superior.
-Promoting the "general welfare" beyond law and order should in no way have to utilize the American taxpayer's money; given the existence and power of private Christian charity, the usage of tax money is not necessary.
-Any taxation beyond that which is necessary for basic government functions is unconstitutional and anti-freedom, especially the income tax and any Communist "land value tax". Progressive taxation and other covert means of wealth redistribution are unconstitutional and Communist.
The American economy has been suspect ever since the creation of the Federal Reserve by the Fascist Woodrow Wilson. The Austrians are correct that the economic issues we face can be boiled down entirely to "easy credit"; in order to prevent the establishment of "easy credit", we must abolish government control over the printing, storing, and dissemination of money, and allow the free market to determine the best standard currency (it is impossible to determine whether gold, silver, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or whatever should be the standard currency in a system where the federal government exacts control over the money supply). Grover Cleveland's administration probably came the closest to establishing a fundamentally sound economic system.
If a scientific theory is promoted by government or embraced by anti-Christian elements, it is probably pseudoscience:
-Global warming is embraced by socialists who want an excuse for a Communist command economy
-the banning of DDT was propagated by mosquito-rights advocates and misanthropes
-the Endangered Species Act was the brainchild of Socialist land-grabbers who do not understand basic biology and want us to blow billions of dollars into worthless animals such as pandas (who hate fornication as much as sinners love fornication)
-AIDS research is mostly funded by homosexuals and African nationalists wanting to suck up our foreign aid money (there is no connection between AIDS and HIV, read Peter Duesberg)
-stem cell research is promoted by Planned Parenthood (note that private industry does not care to fund it, and for good reason)
-mandatory vaccinations are embraced by lunatics who want you and your children to be injected with mind control serum (if vaccinations are so good, why does the government seek to force them on the body politic? Think about it!)
-Darwinism is an atheist doctrine, and its proponents seek to eliminate the concept of original sin and want to promote unrestrained fornication (funny how this "theory" was promoted and spread by the same means as Heliocentrism, eh?)
-Abiotic oil is a legitimate theory which Environmentalist Leftists have a vested interest in destroying
-The radiation hormesis theory has lots of solid evidence behind it, but is again hated by Environmentalists and Pacifists
Always question the source, and remember that any field has the potential to be corruptible by Leftists. Beware of academic jargon and people who rush to call their anti-Christian Socialist pseudosciences "science".


-Genuine conservatives believe in the following statements:
Abortion is murder.
Murderers should be executed.
...so the following statement is necessary for logical consistency:
Abortionists should be executed.
...however, many so-called "conservatives" would disagree with the third statement, but not the first two. There are only two possible reasons for this disagreement: a subconscious belief that those aborted are not actually human, or deceit. Logically following the first statement, those who are for abortion exceptions are not pro-life.