Since Jan 7, 2004

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I'm a Kiwi of Hong Kong Chinese ethnicity in my mid-to-late 20s, Hong Kong born, and working as an electrical engineer in the South Island. I am both fiscal and Christian conservative on the political scene and am an ardant ACT Party and Destiny New Zealand Party supporter.

I agree that America is the last best regime for humanity in the fallen world cicra 2006. Many New Zealanders will tell you "I like America, but I don't agree with all of the US foreign policy" which is the codeword for "Yes, I'm anti-American". I personally believe much of anti-Americanism from New Zealand, which permeates mainstream New Zealand society, is a mix of resentment of eclipsed worldwide influence of the Britannic traditions, irrational paranoia of US power, moral equivalence, a cynical working of realpolitik tendency to see blocs of balances of power regardless of morality, and a postmodern demand of instant perfectionism. They will hold the US to such standards on its domestic issues that they would be willing to swallow whole camels on equivalent issues in New Zealand. Because of this, I do not recommend any thinking conservatives to settle in New Zealand, though a trip to this beautiful nation is a must.

Never forget this person caused more than 85 million dead in China:

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