Since Nov 25, 2000

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I use nyconse because I used to use my husbands sign in- Nyconserv -on other sites and was to lazy to change it. This got shortened to nyconse (too many letters). I was always meaning to change it, but after 9-11, I kept it in honor of the New York heroes: those in the planes and on the ground. My name is Terry. My husband is George. He is from New York, the Bronx. He recently joined FR and is called bronxboy. I lived all over-as a military brat. Later, my Dad went from one place to another in his job.I lost track of how many different schools I was in. I went to High School in Ridgefield Connecticut, but Virginia was always the home place. The place we went back to. Both my parent are buried in Virginia. I am southern-having been raised by a southern Mother. The home-place is in Virginia (near Charlottesville). I married my husband even though he was a Republican expecting to reform him. I was a very partisan Democrat. However, He read conservative publications and listened to talk radio. Once, I heard the true conservative voice-not the one described by liberals- I was converted. I became a Republican in 1993. Who converted whom? I am an ex-teacher. I have four great kids. I work part time (for cash now and then) but am devoted to my family. My family is my career. My husband is an engineer. He is a terrific person. He is a card carrying member of the right wing conspiracy and has a signed picture of Ronald Reagan: a great president! Of course sadly, I never voted for President Reagan as I was a brainwashed liberal at the time. Both my husband and I are Christians (sigh we try), but fall short each and every day. I am glad God is merciful- We certainly need mercy. I love Free Republic. I have learned so much from all the great posts. I am constantly amazed at the depth of knowledge many posters demonstrate on a variety of subjects. Liberals love to portray conservatives as ignorant hicks, but both my husband and I are college graduates. We love the arts (real arts/ not crucifixes dipped in urine) and read constantly. Well, let the foolish liberals continue to misunderestimate conservatives. It works to our benefit.

Update: We are on our third move with GM. Everyone knows the trouble this company has Ohio now. Pray for us as my husband will lose his job 4-1-2009. I finally remembered my any girly posts under bronxboy were mine!