Since Oct 13, 2011

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I am against all progressive policies, not limited to taxation, regulation and manipulation.

I do NOT believe in cultural equivalency....on any level. Western civilization is far superior to any other in any aspect you care to mention.

I believe in social Darwinism, the only sort of Darwinism that has any supporting evidence in the real world. Stupidity and laziness should have consequences, and I strongly resent my tax dollars being spent subsidizing the existence of stupid and lazy people.

I am for walled borders patrolled by armed agents with rules of engagement allowing vigorous enforcement, up to and including the use of deadly force.

I do not believe a country with a 9% unemployment rate should allow ANY immigration.

I do not agree with ANYTHING Nixon “accomplished”, especially his mission to China and the forming of the EPA, etc. China should still be the “doublewide” model of North Korea instead of our creditor.

I recognize the danger of Islam. It is a religion about like the KKK or the Mafia are religions, and deserves the same protection under the law.

Even if TRUE small government conservatives took both Houses and the Presidency, there would be such a push-back by the bureaucrats and beneficiaries of the current welfare/military/industrial complex as to make any significant positive changes impossible. I expect the RINOS to lead us to the slaughter by Islamists, cultural fragmentation by the Hispanics, or perpetual debt slavery to the IMF. One of the three must happen, and maybe all of them will occur! I wish my children were facing a better future. It's not coming because we can't stop spending, won't control the borders and refuse to recognize Islam for what it obviously is in order to "win" elections.