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Great Reformed Ping List - Update 9-13-05

The GRPL (Great Reformed Ping List) was conceived by Orthodox Presbyterian and initiated by drstevej as a ping list for FReepers who affirm monergistic regeneration regardless of their denominational background. This ping list is intended for the exclusive use of its members. Non-members, while free to ping any FReeper they desire, are asked not to use the GRPL list.

Anyone desiring further information on the GRPL or desiring inclusion on the GRPL ping list or removal from the ping list should send a PM to me (nobdysfool), as I currently maintain the list. Persons desiring inclusion on the GRPL should indicate their agreement with the doctrine of monergistic regeneration (the doctrines of grace). Due to some recent events, requests for membership will be reviewed and may involve some private correspondence before inclusion to the list. It is our intention to maintain the integrity of the list, and to not use it for the purpose of divisive or vain and pointless arguments. Our primary goal is to Glorify God, and to present His Truth in power and integrity. Please keep in mind that our identification with the GRPL list means that we are being watched.

Cut & Paste Version

Dr. Eckleburg; drstevej; OrthodoxPresbyterian; CCWoody; Wrigley; Gamecock; Jean Chauvin; jboot; Azhardliner; Alex Murphy; A.J.Armitage; 4Godsoloved..Hegave; Frumanchu; oldcodger; irishtenor; rwfromkansas; Calvinist_Dark_Lord; CARepubGal; RochesterFan; Biblical Calvinist; Bopper; rdb3; Dahlseide; Michael Townsend; Aggressive Calvinist; lockeliberty; Diamond; Tares; Precisian; BibChr; Nobdysfool; Condi2008; George W. Bush; fishtank; Don’tMessWithTexas; Jerry_M; XeniaSt; Analog Reigns; SoliDeoGloria; Lexinom; ReformedBeckite; alpha-8-25-02; ken in texas; sr4402; Ephesians 210; HarleyD; ksen; sheltonmac; Jonathan71; Godsrebel; Wallace T.; Topcat54; Ex-Episcopalian; strongbow; suzyjaruki; Puritan Idelette; thePilgrim; Lee N. Field; keeper53; visually_augmented; Mary_at_His_Feet; ItsOurTimeNow; Terabitten; Loves Books; fzx12345; lupie; where HE leads me; wmfights; Ottofire; Forest Keeper; Calm-Cool-And-Elected; Blogger; N3WBI3; Ryle; PAR35; Jen; Hardshell; streetpreacher; TonyRo76; WileyPink; oworm; P8riot; Manfred the Wonder Dawg; Penny1; PastorTony; AUsome Joy; esquirette; HossB86; raynearhood; UncleDick; umbagi; sweet_diane; A. Patriot; RansomOttawa; darrellmaurina; PieterCasparzen; .45 Long Colt; huldah1776; Greetings_Puny_Humans

1. Drstevej, Thread Pope, Co-Keeper of the GRPL list
2. Orthodox Presbyterian, Minister of Diplomacy
3. CCWoody, Archivist,
4. (removed by request)
5. Wrigley
6. Gamecock
7. Jean Chauvin
8. jboot
9. (open)
10. Azhardliner
11. Alex Murphy
12. A.J.Armitage
13. 4Godsoloved..Hegave
14. Frumanchu
15. oldcodger
16. irishtenor
17. rwfromkansas
18. Calvinist_Dark_Lord
19. CARepubGal
20. RochesterFan
21. Biblical Calvinist
22. Bopper
23. rdb3
24. Dahlseide
25. Michael Townsend
26. Aggressive Calvinist
27. lockeliberty
28. Diamond
29. Tares
30. Precisian
31. Dr. Eckleburg
32. BibChr
33. (Open)
34. Nobdysfool, Co-Keeper of the GRPL List
35. Condi2008
36. George W. Bush
37. fishtank
38. Don’tMessWithTexas
39. Jerry_M
40. XeniaSt
41. Analog Reigns
42. SoliDeoGloria
43. Lexinom
44. ReformedBeckite
45. alpha-8-25-02
46. ken in texas
47. sr4402
48. Ephesians210, (In Memoriam)
49. HarleyD
50. ksen
51. Sheltonmac
52. Jonathan71
53. Godsrebel
54. Wallace T.
55. (Removed by request)
56. Topcat54
57. Ex-Episcopalian
58. strongbow
59. Ronald Reagan (Honorary Posthumous award)
60. suzyjaruki
61. Puritan Idelette
62. thePilgrim
63. Lee N. Field
64. keeper53
65. visually_augmented
66. Mary_at_His_Feet
67. ItsOurTimeNow
68. Terabitten
69. Loves Books
70. fzx12345
71. lupie
72. where HE leads me
73. Ottofire
74. wmfights
75. Forest Keeper
76. Calm-Cool-And-Elected
77. Blogger
78. N3WBI3
79. Ryle
80. PAR35
81. Jen
82. Hardshell
83. streetpreacher
84. TonyRo76
85. WileyPink
86. oworm
87. P8riot
88. Manfred the Wonder Dawg
89. Penny1
90. PastorTony
91. AUsome Joy
92. esquirette
93. HossB86
94. raynearhood
95. UncleDick
96. umbagi
97. sweet_diane
98. A. Patriot
99. RansomOttawa
100. darrellmaurina
101. PieterCasparzen
102. .45 Long Colt
103. huldah1776
104. Greetings_Puny_Humans

Inquiries to join the GRPL should be directed to me via FReep mail. Please confirm in the FReep mail that you believe in Monergistic Regeneration, and the Reformed Doctrines of Grace. We reserve the right to add or exclude members based on their confession, and their actions. We realize that every Christian is at a different place in their walk with Christ, and allow for disagreement about peripheral matters and points of doctrine outside the basics, as defined by the main Protestant and Reformed Confessions of Faith
~ nobdysfool

In Memoriam
Dr. Eckleburg (RIP)

CCWoody, aka "The Boo"
Ephesians 210
Jean Chauvin
Gone, but not forgotten, Warriors removed from the battlefield
They fought the good fight.

A special Honorary Membership, posthumous, to Ronald Wilson Reagan, 40th President of the United States, A Calvinist Presbyterian, a Great American, and a Servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Freewill In Heaven (apologies to Eric Clapton)

Beyond the door,
There's peace I'm sure,
And I know there's got to be
Free will in heaven.

Would you throw a fit
If He controlled you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If He bound your will in heaven?

You must be strong
And carry on,
'Cause you know there's no free will
Here in heaven.

A Little Bit about Me:

Conservative, for the most part Republican, definitely Constitutionalist, and Christian. I believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God, and complete in content for instruction in living, and containing the answers to all we need for our lives. I am a Calvinist in doctrine. My son, frumanchu, is also a member of Free Republic, and his statement of faith is one I echo. I respect the right of others to disagree with me, and ask only that you state your case in an honest and thoughtful way, and not resort to personal attacks, or argument just to argue. That is not profitable or necessary. I can and have changed my position on things, and will consider all viewpoints, but you can expect me to defend my own viewpoints strongly. Thank God we live in a country where we can speak freely!

It's a shame that even in places where speech should be free, there are efforts underway to re-define "free speech", and to limit the free exercise thereof to mean "only those who don't disagree". Nowhere is this more dangerous than in Religious Discussion. We're not supposed to criticize Islam because it's a "religion of peace" despite the clear evidence of 9-11-01. Protestants should not criticize Catholics, Catholics should not criticize Protestants, neither Catholics or Protestants should criticize Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses, nor can Protestants and Reformed even criticize doctrinal error with any kind of authority, because it might "offend" someone. I don't know when "offending" someone became the greatest sin, because I sure can't find it in my Bible, but that is the atmosphere in which we must function. I believe the Biblical injunction to be "wise as serpents, harmless as doves" must be the watchword, because our cherished freedoms are under attack, even from those within. Notwithstanding, our mandate is to "contend earnestly for the faith which was once delivered to the Saints".