Since Aug 19, 1998

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Currently living in the Fort Walton Beach area. Retired USAF Officer with 20 years service (1970-1990). Served in five differnt MAJCOMS in four totally different duties. Finished with nearly a decade in Special Operations. Worked as a tech consultant for AF Spec Ops for almost 20 more years (Dec 1990 - April 2010) before I walked away from the job and the DOD. Too many core issues had become optional and was getting told too often that my 30 years background was trumped by six years of recent experience. The most "fun" I enjoyed towards the end was when I was told I couldn't have done something only to see my detractor discover that I had already done it, multiple times. Had a marriage that went south when the wife wanted to get all of “her rights” - don’t know where that term came from. Finished raising our twins (boy and girl) The boy is up and running and the girl, unfortunately, didn’t turn out as well. Read the Free Republic two or three times a day and post only when I can add something.

I am an embarrassment to Barack! I scored 17 on the Obama test. Seriously wondering how I got that high.