Since Oct 2, 1999

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I'm a Libertarian-leaning Republican from Maryland Heights, MO. A young retired computer programmer, I now spend my days bodybuilding, playing guitar, and cooking delicious food.

My two biggest political issues are illegal immigration/ controlling our borders and the War on (some) Drugs. We need our Federal Government to protect our borders from illegal entry. This is very simple and clearly written in the Constitution. Why they will not protect us does not make any sense to me. What's worse, when a group of concerned citizens get together to publicly protest this insanity, the media labels them as 'racists' or 'xenophobes.'

In the War on (some) Drugs, we need to get the Federal Government out of the picture entirely. They have no Constitutional authority to be involved. I believe that individual states may pass whatever drug control laws they deem necessary to protect their people, but the Federal Government should have no role whatsoever. Again, if you are daring enough to speak out publicly against the status quo, you are labeled 'pro-druggie' or 'doper.' Believe me you won't find many people more anti-hippy than myself!

In short, I am very much in favor of individual rights and returning our glorious Republic to the rule of law as written in the US Constitution.