Since Oct 4, 2002

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Real name: Mikel. I really don't like this internet euphenism thing but understand some people's need to hide behind facades.

Born: April of 1962, 4 foster families of differing socio-economics, religions and locations. At 14 had judge send me to Tennessee Preparatory School in Nashville when last family didn't work out. Reassembled personality there, graduated Valedictorian in 1980.- 1 year college, 4 in Army, 2 for National Guard, 2 as night clerk convenience store, 9 as security guard, Y2K led to technical assistant for small brokerage firm in Nashville. Working toward MCSE certification. Not unambitious, just happy having enough to get by. Learning that desire and envy often lead to evil has kept my nose clean.

Was Libertarian until realizing that most Americans can't handle the concept of personal responsibility. Creeping Communism of great concern, Border Control another (presently surrounded by illegals from Mexico. I'm considering adding to my apartment door, in those nice metal letters, "The Gringos".)

Anti War On Drugs due to its failure and waste.
Americans need to know that terrorists are good Muslims while the peacable followers are bad Muslims. Judge for yourself:

I target shoot, read too much or not enough, fool with technology, waste too much time on Free Republic. Bless you all for your voting and activism.

January 6, 2004: Well, 4 years of service to the brokerage was just rewarded with an economic downsizing. Ironically, I helped automate myself out of a position. At least I was spared the horror so many are dealing with, having their tech jobs outsourced to India. Onward and upward, always.

The Tacitus reference- Roman consul to outlying territories of the Roman Empire in the early 100's. Wrote all he knew of his empire's history with extreme regard to factual presentation and even-handedness. Went so far as to weave criticisms of the Roman government into his reporting in a humorous way that comes through in the Latin to English translations (and just subtle enough to keep himself alive). Tacitus observed the purposeful importation of barbarians by the leadership while they blithely ignored the reports of those mercenaries running amok. Maybe half of what he'd written burned in the Library of Alexandria fire.

Worked at Dell Computer's main factory 30 minutes outside Nashville on a Temp agency contract, 10 1/2 hours per day, 4 to 6 days a week that was extended due to quality of my work.

March 2005: I didn't see a future with a company who's products were approaching saturation so went back to security guard employment in a building where Nashville's FBI branch operated out of. While there I did my best to encourage the agents to check into document fraud and the enabling of illegals to obtain TN license plates for use in surrounding states. In the meantime I worked part-time for a fellow FReeper maintaining his car wash.

Present Day: When that FReeper expanded to four carwashes in the county where I worked for Dell I left security to support his effort full time, and am relocating to Lebanon, Tennessee very soon to cut out the godawful commute time. I love the work and believe in the future of this business.

Said FReeper fired me 11/08 for complaining too much about paying employees under the table - and other unpleasant observations. While I'm thankful for the opportunity I'd rather not be there when That comes to it's inevitable end.

I chose the worst possible time to be unemployed: the Recession. Most fortunately I had a few thou saved up to live on. Human spirit flagged upon accumulative rejection and I fell into a pattern of alcoholism that started when stationed in Germany in the 1980's. Caught DUI on the short trip between my house and a movie theater in a St. Patrick's Day roadblock. Had no idea it was St. Patrick's Day...I just wanted to see if The Watchmen was as good as the graphic novel. Now my very freedom is at stake while debt is inevitable through how the system forces one to cough it all up. But I've got a good lawyer on it while taking proactive measures. Alcohol treatment, analysis of the bust - you don't make a guy with arthritis do the step step thing on a sloped gravel surface.

My biggest bitch is possibly having to accept disability when I've been so proud of pulling my own weight all these years contributing rather than taking. I have to pursue the disability claim to counteract the step step film (where I told the jerk I can't do that anyway). If my hip functions while grinding and shooting jolts into my brain I'm still able.

I was wrong driving a vehicle while possibly inebriated. Blood test is pending but I'm fairly sure it'll come up just over for drinking a tall-boy eight pack at home prior to going to the movie. Do you believe I deserve deserve the brunt of the law (cranked to outrageous levels due the incessant MADD lobby), do any of you think that huge hammer is deserved after a lifetime of no driving incidents or record of crime or complaints while being a good citizen? None of that matters. In Tennessee a first time DUI gets one year suspension of license, possibly one year in prison and a permanent mark on their record. Mayhaps so many folks like myself are necessary sacrifices to get the one out of five who actually run down pedestrians and drive in the wrong lanes.

Too bad they don't acknowledge how many of those indulging in that barbarous behavior aren't citizens and shouldn't have been here in the first place. Maybe I'll get lucky and get shivved cleanly. I'm sorry for letting those of you down who thought I was a person above the fray with everything under control. Considering our nation's current history and how I don't fit into what seems to be coming I will probably insult the moronic tool and illustrate where to stab me.

Seriously though, I am fighting these depressive tendencies, the prosecution and my own demons all at once. Lack of a good challenge for so long has fired me up and made me take stock of life. Life is good if you can hit the Mute Button before those drug commercials start listing possible side-effects or playing brain-numbing background music ("and your penis may fall off or death"). Life is good because Conservatism is alive and real while being faced by the largest foes ever - two of the three houses of government. The Judiciary may go down if we're not careful. It's all that's keeping it rational at this time. So Bush Jr. did something right appointing Justice Roberts. THAT's his positive legacy after a career of stum-bumbling.

On a personal note I thank you for looking in on what you consider a friend or an enemy. I hope you got something from my life of perpetual strife and it's mistakes. I hope those of you who would sacrifice freedoms for safety cry in your government-assigned oatmeal while dreaming of eggs and bacon before marched off to your assignments. I can't believe liberal dopes never understand the inevitable. I seem to have a continuing problem with corrupt assholes looking to use me while I'm looking for a square deal. Seems fair is never fair enough. Too old to survive Alaska (a life-long idea) I've got to find a something worthy to live for or cash out. I'm going to ask the VA if they can implant my brain into the prototype next-gen soldier cyborg experiments. Probably not as I have no drive to kill as first impulse. My impulse is to save that worth saving.