Since Mar 28, 2003

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A principled and educated man, fiercely conservative in his political and moral views. Traditional Roman Catholic (attending the immemorial Latin Mass), staunchly pro-life, Navy veteran and supporter of our Armed Forces, and a strong proponent of Second Amendment and property rights.

Fully in support of America's war on terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan (and anywhere else terrorism rears its ugly head).

I believe in fully-informed juries, that dogs (especially service and working dogs) are the greatest animals in the world, and that self-sufficiency is something all Americans should practice in their lives to any extent possible. I firmly believe that firefighters deserve the respect of every man, woman, and child in this nation.

I have a low tolerance for Socialists, tobacco smoke, sitting in traffic, animal "rights" activists, environmental whackos, most Democrats, N.J. toll roads, being in debt, voluntarily ignorant people, big government, the homosexual agenda, liberals, Hollywood, heretics, feminists, and social justice warriors.

Endeavoring to be a true Renaissance man, I am a good neighbor, an ideal best friend, and will be one helluva husband and father once I stop getting involved with the wrong women.