Since Jan 16, 2003

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First a Christian, then a father, then a husband, then a son, then a brother, then an Uncle, then an American, then a Conservative, finally a Republican. I love my country but God and My family (Been married to my wife for four+ years and we have two daughters ages three and two years old) trump that aspect of my existance. I am a strong republican but being a conservative comes first.

I am a Systems Integrator originally from Buffalo NY who now calls Minnesota home.

I am a Senior Systems Engineer, certified MCSA, MCSE, MCDBA, Security+, CEH, RHCT and RHCE. I am a firm believer that closed and opensoruce software live and work well together and I have deployed many a systems that proves that. I personally like OSS better because I like to play and I cant do that with many of the closed source projects out there. Figuring other freepers probably like to play I started the OSS Ping List


If you are interested in the OSS ping list please mail me

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