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I live in Connecticut and have for almost all of my life although I was born in the midwest. The Northeast is a blue jungle with many conservatives living here and somehow pushing back against the tide of socialist nonsense. Our success is limited so far but I have hopes.

On a personal level, I am a married(once a widower)father of three daughters. My wife of nearly 30 years died in March of 2004 from metastatic breast cancer. My advice to anyone with breasts is to get regular mammograms. I am happily remarried as of 2010. I have a BA in English from Eastern CT State Univ.and an MBA from UCONN. I also hold a 3rd degree black belt in a Korean martial art called Hapkido

My politics are simple and easy. I am a small "L" libertarian, registered Republican, NRA member ( I don't know how many guns I own, I keep losing count) as well as a member of an extended family that includes, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Irish, American Indian, African-American, French, Scottish, Hispanic, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist and agnostic. Sadly, there are a whole bunch of democrats too but they're family so one learns to be a bit accepting. Personally and as near as anyone can tell, I am of Irish and Scottish descent but my folks weren't sure. They came from a time when one's ancestors were much less important than one's descendents.

I have a basically agnostic outlook on the subject of religion, not being able to distinguish religion from any other superstition. I respect most faiths but find myself unable to discuss islam with impartiality. Also, I make it a practice to never capitalize islam, allah or the name of that child-raping monster, mohammad. I taught myself Astronomy and have a confident scientific outlook on life. It is clear and beyond doubt to me that Darwin understood a fundamental truth. Those who discount him and evolution simply don't understand that the Bible is not a biology text nor a history text. As an ethical guide it has much to recommend it.

My favorite people include, da Vinci, Einstein, Newton, Galileo, Van Gogh, Picasso, Hendrix, Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn. By the way, many people have asked about my screen name since I'm from the East Coast and the Muir Woods are on the West Coast. My first wife and I and the kids visited there in 2001 and she loved the place. In 2002, she and I visited again and she asked me to spread her ashes there when the time came, she had cancer that was not responding to treatment at all well. As of 8/23/2004 I am an environmental criminal in the State of California because I followed through on her request. So far I have not been arrested for my deed.
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