Since Jun 9, 1999

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The poster formerly known as P2B12!

Former Marine happily married to a retired Marine

WebSite for Marines - Together We Served

USMC - Together We Served

from the top of Mount Suribachi on 3 March 2010

Female.....Catholic ....Pro-Life....Pro-Gun


Militia of the Immaculata [M.I.]

Young Marines Make a Difference!


Some of my favorite books include:
Pierced By A Sword
Conceived Without Sin
House of Gold
The above 3 books available free and you can preview them online

The Grunt Padre...Fr. Vincent Capodanno MM, Catholic Priest, Marine Corp Chaplain and Medal of Honor winner
Marine Sniper

My favorite websites (besides FR) include:
EWTN Questions & Answers


Legion of Mary

National Life Center

American Life League

Apologetics and good stuff