Since Mar 17, 2004

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My conservatism:
1) hawkish on all things national security
2) lower taxes
3) core values keep a society together
4) I think creationism can be taught in the classroom alongside evolution (which I believe in).
5) Capitalism is the only way
6) keep your laws off my firearms
7) people win, people lose - get over it. School isn't a place to teach children that it is ok to lose, and that competition is bad. And while we're at it, lets not re-write history to fit into PC models either.

My liberalism:
1) despite point 3 above, I don't see homosexuality as evil - its just "icky" :) I think "they" push the gay agenda too often (aids isn't worse than cancer) and too foolishly (Rosie).
2) I think the theory of evolution can hold its own against any creation theory, hands down. But it doesn't explain why the universe is here, and never can.