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Now, a Special News Break on the 2024 Republican Primary:

I voted for Donald Trump twice. If he wins the nomination, I'll vote for him again. This is partly because of how bad I know the Dem nominee will be and partly because of the great things that Trump did in his first term.

Still, Trump can be an embarrassing punk, the same as his most ardent acolytes.

Trump taking sides with Cuomo over DeSantis, digging into Kayleigh McEnany, and taking sides with Disney are unforced errors.

For the foreseeable future, I will refer to Trump as "Disney Don."


Confirmed liars: JoSixChip DeSantis condemns Trump indictment
DeSantis quickly tweets reaction to latest Trump indictment As President, I will end the weaponization of government, replace the FBI Director, and ensure a single standard of justice for all Americans. While I’ve seen reports, I have not read the indictment. I do, though, believe we need to enact reforms so that Americans have the right to remove cases from Washington, DC to their home districts. Washington, DC is a “swamp” and it is unfair to have to stand trial before a jury that is reflective of the swamp mentality.



Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

Avionics Tech, Crew Chief, Failed Pilot, Logistics Planner, Instructor, Adjunct Professor, Program Manager, Data Scientist.


I've said it before in the forum, and I'll say it once more here: This place has changed. There has been an influx of disruptors that started in 2004 (look for the "born on" dates)

These folks will do anything to create controversy. They are not half as smart as they think they are and they betray themselves with their language. One moment they are talking of patriotism and honesty, the next they are knocking our system. They are leftist caricatures of what a true conservative is and they are giving FR a bad name.

Update: The Class of 2009 is making a run for the worst!

Further update: We've also got some petty mods who use their power to push agendas and play favorites. Yes, you.

It is utterly amazing how many folks here make judgments and post WITHOUT READING THE ARTICLE.


Folks have their eyes on the fringe Alt-right.
But they aren't looking at the fringe Ctrl-left.

Noting my screen name and using it in a reply to me is not debate. Or a burn. Or meaningful. Even if you put "quotes" around it.   Why would you think that it is?

Asking, "How are you today," is not a HIPAA violation.

Back the blue, 'til it happens to you.

The Party that believes men can get pregnant wants to control “misinformation” on the internet.— Alana Mastrangelo (@ARmastrangelo) July 17, 2021