Since Jan 13, 2005

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My pride and joy!

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My wife Jen and myself - Christmas 2004

31 years old and new to FreeRepublic as of Jan. 05. Just recently married and striving to "deprogram" her from her evil, liberal upbringing. She is so close to seeing the light and this is exciting to me!

Did not care about politics until my mid-20s when I still thought I was a liberal/democrat. Once I opened my eyes and started looking at the facts I realized how absolutely wrong I was! I am 100% Conservative!

Love spending time lurking here on FR and have posted from time to time. It is great to have an outlet and to be around others who are passionate about their views yet even when they differ can debate their stance without (most of the time) reverting back to 8 years old! =)

I will be here a long time!

God Bless the FreeRepublic and God Bless America!

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