Since Mar 31, 2001

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46 year old male found himself living in the heart of liberalism, western massachusettes. Married three kids, oldest grown and successful( my pride and joy), Always thought liberals just acted that way to prey on women. Found "Atlas Shrugged" in '86. Read it and the Fountainhead and have been devoted to waking all of the surrounding locals to their antics. The locals here are old time farmers and workers. Used to call the libs "Granolas" and mostly paid no attention to them. For the last eight years, with slick willie as their guiding light, these liberals have taken away smoking everywhere, including the bars in my town, calling them public places. They have bought up all of the land that we all hunted and fished on and posted hell out of it. They are currently trying to stop a local businessman from opening up simulcasting on horse races,and are using every trick they can to get the vote to go their way. I have been fighting it tooth and nail and will soon post all of my work..... stay tuned Update may21.Battle was lost, never saw so many libs gathered together in one place in my life at the town meeting. I got out before the mob turned on me. update june 11 .2001 The battle in the Berkshires is not as lost as I thought it was. Recently the city of Pittsfield Mass, Shot down by referendum vote, the formation af a "Civic Authority". This civic authority was being imlpemented to build a new ballpark/multi use sports facility. Something very much needed here. It would have been very good for the image of the town and would definitely have boosted the economy. Byt it had one major drawback, This civic authority would have been an appointed body of people,(Read that non-elected) who would have the power to take over private property by eminent domain. As we all knew, this civic authority would not have stopped at building a ballpark. The citizens of Pittsfield knew it too. Good for them.