Since Jul 6, 2010

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-”There is a need for a separation of church and state, and that is where we need to realize that political affiliations are not supposed to become synonymous with our religious beliefs.” (Free Republic)

-Religion, Politics, and/or Science are not bad, but problems do occur whenever one is parading as one or both of the other two.

-Dogma is the trait of a rational mind, a means of seeking to find order in a chaotic and dynamic world.

-Politics, when not given proper satire and skepticism, becomes a person’s very own religion.

-Demagoguery and logical fallacies are among the most easy elements to find nowadays.

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"If God did not exist, then it would be neccessary to invent him"

Albert Einstein

God doesn't play dice

I'm in business, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise!

It's nice to be back in town on FR

Thank you for all those who had their prayers in for my eventual return