Since Dec 27, 2004

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Moderate right-winger. Think abortion should be restricted, but not allowed. Support some government programs (i.e. Medicaid, welfare) provided it is going to the right people & the right purpose. Wants to see vouchers accepted for religious schools. Frankly, I think all the schools should be parochial, with government paying for secular/remedial/vocational education.

I grew up in a wacky liberal environment. All my parents' kids ended up in drugs or "alternate" relationships. I thank G-d everyday I went the opposite direction.

Though never an activist, I had blindly swallowed liberal claptrap in my younger days. Even before 9-11, however, I began to question much of that view. The older I grew, the more alienated I felt from the mainstream culture, which, if it wasn't depraved, was just plain stupid.

Basically, 9-11 was the final nail in the coffin. I saw the moral & intellectual bankruptcy of liberal ideas and joined the Republican party. Though probably more centrist than others, I still feel these people are the future, and not some dried out, leftover 60s freaks who seem to dominate the other camp. With morality comes inner strength.

I believe G-d created gender roles & gender differences. A cultivated mind has both positive masculine & feminine qualities. Masculine: analytical, disciplined, brave, moral. Feminine: nurturing, nuanced, soft, graceful.

Unfortunately, I am seeing too much of the negative masculine & feminine qualities in today's youth. Masculine: coarse, cruel, vulgar, rigid. Feminine: brazen, hypersexualized, hysterical, superficial. Unless people return to a G-d centered life, we're going to be, as Bork said, "slouching toward Gemorrah."