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Death Penalty Without Trial by Jury
(picture of aborted baby)
photographs of aborted, first trimester babies sorted by age in weeks

Photographs of aborted babies, most killed in the second and third trimesters

Show the American people what an abortion is!

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Click here to Listen to a partial-birth abortion described and listen to one in progress.

Click here to see the images of aborted babies.

Click here to see images of babies living in the womb.

Click here to watch streaming video.

From the inception of his pro-life work, Fr. Frank Pavone has been urging the mass media to show the American people what an abortion is. Abortion is a reality which is so horrific that words alone can never convey its meaning.

Fr. Frank serves on the board of the Center for Bioethical Reform, which makes it a priority to share with the nation the world's largest collection of images of actual abortions. In conjunction with that organization, a series of careful analyses of what the pro-life movement can learn from other social reform movements is being prepared.

We present here some of the grim reality of abortion. Only seeing such images can bring us to the kind of indignation needed to sustain the sacrifices that will be necessary to finally bring an end to this injustice.

These images are arranged according to the gestational age of the children who were killed. You will note that below the link to each image is a link to a document signed by a pathologist who attests to the medical accuracy that particular image. Each document was also notarized. This pathologist, Dr. Abigail Allen, worked specifically with the remains of aborted children.

It is especially critical to show people the images of babies aborted in the first trimester. It is in regard to such children, who constitute 90% of abortion victims, that the myth persists that they are not really children at all.

We thank all of you who have contacted us to tell us about how these images have affected you. Please use them to show others this horrible reality.

God, have mercy. Amen.

Galleries of Images of Aborted Children

Gallery 1: Chronological Photo Index of first trimester aborted babies.

Gallery 2: Photographs of late-term abortions.

Gallery 3: Photographs of aborted babies at various stages, retrieved from dumpsters.

Gallery 4: Photographs of children killed in second trimester abortions.

The story and photo of Baby Malachi.

Medical Illustrations of Abortion Procedures

Suction Curettage Abortion: Description and Diagrams

D&E (Dilatation and Evacuation) Abortion: Description and Diagrams

A nurse comments on the benefit of using these diagrams in a Pregnancy Care Center

Partial-birth Abortion Diagrams

Photos of some of the tools used in abortion.

Below are links to the same images as in Galleries One and Two above, but without the thumbnail index and browsing window features.

Images of Aborted Babies - Archive 1

Images of Aborted Babies - Archive 2

Images of Aborted Babies - Archive 3

"Out of all the video games I have played and all the movies I have ever seen, I have never seen anything more violent than the pictures of these aborted babies." Chris Daly Age: 19 Orlando, Florida

Streaming Video

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The abortion procedure is described here, with former abortionist Dr. Tony Levatino (22:00)

Suggested action items to take after watching the description of abortion (6:00)

Body parts of aborted babies (5:00)

Dr. Byron Calhoun examines aborted babies and describes their cause of death (14:00)


Bishop Povish comments on the Graphic image project (July 2001)

Click [here] to go to a website where you can order signs and 3x5 cards showing graphic images.

Click [here] to get reduced price "choice" signs from the Center for Bioethical Reform.

Ultrasound pictures of the unborn baby in the womb bring truth to the anti-abortion pro-life argument.   
New video ultrasound pictures of the unborn baby in the womb provide evidence for the anti-abortion pro-life argument. Amazing photos of babies as young as 8 weeks from 3d ultrasound & 4D ultrasound allow us to view unborn babies as never before.

Newborns do not smile until 4-6 weeks after birth, but babies in the womb do - perhaps because the womb is warm, comfortable and shielded from loud noise and bright light.

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