Since Oct 16, 2004

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When I first started on the Internet, back in 1992, I was "Mongo", because that was my nickname at work. I remember when they started this whole "World Wide Web" thing, which I didn't like because it took so long to load. I predicted it would never catch on. Later on I tried my hand at Blogging, but I couldn't be "Mongo" because that name had already been taken. So on impulse I chose "The Hairy Beast". This kinda created a problem because I am still "Mongo", albeit with a fancified spelling "Mongeaux". So now I do both: I blog as The Beast and I do forums and whatnot as "Mongeaux". Make no mistake - they are two different indentities: stuff I write as "The Beast" I would never write as "Mongeaux" and vice versa. Even the voices are different: "The Beast" blogs in third person, I write in first person.

From time to time I will post "Beast" writing; I hope you don't think of it as sock puppetry - it's not meant to be. it's the difference between the Blogger me and the forum me. Consider this full disclosure, I hope you will be indulgent: I didn't want to give up my original Free Republic account.