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It's not clear whether "Molly Pitcher" really existed.

But what is certain is that her spirit and courage thrived in the sacrifices of many American women. God bless them and may we never forget!

Molly Pitcher's Poem
by Laura E. Richards

All day the great guns barked and roared;
All day the big balls screeched and soared;
All day, 'mid the sweating gunners grim,
Who toiled in their smoke-shroud dense and dim,
Sweet Molly labored with courage high,
With steady hand and watchful eye,
Till the day was ours, and the sinking sun
Looked down on the field of Monmouth won,
And Molly standing beside her gun....

And THIS song was used to encourage the use of the ration program and the purchase of treasury bonds during World War II.

Jolly Molly Pitcher

"Oh! Jolly Molly Pitcher, In your gingham gown,
Jolly Molly Pitcher, How you mowed ‘em down;
Jolly Molly Pitcher, Brave enough for three;
And if you could do it Molly, Golly, so can we!"

Dear Snoopy dancing reminds me of my late father....

"Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball." Jacques Martin Barzun