Since Aug 8, 1998

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We find ourselves at battle with an insidious cultural force I call Personal Secularism. Personal Secularism is our state religion, inculcated through government schooling and mass entertainment. Its foundation is the false idea that all non-secular convictions are simply too dangerous to abide. An effective remedy for personal secularism is the following idea: "Government schools and the new society they were designed to build cannot withstand the challenge of the right non-secular convictions".

If your disposition or your background is secular to begin with, government school requires nothing personal of you, only superficial grunt work. Otherwise, the internal logic of Personal Secularism calls on you (through your schooling) to quietly surrender any prior personal attachments to Tradition, Culture and Kin in pursuit of a false hope, that of social progress through something that amounts to personal self-annihilation. To take up Personal Secularism is to try to transcend yourself by cutting off a part of yourself. With a few generations trained like this all through childhood, there will soon be no alternative to the utopian pagan ambitions of transnational capitalism, and this is the goal of public schooling. As the student learning to adjust yourself to this program, if you're astute you eventually realize you're just slowly deteriorating. The brainchild of government schooling, Personal Secularism is really about making yourself generic, passionless, industrious, predictable, desolate.