Since Nov 3, 1998

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Greetings to all Freepers and fellow FR chapter members from my Garden of Eden here on the central gulf coast of Florida. I’m an active freeper since 1998. I’m originally from a major conservative Republican county in Illinois (Du Page County) with over a million population. This is where I was elected a GOP Township supervisor for four years.....and then a GOP County Board member for sixteen years.....and where I was referred to by the Chicago Tribune as “The County Board's Leading Spokesperson for Conservatism”. I played professionally in both softball and overhand-hardball womens’ baseball leagues. I’m a former associate editor for a magazine publishing company. As “Bahama Mama” I organized two $ucce$$ful and fun-filled Freeper Caribbean Cruise fundraisers. I handled PR for the Freeper Las Vegas convention.....I was a member of the first FR Board of Directors ...My motto is “Do unto liberals and commies as they do unto us, Pow!”.........FRegards and MAGA, Leni/MinuteGal