Since Oct 8, 2002

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I'm a 28 year old recent convert to the GOP. I was an independent before and always vehemently anti-democrat. I was always reluctant to join the GOP because of the continued support of the failed War on Drugs by Republicans. However in fiscal matters the GOP is solid and that is why I'm proud to be a Republican. I do not like the Senate in general. For the most part Senators are aspiring presidential candidates. Sadly my own representative, Sen. Chuck Hagel has secumbed to this and what I would call Senator's syndrome. Sen. John McCain personifies this malady which afflicts many in the Senate. I don't think John McCain is a man of the people, but only a man for his own weasly little designs. Hagel too has proven his own ambitions are his top priority. I think G.W. Bush is one of the best presidents we have had in a very long time. I think Bill Clinton was one of the, if not the worst President we have ever had. I don't worship at the altar of Ronald Reagan, who in my view was fair but far from being worthy of designated a pseudo-deity of sorts. Gerald Ford was terrible and Jimmy Carter was worse. Nixon wasn't a great president but at least he had the dignity to resign. I don't care for religious or social conservatives, who chose to impose their way of life on others. I don't believe in a god or several gods and I don't think religious people have any special red phone to a supreme being. I think people like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Donald Rumsfeld, Adam Smith, Louis Rukesyer, Condi Rice, Ann Coulter, and John Locke have made this country great. And I think we always need a good tax cut.