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Formerly a liberal homosexual.

I'm now a celibate homosexual (afflicted with homosexual orientation syndrome), but no longer a liberal.

In recent years I've come to accept that the homosexual agenda is detrimental to society in fundamental ways.

Having lived and worked within a male homosexual environment for over 20 years, I believe I'm able to comment on what I've learned about the subject... Over the past few years I've faced up to the true nature of homosexuality, that homosexuality is an abnormality that is manifest in a variety of forms. Approaching it with no deep religious convictions, but purely on the grounds of what is healthy and good for society, I've concluded that the 'homosexual agenda' is highly detrimental to society's moral ethos and common good.

I don't believe that homosexuality can be simply identified as genetic, conditioned, or any other single explaination of the condition.


My own observations on homosexuality:

1. Homosexuality can be learned in puberty and later.

2. Homosexuality is possibly genetic in many homosexuals, exhibited in physical features and mannerisms that develop early. (I don't believe there's enough proof to confirm either arguement). This particular cause, including mannerisms and physical features could also be explained by the womb environment. This subject is certainly unresolved.

3. Homosexuality can be developed in childhood through sexual abuse and/or certain social environments.

4. Homosexuality can be manifest in a combination of the above.

5. There are very many cases of homosexuals changing to a heterosexual orientation, and vice versa. My opinion is that many of these may be due to inbuilt physiological changes that were likely to happen, not necesarily related to environmental circumstances, but each case is individual. Although, they seem to have been triggered (in the individual cases that I personally know) by the arrival of a particular person/partner in their lives.

I've had involvement with a number of homosexuals who sought to be cured through religious conviction. Although I have known many who claim to have been cured (or 'saved'), the vast majority continue to say that it's a "daily struggle", which means they haven't been cured. This is clearly another are which depends on the individual case, whether a cure is possible or not.

Once I accepted that my homosexuality was a mental and sexual perversion and a deviation from what's normal and generally acceptable, I could look at how that fits into the wider society. I could work on ensuring that my disorder doesn't interfere in anyone else's lives, and could do what's RIGHT, rather than doing what my disorder wanted to dictate.

Homosexuality is indeed an affliction that dominates an individual's life.

I concider myself to be a student of a new (new to me) and more honest understanding of my condition.

I'm learning a lot from the Freepers. I'm grateful to many of the members for what I'm learning from your posts.


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