Since Jan 21, 2003

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BS In Pharmacy - Wayne State University

BS in Engineering Mechanical Engineering - University of Michigan

MS in Engineering Mechanical Engineering - Youngstown State University

I was born on the lower East side of Detroit and lived one block from the Detroit River. My neighborhood was tough, working class. THe 1967 riots completely changed everything in the area. Detroit had become dysfunctional as a city, from which it has never recovered.

I married a beautiful Mexican woman (legal, thank you) after 3 years, $5,000 and many forms, lawyers, and beaurocrats we FINALLY got her premanent residency, travel visa, and work visa. She married me for whatever bizzare reason I do not know and what she sees in me (beyond a green card) I no longer care. She simply loves me more than I ever have myself.

I have lived in many areas since Grosse Pointe MI, Farmington MI, Duluth MN, Ashtabula County in Northeast Ohio, but now living in Very rural, very south Alabama about 15 miles North of the Florida state line.

Ashtabula is the largest geographic county in Ohio but the population is only 102,000. Here in Alabama Covington County is as big as Ashtabula but with only 23,000 people. I love the country. My rush hour is when I get stuck behind a tractor for a few miles.

This child of the big City has now moved to Texas.