Since Jan 9, 2019

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Been here over 20 years under a few different names (Tack the Nailer, NewRome Tacitus, NRT and finally this one. Mikel wasn't bright enough to write down the FR passwords when computers failed - so the name varies but the same patriotic clown is consistent over time.

Born 1962 to a professional magician/comedian and his stripper wife. They kept me most summers while foisting me off to foster parents for the school year. Fascinating as I was in carnivals and a circus with the carny culture - strange yet better quality people overall than the middle-class denizens of suburbia. The last family was a violent redneck who wanted a son to go with the three girls he sprouted with his totally subservient wife. Dang, that boy just kept reading books getting smarter than him when he wanted a football star. I’ll skip to getting to Tennessee Preparatory School, the state orphanage that saved my life, sanity and future. Valedictorian, President, “Mr. T.P.S.”, meager scholarship to M.T.S.U. - where I screwed myself ditching pot for beer. Yup, good try but getting adopted as a frat house mascot is huge fun but not conducive to study.

Crash, burn, McDonald’s living in a trailer with the manager and her family. Joined the Army because Reagan made sense and made me re-love America. 1982 to ‘86, then National Guard the next two years. Loved that and did great but still drank too much, thinking I’d do better getting out. Not.

Convenience store clerk, two years. Security Guard, off and on 12 years. Lucked into helping computer nerds at a brokerage firm when they were overwhelmed by the Y2K problem of insuring all date codes were expanded and sheer discipline despite repetition was required. Best job I ever had, pulled massive education from it yet it damn near killed me from stress. Four years later they’d run out of things for me to accomplish so had to let me go. Overweight, work-obsessed and felt stabbed though I saw it coming. Got Bell’s Palsy where half one’s face freezes up like Quasimodo (Hunchback of Notre Dame) and once scared some kids in a Kroger’s wanting to hide forever.

Long-time member wardaddy gave me a job when I needed it most that lasted seven years - for which I’m eternally grateful - when I couldn’t find other employment. He and his family are the definition of Great Americans. Nasty politics with an atheist employee with no morality made me defer. All good and for the best. The godless can kill with no remorse or force one to kill them and I saw that coming.

Humility as a dishwasher in an Outback Restaurant at 50-something for three years. But the best dishwasher ever because no matter what you do be the best you can be. Then throat cancer got me and I almost screwed up because the burned out doctor who broke the news was so lackluster telling me about it. “Um yeah, looks okay okay but the lesions on your throat are (mumble) carcinogenic (mumble). I had to turn him back to me and say “What?” “If you don’t get immediate treatment you’ll die.” Then he yawned and stumbled away. Ohh - kay. I checked in for the hellish ordeal and eventually got good but had I been as lame as that guy I would have not paid attention and died. Should have got his name.

So I’ve done what jobs I could but am now on $790 SSI a month with a room mate getting about twice that on full disability. Still doesn’t make the average two and a half grand needed in middle Tennessee for halfway housing with bills. The virus totally knocked my neck and hip repair operations, which were scheduled, off until the end of the “crisis”.

Meanwhile I’ve grown so angry over this BS racism crap that that Nazi asshole George Soros is using to tear down America that I’m likely to tear into the first dumbass to wrongfully accuse me of having privilege or rights over them when I’ve been impoverished and struggling my entire life with no “white card” to be found anywhere. I thought we all had to work for what we get in life and some, like myself, have to work harder than some others.

But thanks to God I’ve kept a great sense of humor which kept me sane, insightful and ever hopeful. Two Irish guys walked out of a bar. Hey...it could happen.

Update July 4 2023 - Guy I stuck by for nine years degraded from substance abuse and mental illness so I have to move so I don't kill him in eventual self defense. The trigger was his marrying a woman who had to or be homeless herself. Nice lady but I can't make her choose a side, of course - just warn her that when I'm gone she'll be the remaining target of his blaming problems on others. She has my number and knows to call if needed. She pointed out that sometimes two dogs with testicles can't get along around a viable female. News to me being civilized, respectful and self-disciplined. So I'm moving to avoid the sin of killing. One day I hope to have a home beyond worry and not just a place to live. Great epitaph; "Finally Home".

As always, if the fascist government wants to come after me my FR name is only slightly different from my real one - Mikel Tackett. I've survived so much hardship putting up with so much bullshit from so many horrible experiences after doing the best job I can for others all my life until my body failed from doing so until repairs...
and then I go full tilt at windmills again. "Onward Rocinante' - the dragon cowers before the heralding aroma of our prescriptions". I'm revealing myself to see what this usurping pretend government might do for calling it out for being a criminal organization with no authority whatsoever. Is Joe Biden a protected pedophile who gives child slavery a pass? Is his son able to do any reprehensible act and totally avoid taxes without repercussions? Yes, yes and I would gladly serve time if those scumbags do to. I need the vacation.