Since May 8, 2001

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Born, raised in Richmond VA. Born in 1970
Southern Baptist

Now live again in Richmond VA. I have a beautiful wife of 11 years (2001), and four daughters all blonde blue eyed Southern Girls. My oldest, Kristen (8) already knows that she's going to grow up to be a Country singer. I have a lot of free time to post on FR because I own and run a security firm with 3 of my buddies. We have a lot of down time sitting at the office waiting for someone who's stupid enough to break into one of the homes we protect. I get on FR a lot while I'm waiting, either that or play Playstation (Madden 2000 is the best game ever invented).

Things I like:

America (although it's getting worse, liberals are runining it)

Israel (although it's getting worse, liberals and Muslims are ruining it)

Country Music (although it's getting worse, new "hip" acts are runing it)

Pizza (The only thing that's getting better, cheese inside the crust- what will those crazy folks at Pizza Hut come up with next.)

Sep 11 2001

My worst nightmare has come true, Islamic militants have come to the US. I always knew this day would come, but I am in a state of shock nonetheless. God bless America, we shall overcome!

Sep 16 2001

My Church is usually half empty, today we were over capacity. A regular at my Church who is always warning me about Catholics looked me in the eye today and told me I was right- Christians of the world must unite, and fight this evil global menace. God bless us all

Nov 3 2001

I just sent out an order for Charlie Daniels most recent country album; anything to piss of the Muslims and PC folk. It ain't a rag it's a flag you stupid &*&*(*(*

Sept 1, 2002
It's a boy, and little Mikey III is born! After 4 girls I get my first boy. Now I only need 8 more for my baseball team.