M. Dodge Thomas
Since Mar 3, 2004

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Wow.. almost 2 decades here!

Born in '47, I'm truly a child of the sixties - as a young man I attempted to exhaust the possibilities, predictably I exhausted nothing but myself.

To this day I remain dedicated to the task.

A high school dropout, ABD in streetlife, I've been self employed since my early twenties. Previous to my current business I made my living as an electron cop (I owned a company which specialized in specing and installing data comm products for large corporations). I also purchase and rehab residential and investment properties.

Like many self-educated people my opinions are rooted in wide and eclectic reading, filtered through a basically anecdotal approach to understanding life, and bobby-trapped with various surprising gaps in my knowledge.

Politically many people find me difficult to categorize; to me true conservatism is the practice of cautious pragmatism; respect - but not blind respect - for the past, coupled with optimism - tempered by prudent skepticism - toward schemes to improve the future.

In real life I currently make my living as a consultant discovering what makes buildings leak, I've been married to same person for forty years, and I like to rebuild and ride vintage Mountain Bikes.