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Pan-Arabism and Arabization

A movement calling for unification among the peoples and countries of the Arab World, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Sea. It is closely connected to Arab nationalism which asserts that the Arabs constitute a single nation. Pan-Arabism is a form of nationalism and cultural nationalism.

As an ultra nationalist ideology and exclusivity, it has been embedded with bigotry in its roots and in its motivated action.

Pan-Arabism, Islam, Islamism

At times Pan-Arabism has tended to be secular and socialist, but often it embeds within it Islamic tradition and culture or Islamism. it has strongly opposed colonialism and Western political involvement in the Arab world. Also historic Arabizing of the middle east [1] [2] [3] and in Africa, a still on going process today [4].

Arabism is also intertwined with Islam in many respects. Although some of its early champions were Christian, Arabism's symbols often drew from Islam. [5]

Iraqi statesman Abd al-Rahman al-Bazzaz (1913-72) argued that Arab nationalism and Islam were in perfect harmony because Islam is the national religion of the Arabs, Al-Bazzaz maintained that the dualism (spiritual vs. temporal) of Western Christendom is unknown to true Islam. For al-Bazzaz, Arabism and Islam are inextricably intertwined because the Arabs have been the backbone of Islam. (Islam and politics - by John L. Esposito, p. 77) [6] During the years 1948-1967, pan-Arab ideologies were the rage of the Muslim world, leading proponent of conservative pan-Arabism, al-Bazzaz, likened the position of the Arabs in Islam to that of the Russians in world communism. The radical strain of pan-Arabism, however, became far more influential than its conservative counterpart. [7]

Al-Kata'ib's Jumayyil argued that the notion that Arabism of certain intellectuals is "scientific" and free of "religious fanaticism," is nevertheless the expression of only a small minority, stating: "secularity is impossible for Arab nationalism; religion is the essence of this nationalism as a result of the teachings of its leaders and ideologues." In fact, according to the Kata'ib frame of reference, "the pan-Arab movement is first and foremost a pan- Islamic movement" and behind the Arab idea there exists the Islamic reality. Therefore, "Arabism is Islam." (Pluralism and party transformation in Lebanon: Al-Kata'ib, John Pierre Entelis, p. 80) [8] ([in actuality however, later on, members of this party, the Phalangists were to suffer from the intolerance and Islamic violence by Palestinians and Syrians. [9] [10])

From an Islamic perspective, the Arab urge for unity is simply accounted for. Pan-Arabism rather exactly includes pan-Islamic and nationalist elements; it is a nationalized version of pan-Islamic solidarity, Its appeal to the unity of Muslims recall pan-Islam, while its stress on language as the definition of political identity recalls nationalism. The idea of Arab unity taps a key Islamicate tradition. It is no coincidence that the pan-Arabists refer to the Arab nation as the umma 'Arabiya, the Arab umma. [11]

North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria), In the beginning, under the umbrella of Islamism and subsequently of Arabism, North African intellectuals asserted the identity of culture of the three countries of the Maghreb. [12]

Islam and Arabism both prioritize loyalty to the Arab or Islamic community. [13]

Islamism has been felt by non-Arabs as another way to impose Arab language and culture on them. [14]

Ma'oz, M. wrote: 'Islamic-Arabism versus Pluralism; the Failure of Intergroup Accommodation in the Middle East' [in N. Rhoudie (ed.) Intergroup Accommodation in Plural Societies (London Macmillan), 115-42]. [15] [16]

Arabism and Islamism in Sayyid Qutb's thought on Nationalism, The phenomenon of Islamic resurgence in the Arab world has been considered as a response to the "forces of secularization" [17]. Qutb and the Islamists, by way of contrast, pictured the resurrected caliphate as a theocracy, strictly enforcing shariah, the legal code of the Koran. The Islamists and the Pan-Arabists had their similarities then, and their differences. (And today those two movements still have their similarities and differences -- as shown by bin Laden's Qaeda, which represents the most violent wing of Islamism, and Saddam Hussein's Baath Party, which represented a most violent wing of Pan-Arabism. [18]

In the 1930's, Amir Shakib Arslan, Arslan was by far the most important figure in the context of Mussolini's influence in the whole Middle Eastern arena, He undertook to spread the world of the Duce, and to exploit the Abyssinian crisis in order to inspire the younger generation in the Middle east to revolt against the French and the British. He hoped that such an uprising would enhance pan-Arabism, especially his brand, namely Arabism with a strong element of Islamic identity and solidarity. In the dozens of articles published in 1935, Arslan depicted Ethiopia as an enemy of Islam, an oppressor of its own Muslims, an enemy of Arab language and culture. A skilled historian, he combined the negative messages of radical Islam with the modern message of fascist propaganda. Most of Arslan's work was published primarily in Syrian, Lebanese, and Palestinian papers; nevertheless, he had his share in the Egyptian press and was widely read in Egypt. [19] Indeed, at that time, a book came out "the new land of Islam," the book praised Shakib Arslan for envisioning fascist Italy's victory and for prescribing, in time, for the correct Arab attitude, and also hailed General Graziani the henchman of anti Mussolini 'Umar al-Mukhtar in 1931 for being the true friend of Arabism. [20].

A writer: "The Arab Nation was defined within an ideology of pan-Islamism that dated from the 1890s. It promoted a pan-Arab totalitarian nationalism and proclaimed the Arab a superior people." [21]

Along with Nazism in the West and Stalinism in the East, ultra-Arabism and Jihadism have been responsible for widespread persecution and genocide. But while Nazism and Soviet Communism have disappeared, Jihadi oppression of minorities is still alive. The brutal regimes and elites continue to ignore the plight of oppressed groups and to deny genocides already perpetrated... minorities are victims... better known to the public in the west are the Kurds, the Berbers, and the Africans. The Berbers, the pre-Arab native peoples of North Africa, were particularly marginalized in Algeria after the after the withdrawal of the French in the early 1960s. Denied cultural autonomy, they rose against oppression multiple times only to be suppressed by the Arab nationalist regime in Algiers. In Sudan, one can see extremism in the guise of racism merging with radicalism in ideology -- another marriage of Arab ultranationalism and Islamic fundamentalism The result, as in the previous examples, is an extreme, inhuman treatment of a minority. (From "The Confrontation: Winning the War Against Future Jihad" by Walid Phares - pg 109) [22]

Arab nationalists have in one way or another always acknowledged the link with Islam. Like 'Aflaq, Zurayq, the most secular pan-Arabist of his generation, gave one of these speeches "In memory of the Arab prophet." [23]

There's a strong argument that Arabism was never detached from Islamism, To this day, Islam has retained its imperial ambitions. The dream of regional and world domination has remained very much alive, despite the destruction long ago of the last great Muslim empire, which has left the Islamic caliphate vacant. The 20th century doctrine of pan-Arabism (exemplified by Egypt's dictator Gamal Abdel Nasser), though secular in appearance, has been effectively Islamic in its ethos, worldview, and imperialist vision. Karsh quotes Nuri Said, longtime prime minister of Iraq and a prominent early champion of pan-Arabism: "Although Arabs are naturally attached to their native land, their nationalism is not confined by boundaries. It is an aspiration to restore the great tolerant civilization of the early caliphate." [24]. Islam is a core ingredient of Pan-Arabism, [25][26] from an analyst on the Arab Palestinian PLO: in short, pan-Arabism is a "nationalized" version of pan-Islam. [27] Islam is a millenarian faith in which politics and religion are inextricably bound together. Although they differ in ideological approach, secular pan-Arabists and the Islamists who now oppose them hold a common imperial outlook. This dream remains at the forefront of the social memory or imagination of the Arab-Muslim world, nurturing irredentist fantasies from Xinjiang to Spain. The terrorist attacks that have destroyed so many lives in cities far removed from its conflicts -- in New York, Madrid, London, Istanbul -- can indeed be seen as the outcome of a frustrated will-to-power fueled by apocalyptic fantasies based on an idealized vision of a brilliant imperial past. [28]

The Muslim Brotherhood's Hasan al-Banna incorporated pan-Arabism within his Islamic ideology in view of Arabism's growing appeal in Egypt at the time. [29]

Elie Kedourie writes in "Islam in the modern world and other studies " (pp 56-57) the ideology of Arab nationalism which was fashioned during and immediately after the second world war, and which holds the field today, in one way or another affirms a fundamental unbreakable link between Islam and Arabism.... "Islam and Arabism largely overlap," [30] The doctrine of the Muslim Brethren [Muslim brotherhood] was in principle applicable not only to Egypt or the Arab countries, but to all the world of Islam the prevailing consensus about the connection between Islam and Arabism. [31] [32] (also in "The Middle East: oil, conflict & hope" By Abraham L. Udovitch, Commission on Critical Choices for Americans, p. 184).

Lee Smith writes in: It's an Arab Nationalist Thing, Osama's Islamism and Saddam's Baathism are more alike than you think, 'Aflaq was a Christian (although he is rumored to have converted to Islam before his death), but as Joshua Landis, a professor of history at the University of Oklahoma specializing in Syria, explains... 'Aflaq believed that the Baath Party "would never appeal to the broad masses of the Sunni heartland without making it perfectly clear that Baathism was not secular... He directed non-Muslim Arabs to 'attach themselves to Islam and to the most precious element of their Arabness, the [Islam's] Prophet Muhammad,' for he was the greatest Arab nationalist." [33]

From 'The Modern Middle East: A Reader‎' (p. 390) Islam was as much the center of Arabism as it was of Ottomanism. Yet Arabism and Ottomanism were something more than recrudescences of religious bigotry and fanaticism. [34]

Tawfic Farah writes: The Islamic revolution and Arab nationalism are complementary. (Pan-Arabism and Arab Nationalism: The Continuing Debate‎ - p. 64) [35]

At Ba'athism there was a greater link between Islamism & Arabism, Fascist movement, Ba'athism, Ba'athism's founding thinkers, the Syrians Sati al-Husri and Michel Aflaq, composed a Koranic super narrative of Arabism, soil and Islam. They wrote of an Islam as the great cultural and intellectual achievement of the Arab people, and it in turn formed a symbiotic relationship with Arabism, such that they flowed from one another, locked in an eternal embrace. [36].

Charles Hill : The Arab world today consists of 21 countries, all members of the League of Arab States. Few seem comfortable with their own statehood except as a means of casting a veil of international legitimacy over their own version of power politics. Some, such as Morocco, are hereditary paternalistic monarchies whose royal heads are uneasy indeed. Some are secular regimes on the national socialist model, dominated by the Ba'th Party. Still others, such as Egypt and Syria, borrowed Western constitutional forms but have never achieved legitimacy because they have not been accompanied by democratic freedoms. A look at the region as a whole reveals inauthentic "states" attempting to function within the concept of pan-Arabism (one Arab nation) within the wider body of state--members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, where, if anywhere, the unfilled office of the caliphate reside--with a commitment to pan-Islam. All these concepts hamper the full participation of the region in the contemporary international system of states. The absence of credible political systems and the inability to participate in a world of state powers incite protests under the banner of Islam. [37]

In a March 2006 President of Syria Bashar al-Assad said that the Arabs derived their strength from two main sources, the first of which is Islam which is strongly connected with Arabism... [38] and in a June, 2008 Interview he spoke of In our society, we have the Islamic pillar and the pan-Arabism pillar, [39] in an article titled: 'The Syria-Iran Alliance,' Tony Badran (inFocus Spring 2009) writes ...Today, Syrian officials, including Bashar al-Assad, routinely talk about Arabism and Islam as twin pillars of strength. The product of this amalgam can be seen in the discourse of Hezbollah, which is sponsored both by Damascus and Tehran. Hezbollah reinforces this ideological marriage by marketing its brand of "resistance" to the broader Sunni Arab world via al-Manar television and other sophisticated public relations outlets. The group's narrative of "resistance" is today the common ideological banner of the Syrian-Iranian axis. [40]

In their book: "Case Studies on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms: A World Survey" 1975, pg 88, Willem Adriaan Veenhoven, Winifred Crum Ewing write about Discrimination Case studies: After the 1860 Syrian massacres, the Christians had tried to promote an Arab nationalism, irritated the Muslims, Thanks to the theologians of Al Azhar, the two movements, antagonistic at first, fused into Islamic pan-arabism. Today it is clear that Islam and Arabism, are inseparable terms and that in fact, pan-arabism is synonymous with the cultural social and political rebirth of Islam... a true Arab must be Muslim. As long as modern Egypt will proclaim itself to be "essentially an Arab and Muslim land" uncertainty will continue to weigh on the Copts, the only remaining native religious minority after the forced departure of eighty thousand Jews. When Nasser came to power, Egypt resolutely turned its face towards Arabism ...became its staunchest champion and Cairo proclaimed Islamic unity pursued an active policy of pan-arabism which identified Islam with Arabism. The Precarious situation of the minorities became even ore acute. Was it possible to be a Christian and an Arab? [41].

Christians of Egypt's Rafik Farag, M.D analysys: In modern times, President Nasser (1954-1970) stimulated the growth of "pan-Arabism," and with it the awareness of Islam as a possible way of reuniting what history had put asunder. He saw the failure of pan-Arabism resulting not from Islamic principles as the marriage between politics and religion but from foreign intervention. The problem which the Nasserites experienced with their ideology simply restates the problem with its marginality. The Saudis who saw pan-Arabism as a great movement toward the restoration of one Islamic nation (Caliphate) and the Egyptian, whom he wished to accept this idea, were too far apart. Saddam Hussein saw pan-Arabism as a way to build an Arab empire and Muammar Kadahfy of Libya used it to dominate the Middle East. [42].

Philosopher Louis Gardet explains that the Arabism's racism of Islam equals fear of Christians in Egypt: ...myth of Arabism, which is primarily concerned with community of race, it can be said perhaps of spiritual race... (p. 148) But by the very fact that "spiritual racism" is so intimate a part of the motive force of Arabism in its extreme form, they do not find it easy to give Christian minorities their unreserved confidence. Hence the present uneasiness of the Christians of Egypt: they fear that their civic and political rights are not sufficiently guaranteed. Each year, especially since 1957, two or three thousand Orthodox Copts go over to Islam.("Mohammedanism" Faith and fact books;no.143, Louis Gardet 1961, pp. 147-148) [43]

Africans write about headship of AU, Libya's strongman Muammar Gadhafi's championing pan-Arabism and pan-Islamism [44] "aggressive spread of Islam through Arabism", that invitation to his fellow Arabs is nothing but a declaration of race war on Africa. It is an invitation to more Arabs to invade and colonise Africa. Indeed, it is a call for the final phase of the 15 centuries old Arab lebensraum war on Afrikans - a war to Islamise and conquer all of Africa, from Cairo to the Cape and from Senegal to Somalia, and to then enslave or Arabise all the conquered Afrikans. In order to make that clear, it is necessary to first put his invitation in the context of the traditions of Arab melanophobia and negrophobia, and of Arab expansionist ambitions and conquests that go back to the time of their Arab prophet, Muhammed." With his present pre-occupation, this fear may have been assuaged [45].

Dr. Opoku Agyeman: 'Islam is a core ingredient of Pan-Arabism', the utility of Islam, from the first, was seen to lie in its potential as a weapon for indoctrination, domination and, thereby, the augmentation of Arab power around the globe. [46].

Wilfred Cantwell Smith broached the subject of Arabism and Islam. In his book Islam in Modern History, he wrote about the "Arab's pride" in the context of "Arab glory and frustration."... "in the Arab's case [t]his pride in Islam is not separate from his national enthusiasm, but infuses it and gives it added point." Explaining how race and religion overlap in the Arab-Islam identity, Smith writes, "The synthesis is close: identification, at times unconscious, of Islam and Arabism. On the one hand, an Arab need not be pious or spiritually concerned in order to be proud of Islam's achievements... On the other hand, Muslim Arabs have never quite acknowledged, have never fully incorporated into their thinking and especially their feeling, either that a non-Muslim is really a complete Arab, or that a non-Arab is really a complete Muslim." Few in either the Arab or non-Arab Muslim world have talked about this chasm in the Ummah (Muslim nation) that finds its roots in the tribal and racial supremacy that was given legitimacy in early Islam. [47]

Roots in Fascism

"The most radical of the Pan-Arabists openly admired the Nazis and pictured their proposed new caliphate as a racial victory of the Arabs over all other ethnic groups" [48].

In the words of political science professor Adeed Dawisha, pan-Arabism at its inception was deeply influenced by European fascism, with the result that "Arab nationalists, infused with the illiberal ideas of cultural nationalism, had almost nothing to say about personal liberty and freedom." Thus, in keeping with his pan-Arab beliefs, Maksoud has apologized or excused the excesses of assorted Arab tyrannies. [49].

From the publication "America," Volume 72, 1944, (published by " America Press," 1944, page 164): The Future of Pan-Arabism... Pan-Arabism bases its claims to unity on a triple... of language, race and historical heritage ...Today its extremists seek to merge all lands where Arabic is the national tongue... Yet the Arabs seem no less credulous in accepting racist propaganda of the Pan-Arab variety than were the National Socialists of Germany in swallowing the exploded myths of a Nordic master race. [50]

Abdalla al-Tayeb, a leading Arabist scholar, defines the politicized Arabism of the political Pan-Arab nationalism and movement: "Definitely, Arabism in the nationalist sense is quite a new thing. It is a new nationalism, influenced by new ideas taken from Europe. The sense of racial superiority propagated by the Germans..." (War of visions: conflict of identities in the Sudan, by [Dr.] Francis Mading Deng, Brookings Institution Press, 1995, page 439) [51]

Frank Gervasi: King Farouk, Egyptian nationalism soon identified itself spiritually with its Nazi and Fascist counterparts, and developed into Pan-Arabism, ('The Case for Israel' by Frank Gervasi p.65) [52] the fascists approached King Farouk with promises that if he threw in his lot with the totalitarian powers he might become the head of a greater Arab state. [53]

Prof. Phares explains why the evolution of pan-Arabism, Arab nationalism resembled -more than other nationalism- the Nazi Hitler & fascist Mussolini movements, as Arab nationalism: "based itself on cleansing its national territory of ethnic minorities and did not recognize any other nationality within its imaginary Lebensraum." [54]

1920's - '1930s - 1940s

Qawmiyya (qawn = nation), or pan-Arabism, grew in the 1930s into the most popular ideology in the Middle East. Fascist regimes in Italy and Germany now inspired radical nationalists, who appreciated the revisionism of the brutal regimes, entailing intolerance of minorities: Jews, Kurds, Armenians, Berbers, and others who were persecuted, eventually developed their own nationalisms. [55]

At the emergence of new movements in Arab countries representing the emerging, militant pan-Arabism of the youth, combined in some cases with local territorial-integralist nationalism. Of the latter, the first to appear, (initially in Beirut in 1932), was the Parti Populaire Syrien (fascist SSNP [56]). The Fascists' pro-Islamic and pro-Arab enterprise in Africa Orientale Italiana had (it seems), a greater effect where pan-Arabism was stronger, mainly in Syria. Pan-Arabism, prevalent mainly in the 'fertile crescent,' (though also in Egypt), was based on linguistic-cultural self-identity, very much along the lines of Italian and German 19th century nationalism. and its nationalism was impacted by Fascist and Nazi revitalization. (Fascism outside Europe: the European impulse against domestic conditions in the diffusion of global fascism by Stein Ugelvik Larsen, Social Science Monographs, 2001, pages 401-414) [57]

One of the Arab groups in Syria/Lebanon, was the Muslim group: Najjada (Helpers), with its 'pan-Arabism', promoted by Muhi al-Din Nasuli, a leader of the Muslim scouting movement and newspaper publisher, since at least 1933 newspapers had been printing Hitler's speeches and excerpts from "Mein Kampf." Hitler and Mussolini were viewed in both Syria and Lebanon as models of strong statebuilders... Nasuli criticized "moral chaos" in public life and adopted the motto "Arabism Above All" on his newspaper's masthead, which also printed glowing accounts of German youth's support of Hitler, [58] (Colonial Citizens By Elizabeth Thompson p. 193) [59] 'the Helpers' fascist style organization was emphasizing Islam and Arabism ('The Near East since the First World War' By Malcolm Yapp p. 113). [60]. The Najjada was part of an emergence paramilitary youth organizations with clear fascist tendencies in 1936-1937 Lebanon, it was an Arab Muslim organization which stood for Arab "unity," for an Arab Lebanon. It was to "protect" Muslim Beirut and counter Christian paramilitary organizations. Its members marched through the streets of the Muslims quarters hoisting the Syrian flag and banners with slogans calling for Arab unity, and to held demonstrations in support of the Muslim "struggle" in Palestine. [61] From the book: "Nazism in Syria and Lebanon By Nordbruch Goetz" (p. 54) Muslim schools that were directed by the Maqasid Islamic Charitable Association provided Najada a pool of potential members. As a Muslim 'twin' to the Phalangists, as the organization was often described, Najjada adopted a pan-Arab nationalist vision, calling for a suppression of all foreign influences. The ambivalent relation of such pan- Arab concepts to ethnocentric and racial nationalism became visible in its slogan 'Arabism above all' (al-'uruba fawqa al-jami').[62]

In 'A History of Fascism, 1914-1945' - by Stanley G. Payne, (p. 515) he writes: Some of the new nationalist regimes which developed in the Middle East during the second half of the century exhibited more of the characteristics of fascism than those of any other part of the world. A first example was the Egyptian regime under Nasser, with its Fuhrerprinzip... Libyan dictatorship of Muammar al-Gadhafi a fanatical Muslim... "Brother Colonel" has renounced capitalism, preaching pan-Arabism and a form of "Arab socialism" while his interest in militarism, violence. [63]

During the 1930s Pan-Arabists developed proto-fascist organizations such as the 'al-Muthanna Club' and its al-Futuwwa movement, [64] [65] [66] the pan-Arabist Futuwwa Youth was a model of the Hitler Youth, [67] [68] [69][70] it was part of Pan-Arab radicalism which was expressed in diverse forms in 1930s Iraq, it was sponsored by the government and officially instituted in Iraqi schools, [71] [72][73] Saib Shawkat (Iraqi) Futuwa ideologue, was envisioning the "Arab nation" as eventually covering half the globe (though by conversion...). [74] A number of ex-Sharifians incorporated Pan-Arabism into the platforms of clique-based political parties, such as Yasin ... in the al-Muthanna Club, whose members, heavily influenced by European fascism, formed the core of new radicals for the civilian-military Pan-Arab coalition led by Yunis al-Sab'awi and Salah al-Din al-Sabbagh. [75] From the book: 'The modern history of Iraq' (Phebe Marr - 2003, p. 52): Pan-Arab sentiments were strongly influenced by German ideas of nationalism and were encouraged by Fritz Grobba, German (Nazi) minister in Baghdad until 1939, [76] Grobba was Berlin's envoy to the Middle East, and often called "the German Lawrence" because he promised a Pan-Arab state stretching from Casablanca to Tehran. [77] [78]

Sami (Saib) Shawkat, a firm believer in pan-Arabism and totalitarianism admired Nazis ('Iraq between the two world wars: the militarist origins of tyranny'‎ by Reeva S. Simon - History - 2004, p. 80), is famous for his 1933 speech "Sina'at al-Mawt" (manufacture of death) in which he rationalizes mass violence and war as the way to achieve Arab aspirations, which was widely distributed in Arab schools and in Iraq in particular. He was a main force in the organization of the Futuwwa Youth Organization - a movement modeled directly after the Nazi Hitler Youth Movement. [79] Sami Shawkat's brother, Naji, who by 1941 was a member of the Arab committee in Iraq (which had absorbed the Futuwwa), gave Franz von Papen (a high ranking German official of Nazi Germany in 1941) a letter which actually congratulated Hitler for the brutality that he inflicted upon the Jews [80]. In one of his addresses, "The Profession of Death," he called on Iraqi youth to adopt the way of life of Nazi Fascists. In another speech he branded the Jews as the enemy from within, who should be treated accordingly. In another, he praised Hitler and Mussolini for eradicating their internal enemies (the Jews). Syrian and Palestinian teachers often supported Shawkat in his preaching. [81]

Fascism in Arab-Palestine

Nationalist rhetoric accompanied major efforts to build fascist-style youth organizations by recruiting young men to serve as the strike force of the nationalist movement. Throughout the 1930s the children of wealthy Palestinians returned home from European universities having witnessed the emergence of fascist paramilitary forces. Palestinian students educated in Germany returned to Palestine determined to found the Arab Nazi Party. The Husseinis used the Palestinian Arab Party to establish the al-Futuwwa youth corps, which was named after an association of Arab Nazi Scouts. By 1936 the Palestinian Arab Party was sponsoring the developments of storm troops patterned on the German model. These storm troops, all children and youth, were to be outfitted in black trousers and red shirts... The young recruits took the following oath: "Life -- my right; independence -- my aspiration; Arabism -- my country, and there is no room in it for any but Arabs. In this I believe and Allah is my witness." .. The al-Futuwwa youth groups connected Palestinian youth to fascist youth movements elsewhere in the Middle East. While the Mufti was establishing youth groups in Palestine, al-Futuwwa groups were established in Iraq. (Armies of the young: child soldiers in war and terrorism, The Rutgers series in childhood studies, David M. Rosen, Rutgers University Press, 2005, page 106) [82]

It is by now generally acknowledged that the Arab riots of 1936-1939 Palestine were stimulated and subsidised by Nazi and Fascist sources, [83] from "Inside Pan-Arabia": So popular among the Palestinian Arabs during the riots of 1936, may be traced to Italian (fascist) propaganda. (Inside Pan-Arabia By Morris Jacob Steiner, p. 156) [84].

From an account in 1946, With the stimulus that the ex-Mufti exerted and with the German armies sweeping victoriously over the Continent of Europe, the Muthana Club, Moslem Guidance Society, the Palestine Defense Society, the Tajaddad Club, and the Arab Rover Society, to quote the names of but a few bodies and societies, intensified their pro-Nazi subversive activities in the hopes that by so doing they would eventually, through enemy assistance, realize their Pan-Arab aspirations. (The Arab war effort: a documented account By American Christian Palestine Committee, 1946, page 33) [85]

From: "Language planning and policy in Africa: Algeria, Côte d'Ivoire": Messali spent several spells in prison or exile. As an expatriate, he lived six months in Switzerland (1935-1936) where he met Emir Chekib Arslan - a Pan-Arabist from the Lebanese aristrocarcy, well known for his sympathy for Nazi ideology and a yearning for the re-creation of an Arab kingdon led by a 'King of all the Arabs'... Messali's association with Arslan strengthened the former's adherence to Pan-Arabism and Arab-Islamic ideology. [86]

Pan-Arabism actively supported Hitler's "achievements" in Europe and collaborated with him against the British in the Middle East during the war. An ideology tailor-made for Arab military men it dreamed of the creation of a modern and unified Arab-fascist nation. [87]

From the book: "Rethinking nationalism in the Arab Middle East" (by James P. Jankowski, I. Gershoni p. 16) the influence of fascism and Nazism as a model for a unifying nationalism based on a "community of strength". [88]

Major Norman Bray, a former officer of the Bengal Lancers and later on a member of the secret Intelligence Service (SIS), was widely acknowledged as an expert on pan-Islamist networks, particularly those with connections in Muslim India, on 14 September 1920, he submitted a lengthy report on the causes of unrest among Arabs, he cited evidence of German financial support and Bolshevik assistance to pan-Arab and pan-Islamist sympathizers based in Berlin and Switzerland. [89]

Regarding the Nazi influence on Aflaq, a Colleague of 'Aflaq's who taught at the University of Damascus found him full of admiration for Rosenberg and Hitler. [90] Eric Rouleau wrote: Aflaq spent his holidays in France, with Salah al Bitar. He came back to Syria full of admiration for the works of Alfred Rosenberg, the theorist of Nazi racism, and in particular for "The Myth of the Twentieth Century," which he had read in Grosclaud's translation. (A Middle East reader, compiled by Irene L. Gendzier, Pegasus 1969, page 161) [91] Eric Rouleau quotes the following from a letter he received from a companion of Aflaq who had taught at the University of Damascus: "he [Aflaq] came back to Syria full of admiration for the works of Alfred Rosenberg, the theorist of Nazi racism, and in particular for the myth of the Twentieth Century." [92] (Pan-Arabism and Arab nationalism: the continuing debate by Tawfic Farah, Publisher Westview Press, 1987, p. 37), from "The Syrian Arab Republic: a handbook" (Anne Sinai, Allen Pollack,1976, p. 45): 'Arsuzi... greatly influenced by the Nazi emphasis on race and racial purity. Arsuzi's role and influence on the thinking of Michel 'Aflaq was great, although the two men never mention one another in their writings.' [93] Futhermore, when power in Iraq was seized by pro-German nationalists in the coup of Rashid 'Ali al-Gilani (Rashid Ali al-Gaylani), 'Aflaq formed a committee which assured the new regime of its full support. [94]

David Roberts in 'The Ba'th and the creation of modern Syria' (Croom Helm 1987 , p. 15) writes extensively on "The Birth of Ba'thist Ideology." The theory of 'Greater Syria.' Sa'adeh visited Germany, [95] and certainly had contact with the National Socialist and Fascist regimes. The Ba'th, or at least 'Aflaq, shared these ideas to some extent. It is not too long a step from 'Gross-Deutchland' to Greater Syria.' Since then, of course, the Ba'th has parted with the PPS (SSNP) and indeed banned it, but it has quietly absorbed its message. [96]

Even the socialist movement al-Ahali, was infected with fascism, Kamil al-Chadirchi, (a prominent figure in pre-Ba'ath days) who had accepted democracy early in his political career, had begun to see the Ahali movement's (which he joined) shortcomings, he had witnessed how the Ahali movement itself was eclipsed by the upsurge of Pan- Arabism when Fascist and Nazi ideas invaded nationalist circles before World War II. (Arab contemporaries: the role of personalities in politics, Majid Khadduri, 1973, p. 136) [97]

From a publication in 1945: "All Fascism is backed by big money... Arab National League. One of many Arab anti-Semitic pro-Nazi outfit operating in America" (In fact, Volume 12 By George Seldes, 1945, p. 8) [98]

With the assassination of Egyptian leader that held the position from: 1888 - February 24, 1945, the following piece appeared: "Fascist Arabs Held to Blame In Near East Harvard Professor Urges Closer Study Of Problems There . Declaring that the assassination of the Egyptian Premier Ahmed Maher Pasha over the week-end was another manifestation of Fascists elements among the Arabs" (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Feb 27, 1945) [99]

The Muslim Brotherhood, Nazis and Al-Qaeda, The Arab Nazis had much in common with the new Nazi doctrines. [100] and today Al-Qa'ida is the product of an Arab fascist group (the Muslim Brotherhood) that was set up in the 1920s. [101]

The roots of the Muslim Brotherhood and, in many ways, the Nazi-Muslim axis go back to the organization's formation in Egypt in 1928. Marking the start of modern political "Islamic fundamentalism," the Brotherhood from the outset envisioned a time when an Islamic state would prevail in Egypt and other Arab countries. The growth of the Muslim Brotherhood coincided with the rise of fascist movements in Europe - a parallel noted by Muhammad Sa'id al-'Ashmawy, former chief justice of Egypt's High Criminal Court, who decried "the perversion of Islam" and "the fascistic ideology" that infuses the world view of the Brothers.

Youssef Nada, current board chairman of Al Taqwa, had joined the armed branch of the Muslim Brotherhood as a young man in Egypt during World War II. Nada and several of his cohorts in the Sunni Muslim fraternity were recruited by German military intelligence. Hassan al-Banna, the Egyptian schoolteacher who founded the Muslim Brotherhood, also collaborated with spies of the Third Reich. [102] When Egypt and Syria established diplomatic relations with the communist government, Bonn decided to welcome Syrian and Egyptian political refugees. Often, these dissidents were Islamists. Many members of the Muslim Brotherhood were already familiar with Germany. Several had cooperated with the Nazis before and during World War II. Some had even, reportedly, fought in the infamous Bosnian Handschar division of the Schutzstaffel (SS).] [103].

It was Qutb whose influence continues to present-day Islamism as a noxious amalgam of fascist totalitarianism and extremes of Islamic fundamentalism. His principal "accomplishment" was to articulate the social and political practices of the Muslim Brotherhood from the 1930s through the 1950s - including collaboration with fascist regimes and organizations. (Al Qaeda's Al-Zawahiri is Qutb's intellectual heir; he has further developed his message, and is putting it into practise). [104]

An analyst: 'From Hitler to the "Arab Reich"', Members of the Muslim Brotherhood would often say prayers for an Axis victory during their meetings. During the 1930s, the Third Reich had received entreaties from the Arab world. After the Nazi government promulgated the Nuremberg Laws in 1936, which greatly diminished the legal citizenship status of Jews, telegrams of support were sent to Hitler from all over the Arab and Islamic world. Many Arab nationalists looked to Germany for inspiration during the 1930s and 1940s and saw National Socialism as a viable model for state build­ing. Hitler's Mein Kamph found a receptive readership in parts of the Arabic world. Many aspiring Arab leaders sought to emulate the German fuehrer and his National Socialist movement. As far back as 1933, Arab nationalists in Syria and Iraq embraced National Socialism. In Egypt, a protofascist organization, Young Egypt, also known as the Green Shirts, attracted many army officers, The grand mufti is believed to have been instrumental in the group's formation. Members of the Green Shirts, including young lieutenant colonel and future Egyptian president Anwar Sadat (Anwar Saadat), along with Wing Commander Hassan Ibrahim and General Aziz al-Masri, attempted to execute a scheme in World War II in which they would link up with Rommel's Afrika Korps and supply them with secret information on British strategy and troop movements, the Nazis with the help of the Palestinians also were to exterminate half a million Jews in what is now Israel plus all Jews in Tunisia and Syria, in 1942, the Nazis created a special "Einsatzgruppe," a mobile SS death squad, which was to carry out the mass slaughter similar to the way they operated in eastern Europe. Although hopes of a pan-German and pan-Arab alliance would be dashed with the defeat of Rommel, his early military successes gained admiration from the Arab population, this endured after the war. [105] yet, with the Mufti helping in recruit an international SS division of Arab Nazis. They based it in Croatia and called it the Handzar Muslim Division, it was to become the core of Hitler's new army of Arab fascists that would conquer the Arabian Peninsula and, from there, on to Africa--grand dreams." [106]

From "Hitler in the Levant: How Arabs Reacted to the Third Reich in Syria and Lebanon" (Nazism in Syria and Lebanon. The Ambivalence of the German Option, 1933-1945 by Götz Nordbruch, Routledge, 2009, 209 pp. Reviewed by Wolfgang G. Schwanitz) The whole Arab youth is enthused by Adolf Hitler, wrote Kamil Muruwwa, the young editor of the Beirut paper An-Nida', to the German Foreign Minister in Berlin. The year after Hitler came to power, Muruwwa translated Mein Kampf from English into Arabic and published it in daily installments in An-Nida'. [107]

The founder of the Pan-Arab movement after World War I, Sati al-Husri (Sati-al-Husry), was an avid reader of the Romantic German nationalist Fichte. [108] had a growing fascination with Germany's populist-authoritarian "volkisch" tradition. (Ethnic nationalism and the fall of empires: central Europe, Russia, and the Middle East, 1914-1923, Aviel Roshwald, Routledge, 2001, p. 214) [109] He was the main advocate of the pan-Arabist trend, his teaching and ideas on pan-Arabism had a profound impact on the Arab young generation, (Iraqi politics, 1921-41: the interaction between domestic politics and foreign policy], Author Aḥmad ʻAbd al-Razzāq Shikārah, publisher LAAM, 1987, pp 118-119) [110] from the start, Arab nationalist thinkers headed by Sati al Husri saw the German model, both in its ideology and path to fulfillment, as one from which to learn. (Antisemitism through the ages By S. Almog, Merkaz Zalman Shazar le-haʻamaḳat ha-todaʻah ha-hisṭorit ha-Yehudit, published for the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, by Pergamon Press, 1988, p. 224) [111].

The leading advocate of a rapprochement with fascism was Rashid Ali al-Gailani (1892-1965), who after 1924 was several times justice and interior minister of Iraq and who had emerged as leader of the pan-Arab nationalists in 1930. Of the Arab states it was Iraq that was for a short period the closest to the Axis Powers. On 15 February 1942, Gailani had a meeting with Mussolini in Rome to talk about an enlargement of Iraq as the center of Pan-Arabism. (World fascism: a historical encyclopedia," volume 1, by Cyprian Blamires, Paul Jackson, ABC-CLIO, 2006, p. 343) [112]

From "Metapolitics: From Wagner and the German Romantics to Hitler" (by Peter Robert Edwin Viereck, Transaction Publishers, 2003): One major source (one among many) for Arab nationalists is their study of Germans, especially Fichte (1767-1814) [113] (p. xxiii) and Herder (1744-1803), by founders of the Ba'ath parties (Iraq, Syria) and of Arab anti-Westernism. For example, Sati al-Husri, father of pan-Arabism in the 1920s, was a devoted Fichte scholar. So was Sami al-Jundi, a founder of the Ba'ath, who likewise admired Fichte and Hitler and misunderstood Nietzsche: "We were racists, admiring Nazism, reading its books and the sources of its thoughts, particularly Nietzsche ... Fichte, and [Houston Stewart] Chamberlain's Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, which revolves on race." Earlier Arab xenophobes like Wahhab (1703-1791), ... Current Arab racism and lawless terror are 'import' from Germany, [114] It was Sati' al-Husri who began tradition of populist germanophile Arab nationalism. he, with his nationalism, has laid the foundation for the kind of fanatical nationalism formulated by his disciple Michel 'Aflaq, which has found expression in the semi-fascist military dictatorship in Iraq and Syria under the aegis of the Ba'th Party, [115] Sami al-Jundi, who helped found the Syrian Ba'ath Party in the 1930s: 'We were racists, admiring Nazism'. [116]

The growth of Arab Volkisch nationalism, [117] the aspect that the contemporary Middle East has presented to the world has been not of pluralism but of ethnocentrism and narrow volkisch nationalism - not of a society that includes different nationalities without oppressing them but of one which tries to neutralize them. Since the mid-1930s, the region has been the scene of a veritable gallery of horrors perpetrrated against ethnic and cultural minorities by the petty national sovereignties which were to succeed the Ottoman Empire. The massacres which were staged, discrimination, persecution. An examination of the checkered history of any of the groups and communities like: Copts, Jews in Arab lands, Kurds, Assyrians, etc. under the new-nation-states of the Middle East would give an ample idea of the way in which the rise of ethnic nationalism in that region rendered life for them intolerable. (Israel in search of identity: reading the formative years By Nissim Rejwan, pp 129-131) [118]

The Ummah Arabiyah, the Pan-Arab nationalistic vision by Arab dictators who modeled themselves on Hitler and Stalin, as did Saddam Hussein [119]

In the Levant, where the Arab idea was first nursed and nurtured in the nineteenth century, then fully blossomed and bore fruit in the twentieth century, Arabism essentially implied a master-race and a master-language. (Cuadernos de historia mundial: International Commission for a History of the Scientific and Cultural Development of Mankind, 1972, p. 759) [120]

Ba'athism - Founded in 1947 by a group of French-educated Syrian and Lebanese intellectuals, it had its origins in European fascism and Arab nationalism, (America at war since 1945: politics and diplomacy in Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf War by Gary Donaldson, Greenwood Publishing Group, 1996, page 144) [121] the Ba'ath (meaning Renaissance) offered a synthesis of Fascism and Communism. [122] Paul Berman writes that "The combination of ingredients in the Baath movement — a racist worldview somewhat influenced by Nazism, a few dabs of the ultra- left, Stalin's inspirational example — did have its peculiarities." (Terror and liberalism, Paul Berman, W. W. Norton & Company, 2004, pp. 55-6) [123] In short, the Ba'ath ideology is Pan-Arabism with an emphasis on socialism incorporating ideas from Italian fascism.[124] Moreover, the Baath party bears stronger resemblance to the Nazi party because it is based ultimately on a burning faith in racial superiority,[125] Iraqi Baathist ideology contains racist elements, especially against Persians, Jews, Kurds, and other minorities, back in the 1930s, the two founders of the Baath|Ba'ath Party, Michel 'Aflaq and Salah al-Din al-Bitarwere were educated at the Sorbonne University. They were middle-class Arabs from the then French colony of Syria. Both influenced by fascist thought, Michael Aflaq would become the main ideologue of Ba'athism, [126] preaching freedom from Western colonialism, Arab unity and socialism. And Salah al-Din Bitar, born of a Muslim family in Damascus, would be the practical politician, later becoming prime minister of an independent Syria, in French Syria, they became teachers by day and political intriguers by night. Early Ba'athist ideas were strongly fringed with fascism. The movement was based on classless racial unity, the rise of German fascism also played a role. Many in the Arab world saw Hitler as an ally, after the Second World War, the Ba'athists emerged as the leadership of Arab nationalism. [127] Aflaq was a foundational pan-Arabist in his definitions of Arabism and his ideals regarding the formation and composition of an inclusive Arab nation-state, in the early formulation of his theory on the 'Arab race,' many note a marked strain of thinking inspired by fascist and German National Socialist racial thinking, namely in his use of racial rhetoric to foster nationalist action and political unity, as well as the similarities between his state model and that of Nazi Germany. This German strain also comes through in Aflaq’s association with the thinking of al-Husri, who was also heavily influenced by German nationalist theory, especially the work of Fichte,[128] it taught that the Arab race was superior. [129]

The Ba'ath movement combined elements of fascism & socialism, [130] [131] it undoubtedly shared certain characteristic featuers of European fascism, in fact, several close associates later admitted that 'Aflaq had been directly inspired by certain fascist and Nazi theories. [132], it was a deliberate copy of European Fascism; it tried to replace Islam in the people's minds with Arabism, a fascistic glorification af Arab history. [133]

Author Robert D. Kaplan: The tolerance and understanding with which Arabists have viewed the Baath party is particularly telling, considering that in Iraq Baathism means a fascist and racist ideology that oppresses non-Arabs. (Arabists: The Romance of an American Elite, Robert D. Kaplan, Simon and Schuster, 1995, p. 310) [134]

The second coup by the nationalist faction of the Iraqi Ba'ath Party in 1968 had enabled Saddam Hessein to start his rise from secretary general of the party to pesonal dictator. He thus took over the reins of a state whose entire apparatus was geared to enacting yet another palingenetic version of ultra-nationalism. This one culled elements from radical Islam, pan-Arabism, Third Worldism and socialism but was also infused with an elborateb philosophy of history and the state, as well as an obsession with building a new society and creating a national renaissance (ba'ath) The result is an official ideology uncannily akin to Nazism in some ideologican aspects, (for example the emphasis on youth, the leader mystique, the critique of bourgeois mentality, the obsessive anti-Westernism and anti-Semitism, and the stresson the elusive 'Arab spirit', a direct analog to nordischer Gedanke or 'Nordic thought') [135]

Among many Arabs, the Holocaust has come to be regarded with nostalgia. On August 17, 1956, the French newspaper Le Monde quoted the government-controlled Damascus daily Al-Manar as observing, "One should not forget that, in contrast to Europe Hitler occupied an honored place in the Arab world.... [Journalists] are mistaken if they think that by calling Nasser Hitler, they are hurting us. On the contrary, his name makes us proud. Long live Hitler, the Nazi who struck at the heart of our enemies. Long live the Hitler [ie, Nasser] of the Arab world." [136] [137]

Pan-Arab nationalism of Egypt's Nasser and the Ba'ath party in Syria and Iraq, was consciously modeled after the Pan-German nationalism which had succeeded in unifying the fragmented German people in the nineteenth century and had resurrected a defeated Germany between the two world wars. Pan-Arabism actively supported Hitler's "achievements" in Europe and collaborated with him against the British in the Middle East during the war. An ideology tailor-made for Arab military men, it dreamed of the creation of a modern and unified Arab-fascist nation. [138]

Antun Sa'ada the fascist, (a Lebanese immigrant to Brazil) who spoke German and whose vision of a Greater Syria, was influenced by German nationalist writings, founded the SSNP as a fascist-type party, [139] deliberately modelled on Hitler's Nazi Party. For its symbol it invented a curved swastika on its flag, called the Zawbah, [140], red hurricane [141], which is no coincidence. [142], Sa'ada was known as al-za'in (the Führer) and the party anthem was "Syria, Syria, über alles" sung to the same tune as German, [143] They greet their leaders with a Hitlerian salute; sing their Arabic anthem, "Greetings to You, Syria," to the strains of "Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles", It's Dedicated to the principle of establishing Greater Syria-which extends from the Euphrates to the Nile, an area that today includes Syria, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and southeastern Turkey, and has been involved in a series of bloody terror attacks. [144]) in his vision of "pure" Syrianism, said that "if there is a real, genuine Arabism in the Arab world, it is the Arabism of the SSNP." [145]

Many Arabs would go so far as to Islamicize Hitler's name, rendering it as Abu Ali, [146] [147], he was the idol of the paramilitary Green Shirts, Egypt's indigenous proto- fascist movement [148], In Egypt his name was "Muhammed Haidar". [149] [150]

In an article appearing in the Miami Herald 2002, Since Hitler's ascent to power in 1933, the Arabs have been adulating Nazism. It seems that some things never change -- or perhaps some things do. Now the Arabs accuse the Jews of being Nazis. In this way, Hitler's loyal fans are equating the primary victims of his genocide with the Nazi executioners themselves. [151][152]

In a title: 'Totalitarianism in the Islamic world, the influence of Nazi Germany', an analyst writes that in the 1930s the rise of National Socialism in Germany attracted the attention of numerous Arab intellectuals and political figures who sought to free the Middle East from British and French colonial rule. Nazi Germany represented to Arab nationalists (sometimes referred to as "Arabists") a world-class power and potential ally to have in fighting against Great Britain and France... To many Arab leaders and thinkers, cultivating an Arab national spirit was a prerequisite to throwing off the shackles of European imperialism. [153]

Abdul Rahman al-Rashed, the general manager of the all-news Arab satellite channel Al Arabiya said: The sort of Sunni Arab supremacism came from the 1930s on, with some Arab Nationalists adopting the European Fascist mentality of exclusivity. Nazism, tragically, had much influence on Arab intellectuals. [154]

Book: 'Nazi Penetration, 1924-1942; Pan-Arabism, 1939-Today', pan Arabism & Abdul Nasser's anti-Israel policies. [155]

From History channel's '"Saddam and the Third Reich"' Few people realize that the Ba'ath party was actually formed upon the principles and organizational structure of the Nazi party. Iraq, because of its oil and hatred of Jews, was an important battleground between the Axis and Allied powers in World War II. Nazi propaganda was broadcast throughout Baghdad, and Iraqis often went on rampages against Jews throughout the war. One of the most ardent Nazi supporters during WWII was named Khairallah Talfah. Talfah was Saddam's uncle. After the war, many of the key Iraqi Nazi supporters, all of whom evaded prosecution, wound up involved in Saddam's rise to power. This special examines the key individuals of the Iraqi-Nazi connection, the little-known battle for Iraq in WWII, and the strange link to Saddam Hussein. [156] [157]

As Hitler's Nazi Germany grew out of and became consumed with the idea of creating a racially purified Aryan Germany and extending it to all of Europe, Saddam's goals, formed along with his Baathist principles, were aimed at creating a pan-Arab world and a master race. [158]

A commentator: There are three European-influenced movements that I've found in modern Islamic thought; Pan-Arabism - the notion of the 'Arab People' as one nation; the Palestinian movement; and the Muslim Brotherhood, and it's descendents down to Al qaida. [159]

Magdi Cristiano Allam: Around the mid-1970s the Arab exam in civic education taken in both state and public schools in Egypt defined Arab identity thus: "the Arabs are a nation united by race, blood, history, geography, religion and destiny." This was a falsification of an historical truth based on ethno-religious pluralism, an ideological deception aimed at erasing all differences and promoting the theory of one race overlapping with a phantom Arab nation in thrall to unchallengeable leaders. It was directly inspired by Nazi and fascist theories of racial purity and supremacy which appealed to the leadership and ideologues of pan-Arabism and Islamism. It is no wonder that in this context Manichean Israel is perceived as a foreign body to be rejected, a cancer produced by American imperialism to divide and subjugate the Arab world.

The historical truth is that the Middle Eastern peoples, in spite of their arabisation and islamisation from the 7th century onward, continued to maintain a specific identity reflecting their indigenous and millenarian ethnic roots - cultural, linguistic, religious and national. The Berbers, for example, who constitute half the population of Morocco and a third of that of Algeria, have nothing or very little in common with the Bedouin tribes at the heart of Saudi or Jordanian society. When in 1979 Egypt was sidelined from the Arab League for signing a peace treaty with Israel President Sadat restored its Pharaonic Egyptian identity which he proudly contrasted with its Arabness. Here was an isolated but significant attempt to recapture an indigenous identity - advertising historical honesty and political liberation while saying 'enough is enough' to rampant lies and demagogy. [160]

In 1947, Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights published memorandum for the Assembly of the United Nations, November, 1947: "Pan-Arab propaganda, its pro-fascist and pro-Nazi aspects in America" [161]

Nazism, Fascism parallels in Arab Nationalism

Victor D. Hanson in "From Nationalism to Fascism to Terror Parallels between Germany and the Arab World by Ray Ibrahim Private Papers" brings in length the parallel of "ummah" in Arabism / Islamism (as pride in their prophet from Arabia, and a more "true" Arab is rather a Muslim-Arab) as is "volk" in Nazism and in both cases the rejection of Jews were used to "define" their Nationalism. [162]

A writer on the war on terror: "The concept of a greater Germany seems analogous to Pan-Arabism." [163] [164]

C. Morse: In the same way that al-Husseini represented the pan-Arab point of view, Adolf Hitler, whose career parallels and intersects with al-Husseini, represented the pan-Germanic point of view. The pan-Arabist seeks a world empire based on the Islamic faith with the Arab language and culture serving as the centerpiece. Likewise, the Nazi pan-Aryan sought a world empire with a mystical concept of the Germanic race serving as the centerpiece, as opposed to faith or language. ... The pan-Arabist believes that the Arab ummah must serve as the central governing authority over the less enlightened Islamic world while the Nazi pan-Aryan believed that the German Fatherland, including a union of all German-speaking and racially Aryan peoples... [165], the popularity of Nazism in the Arab world was traceable to various authoritarian aspects of the Arab and Islamic culture and faith. The Arab-Muslim concept of ummah or motherland has striking similarity to the Nazi concept of fatherland and lebunstrum. The Arab-Muslim concept of the Caliph is similar to the Nazi concept of the Fuhrer... [166]

An analyst writes: 'In Search of Truth: The Rise of Arab Nationalism, Specifically the parallels between the new Arab/Muslim nationalism and fascist German nationalism (Nazism).' As the Nazis were able to overpower the "good Germans" and forces of civility and justice in Germany via a mixture of Joseph Goebbels' propaganda, lies, terror, and playing on past hurts and weaknesses in the German character. Using the medium of radio and motion pictures, he crafted some of the most compelling propaganda theater of all time. Weaving together myths about the German Teutonic past, as well as exploiting traditional German xenophobia and anti-Semitism, he must be seen as one of the major fertilizing agents [manure] in allowing Nazism to take hold.
Similar parallels exist in modern Arab and Muslim nationalism. Arab propagandists have a rich soil for spreading their lies. There are fears in the Arab and Muslim world about being swallowed in permissive secular western culture and about loss of identity. This is coupled with a deep sense of history and awareness of the fall of the Arab/Muslim world from its dominant position to one of subservience to the West. The Arab world, like the pre-war German world, is searching for a banner and champion to restore its lost pride and identity. The Arab propagandists are also aware of historic Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism, as well as the mythology of Jihad and its usefulness in mobilizing Arab xenophobia.

The Iraqi & Syrian regimes have pronounced fascist features, both, the Iraqi & Syrian leadership belongs to the Ba'th Party, an elitist, pan-Arabist group that arose in the 1930s partly as a result of the rise of fascism in Europe. (Fascism: Past, Present, Future By Walter Laqueur, Oxford University Press US, 1997, p. 162) [168]

The Nazis themselves were drawing parallels between their ideology to pan-Arab nationalism, historian Howard Sachar explains the context leading up to the 'Arab Revolt,' by 1935, "the Nazi propaganda bureau was subsidizing a wide variety of Middle Eastern courses, institutes, and journals... One particularly successful Axis technique of winning favor among the Arabs had its basis in ideology. German journalists and diplomats constantly drew parallels between Nazi Pan-Germanism and 'the youthful power of Pan-Arab nationalism [which] is the wave of the Arab future.' More significantly, the Arabs were reminded of the enemies they shared in common with the Nazis. Even in the mid-1930s, when Berlin exercised a certain restraint in ventilating its animosity against Britain and France, Nazi German diplomats evinced no hesitation whatever in publicizing the Nazi anti-Jewish campaign. Hardly a German Arabic-Language newspaper or magazine appeared in the Middle East without a sharp thrust against the Jews. Reprints of these strictures were widely distributed by the [Jerusalem] Mufti's Arab Higher Committee. Upon introducing the Nuremberg racial laws in 1935, therefore, Hitler received telegrams of congratulation and praise from all corners of the Arab world. The Palestine newspaper al-Liwa eagerly borrowed the Nazi slogan 'One Country, One People, One Leader.' Ahmed Hussein, leader of the 'Young Egypt' movement, confided to the Lavoro Fascista that 'Italy and Germany are today the only true democracies in Europe, and the others are only parliamentary plutocracies.' A delegation of Iraqi sporting associations, returning from a trip to Germany in September 1937, expressed their profound admiration for 'National Socialist order and discipline.' During a visit to Transjordan in 1939, Carl Raswan, a noted German-born journalist, was struck by the near-unanimity of Arab opinion that only 'Italy and Germany were strong, and England and the whole British Empire existed only by the grace of Mussolini and Hitler.' Throughout the Arab Middle East, a spate of ultra-right-wing political groupings and parties developed in conscious imitation of Nazism and Italian fascism." (Sachar, H. 1982. A history of Israel: From the rise of Zionism to our time. New York: Knopf, p.196) [169]

In July 1958, a military coup by nationalist officers in Iraq threatened U.S.-British control of the oil-producing regions for the first time. The coup set off a wide range of reactions, including a U.S. Marine landing in Lebanon. In an analysis of the crisis based on the public record, William Quandt concludes that the U.S. "apparently agreed to help look after British oil interests, especially in Kuwait," while determining that an Iraqi move against Kuwait, infringing upon British interests, would not be tolerated. Quandt takes President Eisenhower to have been referring to nuclear weapons when, in his own words, he ordered Joint Chiefs Chairman General Twining to "be prepared to employ, subject to [Eisenhower's] approval, whatever means might become necessary to prevent any unfriendly forces from moving into Kuwait." The issue was "discussed several times during the crisis," Quandt adds. The major concern at the time was Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser -- the Hitler of the day -- and his Arab nationalism. [170], The British tabloids were calling Nasser "Hitler on the Nile." [171]

'Foundation for Defense of Democracies' wrote: 'Iraq and Darfur: common roots': Like Nazism, from which its founders Sami Shawkat and Michel Aflaq drew explicit inspiration, pan-Arabism inevitably leads to violence, conflict, and, where successful, subjugation, because it defines its identity in opposition to the other--the hapless Jew, the black, or the other pariah within its self-proclaimed Lebensraum [172].

A more formalized pan-Arab ideology than that of Hussein was first espoused in the 1940's in Syria by Michel Aflaq, a founder of the Ba'ath (Renaissance) Party, combining elements of both socialism and Italian fascism. [173] Baath ideology actually views the Arabs as a kind of master race. Baathism glorifies constant struggle, the ideological similarity between Baathism and fascism is quite striking. (American Government and Politics Today 2008: The Essentials By Barbara A. Bardes, Mack C. Shelley, Steffen W. Schmidt, published by Cengage Learning, ISBN 0495503258, 9780495503255, p. 18) [174]

E. Karsh in 'Islamic Imeprialism' (p. 117): Thus it was with Fascism, Hitlerism, and Nasserism; all of them stand on a single base, which is the elimination of minds and wills other than the minds of the leader [175]

Nasser's pan-Arab dictatorship in Egypt had common features with fascism--the monopoly of a state party, the role of the leader, of propaganda. [176]

In an article titled: 'Hitler Vs. Hussein' a writer explains The Ba'athists see the destiny of Arabs in very similar terms as the Nazis understood the destiny of Aryans. Saddam uses the Palestinians the way Hitler used the Sudeten Germans. [177]

Like the Nazis before them, many Ba'athists saw Arab nationalism as 'true' Islam. [178]

In a paper presented at the meeting of the Arab league in Amman, Jordan, in 2001, Libya's Muamar Gadhafi spelt out the Arabization agenda against Africa in language reminiscent of Adolph Hitler's Lebensraum, (Hitler's sick obsession to secure a living space for political and economic expansion in Europe) for the Germans, (the superior race). Gadhafi in his address during the Amman's Arab conference invited his Arab brothers outside of Africa to come to Africa in the following words. [179] "The third of the Arab community living outside Africa should move in with the two-thirds (about 250 million) on the continent, and join the African Union, which is the only space we have."[180]

The Christian Science Monitor reported in March 2011, on the violent racist attacks in Libya, targeting black migrant workers, foreigners, but also against darker skinned Libyans from the south side, the writer -apart from acknowledging the general 'racism in the Arab world'- also blamed Qaddafi for contributing to the fury.[181]

On the Genocide in Darfur, the conflict is ethnic... majority is considered inferior by the privileged Arabist minority centered in Khartoum and, in a comparison drawn by Gillian Lusk, deputy editor of the London-based fortnightly newsletter Africa Confidential, was "in the way," much as the Jews, Roma, and other "others" were for the Nazis. [182]

"If today's Arab anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish propaganda strongly resembles that of the Third Reich, there is a good reason." So writes Joel Fishman of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs in "The Big Lie and the Media War against Israel," an historical research piece. He begins by noting the topsy-turvy situation whereby Israel is perceived as a dangerous predator as it defends its citizens against terrorism, conventional warfare, and weapons of mass destruction, examines particularly the case of Johann von Leers (1902-65), an early Nazi party member, a protégé of Goebbels, a lifelong associate of Himmler, and an overt advocate of genocidal policies against Jews. His 1942 article, "Judaism and Islam as Opposites," lauded Muslims for their "eternal service" of keeping Jews "in a state of oppression and anxiety." [183]

A writer on Hezbollah (or Hamas) recruitment and sacrifice of children writes about 'Cradle to Grave: Hezbollah Children,' The intrusion of Nazi ideology into nascent pan-Arabism in the 1930s in fact included the establishment of youth movements modeled on the Hitlerjugend, and the lynchpin in this connection was none other than Baldur von Schirach, the leader of the Nazi youth program. This sort of fascist politicization of youth therefore has a long history, but Hezbollah has taken it to new heights. Its message to the Lebanese is evidently this: the price for the social welfare benefits is sacrificing your children. The content of Hezbollah's welfare state practice is to accelerate the itinerary from cradle to grave: straight from the cradle, into the grave. [184]

An analyst on old/modern fascism: The fascist-Arab states of Syria and Saddam's Iraq are closest to the Mussolini model, the Ba'ath Parties that rule them having drawn explicitly on Nazism... what distinguishes the two regimes is that Saddam Hussein is a much more megalomanical risk-taking sociopath, as compared to his rival in Syria, Hafez al-Assad, a militarist. [185]

Iraqi exiles implied a comparison between Saddam's regime and Nazi Germany. Certainly, Pan-Arabism is a form of fascism and Saddam shared many qualities with Hitler -- the two even had similar experiences in their formative years. [186]

Described as fascism

The LATimes wrote a piece (by Walter Laqueur, chairman of the International Research Council of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington)in 1990 titled: "What Do Arabs Want? Appeasement: Militants kindle the pan-Arab dream, but their aggressive fascism poses a permanent regional threat. to die for Kuwait?" [187]

Both; Nasser's movement and Qadaffi's have been described as: 'Arab fascism.' [188]

Lebanese born researcher T. Badran elaborates on 'Arabist fascism' and as an answer to a Lebanese-American reader on Joshua Landis' site who once asked "why why Arabism is regarded as a fascist ideology." In the wake of Syria's arrest of Syrian liberal Nabil Fayyad, he quotes him speaking out against Arabism's "philosopher," Sati' al-Husri's ideology: "The Group Principle" (al-mabda’ al-jama‛y) is by the way the etymology of "fascism" (Italian fascismo, from fascio, "group," from Late Latin fascium, from Latin fascis, "bundle.") as well as its definition as a political system (a system of government marked by centralization of authority, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.) [189]

From the philosopher, pluralist H. Kallen: "On the record, what is called Arab nationalism is a cynical Arab fascism exploiting the poverty, the ignorance and the religious fanaticism of the enslaved multitudes of the Arabic-speaking peoples of the Near East." [190] [191]

"In almost every way -- in foreign aggression, domestic terrorism, persecution of minorities and women, control of the economy, the spread of religious bigotry, elimination of personal, political or intellectual freedom -- Arab governments rule under a self-perpetuating system of tyranny that can best be described as Arab fascism.' (NYTimes 1991) [192]

Author: The Arab governments rule under a system of "tyranny that can best be described as Arab fascism." They support terrorism, they spread religious bigotry, they eliminate personal, political and intellectual freedom. If such regimes would rule in Europe they would be exposed, but in the Middle East they are accepted and strengthened by the West beacuse of oil. "Western Arabist diplomats prattle about Arab traditions of clan and sheik... (The uncertain alliance: the U.S. and Israel from Kennedy to the peace process Volume 83 of Contributions to the study of world history, Herbert Druks, Greenwood Publishing Group, 2001, p. 237) [193]

Liberal Arab Columnist: 'Why do Arabs Hate the West... "Since 1948, the primitive Arab fascism was given free reign, and boosted by the backwards soldiers, from the officers to reactionary parties..." [194]

Writers speak of Arab fascism like Nasser's movement or Qadaffi's. [195]

The ideology of Pan-Arabism rapidly became expansionist, fascist, and populist. Many manifestations within the Arab world produced a variety of parties, movements, leaders, and regimes: from Nasser to Arafat, from Assad to Saddam. (The War of Ideas: Jihadism Against Democracy by Walid Phares, p. 32) [196]

Bernard-Henri Levy spoke on "the resurgence of anti-Semitism, an Arab brand of fascism." [197]

A columnist for the London Arabic daily Al-Hayat, Zuheir Abdullah, blamed what he termed "Arab fascism" and "Islamism" for leading to the current backwardness of the Middle East. In an August 2003 article he wrote, "since 1948, primitive Arab fascism," sometimes "allied with fundamentalist Islam," has produced only "empty slogans." Mr. Abdullah continued, "many simple-minded people and ignorant persons were unfortunately brainwashed and turned into the fuel of this extremism." He concluded by stating the Arab world's embrace of fascism and Islamism has led it to adding "almost nothing" to modern civilization. [198]


In General

'Arabism Equals Racism', in an elaborated article, Gerald A. Honigman writes on the "acceptance of anyone else's political rights in a multi-ethnic region that most Arabs see exclusively as "purely Arab patrimony." That's the Arab-Israel conflict in a nutshell; but it is also the core of the Arab-Berber, Arab-Kurd, Arab-Black African, Arab-Copt, Arab-Assyrian, Arab-non-Arab Lebanese conflicts, as well, among others. The Arabs' Anfal Campaign against the Kurds and their actions in Darfur and the rest of the southern Sudan are just a few of many examples of Arab genocidal actions against all who might disagree." [199].

In "The New World of Islam" (by Lothrop Stoddard - 2009 - History, p. 201) We have already seen how, concurrently (at the early 1900's) with Turkish nationalism, Arab nationalism was likewise evolving into the "racial" stage, the ideal being a great "Pan-Arab" empire, embracing not merely the ethnically Arab peninsula-homeland, Syria, and Mesopotamia, but also the Arabized regions of Egypt, Tripoli, French North Africa and the Sudan. [200] (also in: The Middle East, abstracts and index, Part 4 about "Jihadi Movements Worldwide: Abstracts & Documents", p. 1111, from Library Information and Research Service Published by Northumberland Press, 2004)

Walid Phares writes about Arabism's denial of identity of millions of indigenous non-Arab nations as an ethnic cleansing on a politico-cultural level [201].

A writer on the Durban conference regarding racism suggests: "Arabism is racism" would have been an interesting debating topic. The OIC countries were very clever in how they deflected the slavery issue that could so easily have been turned on them with a vengeance (Out of step: life-story of a politician : politics and religion in a world at war by Jack Brian Bloom, Indiana University, p. 112) [202]

Brian Whitaker: The race taboo, The existence of racist attitudes within Arab countries is often denied, resulting in scandalous displays of prejudice against certain ethnic groups. The Arab countries, mostly are in denial. The A to Z of ethnic and religious groups in the Middle East embraces Alawites, Armenians, Assyrians, Baha'is, Berbers, Chaldeans, Copts, Druzes, Ibadis, Ismailis, Jews, Kurds, Maronites, Sahrawis, Tuareq, Turkmen, Yazidis and Zaidis (by no means an exhaustive list), and yet serious discussion of ethnic/religious diversity and its place in society is a long-standing taboo. If the existence of non-Arab or non-Muslim groups is acknowledged at all, it is usually only to declare how wonderfully everyone gets along. [203]

Christians of Iraq site published an extensive historic account on "The Foolishness of imposing Oppressive Arab Nationalism on Non Arabs, Non-Arab Muslim minorities such as the Amazigh, or Berbers, Kurds, and Turkmen found themselves officially out of favor. They faced the prospect of becoming "Arabized" or of being denied political and even civil rights. Groups that identified themselves as neither Arab nor Muslim had it even worse: Southern Sudanese, Copts, Jews, and Assyrians were plunged into a protracted nightmare that saw their communities ground into anonymity, forcing many to emigrate permanently. Even Maronites, whose retention of political power in Lebanon immunized them from utter marginalization, watched with alarm as Arab nationalist propaganda increasingly portrayed them as a foreign and sinister element in the heart of the Arab nation." [204]

Even to some Muslim activists, Arabism is racism, pure and simple. (Africa events, Volume 7, published by Dar es Salaam Ltd., 1991, p. 21) [205], There was Sheikh Mustafa al-Maraghi, who in a famous 1938 essay dismissed the goal of [pan] Arab unity as racist [206], Arab Muslim authors in "Arab-Iranian relations": Much ink has flowed on the issue of Arab nationalism. Some people believe it to be a racist movement, advocating the superiority of the Arabs. (Arab-Iranian relations By Khair el-Din Haseeb, K. Haseeb, Markaz Dirāsāt al-Waḥdah al-Arabīyah, Beirut, Lebanon, published by Centre for Arab Unity Studies, 1998, p. 368) [207] Islamic activist: "...the rise of Pan-Arab racism towards non-Arabized Black Africans that still reverberate through regions of the Sudan, Central Africa, Western and Northern Sahara and East Africa" [208], a Muslim scholar writes: the Ba'th party, which sowed a Pan-Arabist ideology, was responsible for the genocide of Kurdish people in Iraq as well as the genocide of Shiite Arabs in Iraq. Pan-Arabism does not recognize minorities living in the Arab world. Everybody in this "world" is an Arab. [209]

Adel Makhoul wrote in May 1, 2005 about Pan-Arabists: Hiding Arab Racism, that they're agents of racism: Arab Racism, that always supported Arab unity and "Islam" at the expense of non-Arab and non-Moslem peoples and tries to deflect the world's attention from Arab and Moslem atrocities committed against Christians, Kurds, Jews, Israelis, Coptic Christians, non-Arab Sudanese, etc. he also points to the fact that Sadam Hussein's poisoning of the Kurds has never been condemned by one Arab intellectual or leader. This is because a racist prevalent attitude in the Arab mind is that the entire Middle East should be Arab. This also explains the attitude towards Israel, a country that is predominantly non-Moslem and speaks a Middle Eastern language other than Arabic.[210] Michael Totten decries the tired Arab nationalist myth that Arabism protects Christians. [211]

Ali A. Allawi, the former Iraqi Minister of Defense and Finance, envisioning a peaceful Iraq: "Arabism, racism and sectarianism – would be dethroned. Iraq would be at peace with itself and with its region." (The occupation of Iraq: winning the war, losing the peace‎ - p. 438) [212]

In 1960's, the French Comite d' Action de Defense De- mocratique published a pamphlet titled Racism and Pan-Arabism, it's introduction followed by an article by the well known French sociologist, anthropologist & political leader: Jackes Soustelle to fight against all kinds of racism, this was followed by a paper by Shlomo Friedrich on "Pan-Arabism: A New Racist Menace?" who offered a sharp critique of Nasser's book The Philosophy of the Revolution, and it terms it a mere pale imitation of Hitler's Mein Kampf. [213]

While Israelism defines its borders, respectful of alternative cultures. Arabism is rogue and misinformed, it believes that all cultures must adopt its ideologies. [214]

The African Liberation Forces of Mauritania Spoke on Slavery and Genocide in the Sahel, those two governments (Sudan & Mauritania) went to the same school--the school of Arabization. The professor was Saddam Hussein, and the doctrine was developed in Egypt by Nasser. They follow the pattern of Ba'athism and Nasserism. implement a policy of Arabization in Mauritania and Sudan. [215]

Jon Lewis (a Mid-East expert whose works on the Arab world's persecution of minorities have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Forward, In the National Interest, Middle East Quarterly and other prestigious publications) laments the media coverage of Darfur, its lack of historic context Darfur is but one example of Arab racism toward non-Arabs within the broader "Arab world." The Darfur genocide, I believe, must be viewed not solely as a case of an Islamic jihad, but also as a case of Arab racism and should be seen as parallel to Saddam Hussein's genocide against Kurds and the Algerian government's repression of the Kaybles. He adds: Remember: both the Kurds and Kabyles are primarily Sunni Muslims, at least in a nominal sense. I don't mean to downplay the Islamic jihad aspect; however, I think that we cannot understand the violence in Darfur (and Iraq, for that matter) without examining the persistence of intra-Muslim ethnic conflict in the region and Arab racism. [216]

Abul Kasem talks about the 'incredible hypocrisy and double standard that exists on the issue of racism in general.' Islamists living in the West often portray Islam as a religion free of racism. They never fail to criticize western countries of its racist attitude and contempt for people who are not of white complexion. It is quite perplexing that these Islamists never look at their own backyard, of blatant, naked racism enmeshed in the Islamic doctrine. Any non-Arab, non-white, who has been to a Middle East Arab country will tell the story of absolute racism practiced there. It is no secret that in rich Arab countries, (such as Saudi Arabia) people of dark complexion, such those from Africa, South Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh) receive much lower pay than a white person from the western country would. There is strict, unspoken, racial apartheid practiced in the rich Arab countries. He argues that the racism practiced in the Arab countries is solidly founded in the very doctrine of Islam. the blatant Islamic racism is permeated in the founts of Islam, the Qur'an, ahadith, Sunna, and Sharia. That Islamic racism is endemic. It emanates straight from the Qur'an, Sunna, and Sharia. It cannot be eliminated so long the Muslims are enthused by these Holy Scriptures. The Muslims of black complexion will never be equal with the white Arabs. The concept of Islamic ummah, regardless of color and ethnic origin is simply not true. [217]

In an interview 'White Skin, Black Mask' Algerian author Kamel Riahi explained: It might come as a surprise to you to learn that Negro was the term people called my black grandfather. I consider myself as someone of a Negro decent, although I am not black. Perhaps my wide nose proves this theory. Therefore, I am sympathetic towards the blacks ideologically, by heritage and by history. We, the whites, will not be liberated until we liberate ourselves from the racist views we have of other races and religions.

We still curse each other using "you’re Jewish" or "you’re Kurdish", this is also racial and religious discrimination. Watch any Egyptian sitcom and tell me about the image of the Sudanese character. Listen to the Tunisian jokes about the Libyans or jokes about people from Hums in Greater Syria. Listen to the debates regarding noble families and family lineage… even horses now are divided between what is considered "noble" and what is not. We are racists to the bones. Attempting to hide or silence this fact will not help with the matter because we are a sick society which still suffers from the complexes of color and race. [218] [219]

Arab supremacy - Conflicts, Wars

Rev. Roderick: "The fusion of the political and religious is inseparable. It may be argued that the religious element of Islam has been used historically to impose an Arab cultural imperialism to the demise of all others." [220]

In an article titled: 'Arab Imperialism & Arab Supremacism' C. Read writes: Arab Imperialism is designed for an Arab state to run the world. Unlike others who have tried to take over the world in the past, there is no timetable. Arab Supremacism mandates that those who follow Islam are right and everyone who does not practice this religion is their enemy. Arab Supremacism is helped along by the quest for the oil in the Middle Eastern countries. Arab Imperialism got its start when the west began to be more dependent on their oil. Since the 1970s, when Arab nations began selling oil to the west, terrorist acts have become the norm and Arab Imperialism, aided by money from oil, has grown. Arab Imperialism, however demands that they do not assimilate with the culture of the west. Arab supremacism is evident in countries where there is a huge influx of the Arab population. Rules are changed and cries of racism are used if rules are not changed. If you mention Arab imperialism to anyone or point out the fact that terrorism in the name of Islam is rampant, you will find yourself on the defensive. Many counties are turning a blind eye to the wave of Arab imperialism that is sweeping over western civilization, As it's embedded with Islamic supremacy as those who are not Islamic are all lumped together and branded as infidels, which is why Arabs, Muslims were rejoicing after the 911 terrorist attacks in the United States, he explains. [221]

Anwar Shaikh in 'ISLAM: The Arab Imperialism' explains that by Islamists filled with an intense hatred of the non-Muslims, until a country has embraced Islam, it is legally considered a battlefield (Dar-ul-Harb) and the Muslims are obliged to betray their own motherland through civil and military action. Once it is converted to the Muslim ideology, it ranks as a Land of Peacxe (Dar-us-Salaam) but at a very high cost to one's national pride because then it exists as a spiritual and cultural satellite of Arabia. This is what makes Islam the subtle tool of Arab Imperialism. [222]

Hugh Fitzgerald: "within Islam, a supposedly universalist religion where all Muslims in the ummah are equal, there is a special place for the Arabs." The Koran is written in Arabic, and "was delivered to, given to, revealed to, the Arabs, that best of people. "That best of men," In Saudi Arabia there is apartheid: the signs 'Muslim' and 'Non-Muslim' are everywhere. But 'Muslims' are further divided into Arab (first class) and non-Arab (second class). This has not escaped the attention of the many Muslim non-Arabs who live in Saudi Arabia -- or at least not the attention of all of them." [223] [224], T. Fatah: Scholars' reference to "Arabian Imperialism" upon non-Arab Muslims would elicit shock and denunciation from even the most liberal Arab; such is the state of denial. [225]

Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) which is allegedly responsible for inciting communal violence, unrest and even bombing in India, its strength stems from financial help from oil-rich Muslim countries to carry forward the Arab legacy of Islamic imperialism and material support from Pakistan to create disorder in India strengthened the morale of SIMI leaders. [226]

Regarding [then] Saddam Hussein's threat, Foundation For The Defense of Democracies' on CNN: if Saddam Hussein didn't harbor open goals of dominating his region -- he acted upon it twice by invading Iran and by invading Kuwait. Saudi Arabia was next. And it would have you ignore the ideology of his regime, which is a fascist ideology that believes that the supremacy of the Arab race will reveal itself through military power and violence. That's what he wants to do with his weapons. [227]

Kurds in Syria and in Iraq oppose Arab supremacy, they have been forced to either adopt the Arab identity, cede the supremacy of Baghdad or Damascus to the Kurds over their affairs or lands. [228] [229]

The Arab position on 'details' flows from their racist assumption of superiority and absolute refusal to accept a Jewish right to self-determination. [230]

At the base of both genocides in Sudan, (on Christians in the South and on "fellow" Muslims in Darfur, who are blacks) is the Al Bashir regime's racism. The Arab Gathering, a shadowy Nazi type brotherhood deeply embedded in the Bashir regime, preaches a doctrine of Arab supremacy and a Sudan "cleansed" of non-Arabs. [231], Muammar Qaddafi who wanted to unify all of North Africa under Arab control and had a great deal of money and military power to support the Arabs in the region. Thousands of Libyan troops were sent to north Sudan to fight the South & had stationed troops in Darfur to help the Arabs in Chad, Qaddafi's belief in Arab superiority did a great deal to create hostility between the Arabs and the Africans in Sudan, especially in Darfur. [232]. From an essay 'Unsimplifying Darfur' ... The Chadian side of the story, in a nutshell, involves a warlord named Acyl Ahmed, who, as head of the Armée du Volcan, in the late 1970s and early 80s, was able to mobilize a large number of Chadian Arabs against Hissene Habre's Forces Armées du Nord (FAN). Of all the Trojan horses produced by Colonel Gaddafi's stable Acyl was by far the most faithful. Although Acyl died in 1982, his pro-Arab ideology is still alive and well. For this much of the credit goes to Gaddafi. After suffering a major defeat in northern Chad at the hands of Hissène Habre in 1987 the Libyan leader turned his attention to Darfur. To carve out for himself another sphere of influence and hold aloft the banner of the "Arab Gathering" (Al tajammu al-arabi) -- a "militantly racist and pan-Arabist organization..." [233] [234] Brian Raftopoulos & Karin Alexander write in "Peace in the balance: the crisis in the Sudan," (African Minds, 2006, ISBN 0958500290, 9780958500296, pp. 116-117) that Khartoum fuelled ethnic tensions in Darfur to suppress insurrection against political and economic marginalisation, Libya's purpose: to promote a pan-Arab Sahelian Africa Gaddafi developed an interest in Darfur as a springboard for his ideals of an Arab Union. His first goal was to gain control of Chad. Darfur would provide an ideal base from which to launch incursions. Thus, in 1972 he created the Islamic Union in Darfur, a militant, racist and pan-Arabist organisation stressing the Arab character of the state. Trained and armed Arab nomads were sent into Chad to fight its African-led government. [235] In an elaborate form, in the book "Darfur: the ambiguous genocide" (By Gérard Prunier): At an old quarrel between Libya and Chad, another dimension, little noted at the time, was Gaddafi's racism. Part of his hostility to Tombalbaye's regime was due to the fact that the Chadian president was a black African and a Christian and that in his early "revolutionary" days Gaddafi was not only a strident Pan-Arabism but an Arab cultural supremacist as well. So from the beginning, Gaddafi's support for the rebellion acquired a very particular racial tinge where the zurka (a pejorative term used by Arab Bedouins on non-Arab Gourane of Libya, Chad and the Sudan) were suspected of siding with the "imperialists", while the "Arabs" became the very incarnation of "revolutionary" purity. Gadaffi had initially supported the Nimeiry regime in Khartom because he saw is as an "Arab Nationalist Revolutionary Movement" [236] and at a meeting in late 1971 had even offered him a merger of their two countries. He was particularly embittered when Nimeiry turned down his offer and instead negotiated a peace settlement with the black Christian Southerners in 1972. Disappointed in his plans for a peaceful "Arab Union" the Libyan leader then began to arrange for more for more radical means of achieving the same aims, and Darfur loomed large in the subversive plans for Sudan. In 1972 he created the Failaka al-Islamiya (Islamic Legion), which in his mind was to be a tool for the revolutionary unification and arabization of the region. in Darfur proper he supported the creation of the Tajammu al-Arabi (Arab Union), a military racist and pan-Arabist organization which stressed the "Arab" character of the province. The first target of the Failaka al-Islamiya was to be Chad and the second the Sudan. [237] In 2011, al-Bashir's Khartom Northern-Sudanese government -as part of its racist Arab war on non-Arabs- tried to create a rift between the Southern Sudanese ("Darfur-based Justice and Equality Movement" - JEM) and the anti-Qaddafi Arab rebels, via a malicious libel that the southerners are helping Qaddafi.[238] The Arab media was accused of hypocrisy in aiding in spreading this detrimental rumor.[239]

In the words of the U.S. State Department (2005) under title: "U.S. Policy Toward Sudan" In 1987, Libya used the region as a "backdoor" into Chad. –"Islamic Legion" and a new racial ideology ("Arabism").[240]

Today, among those carrying on this racist Arab supremacy are the Janjaweed Militias, from PBS: "blatant racism and a political ideology known as "Arab supremacism" also fuel the Janjaweed's agenda." The Janjaweed are "cleaning" the land of non-Arabs. [241]

The concept of 'Pure Arab land'

Arabs have habitually referred to most of the region as purely Arab patrimony--the Arab-Israeli [242], Arab-Kurd, Arab-black African (like Khartoum's project: the Arabization of Sudan. Khartoum is determined that Sudan will eventually become wholly an Arab land with all its diverse African peoples converted into "Arabs". Sudan is Khartoum's pilot project, backed by the Arab League, in the Islamisation and Arabisation of Black Africa [243]), Arab-Berber, and other such conflicts in a nutshell, Quote from the Syrian Arab Constitution: "The Arab fatherland belongs to the Arabs. They alone have the right to direct its destinies.... The Arab fatherland is that part of the globe inhabited by the Arab nation that stretches from the Taurus Mountains, the Pacht-i-Kouh Mountains, the Gulf of Basra, the Arab Ocean, the Ethiopian Mountains, the Sahara, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea." [244] See also #The Arab Belt, Arab nationalist ideology claims all this territory (of the 22 Arab countries) exclusively as "Arab", despite the legitimate claims of non-Arabs and/or non-Muslims to ancient homelands long ago arabized with the spread of Islam [245] (see: #Merging bigotry of Arabism & Islamism).

A documentary tackling reasons behind genocide in Sudan discovered a massive effort by militias backed by the Arab-dominated government to clear non-Arab Africans from Darfur [246], a Sudaneese wrote: Darfur means clearing the land for Arab colonization (the Arabization of Africa/Africans). [247]

Millions upon millions of non-Arabs became refugees because of the Arabs. Many of these people fled to America, Great Britain, Germany, and elsewhere. They're not returning to those "Arab" lands. Likewise, Arabs will have to take care of their own refugees, created in a war that they started and far fewer in number. The so called "occupied territores in Israel / Palestine are really: disputed lands. They are not purely "Arab." Jews had as many, or more rights to be on those lands as Arabs had. Much has been written about this, including UN Resolution 242, and leading experts such as Eugene Rostow, William O'Brien, Arthur Goldberg, Lord Caradon, and others have been quite vocal on these matters as well. [248]

From a writer on the situation in the middle east: The real issue is not Zionism. Nor Arab Refugees. Nor occupied land. The real problem is Pan-Arabism. Arabs have the conviction that in all that vast expanse of land between the North Atlantic and the Indian subcontinent, only one kind of people may enjoy political independence. [249] They claim, even as they feud among themselves, that there is only one "Arab nation," that the entire area of North Africa and the Near East is its natural habitat, and that only Arabs have a right to sovereignty there. [250]

Intra-Arab Superiority

Arabism's superiority includes the scrutiny "measuring" of a group or an individual as having more or less of "Arabism" [251] [252], who is more of an Arab, or who's more of the "original" authentic Arab race... all of this 'pureness of Arabness' (upto measuring noses, eyewitness: it’s a massive thing. Because you know that you are from a pure stock, it gives you a sense of superiority and snobbery. It’s so accepted, so normal., such a proud family being perceived in Sudan as 'normal,' yet, confidence in their social status was suddenly shaken when they moved to Saudi Arabia where ideas of "pure" breeding are taken to even greater extremes.) [253] "competition," approach, labeling & treatment, (the argument "who is most Arab among Arabs" remain a hotly debated topic in intra-Arab politics, particularly in Arabian peninsula... Intra-Arab rivalries... [254]) has created frictions (even) between Arabs. In the Iraqi example; while Ba'thism and its Pan-Arab philosophy still formed the doctrinal basis for Iraq's totalitarian regime, pan-Arab promoter Saddam was positioning the Iraqis as a superior race. [255]

Marsh Arabs

Madan, or Marsh Arabs, row through marshlands in southern Iraq. these indigenous inhabitants, have been under a massive assault from Saddam Hussein's Iraqi Government [256], The state-run Iraqi media have been unabashedly racist in their attacks against the marsh Arabs, describing them as "an inferior race" and "un-Iraqi." The Government has, as in northern Iraq, pitted tribes against each other, lavishing money and weapons on those marsh Arabs willing to do the regime's dirty work. [257], they were forcibly and repeatedly moved [258], tens of thousands of whom fled to southern Iran, [259] becoming refugees or internally displaced in Iraq. [260] Saddam drained Marshlands,the Iraqi dictator had ordered the water dammed and diverted for almost two decades, in part to punish the indigenous Marsh Arabs who opposed his rule. [261] With the war in Iraq, Mass Graves of this indigenous group were revealed. [262]

Ahwazi Arabs

Ahwai Arabs (who are usually victims of oppression by Islamic Republic of Iran [263] [264], like all other minorities in that country [265]), has seen racist treatment from Iraq as well, in 2006, Al Jafari expelled Ahwazi Arabs from Iraq [266]

Shia Arabs

The Iraqi Shia view themselves as being the victims of homegrown Sunni Arab dictators who regularly used pan-Arabism and the Iranian bogeyman--both Pahlavi and clerical--as a justification for oppression of Shiites. [267], For many Shiites, pan-Arabism was identified with inequality. [268]

Historically, the Shiites saw oppression from the Sunnis in Lebanon [269]

Sudanese Arabs

While the genocide in Darfur is rooted in Arab racism (by Al-Bashir and his Arab Janjaveeds) on Africans [270] [271] (see: #Genocide in Sudan, in the color of their skin they may not be Arabs, they may be Black. But they want to be Arab, and they follow Nasser's and Saddam' policy of Arabization, implementing it in Mauritania and Sudan [272], yet, the Arabs in Sudan apparently are Not Arab enough...', in a 2008 article in The Guardian, titled 'A paler shade of black,' a former Sudanese Arab described his growing up (by his family) as "superior" to blacks, that were referred to as "abd" (slave), yet when he moved to Saudi Arabia he found out that his Arabness didn't measure up, he wasn't Arab enough in Saudi Arabia's racist society. [273], When Sudan applied to join the Arab League, the regional organization of Arab States in the Middle East and North Africa in Jan 19, 1956 to become the 9th member and part of the trend to Pan-Arab Nationalism, some member Arab countries of which Lebanon was one, initially felt uncomfortable and opposed candidly; they probably thought the Sudanese were too dark to be Arabs! [274]


Analysts say Saudis fear an Israeli - Palestinian peace. King Fahd said "Next to the Jews, we hate the Palestinians the most." [275] [276] [277] (Islamic Threat Updates Almanac No By Victor Mordecai, p. 122) [278]

Arab refugees (mostly due to their leaders' push to evacuate in 1948 [279]) were intentionally not absorbed or integrated into the Arab lands to which they fled, despite the vast Arab territory. Out of 100 million worldwide refugees since World War Two, these Arabs are the only refugee group in the world that has not been integrated into their own peoples' lands. [280] [281]

While anti Jewish, anti - Israel direction within Islamic-Arabism is strong as ever [282] (see: #Anti-Jewish), truth is, however, that the Arab nations don't care about the Palestinians. [283]

Moreover, an Arab Christian writer: 'Why Palestinian statehood is a mistake', The Arab nations keep the Palestinians and their descendants in squalor. They are denied citizenship rights. They are denied work. They are denied property. They are denied their human rights because they are and always will be a political football in the Arab campaign against Israel. [284]

From an article titled: "Arab Apartheid?" In 1947, Arab leaders rejected a UN plan to form an Arab state alongside Israel and went to war. Encouraged by their leaders to leave Israel, some 600,000 Palestinians became refugees in Arab nations. For over 50 years, Arab nations have denied these Palestinians and their descendants citizenship and basic civil rights, including the right to own property, to get an education, or take out loans. In many cases, Palestinian refugees in Arab countries live in squalid refugee camps without basic services. Why? Hisham Youssef, spokesman for the 22-nation Arab League, has acknowledged that the Palestinians perpetual status as refugees – and "very bad [living] conditions" – are a deliberate Arab policy to help the refugees "preserve their Palestinian identity. If every Palestinian who sought refuge in a certain country was integrated and accommodated into that country, there won't be any reason for them to return to Palestine." [285]

Former director of UNRWA (UN Palestinian Relief Works Agency), Ralph Garroway, in August 1958: "The Arab States do not want to solve the refugee problem. They want to keep it as an open sore, as an affront to the United Nations and as a weapon against Israel. Arab leaders don't give a damn whether the refugees live or die." [286] [287] [288] [289] [290] [291] (Mitchell Bard, Myths and Facts, p. 184 Paul Garwood and Maggie Michael, "Palestinian Refugees: Championed by Arab World but treated like outcasts").

(Libya's) Colonel (Muammar) Qaddafi A fierce opponent of the Israeli-Palestinian peace accords, has urged Arab countries to expel all Palestinian refugees and workers from their lands as a way of embarrassing the peacemakers... he followed his own advice on September 1995, and began to expel hundreds of Palestinian workers from his country's borders.[292] [293]

Once Protected by Saddam Hussein, a pet cause by him, who granted its members special treatment, Arab-Palestinians Suffer Backlash with the Iraq war [294] [295], they suffer in Kuwait as well [296], but even in supposed "demcratic" Arab states like Lebanon anti-Arab-Palestinian is high, here's from an HRW 2009 report: The discrimination against Palestinians in Lebanon is by now well documented. Lebanese law denies Palestinian refugees the right to own property and restricts their ability to work in many areas. In addition, the inhabitants of some Palestinian camps still require authorizations from the army to bring building materials into the camp. [297]

From the 1999 "Encyclopedia of Canada's peoples," In Saudi Arabia you live in a racist climate like all Palestinians. [298]

Gulf Arabs

Nizar Qabbani, the lyric poet of pessimism from Syria, wrote a paean to Saddam, "who let gently drop into my eyes the color of green." Later, in 1989, he wrote a poem that fed the already widespread Arab bigotry against Gulf Arabs: "Nobody wants your happy kingdom. Nobody wants to steal your royal gown. Drink the wine of your petroleum to its lees, Only leave culture to us." (Cruelty and silence: war, tyranny, uprising and the Arab world‎ - Kanan Makiya - Biography & Autobiography - 1993 - p. 45 ) [299] [300]

The Kuwaitis are considered by the Iraqis to be traitors to them and other Arab nations. [301]

Joseph Braude, author of The New Iraq (Basic Books, 2003) in an interview 'Africans in the Arabian Gulf' on When Arab nationals to the west of the Gulf and north of the Gulf deride the Gulf states, they sometimes use racial epithets that are eerily similar to Western derision of African Americans, and other Africans. For example, I recall on the floor of the Arab League summit in the tense lead up to the Iraq war when Izzat Duri, who was the representative of the Iraqi government, was angry at the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry, he called the Kuwaiti Foreign Minister "a monkey." The use of terms like monkeys and apes as terms of derision for Arabs on the Gulf are a very common form of derision when derision is called for in Lebanon, Egypt, and elsewhere. And there is this understanding that there is some kind of a connection to the African, ethnic features, and those racist words that are sometimes used to describe them. [302]

Egypt VS Algeria

In 2010 Egypt-Algeria bitter rivalry was growing uglier by the minute at a soccer match, Algeria spills past pitch into racism & violence [303] created hostilities between the two "brother" countries [304] [305], a Muslim writes: I was recently at a demonstration against an English white supremacist group and all I can say is the resemblance it had to intra-Arab racism was chilling and shameful. [306] Egyptian striker Amr Zaki heightened the tensions when he said on his personal website that he would not be interested in joining English Premier League side Portsmouth because they have two Algeria players on their books - Nadir Belhadj and Hassan Yebda. [307]

Historic Arab Superiority Complex

Most of the Umayyads get a bad rap in Islamic history for being too worldly and having reverted to the tribal ways of the pre-Islamic Arabs. Valued kinship more than piety; discriminated against non-Arab Muslims; even favoring Arab non-Muslims over non-Arab Muslims. [308] The Abbasid Revolution in the 8th century C. E. largely occurred because of the disgust of the converted Mawali populations with the blatant Arabism of the Umayyads. And in the age of nationalism centuries later, hundreds of thousands of Muslims--but non-Arabs--would continue to be slaughtered in the name of the Arab nation; Berbers, Black Africans, Kurds, and so forth. [309]

How Arabs in other parts of the Muslim world regarded blacks, historian Bernard Lewis remarks that color prejudice against blacks began to increase in the 7th Century AD. His reasoning for this included Arab ethnocentrism and the increasing role of blacks as slaves. Lewis points to poetic satire aimed at the black son of one of the Prophet Mohammad's close companions, who was appointed governor of Sistan in 671 and again in 697. Writing of him, an Arab poet calls him a "stinking Nubian black - God put no light in their complexions!" Bernard makes the argument that this negative view of blacks had begun to extend throughout the Muslim world. Brunson and Rashidi note that in Spain, the Arabs have disdain for their Berber allies. This bias is especially reserved for the darker, They cite a reference of bias by a high-ranking Arab who refuses to work next to an equally high ranking Almohad, "because the dark-skinned Berber seemed to him far below his own intellectual standards". These writers contend that the Arab view of their superiority over the nomadic Berber groups resulted in many forms of bias directed against the Berbers. They point out that Berbers were given poor land allotments and levied heavier taxes. Fletcher cites this unequal treatment as the cause for a large Berber revolt in the Maghreb in 739. Brunson and Rashidi assert that a partial reason for this bias may have been the heterogeneous (mixed) nature of some Berber populations. They cite such bias as a cause for a reactionary 9th century work "The Superiority of the Black Races Over the Whites" by a black Muslim scholar, Uthman' Amr ibn Bahr al-Jahiz. They point out that al-Jahiz included the Berbers and Moors among these blacks. [310]

Though the population of most North African countries is mixed, it's no secret that in these countries there is a gradation of human valuation that corresponds directly to skin color, with the most privileged status being accorded those perceived rightly or wrongly as being of "pure" Arab stock while those with the darkest skin and curliest hair are located on the lowest rung of the social hierarchy. Arab racism is deeply embedded in the history of North Africa itself and in the Arabic language. The Arab conquest of North Africa and the subsequent conversion and marginalization of the original Berbers and Moors of North Africa and parts of the Sahel were undergirded by a racist ethos. Till this day, the descendants of the dark-skinned Moors, the Berbers, and other non-Arab peoples are confined to the fringes of North African and North-west African society--in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritania, etc. [311]

An Islamic scholar speaks out against Arabism's superiority, both, the religious Arabism's supremacy as well as that of the secular one. Against such as of The Palestinian-American stylist Ismail Raji Al-Faruqi... proudly defended Arab Islam in his at times rather totalitarian, even racist, obsession with the exclusively Arab geniuos and genesis of the faith. as he argued in his 'Urubah and Religion: An Analysis of the Dominant ideas of Arabism and of Islam' which this ethnic passion made him dismiss Arab Christianity, despise non-Arab Islam, and deny historical Islam's undeniable debt to Judaism. Ironically, he accused other religions of confusing race with religion, while his own racist views were a libel on Islam if not a crime a gainst humanity. the scholar continues by saying that Secular Arab nationalists, seeking to unite Muslims and Christians in Egypt and the Lebanon, often exalt the Arabs as a "Herrenvolk," a master race of naturally superior ability. (The Quran and the secular mind: a philosophy of Islam By Shabbir Akhtar, Routledge, 2007, p. 162) [312]

Merging bigotry of Arabism & Islamism

The bigotry linkage of Arabism's supremacy and radical Islam, by A 'Short Critique of Islamic Fundamentalism' Around the late 1920s the Moslem [Muslim] Brotherhood was formed by Arabist thinkers racial supremacy [313].

Even though the Islamists and the Pan-Arabists had their similarities in the past (1940s - 1966), and their differences. And today those two movements still have their similarities and differences -- as shown by bin Laden's Qaeda, which represents the most violent wing of Islamism, and Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath Party, which represented the most violent wing of Pan-Arabism , yet, The Islamists and the Pan-Arabists tried to cooperate with one another in Egypt in those days, and there was some basis for doing so. Both movements dreamed of rescuing the Arab world from the legacies of European imperialism. Both groups dreamed of crushing Zionism and the brand-new Jewish state. Both groups dreamed of fashioning a new kind of modernity, which was not going to be liberal and freethinking in the Western style but, even so, was going to be up-to-date on economic and scientific issues. And both movements dreamed of doing all this by returning in some fashion to the glories of the Arab past. Both movements wanted to resurrect, in a modern version, the ancient Islamic caliphate of the seventh century, when the Arabs were conquering the world. [314]

In Sayyid Qutb's writing there's an underlying in Muslim supremacist mentality also the idea of Arab supremacy. [315]

Driving non Arab minorities out of Iraq, is planned by the Arab nationalist, pan-Arabists, and the Islamists [316]

Prof. Robert S. Wistrich in 'Demonizing the other: antisemitism, racism & xenophobia' (p. 315) Underlying the viewpoint of both Pan-Arabism and Islamism is the assumption that political soveignty for minorities in the Middle East has no legitimacy. Contemporary Islamists derive this negation from classical Muslim political theory, which would extend protection and tolerance to monotheistic minorities, provided they do not attempt to transcend their legal and social inferiority. These minorities (Jews and Christians) are denied any measure of political sovereignty on principle, since only Muslim nation is entitled to this and any alternative would undermine the subjection and inferiority of non-Muslims to Muslim rule... a profound belief in the exclusive cultural letgitimacy and superiority of Islam [317]

The appearance of anti-Semitic tracts in Arabic, these three points together — fundamental pan-Islamic doctrine incorporated in the ideology of pan-Arabism; the dogma that Jews must be kept in inferior status to Islamic people [318], and the widespread adoption of Christian and Nazi anti-Semitism--constitute what must be recognized as nothing less than a virulent form of militant Islamic-Arab religious racism. And this pervasive Islamic-Arab doctrine is today the prime instrument of Arab ideological unification [319] (The role of Arab political culture and history in the conflict with Israel By Arnold M. Solowa, Dawn, 1985 ISBN 0969207034, 9780969207030, p. 6)

Two of the most known cases of this merging bigotry are: Sudan [320] (also #Anti-Nubians in general) and Israel [321] [322] (also Arab Muslim 'anti-Semitism' or anti Jewish bigotry as a whole [323] [324] [325] [326] [327] [328], see also #Conspiracy-theories).

Pax Sudani Network in 1993: Moreover, they have committed to a program of de-Africanization through forced Arabization and Isalmization of the people in South Sudan, the Nuba Mountains and southern Blue Nile regions. Had the African Sudanese succumbed to this policy of Arabism and Islamism, Islamic apartheid would have prevailed in the Dusan said Elias N. Wakoson. In 1955, a group of Southern Sudanese revolted against the system... they have maintained a passive stance on the Arab apartheid and enslavement of black Africans.[329]

When Sudanese leaders came under fire for jailing a British schoolteacher accused of blasphemy, for allowing her pupils to name a teddy bear Muhammad, it highlighted the tyrannical control the downtrodden people of Darfur are forced to live under [330], in an article titled: 'Hamas, Teddy Bears in Sudan and the Muslim Brotherhood', Douglas Farah: There are two places where the Muslim Brotherhood exercises governmental power: Sudan and the Palestinian territories. [331]

The Darfur conflict, raging since 2003, has given new urgency to questions about Arabism, Islam and race in Sudan, racism is manifested by Arabs' derogatory use of term 'abid ('slaves') - and what the Northern Sudanese writer Mansur Khalid called 'a series of [other] unprintable slurs' -- to apply to western and southern peoples. This Arabism is ideological. (African affairs, Volume 107 by the Royal African Society, Published for the Royal African Society by the Oxford University Press, 2008, p.27, p. 28) [332] Islam and Arabism have been used by the ruling elites to get Arab and Moslem support in their bid to defend their hegemony over the Sudan. [333] The fundamentalist regime was also able to use Arabism and Islam to get support from Iraq and Iran in the war. (Arms and daggers in the heart of Africa: studies on internal conflicts, by Peter Anyang' Nyong'o, Academy Science Publishers, 1993, ISBN 9966831134, 9789966831132, p. 56) [334]

The Arab-Israeli conflict is about bigotry, the same bigotry that kills Jews also kills Christians [335]

From an Egyptian writer on 'Turkish Daily News': Like pan-Arabism, pan-Islamism is an exclusivist ideology. By rejecting the modern conception of citizenship, it rejects the idea of non-Muslim civilian participation. Absolutist by nature, its discourse excludes non-Muslims, which explains why the flame of pan-Arabism was often borne by Christian Arabs, uneasy about the hegemonic designs of political Islam. Non-Muslim Arabs (Christian Arabs, Druze, etc.), excluded from the pan-Islamic club, still have an honorable place within pan-Arabism. And non-Arab Muslims (Turks, Iranians, Kurds), excluded from the pan-Arab club, can still join pan-Islamism. But the Israelis, being neither Arabs nor Muslims, are doubly a minority. The Jewish state is not an intruder in the Middle East. It is the extension and the representative of one of the most ancient civilizations of this part of the world. Everything links Israel to this region: geography, history, culture but also religion and language. The Jewish religion is the primary theological reference and the very foundation of Islam and Eastern Christianity. Hebrew and Arabic are as close to each other as two languages of Latin origin. [336]

Yasser Arafat, the late leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, told a reporter, Arianna Palazzi in 1970: "The question of borders doesn't interest us...From the Arab standpoint, we mustn't talk about borders. Palestine is nothing but a drop in an enormous ocean. Our nation is the Arabic nation that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea and beyond it... The PLO is fighting Israel in the name of Pan-Arabism." [337]

The goal of the Ba'ath party was to adapt the racist and totalitarian ideas of Europe for the Arab world -- to combine the fascism of Europe with the ethnic traditions and Islamic orientation of the Arab countries. [338]

Syrian Liberal Nidhal Na'isa speaking on the West, Pan-Arabism, Islamism, and Al-Jazeera... he began his career in journalism as a teenager, at the government dailies Al-Thawra and Syria Times, but today he is a vocal opponent of the Arab regimes and the pan-Arab ideology, as well as of Islamism and Islamist terrorism. He has written that due to the Islamist "tsunami," the Middle East could be declared an "intellectual disaster zone"; that if one were to try to sell pan-Arab identity to "the bushmen and the cannibals" they wouldn't buy it; and that the pan-Arab media is "a harbinger of ill, pain, and destruction." In contrast, he praises the West for its humanism and its respect for the individual, and writes that, given the current state of affairs in the Arab world, the real question is not "why does the West hate us?" but rather why it does not. The lying pan-Arabist, Islamist-propagandist media will never succeed in creating saints and martyrs out of slaughterers, butchers, and hired killers… [339]

From narratives on Arab nationalism: Islamic revivalism in various parts of the Arab world that also advanced identification with the idea of Arab unity; and the exacerbation of the Arab-Jewish conflict in Palestine that fueled powerful sentiments of Islamic and Arabist loyalty. [340]

Lebanon's Maronite Christians complain of a threat of Arabism and Islamization [341].

In the aftermath of 7/7/ London bombing a group calling itself: "Organization of Qaidat Al-Jihad in Europe" posted: Rejoice O Islamic nation. Rejoice O Pan-Arab nation. Rejoice, for the time of revenge on the British Zionist Crusading government has come [342].

The pan-Arabist believes that the Arab ummah must serve as the central governing authority over the less enlightened Islamic world [343]

Extreme examples of negative moral behaviour are sown from Western media and presented as the daily reality of Western society. Such broadcasts try to prove that Arabs and Muslims in general are superior to Christians and Jews. (Out of step: life-story of a politician : politics and religion in a world by Jack Brian Bloom - Antisemitism p. 162) [344]

...the majority of the Arab constitutions declare the sharia as the basis of legislation, prevent[ing] most of the countries that pretend to be Islamic States from living up to the standards set by the 1948 United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights. It also legitimizes the notion of racial and religious superiority, and allows for multiple levels of citizenship and widespread and systemic discrimination against racial and religious minorities living within a state's borders. Invariably, the human rights of the weak and dispossessed, the minorities and women, the disabled and the heretics, are trampled upon without the slightest sense of guilt or wrongdoing. Men and women are imprisoned, routinely tortured and often killed, while numbed citizens, fearful of offending Islam, unsure about their own rights, insecure about their own identities, allow these violations to continue. By looking the other way, the intelligentsia and middle classes have become complicit in these crimes. They justify their inaction as patriotism, where they stand in solidarity with the Islamic State, with the misguided idea that those who fight for universal human rights are somehow working for Western imperialism or represent the interests of Judeo-Christian civilization. (From Chasing a Mirage: The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State, by Tarek Fatah). [345]

From the inaugural lecture for the Canadian Coalition for Democracies' Annual Begin-Sadat November 2006, it becomes unmistakably clear that the men who killed Sadat on October 6, 1981 were forerunners of those who flew passenger jetliners into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington on that fateful morning of September 11, 2001 unleashing a whirlwind of hatred and bigotry emanating from the deep toxic bowels of a medieval age that still clings to our world at the beginning of the twenty-first century (Thousands of suspected terrorists were rounded up and jailed, among them Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, who was later convicted of conspiring to blow up New York City landmarks, and Ayman al-Zawahiri, one of Osama bin Laden's two top lieutenants [346])... Sadat was part of the milieu that killed him, and the reason for his murder was his journey to Jerusalemseen as a betrayal of Arabism – the mix of nationalism and Islamism – of which he was a product. [347]

Arab Intellectual writes on the Worsening Situation and the exclusion of Christians almost completely from the dominant Islamic Arabism - to the point where, in some countries, Christian teachers have been banned. [348]

So writes an Assyrian as well: ...about the Arab/Muslim civilization. As an Assyrian, a non-Arab, Christian native of the Middle East, whose ancestors reach back to 5000 B.C., I wish to clarify some points you made in this little story, and to alert you to the dangers of unwittingly being drawn into the Arabist/Islamist ideology, which seeks to assimilate all cultures and religions into the Arab/Islamic fold. [...] There are minorities and nations struggling for survival in the Arab/Muslim ocean of the Middle East and Africa (Assyrians, Armenians, Coptics, Jews, southern Sudanese, Ethiopians, Nigerians...), and we must be very sensitive not to unwittingly and inadvertently support Islamic fascism and Arab Imperialism, with their attempts to wipe out all other cultures, religions and civilizations. It is incumbent upon each one of us to do our homework and research when making statements and speeches about these sensitive matters. [349]

War on Minorities in the Middle East. The Religious Core of the Civilizational Clash ... the program of Islamization and Arabization remains at the core. [350]

Analysis on the conflicts in the middle east: 'Peace will prevail when economic, social and cultural rights are granted to all' ... Arabism and Islam - synonyms embodies discrimination against various ethnic and religious groups in the Middle east... Conclusion Most regimes in Middle East are authoritarian, if not dictatorships, ruling for decades by fear or reward. The elites who rule in Middle East countries used religious faith with ideology of nationalism for blinding people and controlling them ... conflicts in the Middle East all look different, but the real cause root is related to human rights abuses. [351]

Radical Islamism has common ideological roots with Pan Arabism. [352]

T. Badran has written about 'Arabist Islam' [353] and that when we nurture Arabism and Islam, they complement each other. [354]

On democratization, Professor writes: Arabic, which supplanted Latin, Greek, and other languages, made the Arab-Islamic Empire possible. It not only endowed Arabs with their sense of superiority, but it also heightened their aggressive and imperialistic ambitions vis-à-vis non-Muslim nations. Accordingly, any Muslim country today whose population, like Turkey's, is non-Arab, should be induced to remove Arabic from its public law and public education and make its own native language the only official language of the state. This will simultaneously counteract pan-Arab and pan-Islamic movements as well as international terrorism. It will also facilitate democratization of Muslim countries [355]

A. N. Pasko: (March 22, 2004) ...As the discussion of "democratization" of the Middle East continues, an important point that must be made time and time again, is the importance in building structures that liberate the minorities of the region from oppression. Non-Arab and Non-Muslim minorities live throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Contrary to the propaganda that the region is Arab/Muslim, these minorities are remnants of the indigenous peoples, before the great Arab imperialist wars of the 7th century, and "Islamicization process" that followed. Non-Arab Muslims like the Kurds in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran; the Berbers - known as Amazighes - in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya, have all resisted "Arabization" for over 1,000 years. Non-Muslims like the Assyrian Christians in Iraq - who argue that they are not Arabs - the Copts in Egypt, Christian Lebanese - many who claim not to be Arab but Phoenician - the Christians in Sudan, and other Christians throughout the region, have been persecuted minorities, since the rise of Islam. Others like the Druze and Jews have also been persecuted by Arab/Muslim regimes throughout history. And we can now see, from the recent Sunni terror attacks on Shiites in Iraq - and Bin Laden's recent statements that Shiites are heretics - that even some Muslims - Shiites and other non-Sunnis - are persecuted minorities in parts of the Middle East.
Only Israel, the Jewish State, has fully liberated itself - in the political sense - from this Arab/Muslim oppression, although it still suffers from physical violence against her people...

Complaints of persecution of Berbers by Arab authorities through both exclusivities: Arabism and Islamism. [357] [358]

Algeria's Messali association with Emir Chekib Arslan --a Pan-Arabist a Nazi ideology sympathizer-- strengthened his adherence to Pan-Arabism and Arab-Islamic ideology, he called for an Arab-Islamic Algeria Kabylians rejected such a national conception as simplistic, racist and imperialist. They called for more secularism and an 'Algerian Algeria'. They believed that, in addition to the Arabic and Islamic constituent parts, Algerianness should also include Berber, Turkish and... French, The RCD declared certain laws of Arabisation to be racist and a prelude to bringing the Islamists of the FIS to power. [359]

A professor calls it AIDS, 'Arab Ideological Doctrine Syndrome' (A Crippling Plague), a (middle eastern) disease, the mentallity in the Arab Muslim 'upside-down' world of the poet John Milton's Satan who said, "Evil be my good.", he cites an example that illustrates the big picture. On February 25 2008, Lebanese cabinet minister Marwan Hamada gave an interview to Press TV. It is a commonplace for supporters of Lebanon's government to be accused of being Western agents, an implication often repeated in the Western media referring to it as "pro-U.S." Claiming that anyone who doesn't want to go to war with America or Israel, or opposes radical forces, or who doesn't want a radical Arab nationalist or Islamist state is a common weapon used to weaken non-extremist forces. While in the West, the label "moderate" is a compliment (the "moderate" Palestinian Authority; "moderate" states); in the Arab world it is an insult, an imputation of treason. Anywhere else in the world this would be a winning argument. A man who strives for his country's interests is a patriot, But this is not how it works in the Middle East. Thus, to act as a Lebanese patriot is perceived as being a traitor, to Arabism, Islam, and ultimately to Lebanon itself. Like any Iraqi who rejoices in Saddam Hussein's downfall or any Palestinian really ready to make permanent peace in order to get a state... [360]


Activists articulate their grievances with Khartoum as a rejection of both the Islamist interpretation of Islam - the position of the current government - and the racist ideology of 'Arabism' aligned with Islam. [361]

'Arab superiority', Qaddafi, Muslim Brothers and Hassan al-Turabi's life-long goal of establishing an Arabized and Islamic state in Sudan. [362] Dr Hassan Abdallah Turabi from Darfur, Sudan: We Will Islamize America and Arabize Africa [363] The Arab-Islamic elite holds the view that it has a messianic mission to Islamize and arabize the South , in particular, and Africa, in general. The battle cry of the Arab-Islamic elite is total and comprehensive arabization and islamization of the South, and hence South becoming a stepping-stone into Africa. Our northern brothers have promised their Arabs "kinsmen", to arabized and Islamize the South. This has been the solution adopted by the ruling and non-ruling Arab-Islamic elite to the problem of diversity in the Sudan. In an interview with al-Sayyad, a weekly Lebanese magazine 1988, the Islamic ideologue, al-Turabi said: "it was our destiny that we (meaning the so-called Arabs) have been tested (perhaps, by God) with a complex structured country, almost representative of African peoples, with its languages, ethnicities, and traditions". Diversity, which sensible people would consider as a source of power and admiration, becomes, in the view of al-Turabi, a trial by God. In a lecture in one of the Gulf emirates, titled "The Future of Islam and Arabism in Sudan" (Mustagbl al-Islam wa al Arouba fi Sudan), al-Sadig al-Mahdi proposed forcible Arabization and Islamization of Southern Sudan. The implementation of this project required Ghazi Salah Atabani to shout at the SPLM/A delegation and IGAD diplomats during peace talks in 1997 that southerners "would neither get secularism nor independence" and that "the Sudan's mission was to islamize Africa".[364].
In an article "Arabization of Africa, and Its Killing Fields" Bankie F. Bankie wrote: The inquiries of the ICC into mass murder in the Borderlands creates the precedent, which changes the equation in the area. The attempted elimination of the Fur, the Masalit and the Zaghawa ethnic groups of Darfur is an exercise in ethnic cleansing, in the pursuit of demographic change, in order to Arabize Darfur. A similar project was run in south Sudan for some 39 years and is also now underway, which has received scant attention, in Nubia, northern Sudan, where millions are affected. In Nubia, the intent of Khartoum is to move the Black Nubians off their lands and to resettle them elsewhere, whilst bringing in millions of Egyptian peasants, for settlement. The purpose of all these operations is to ultimately make Sudan an Arab country, in terms of its majority population. This initiative has been on, in surges, for a millennium. Having failed to conquer south Sudan, the Arabist/Islamist global force, the same operating in Afghanistan, is moving to annex Somalia. After Somalia they will move further southwards. Some are saying they will thereafter target central Africa. Arab-led slavery of Africans in the past and in the present goes to the core of the relationship of Africans with Arabs. Joseph Lagu, the south Sudanese Anya-nya leader, on p. 339 of his book 'Sudan odyssey through a state – From ruin to hope', a 2006 publication. Concerning his interaction with Col Muamar Gaddafi during an official Sudanese visit toduring an official Sudanese visit to Libya in 1975, he recounts '(Col Gaddafi) told us that other Arab leaders and he would like to develop Southern Sudan, but for that to be possible we should allow the South to be Islamised and Arabised. He said that he did not mean that we leaders should change our religion, for he knew we were already Christians. He said he referred to those without religious affiliation that formed the bulk of the population. He told us that for him to get Arab funds for the development of the South, he needed to tell the Arabs that Southern leaders accepted the Islamisation of the South. He made it clear to us that Arabs consider their aid to other people in that perspective'.
Turabi, who exercised power in the first half of current Sudan President Bashir's rule, pursued a deliberate policy of implanting Islam in north America, whilst Arabization was spearheaded in Africa, He's sent some two thousand post-graduate northern Sudanese students to the US with instructions to form friendships with African Americans. Many of these graduates are now in the public service of Sudan. As it happens, the Nation of Islam, led by Louis Farrakan in the USA, grouping Black Muslims in north America, has pursued a policy of support for the Khartoum regime, having taken material assistance from Khartoum. This, despite the facts that blacks suffer from racism, apartheid in Arabia. [365]

The Sudan conflict is typically characterized as between the predominately Arab/Muslim North and the non-Arab/Muslim "African" South. [366] From "Part of the proceedings of the Conference on North-South Relations since the Conference on Addis Ababa Agreement" (By Mom Kou Nhial Arou, Benaiah Yongo-Bure, 470 pages ([Issue 14 of Sudanese library series] published by Institute of African and Asian Studies, University of Khartoum, 1988) ..."most Northerners have a habit of tracing their lineage to an Arab ancestor called Ja'ali, and other main Arab tribes in the Arabian peninsula, Egypt and Libya. Arabism (orouba) and Islam form the core of the culture of the Northern Sudanese . Many of them believe that Islam and Arabism are two parts of the same coin..." (p. 278) [367], "As we have lately experienced in the Sudan, both Islam and Arabism (orouba) have been employed as means to suppress and dominate Southerners politically, culturally, economically and socially." [368], in the opinion of Northern politicians, the South was now to be administered as an inseparable part of an Arab-Muslim nation (p 287) [369], It is therefore --activists argue-- a matter of survival that the African and non-Muslim people of Southern Sudan must use all the means available to fight against the racist policy of orouba (Arabism or Arab apartheid) and Islamic sectarianism. [370] Northern intellectuals look at Southerners as 'tribes-men', while they refer to the Northerners as 'people'. Even those Northerners who are considered to be leftist think in the same way! (p. 291)

In "Short-cut to decay: the case of the Sudan," by a group of analysts it asserts: Islam, as it has been presented by NIF in the Sudan, is an extremely divisive force not only because is claims a dominant position which other religious creeds such as Christianity are denied access to, but because it is used to enhance riverain Sudanese "nationalism." [...] As Northern, or more specifically riverain, Sudanese identity is strongly associated with Arabism in racial terms, it goes without saying that Islam is used to enhance racial prejudices that are deeply harboured by northern Sudanese as far as assumptions of Arab superiority are concerned. [371]

Bin Laden and al-Qaida loyalists were given haven in Sudan from 1991-1996 until al-Bashir expelled them under U.S. pressure. [372], but even later on, Khartoum 'Recruited Al-Qa'ida' for Darfur, the Sudanese government ordered to ease restrictions on Al-Qa'ida operatives in the country in exchange for their help in fighting peacekeepers [373], and Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden urged his followers to prepare for a long war against Western would-be occupiers in Sudan's Darfur region [374].

Saddam Hussein

Arch Pan Arabist: Saddam Hussein & Islam

From Pan Arab champion Saddam Hussein's [375] (his cherished pan-Arab motto: "From the Ocean to the Gulf." [376]) ideology: "Pan-Arabism has always said that Mohammed is the forefather of pan-Arabism and that Islam was spoiled when it crossed the borders of the Arab world to Iran and Turkey. The task now is to 're-animate' the real Islam that was taught by Mohammed as an Arab ideology. Especially during the Iran-Iraq war, when Iraq had to face the Iranian revolution, they loaded their own ideology with Islamic content. The Iranians and the Zionists, they said, are part of a 2,000-year-old plot to smash Iraq and divide the Arabs. 'We are fighting for the real Islam' the regime said, not the kind of spoiled Islam that Iran represents. I think it was a mistake for the Americans to believe, as they did, that Iraq was a stronghold against Islam." [377], During the years of the Iran-Iraq war, (where a million people lost their lives [378][379]) Saddam tied himself to Sa'ad ibn Abi Waqas, an early Arab warrior who brought Islam to Iran. [380], pan-Arab leader like Saddam Hussein had to "brandish his religious credentials" to justify his invasion of Kuwait [381], he called the Kurds infidels to enable his Muslim soldiers to gas them, [382], added Koranic incantation 'Allahu akbar' with his own handwriting [383] [384] to the Iraqi flag as a signal of defiance right after losing the Kuwait War in 1991 [385], had Koran [Quran] written in his blood for Baghdad's "Mother of All Battles" Mosque [386], from his speech to the people of Basra "... Serving Islam and Arabism. The firm stand of jihad is the destiny of the people..." [387].

He called on all Muslims to "fight the infidels", a holy war, [388] Robert S. Wistrich in 'The Old-New Anti-Semitism': The fact that Saddam filled his speeches with references to Nebuchadnezzar (the Babylonian ruler who destroyed the first Jewish Temple) and Saladin, demonstrated not only megalomania but also his determination to destroy the Jewish State and teach the Western "Christian" Crusaders a lesson they would never forget. In Saddam's totalitarian version of pan-Arabism, Jews were by definition "outsiders", "aliens" and enemies of the Arab nation. Hence it is no surprise to find that Israelis are completely dehumanized as murderers... [389] [390], many Sunni Arab Muslims & especially militant Al Qaeda revere him as a "holy Muslim man", a great "holy warrior of all", "The mujahed Saddam Hussein" [391] and held a Quran all the time during his trial. [392] As the judge began reading the death sentence Saddam Hussein shouted out "Allahu Akbar!" (God is Great) [393], he died on the gallows clutching a Quran while shouting "Allah Akbar". [394] the chorus of lamentation for Saddam consists of a few isolated figures espousing the bankrupt ideologies of pan-Arabism and Islamism. [395]

Nasser's Arabism

Gamal Abdul Nasser, born in 1918, was politically moulded by the Young Egypt movement (of which he was a member of), at the beginning of 1940s his career was sponsored by Hitler's most prominenet supporter in Egypt, General Aziz al-Misri (Jihad and Jew-hatred: Islamism, Nazism and the roots of 9/11 By Matthias Küntzel, p. 67) [396], Nasser was among the officers who led the July 1952 revolution in Egypt. Their first act – following in Hitler's footsteps – was to outlaw all other parties. Nasser's Egypt became a safe haven for Nazi war criminals, among them the SS General in charge of the murder of Ukrainian Jewry; he became Nasser's bodyguard and close comrade. [397], the Copts were severely affected by Nasser's Pan-Arab nationalization policies. [398] especially because it bridged with pan-Islamism. see more: #Anti-Copt.

Egyptians before and after Nasser

Arab nationalism, and Pan-Arabism in particular, had been asserted by a few leaders in Arab lands to the east of Egypt, but no Egyptian leader before Nasir had ever identified Egyptian with Arab nationalism (Arab contemporaries: the role of personalities in politics By Majid Khadduri, p. 47) [399], there is that feeling of many Arabs that the Egyptians are not true Arabs (Newsweek, Volume 52‎ - p. 32, Art - 1958) [400], Cairo may have become the political centre of the Arab world, but the pulse of true Arabia beats in Jordan, in Iraq, in Saudi Arabia and particularly in Damascus, which is the true source of Moslem Arab nationalism (Middle East indictment: from the Truman doctrine, the Soviet penetration and Britain's downfall, to the Eisenhower doctrine, p. 132) [401].

Azoury's league rejected the incorporation of Egypt into the Arab empire because "the Egyptians do not belong to the Arab race." [402] In 1931, following a visit to Egypt, Syrian Arab nationalist Sati' al-Husri remarked that "[Egyptians] did not possess an Arab nationalist sentiment; did not accept that Egypt was a part of the Arab lands, and would not acknowledge that the Egyptian people were part of the Arab nation."(qtd in Dawisha, Adeed. Arab Nationalism in the Twentieth Century. Princeton University Press. 2003, p. 99) The later 1930s would become a formative period for Arab nationalism in Egypt, in large part due to efforts by Syrian/Palestinian/Lebanese intellectuals. (Jankowski, "Egypt and Early Arab Nationalism," p. 246)

In reality, Deighton, H. S. writes "The Egyptians are not Arabs, and both they and the Arabs are aware of this fact. They are Arabic-speaking, and they are Muslim —indeed religion plays a greater part in their lives than it does in those either of the Syrians or the Iraqi. But the Egyptian, during the first thirty years of the [twentieth] century, was not aware of any particular bond with the Arab East... (Deighton, H. S. The Arab Middle East and the Modern World, International Affairs, vol. xxii, no. 4 , October 1946, p. 519), [International affairs, Royal Institute of International Affairs - 1946 p. 519]) It was not until the Nasser era more than a decade later that Arab nationalism became a state policy and a means with which to define Egypt's position in the Middle East and the world, usually articulated vis-à-vis Zionism in the neighbouring Jewish state. For a while Egypt and Syria formed the United Arab Republic, and when the union was dissolved, it eventually gave rise to the current official name, Arab Republic of Egypt. Egypt's attachment to Arabism, however, was particularly questioned after its defeat in the 1967 Six-Day War, when thousands Egyptians lost their lives and the country become disillusioned with Arab politics. Nasser's successor Sadat, both by policy and through his peace initiative with Israel, revived an uncontested Egyptian particularist orientation, unequivocally asserting that only Egypt was his responsibility, thus the terms "Arab", "Arabism" and "Arab unity", save for the new official name, became conspicuously absent. [403]

Thus, regardless of Egyptians' true Arabness, real or imagined, still debated, it was Nasser, through his anti-Israel war, most classic, his planning a Pan-Arab invasion to eradicate Israel [404], & anti-Jewish persecution (The black record: Nasser's persecution of Egyptian Jewry By American Jewish Congress. Commission on International Affairs and on Israel) [405] that "earned" him the pan-Arab leadership in the Arab world, as long as he remained on --what was considered in the Arab world-- top. Pan Arabism against the "other," rather than real "original" unity. as Ray Ibrahim found its similarity in Nazi Germany -- the "German nation" was in fact composed of many petty kingdoms and principalities--, so too, the so-called "Arab world" was — and still is — in reality made up of some 20 different states that needed some ready-made ideology in order to unify quickly, and 'Arabism' (and Islamism) seek to "unify" separate nations against the "other." [406]

Iraq - current

Regarding the worries of Kurds, Kurdistan in Iraq, From "The Future of Kurdistan in Iraq" (by Brendan O'Leary, John McGarry, Khaled Salih - 2006) p. 304: if it were ever to become unified, it would be under an Arabist program, with a racist agenda for Kurds and an Islamist one for non-Muslims and Muslims. [407]

Pan-Arab and Islamic Conference

At The 2006 Sixth Pan-Arab and Islamic Conference, The jihadists led by Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi (ties with the 'Muslim Brotherhood' and a contributor to the 'IslamOnline' website, described as 'Theologian of Terror' [408] and as an 'Islamofascist,' enemy of the West [409], on January, 2009 on Al-Jazeera Incites Against Jews, Arab Regimes, and the U.S.; Calls on Muslims to Boycott Starbucks and Others; Says 'Oh Allah, Take This Oppressive, Jewish, Zionist Band of People... And Kill Them, Down to the Very Last One' [410] British lawmakers slammed Al Jazeera over it [411] [412]) , included Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, Hizbullah leader Hassan Hadroug and the Iraqi Sunni jihadist ideologue Sheikh Hathir al-Dari, Among the pan-Arabists was Khair al-Din Haseeb, who the US Army refers to as the "father of pan-Arab nationalism." Qaradawi announced that the goal of the conference was to merge the pan-Arab and Islamic wars against the US and Israel specifically and against the infidels generally. as he put it, "Pan-Arabism and Islam are very closely linked" [413].

The Mufti

One of the classical combination of pan-Arabism & pan-Islamism possessed the Mufti of Jerusalem, Husseini is a perfect manifestation of how jihadists, violent Arab nationalists and fascists collide [414] (Basil H. Aboul-Enein and Youssef Aboul-Enein 2005 'When Islamic Radicalism, Fascism and Arab Nationalism Collide: Haj Amin Husseini, the Axis Palestinian Leader of World War II', Foreign Area Officer Association Journal. [415]), he had a pan-Arabism, pan Islamist character [416], [Jihad and] pan-Arabism in its violent form find a common root in him [417]. he influenced Arabism to continue to wage war against non-Islamic nations and peoples [418].

Though The Arab population from 1920-1930 generally reaped the benefits of Jewish immigration, and did not oppose the establishment Jewish National Home, there was one man who attempted to breathe life into a national movement: this was the Mufti, Haj Amin al Husseini. The Mufti knew that nationalist slogans alone would not succeed in uniting the masses against Zionism. He therefore turned the struggle into a religious conflict. He addressed the masses clearly, calling for a holy war. His battle cry was simple and comprehensive: "Down with the Infidels!" From the time Herbert Samuel appointed him to the position of Mufti, Haj Amin worked vigorously to raise Jerusalem's status as an Islamic holy center. He renovated the mosques on the Temple Mount, while conducting an unceasing campaign regarding the imminent Jewish "threat" to Moslem holy sites. He was a pioneer of pan-Arab nationalism in the early part of the 20th century [419].

Shortly after World War II broke out in 1939, the Mufti of Jerusalem crafted a strategic alliance with Hitler to exchange Iraqi oil for active Arab and Islamic participation in the murder of Jews in the Mideast and Eastern Europe. This was predicated on support for a pan-Arab state and Arab control over Palestine [420], in 1943 Amin Al-Husseini -- sees his wish come true to establish a pan-Arab federation or state [421] -- he is made Prime Minister of Pan-Arab Government by Nazi regime, he was appointed by the Nazis as titular head of a Nazi-pan Arab government in exile [422] [423], [424], his headquarters are in Berlin. [425], he continued to pursue the vision of the destruction of the Jews and the simultaneous creation of a pan-Arab empire under his leadership. This was to culminate in a new Caliphate. (Yad Vashem studies, Issue 35, Part 1 By Yad ṿa-shem, rashut ha-zikaron la-Shoʼah ṿela-gevurah, p. 136) [426] Right after the Allied victory in El Alamein, Jerusalem's grand mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, took to the airwaves and broadcast in Arabic from Berlin. At that time he already was "prime minister" of a pan-Arab government formed in the German capital. His foreign minister was exiled Iraqi leader Rashid Ali al-Kilani and his war minister, Fawsi al-Kaukji. [427], Relationship Between Nazi & Earlier Islamic Fascists Mufti of Palestine had an extensive anti-Semitic and pan-Arab history [428], from Chuck Morse's book, 'The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism': The Nazi Holocaust appears to have kicked into high gear on November 25, 1941 during a Berlin meeting between the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini (1895-1974) and the Nazi Fuhrer of Germany, Adolf Hitler. At that well-documented meeting, Hitler promised al-Husseini, the "Palestinian" pan-Arab leader, that after securing a dominant military position in Europe, he would send the Wehrmacht, the Nazi war machine, on a blitzkrieg across the Caucasus and into the Arab world under the guise of liberating the Arabs from British occupation. [429], once the mufti relocated permanently to Berlin, where he established his own Reich-supported "bureau," he was given airtime on Radio Berlin. From Berlin and other fascist capitals in Europe, the mufti continued to agitate for the destruction of international Jewry, as well as a pan-Arab and pan-Islamic alliance with the Nazi regime, he explained to the German ambassador, Ettel, his plan to bring all Arabs under the banner of Pan-Arabism over to the side of the Axis. (25 June 1942). Here he came out unconditionally for the "final solution" of the Jewish question," calling on the Germans to wipe out all Jews, "not even sparing the children." [430]. He called upon all Muslims to "kill the Jews wherever you see them." [431] Al-Husseini was welcomed into Baghdad with cheering crowds and he was hailed as a pan-Arab hero and as a defender of the faith with the same zeal that Hitler was being hailed at Nazi rallies. Upon his arrival, he immediately launched into political intrigue by organizing and effectively gaining control of the secretive pan-Arab and pro-Nazi Iraqi Arab National Party. The agenda of this party was to link up with likeminded groups in Syria, Transjordan, and cis-Jordan (Palestine) for the purpose of throwing out the colonial powers and forming an independent and United Ummah. [432] After instigating a pogrom against Jews in Palestine in 1920, the first such pogrom against Jews in the Arab world in hundreds of years, he went on to inspire the development of pro-Nazi parties throughout the Arab world including Young Egypt, led by Gamal Abdul Nasser, and the Social Nationalist Party of Syria led by Anton Sa'ada. [433]


In 2007 there was wide objection to the opening of the 'Arab school' KGIA in New York, as it involves the inculcating pan-Arabism and radical Islam [434], as part of 'The Arabist and Islamist Baggage of Arabic Language Instruction' [435] Middlebury instructors push the idea that Arab identity trumps local identities and that respect for minority ethnic and sectarian communities betrays Arabism. [436]

False racialization of fear of terror

A writer elaborates on: Antisemitism, Islamophobia and Anti-Arabism: The False Link [437], In the wake of 9/11, opponents of profiling have shifted away from arguing against it because it is "racist", but experts argue that Racial profiling: A matter of survival [438], the Arab world and some of the Arabists (inside and outside Israel) have categorized many Israelis' genuine concern for their saftey and safety of their children as "racism". A writer titled it: "Israelis aren't 'racist,' they're worried." [439], another columnist explaines: "Israeli Jews aren't racist - they're anxious‎."[440] Others have spoken out on describing Israel’s concerns as "security pretexts" and translating those genuinely held concerns into policies supposedly promoting "apartheid" and "racism" - as pure incitement and the real racism, it has also been noted example-facts which these "critics" ignore, like: there are roads in the Arab-Palestinian West Bank that are closed to Jews, where the real racist-apartheid side is at. [441]. At the UN's Durban 2 conference, in an on going major attempt to categorize 'counter-terrorism' as 'Islamophobia', Pakistan's Islamic group wanted to include even more language to equate counter-terrorism with racism. Pakistan, Algeria, and Iran also wanted the words, "Islamophobia" and "anti-Arabism" to remain in the document. [442]

The Arab MK Ahmed Tibi is harshly criticized for so frequently throwing around 'racism' even 'fascism' flags on routine Israeli security action, in his campaign of bashing Israel, including spreading disinformation[443], he's part of the scene of use of epithets like 'fascist' and 'racist' becoming so commonplace [444], some have described his propaganda unfounded ranting style, while Israel's a vital democracy with full equal rights, freedom for all, that, ...using inflammatory words like "racist" and "fascist." As is his style, Tibi failed to back up his white-hot rhetoric with hard facts... The Arab Israeli lawmaker who accused the Jewish state of having 'racist' and 'fascist' policies enjoys rights and freedoms he wouldn't find anywhere else in the Middle East. [445] His "assertions" & claims of events are often refuted [446], he was Arafat's top adviser, since Arafat systematically attacked the legitimacy of Israel as a "racist" he used Israeli-Arab politicians, like Ahmad Tibi in his/this campaign.[447].

Twin fascisms: Arabism & Islamism

All minorities living within the Arab world are under siege. Tunisian human rights activist M. Bechri [448] has traced this to the "twin fascisms" - his term - that dominate the Arab world, Islamism and pan-Arabism. The first promotes murderous intolerance of religious minorities. It helps explain why Christians are under siege across the Arab world and why Sudan enjoyed broad Arab support as it killed some two million non-Muslim blacks in the south of the country. Pan-Arabism translates into endorsement of murderous policies toward Muslim but non-Arab groups and accounts for Arab support for Saddam Hussein as he slaughtered 200,000 Kurds in northern Iraq, as well as backing for Sudanese policies toward the Muslim but black population of Darfur.

The Arab world is not about to make an exception for the Jews. This broad intolerance of minorities is further evidence of how unlikely it is the Arab world will accept the legitimacy of a Jewish state in its midst any time soon. [449] [450], this is "The Darfur – Israel Connection," The [genocide] targeting of Israel and Darfur by the Arab world, Bechri's "twin fascisms" also account for the besiegement of Christians explains K. Levin [451]. So writes another: Israel as the result of the national liberation movement of the region's aboriginal Jews. Liberation of the aboriginal Jews (and anyone else lucky enough to find refuge within Israel's borders) from the twin fascisms of pan-Arabism and Islamism which have oppressed and even eliminated so many of the region's aboriginal ethnic groups. Israel's aboriginal Jews were not unique in accepting outside help (and even immigration) in their liberation struggle. Lebanon's Maronites, Egypt's Copts, Iraq and Turkey's Kurds, and Iran's Zoroastrians have all sought and received outside help in their liberation struggles... [452]

Magdi Allam (educated in Egypt in his youth): State and public schools in Egypt defined Arab identity thus: "the Arabs are a nation united by race, blood, history, geography, religion and destiny." This is a falsification of an historical truth based on ethno-religious pluralism, an ideological deception aimed at erasing all differences and promoting the theory of one race overlapping with a phantom Arab nation in thrall to unchallengeable leaders. It was directly inspired by Nazi and fascist theories of racial purity and supremacy which appealed to the leadership and ideologues of pan-Arabism and Islamism. It is no wonder that in this context Manichean Israel is perceived as a foreign body to be rejected, a cancer produced by American imperialism to divide and subjugate the Arab world. [453] prof. Michael I. Krauss reminds that the origins of the genocide in Sudan stems from the twin ideologies: Arabism and Islamism. [454]

"We want to Islamise America and Arabise Africa." - Hassan El-Turabi, chief ideologue of Jellaba-Arab minority rule in Sudan, 1999, quoted in [Peter Adwok Nyaba, "Afro-Arab Conflict in the 21st century", Tinabantu, Journal of African National Affairs Vol 1 No 1. 2002, p. 27. [455]

From writer in the British Times (2005) calls it the evil twin, on hopes for change in the middle east: A democratic kick at the evil twins... The Afghan and Iraqi regimes represented the two grand ideas, Islamism and pan-Arab nationalism, that dominated the politics of the region since the 1960s... There are many historic, cultural and religious barriers to progress and the region still includes despotic regimes -- such as Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Syria, and Iran -- that are frozen in time. Nevertheless, there is, for the first time in perhaps a century, with the impending death of Islamism and pan-Arabism, a chance that freedom could emerge as the big idea in Middle Eastern politics. [456]

An Assyrian argues that: Arab/Islamic civilization is not a progressive force, it is a regressive force and decries Islamic fascism and Arab Imperialism, their attempts to wipe out all other cultures and oppress all other nations in the middle east. [457]

A pundit wrote on the 'voting rights in Iraq' (2005): "Tyranny is a fundamental tenet of Baathism and other Islamism. They want to reestablish the Islamic Empire. Indeed, the Baathist ideology, as defined by its founder Michel Aflaq, taught that the Arab race was superior. The Baathists and Islamists have more in common with totalitarians and racists than they do with patriots. The Iraqi insurgents are identical to the Imperial Japanese, Nazis, Fascists, Communists, and the KKK. They share the same beliefs of totalitarianism, racism, as well as a moral and political superiority." [458]

Another points out to the general status of Non-Arab and/or non-Muslims in the "Arab" world, as the Arab nationalists have succeeded in establishing some 23 non-democratic, ethnically (Arab) and religiously (Islam) defined nation-states in over 1 million square miles of territory, often at the expense of non-Arabs, such as the Kurds (Muslims, non-Arabs), Assyrians (Christians, non-Arabs), Copts (Christians, non-Arabs), southern Sudanese (Christian and pagan non-Arabs), Maronite Lebanese (Christian and mostly identified with their Phoenician ancestors) and Mizrahi Jews. Arab nationalist ideology claims all this territory exclusively as "Arab" despite the legitimate claims of non-Arabs and/or non-Muslims to ancient homelands long ago arabized with the spread of Islam, often through conquest".
The writer continues: I believe that the Arab opposition to the existence of non-Arab, non-Muslim Israel is based on the ideological motivations which led to the persecution of non-Arab minorities... The Assyrians, the Kurds suffered massacre and expulsion by the Arab nationalists... Arab nationalist ideology, and its Islamicist couterpart, cannot and will not tolerate non-Arab and non-Islamic peoples organizing themselves into their own independent nation states... I believe that we need to place Israel's struggle to survive into this context. Since ny non-Arab/non-Islamic state in the region must rely on strength (political, moral, spiritual and military) if it wants to survive in the Middle East, thus Israel's demand for security is not security for the sake of security, not security for the sake of oppressing another people, but security for the sake of survival against two racist and exclusivist ideologies Arabism and Islamicism which have succeeded in repressing the just struggles for national self-determination of most non-Arab peoples in the Middle East. [459]

When Islamism "defines" Arabism

An Egyptian writer about the growing rift between Iran & the Arabs represented by: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, with an escalating element of exposed plots (April 2009) by Iran's Islamic Hezbollah (with an admission of its chief: Hassan Nasrallah) to carry terror attack in Egypt, laments the cheering of pan-Arab groups for the Iranian camp and the Khomeini project. One upon a time, these groups used to hail Saddam Hussein as the protector of the eastern gateway and the protector of pan-Arabism. Before that, they glorified Gamal Abdel Nasser. and points to the contradiction: How can these groups endorse an anti-Arab project on the one hand and pan-Arab nationalism on the other, whilst accusing those who resist the Iranian project of betraying the pan-Arab cause? [460]

See: #Arabism with Islamism as motivation for Jihad and Terror.

H. Fitzgerald has written about: The phenomenon of the "islamochristian", the power of Islamization on many Arabs though Christians, especially Arab "Palestinians". [461]

At the UN
In General

The anti-Israel bias Arabist agenda has long been documented [462] [463] [464] [465], H. Fitzgerald in an article titled: 'This is not your father's United Nations,' but a bloc of Muslim Arab nations -- roughly, the 22 members of the Arab League, together with a number of non-Arab states such as Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, that slavishly follow the Arab line -- who now control the agenda of the UN and its constituent bodies [466]

It has been asked: Why is the [Arab/Muslim controlled] U.N. demanding "Justice for Arabs only"? about: The hypocrisy of the conquering, racist, and subjugating Arab League (its power upon the U.N. [467] [468]) the notion of demanding (only) from Israel to leave what is politically called "occupied territories" while the are in fact only: disputed lands. They are not purely "Arab." Jews had as many, or more rights to be on those lands as Arabs had. Much has been written about this, including UN Resolution 242, and leading experts such as Eugene Rostow, William O'Brien, Arthur Goldberg, Lord Caradon, and others have been quite vocal on these matters as well. Yet, no one demands the Arab world start doing some justice for the millions of non-Arabs victims such as: Kurds, Berbers, Native Egyptian Copts, Africans, Jews, etc. [469]

Durban conferences

Both UN's Durban conferences (which were supposedly intended to be "against racism") were another display of the 'merging bigotry between: Arabism (Durban 2- chaired by Libya's Qaddafi) & Islamism' (Durban 2 - spearheaded by Iran's Ahmadinejad, the first statesman to speak), both dominated the conferences in a clear anti-Jewish bashing - agenda (mostly under the guise of "caring" for Arab Palestinians - while the truth is they don't [470], and defining Israel's fight for survival [471] as "racist" (as some have explained in an article about Arab Anti-Semitism and racism, branding Israel as "racist" is an integral part of it [472]), but "pure" anti all-Jews racism was also on display), the Durban 2 had another Islamic agenda to "criminalize" criticism of Islam.

Durban conference 1, I. Cotler: The World Conference Against Racism in Durban was originally planned as a platform to focus on the world's underrepresented human rights causes. Yet what was supposed to be a conference against racism turned into a conference of racism against Israel and the Jewish people. [473], Arab nations have ganged up to bash Israel [474] [475], The 2001 Durban World Conference against Racism became noted for virulent anti-Semitism... both in the conference and outside. Local Muslim groups were active and strengthened alliance with international groups... Virulent crude, anti-Semitic publications such as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were distriibuted together with Holocaust denial material. (Encyclopedia of the Jewish diaspora: origins, experiences, and culture: Volume 1, p. 501, M. Avrum Ehrlich - 2009)[476], (ADL: the anti-Israel, anti-Zionist campaign is not uninformed bigotry, it is conscious politics, [477])
(hypocritical [478] false "accusations" on pluralistic democracy, free for all state [479] [480], Israeli Arab explodes Mideast 'lies', says she discovered freedom in Jewish state "As a Middle Easterner brought up on this patent 'Israel is a racist state' propaganda, I discovered it is total hate-inspired nonsense," she said." I've seen with my own eyes what kind of society Israel is. I consider Israel to be one of the most multi-racial and multi-cultural countries in the world. There are no racial restrictions on becoming a citizen of Israel like there are in many Arab countries. Remember, Jews can't live in the neighboring Arab Kingdom of Jordan or in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia." She explained that more than 100 different countries of the world are represented in the population of Israel. "Consider how the Israeli government spent tens of millions of dollars airlifting more than 40,000 black Ethiopian Jews to Israel in 1984 and 1991," she said. "Since 2001 Israel has reached out to help others taking in non-Jewish refugees from Lebanon, the Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Vietnam, Liberia, Congo and even Bosnian Muslims. How many such refugees have the 22 states in the Arab league taken in? The Arab world won't even give Palestinian refugees citizenship in their host countries." She added that more than 1 million Arabs are full Israel citizens, that an Arab sits on the Supreme Court of Israel, that there are Arab political parties expressing views inimical to the state of Israel sitting in the Knesset, that women are equal partners in Israel and have complete human rights. "Show me an Arab nation with a Jew in its government," she challenged. "Show me an Arab country with half as many Jewish citizens as Israel has Arab citizens. I'll borrow some of your academic freedom now and say that Arab nations are the real racist and oppressive states." [481] even harsh anti-Israel Arabist Jimmy Carter admitted on CNN "I recognize that Israel is a wonderful democracy with freedom of speech and equality of treatment under the law between Arab Israelis and Jewish Israelis." [482], On the hypocrisy of racist Arabs / Palestinians vs pluralistic democratic Israel, some have summed it up in one phrase: "If Arabs Can Live in Jewish Neighborhoods, Why Can't Jews Live in Arab Neighborhoods?" [483], In fact, many have raised the issue of Arabs not only being equal citizens as Jews in Israel, but often as first class citizens, Arabs, Muslims first class citizens in Israel whereas Israeli Jews are second class citizens [484], an example: Israeli Police evict Jews from Jewish-owned Hebron home As applauding Palestinian Arabs looked on [485], there are complaints of Jews who proclaim that they are sick and tired of being second-class citizens, while all Arabs in Judea and Samaria are treated like first-class citizens. [486] a professor has written about Israel's "affirmative action", quotas and preferences for Arabs [487] and that Israel already has a system in place whereby Jews are often treated as second-class citizens. [488])
and the Jews, as Arab states pressed the Durban racist strategy [489], Jews were stunned by hostility, Anti-Semitism at Durban [490] from the Arabs' hopeless xenophobic hatred [491], The Arab Lawyers Union of Egypt, distributed a booklet of violently Anti Jewish cartoons and has, since then, continued its incitement to Jew-hatred [492].

Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson: [T]he atmosphere of anti-Semitism at the NGO Forum was described as 'hateful, even racist' by former High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson. Source: U.S. House of Representatives Resolution 1361 EH, Sept. 23, 2008, I had urged the NGOs not to adopt it. But the process was democratic and they went ahead and adopted it. But I also have a democratic right to reject that declaration dealing with Israel... I think the NGO Forum, by including that text on Israel, have diminished the chances of it being adopted by the conference. I don't think it can be adopted. Source: "Israel branded 'racist' by rights forum," CNN, Sept. 2, 2001. [A]fter [an activist] showed Robinson the booklet, she stood up, waved it and said, 'This conference is aimed at achieving human dignity. My husband is a cartoonist, I love political cartoons, but when I see the racism in this cartoon booklet, of the Arab Lawyers' Union, I must say that I am a Jew - for those victims are hurting. I know that you people will not understand easily, but you are my friends, so I tell you that I am a Jew, and I will not accept this fractiousness to torpedo the conference.' Source: "Robinson in Durban: I am a Jew," The Jerusalem Post, Aug. 30, 2001. [493], racist Arab [494] and Islamic states attempted to impose an agenda declaring Palestinian victim-hood at the hands of Israeli "colonialism and oppression.", French philosopher and writer Pascal Bruckner put it best when he said, "It was like a cannibal suddenly calling for vegetarianism." Australia and Canada issued statements condemning the conference's hypocrisy. The Israeli and U.S. delegations walked out [495], As a writer has put it: 'Racists cry racism at U.N. conference' [496], Under title 'Arab Racism' a writer sums up the efforts all those years where the Arab countries continued to promote the false notion as if 'Zionism is racism', defining Zionism, the national liberation movement of Jews, the victims of racism, as racism is particularly cynical, yet it seems that the Arabs have succeeded to convince the leaders of some nations, themselves victims of racism, to support this vicious accusation.[497], it was described by the late Tom Lantos, the only Holocaust survivor to serve in Congress, as "the most sickening and unabashed display of hate for Jews I had seen since the Nazi period." [498], in fact, from the Jew-Hatred in Durban, the ironic result of the UN's World Conference on Racism 2001 should have been to remind the world how little reality has changed: Israel is still David opposite the Arab world's Goliath - wrote another. [499].

Durban conference 2 Learning the lesson of Arab Muslim nations hijacking the UN (2001) Durban 1 [500] conference against "racism", turning it into a platform for a racist anti Jewish, anti Israel forum, come the (2009) Durban 2 with added worries of the trivializing of the Holocaust by comparing it with hatred of Islam. [501] [502] [503] [504],the Islamic OIC's insertion of supposed "Anti-Arabism", was opposed but it was holted on the ground that if the EU proposes deleting anti-Arabism, the OIC will insist on deleting anti-semitism. As EU officials explain to observers, "We want to show restraint." [505].
Canada has said it "promotes racism" [506] and has boycotted it [507], the US has boycotted it on February 28, 2009 [508] The delegation's conclusions were that the anti-Israel and anti-Western tendencies were too deeply entrenched to excise [509], Britain and Italy Threaten to Drop Out [510], later on, Italy pulled out of the conference [511], Australia was ready to boycott Durban II [512], finally after EU has threatened to pullout too [513] EU's ultimatum to the OIC: Change your tune on Durban II or we won't attend, it issued a final ultimatum to the countries participating in Durban II: They must put a stop to their anti-Israeli agitation and their criticism of the freedom of expression. [514] it was altered and the Arab nations' put together criticism attack of Israel was dropped from Durban II draft resolution (March 17, 2009) [515]. Thomas P. Kilgannon has summed it up: in two words -- bureaucratic terrorism. The conference is dominated by the 57-member Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and is used largely as a forum to promote hatred of Israel. The gathering in Geneva is a follow-on to the World Conference Against Racism held in Durban, South Africa in 2001 [516] The Durban II was named: The U.N.'s Racist Jamboree [517] [518].

As part of exposing the hypocrisy (As a commentator wrote: What a world: Racist Arabs & Islamic bigots call the victims of their racism - "racists" Forget the fact that Israel is multi-racial for all colors from the whitest of white to the darkest of black, whereas Arab countries (including "Palestinian" authorities") asides from oppressing all non-Arab minorities, are almost entirely "judenrein", but in democratic Israel, an Arab can get the highest office! But the brazenness of Arab racism not only fails to admit of it's racist war on Jews/Israel since the 1920's, but it brands Israel's defense from it as "racist". [519]), prior to the Durban conference, the UNWatch "turned the tables" Blasts Racism by Iran, Libya and Saudi Arabia, with a special attention on Arab Libya (which chairs the conf.) on its horrific record on human rights, racism, discrimination against minorities, including black migrants [520] 2 million black African migrants in Libya, who, as quoted in the International Herald Tribune ([521]), say they are treated like slaves and animals [522], and the fate of the Bulgarians in a libel suit. [523]

T. Fatah decried Arab racism and about the hypocrisy of Iran's leaders with blood on their hands, the OIC silencing free speech: that nations of the OIC seek the right to restrict free speech, or a demagogue from Iran with blood on his hands has the audacity to lecture us on human rights [524]

On April 19, 2009 U.S. finally boycotted the conference, says it 'singles out' Israel, it risks 'hypocritical' Israel hatred [525] & "hypocritical allegations" against Israel [526], just as more countries joined a U.S. boycott amid concerns it was developing into a platform for attacking Israel, Australia and the Netherlands were the latest to pull out, as a dispute gathered pace over a document said to single out Israel for its racism. "Germany, like several other E.U. nations, will very likely not be taking part in the conference," [527] (Canada, Israel, Italy and Sweden have already announced they are boycotting the conference aimed at creating a global blueprint for tackling discrimination). Meanwhile, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, whose past comments on the Holocaust and Israel are likely to overshadow his contributions to the debate, has reportedly confirmed his attendence, [528] his attendance proved again that 'Durban II' racist‎ [529].

(Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - as Adolf Hitler World leaders (including Italy & Germany) have compared Ahmadinejad to Adolf Hitler, the world faces the same threat from, [530] [531] [532] [533] [534] [535] [536] [537] [538] a 'New Hitler' [539] Or a '2nd Hitler' [540], even in Arab media, in reactions to Iran's nuclear project, he was described as a new Hitler threatening to unleash catastrophe upon the world [541] and writers decry his 'plan' to annihilate Jews with a single push of a button, a dictator who fashions himself after Adolf Hitler with a twist of Islamic lemon [542] [543]

He also gave an ultimatum to the west: 'Convert to Islam or Die' [544] he's warned Western leaders to follow the path of Allah or "vanish from the face of the earth". [545]).

On April 20, 2009, (while there was no talk about Arab racism, nor about Iran's oppression of minorities like: Christians, Baha'i, Azeris, Baluchis, Ahwazi Arabs, etc. [546] [547]) Iran's (a country notorious for its human rights abuses, including a long history of persecution of minorities [548]) Ahmadinejad who bashed Israel [549], was jeered at the conference, the opening of a United Nations conference in Switzerland on anti-racism was marred by chaotic scenes Monday as protests and a protesting 'walkout' by delegates, especially the Europeans (he was applauded by some Arabs), Some 40 delegates stood and exited the hall amid a mixture of outraged shouts such as: "shame", Protesters interrupted him as he began to speak, shouting: "You're a racist!" [550] [551] [552] [553].

Leaders -- including the Vatican [554] and the UN chief [555] -- Condemned Ahmadinejad's 'Hate speech' tirade Attack on Israel [556] [557] [558] [559] [560] [561] [562] [563] Some decried: World witnessed Hitler's return. [564] Iran trying to do 'what Adolf Hitler did to Jewish people' [565] and Israel pledged to protect itself from 'new Holocaust' threat posed by Iran's nuclear programme. [566]

See also: (Anti Jewish) #Apartheid by the Arab world.


Historically, the Persians, among the conquered peoples, offered a serious challenge to Arab supremacy. (Race and slavery in the Middle East: an historical enquiry By Bernard Lewis p. 32) [567]

A historic account of Pan-Arabism's Legacy of Confrontation with Iran & Arab racism against Iranians is given by K. Farrokh. [568], author Fred Halliday writes about 1958-1979: Arab Nationalism confronting Imperial Iran, Ba'thist ideology, where, under the influence of al-Husri, Iran was presented as the age-old enemy of the Arabs. Al-Husri's impact on the Iraqi education system was made during the period of the monarchy, but it was the Ba'thists, trained in that period and destined to take power later, who brought his ideas to their full, official and racist, culmination. For the Ba'thists their pan-Arab ideology was laced with anti-Persian racism, just as their interpretation of Iraq's international role, and of the character of Iraqi society, rested on the pursuit of anti-Persian themes. Thus over the decade and a half after coming to power, Baghdad organised the expulsion of Iraqis of Persian origin, beginning with 40 000 Fayli Kurds, but totalling up to 200 000 or more, by the early years of the war itself. Such racist policies were reinforced by ideology: in 1981, a year after the start of the Iran-Iraq war, Dar al-Hurriya, the government publishing house, issued Three Whom God Should Not Have Created: Persians, Jews and Flies. The author, Khairallah Tulfah, was the foster-father and father-in-law of Saddam Hussein. It was the Ba'thists too who, claiming to be the defenders of 'Arabism' on the eastern frontiers, brought to the fore the chauvinist myth of Persian migrants and communities in the Gulf being comparable to the Zionist settlers in Palestine. (a clear negative assumption of de-legitimization prevaling in Arab Muslim world's intolerance towards Israel) (Nation and religion in the Middle East‎, Fred Halliday, pp 117-118) [569] [570]

Iran Heritage says that It was in Saddam Hussein's Iraq where Arab racism attained its most vulgar ... The "Arabization" of Persian contributions on the world stage was in full [571], Iraq, as a state dominated by Sunni elites, its pan-Arab aspirations have led to tense relations, and even war, with Iran [572], Hussein hoped, Sunnis and Shiites will unite under Arabism against "racist Persians"... [573], from Saddam's racist ideology associated to his father-in-law's statement: "Three whom God should not have created: Persians, Jews, and flies." [574], from "Republic of fear: the politics of modern Iraq" (By Kanan Makiya, university of California press) Ba'thi racism is sometimes breathtaking in its crudity. For example, in 1981 Dar al-Hurriyya, the government publishing house, widely circulated a pamphlet with the above title, the author is Khairallah Tulfah, former governer of Baghdad, and foster-father, uncle, and father-in-law of Saddam Hussein. [575]

Iraqi Ba'athist ideology contains racist elements, especially against Persians, Jews, Kurds, and other minorities. [576]

NYtimes: Pan-Arabist thought -- which dominated Arab political life for most of the 20th century -- insisted on the creation of a unified vast empire "from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arab Gulf," provoking sharp confrontations with Iran since the late 1960s. [577]

From "Arabism and Islam : stateless nations and nationless states" (By Christine M. Helms, p. 29): "Ajami" is still used today in the Arab world as a pejorative, just as "arab" is used in Iran. [578]

The Egyptian Arab in the Al Qaeda organization, A. Zawahiri described in April 2008 the "Persians" as the enemy of Arabs [579].


(The Assyrians are a non-Arab, Semitic, and Christian people whose ancestral homeland includes parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey [580])
The Assyrians have faced increased religious, ethnic, and cultural persecutions at the hands of the Turks, Kurds and Pan Arabs.[581]

Assyrians explain that they simply want to live in peace and freedom but have been suffering ethnic cleansing from Islamists and pan-Arabists [582], Bakr Sidqi, the Baghdadi army's chief responding to the zealous cry of the new pan-Arab fascists organised the cold blooded massacre of innocent Assyrians, [583] Assyrian writers explain that: The deep and hidden reason of the tyrannical oppression practiced throughout the Middle East is the imposition of pan-Arabic nationalist cliques that intend to dictatorially arabize the various peoples of the Middle East, who are -- all -- not Arabs [584], they are part of any other non-Arab group that was "Arabized" by brutal Arabization [585] & a "new morality" of Arabism [586].

Since the winds of pan-Arab movement, 'pan-Arab identity' started to flow in Iraq, Syria, the situation of Assyrians have worsen, In 1968 the Ba’athist party manages to assure its leadership, and since then they start to deny the existence of people in Iraq under the name of Assyrian. Assyrians were referred to as 'Syriac speaking Christians', and encouraged to identify with the Sunni-Arab dominated regime. Moreover, through several 'Arabization' (ta'rib) policies (see more at: #Racial Arabization of Assyrians), cultural and political life of the non-Arabs in the country has become very difficult, after 2003 some of them were accused of "collaborating" with the US "enemy," [587]

Kanan Makiya ([588]) in "Republic of fear: the politics of modern Iraq" Middle East Studies (University of California Press, 1998, p. 170) explains the connection to pan-Arabism and complex of "fear" that led to the Simele massacre of the Assyrians: Repeatedly the Arab army had to be bailed out by the British and in particular the Assyrians. Like the Kurds and unlike the Arabs of the plains, the Assyrians were excellent guerilla fighters and knew the mountain terrain. These feelings of resentment and fear were coupled with the rising mythology of Iraq as the Arab Prussia of the Middle East (largely a consequence of Husri's pedagogy and the sense that Iraqi state was the center of pan-Arabism). The Assyrian pogrom was the first genuine national expression of national independence in a former Arab province of the Ottoman Empire. Popular enthusiasm was clearly fixated upon only the armed forces.. anti-Assyrian feelings..." [589]

From an example in Syria, In October 1986, 22 members of the Assyrian Democratic Organisation - founded in 1957 in Qamishli to promote Assyrian rights in Syria - were arrested for opposing the government’s official policy of Arabization. They were released after six months in detention. In general, government policies of Arabization and discrimination against ethnic minorities, including Kurds, as well as economic crises are pushing these minorities - especially Assyrians - to abandon their homes they built brick by brick. [590]

The fate of the Assyrians in the anfal campaign, barely two weeks after the arrival of the first deportees at Baharka, the official lowdspeakers announced that some of the camp's inmates should present themselves at the police station without delay. Those singled out were either Assyrian and Chaldean Christians or members of the ezidi sect. What happened to these two groups remains one fo the great unexplained mysteries of Anfal: a brutal sideshow , as it were, to the Kurdish genocide. A few days later, a single khaki-colored military bus arrived, accompanied by an army officer and nine or ten soldiers, to pick up twenty-six people from the Assyrian Christian village of Gund Kosa. ... None of those who was bussed from the camps ever reached their homes, and noe was ever seen in the camps, such as Mansuriya (Masirik) and Khaneq, that were set aside for relocated Christians and Yeszidis. The inescapable conclusion is that they were all murdered. An Assyrian priest interviewed by HRW/Middle East said that he had assembled a list of 250 Christians who disappeared during Anfal and its immediate aftermath. (Iraq's Crime of Genocide, 1995, Human rights watch, pp. 209) [591]

As with other minorities in the Middle East, native Christian, Semitic but pre-Arab Lebanese were/are also victims of forced Arabization. [592]

From a report of 2009, they still suffer in current Iraq. [593]

Racial Arabization of Assyrians

The speak out on: racial 'arabization' , The Arab leadership goes beyond that and forces the Assyrians to embrace the Arabist national ideology. that the Assyrians are being asked to commit ethnic suicide by being submerged in Arabism, [594] the dangers of unwittingly being drawn into the Arabist/Islamist ideology, as a continuation to historic Jihad against infidels, Arabs/Muslims were able to forcibly convert and assimilate non-Arabs and non-Muslims into their fold. Very few indigenous communities of the Middle East survived this -- primarily Assyrians, Jews, Armenians and Coptics (of Egypt). [595] Assyrians make it clear that they are not Arabs. Assyrians, including Chaldeans and Syriacs, are the indigenous Christian people of Mesopotamia and have a history, spanning seven thousand years, that predates the Arab conquest of the region, Arabization Policy even Follows Assyrians Into the West, [596] "perpetuation of Arabist ideology represents an egregious, willful, and deliberate mischaracterization of Assyrian identity." Arab nationalist groups have wrongly included Assyrian-Americans in their head count of Arab Americans, in order to bolster their political clout in Washington. [597]


Lebanon's Maronites make up the largest Christian community in the country - a community where religion and politics are inextricably mixed. The Maronites, linked culturally and politically to the West, favored teir own continue rule, Lebanese nationalism, and a Western-oriented foreign policy. Sunni Muslims favored Pan-Arabism and were often friendly to Nasir and Syria [598], Maronites feared and have found themselves politically in conflict with pan-Arabism from the very beginning [599], The Marnoties are not only Christians but also Catholics directly linked to the West. [600] Thus the Maronites saw themselves as a besieged Western community in the Middle East whose interests are threatened by pan- Arab nationalism [601] (Religion, the missing dimension of statecraft, Douglas Johnston, Cynthia Sampson - Mathematics - 1995, pp. 24-5), they felt as victims by Pan Arabism. [602] The birth of the UAR (United Arab Republic, in 1958) and the jubilant support that the Lebanese Muslims showed for it and the strong reemergence of pan-Arabist discourse on the political scene created a strong sense of fear in the Maronite community, and more so in regime and its main ally, the Phalangies Party. [603], whose early stance was pro-Western and opposed to Pan-Arabism [604].

In the 1970s, the Maronite bloc showed some degree of unity in opposing pan-Arabism, (although recently some have split and allied themselves with Hezbollah and became anti-American) [605], however, Sami El-Khoury, president of the World Maronite Union, adds that media reports about Christian support for Hezbollah are inaccurate, that 90 percent of Christians, (80 percent of Sunni and 40 percent of Shiites in Lebanon) oppose Hezbollah. [606]. It laments the regional political interferences the rise of Arab nationalism inspired by Nasser for example and their effects on the fragility of the Lebanese internal political conjunctures... [607], Any notions of pan-Arabism are anathema to Lebanon's Maronites, many of whom deny an Arab heritage and trace their lineage to the ancient Phoenecians. [608]

Maronite monks maintain that Lebanon is synonymous with Maronite history and ethos; that its Maronitism antedates the Arab conquest of Syria and Lebanon and that Arabism is only a historical accident [609]

The Maronites reject all forms of pan-Arabism as nothung more than a mask for pan-Islamism (Lebanon: death of a nation Por Sandra Mackey, Congdon & Weed, 1989, p. 45) [610]

Arab nationalist leaders could not be fair, because Arab nationalism derived its social force principally from the Islamic solidarity among the Arabs which had to be preserved at all cost. Any unfavourable judgment passed on an Islamic community, no matter how slight, could put this highly valued solidarity in jeopardy. Christian... Maronites in Lebanon most rejected the notion of Arabism altogether and spoke instead of Lebanism... In Greater Lebanon, after all, it was not only the Maronites, along with other Christians, who could see through the true nature of Arabism as it existed in practice; Shiites and Druze had no more wish to be dominated by a Sunnite ruling class in the name of Arabism than Christians did [611]

In "Zionism and Arabism in Palestine and Israel" (by Elie Kedourie, Sylvia Kedourie - History, p. 180), it is brought down "The McDonald Diary," interview in Beirut, Thursday, March twenty-first (1946), Archbishop Ignatz Moubarak and the Patriarch: "...He answered readily my question about the attitude of the Maronites and the Lebanese toward Zionism in Palestine. Expressing his pleasure at our visit, he at once launched into a vigorous statement of his views," praising the positive contribution Zionism has made to the entire Near East area, The Arab leaders, especially the political and religious ones, are reactionary in their program. They fan the latent fanaticism in their people for personal and political ends. The Lebanese officials who spoke against Zionism were not expressing the real feelings of the people. Instead, for personal reasons and a feeling of cowardice, these men are betraying their people. The Lebanese. - especially the Christian Lebanese, are not anti-Zionist. They do not fear the Jews. They fear rather the latent fanaticism of the Moslems. An Arab Palestine would be a danger to all Christians in the East. [612]

In a 2008 interview with Christian Maronite leader Etienne Saqr (Abu Arz) [613], he describes the ideology of his party, the "Guardians of Cedars" []: We are not Arabs. Last year my people in Lebanon had a press conference saying exactly that. The next day Siniora sent them (a poet, lawyer and a journalist) to jail for two months and two days because they said Lebanon is not an Arab state. This was their crime. It was nothing they could accuse them of, but still they did not release them. The judge was pressured not to release them. Our big enemy is Arabism. Arabism is the first step toward the Islamization of Lebanon. The ambition of the Saudis is not only to Islamicize Lebanon but also the whole world.... They plant these mosques everywhere and they send preachers to incite the people to Jihad. This was so in Indonesia, so was Malaysia. Who was behind the Islamic movement from day one? They went to the US and hit them inside. You see enemies such as Iran and Syria. But Saudi Arabia is hidden. [614] [615]

Under Syrian occupation, the occupation employed a wide range of policy means to transform Lebanon into a "client state" and a Syrian political satellite. By means of military control and political penetration, media repression and alien colonization, Lebanon has lost its independence. Under foreign rule within the matrix of a foreign-manipulated police state, the Lebanese suffer from Arabization and Syrianization that deny the people, especially the Maronite Christians, their freedom and dignity. Many have been forced into exile across the countries and continents of the Lebanese diaspora. [616]

The Maronites also suffered from Arab-Palestinian & Syrian coalition of murderers at the Damour massacre in 1976 [617] [618] [619], Where besides the clear Islamic main motivation, Arabism has surfaced as well, from eyewitness, Father Mansour Labaky, a Christian Maronite priest who survived the massacre at Damour: The attack took place from the mountain behind "It was an apocalypse," They were coming, thousands and thousands, shouting "Allahu Akbar! Let us attack them for the Arabs, let us offer a holocaust to Mohammad!", And they were slaughtering everyone in their path, men, women and children. (The PLO: the rise and fall of the Palestine Liberation Organization, J. Becker, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1984, p. 124) [620] (which brought the 'payback' at the "Sabra Shatila massacre" by the Pahalangists under Elie Hobeika who was "personally impacted" by the massacre [621] sought to avenge the killing [622]) and the Guardians of the Cedars asks those that still belive that Arabism's has somehow any "noble" mission: Has Arabism moved a finger to stop the horrifying wholesale massacres that the Palestinians and their agents committed in Damour, Jiyyeh, Aishiyyeh, Aintoura, Tal-Abbas, Rahbeh, Shekka and others... killing children, women and the elderly, and sparing neither the material nor the sacred of properties? What has Arabism done to stop the Syrian conquest of Lebanon that violated the land, the people, the existence and the sovereignty?? And did Arabism prevent the Syrian from assassinating Lebanese figures one after the other..? [623]

In the 2006 Hezbollah war on Israel, where they (like Hamas) have been using human shields to cause Arab civilian deaths in order to gather Arab support against Israel, Hezbollah used also Christian Maronite villages as shields in missile attacks. [624]

In a 2010 spat between Libya & Lebanon, analysts have offered the following: Libya and Lebanon can trace their twisting history to the beginning of Lebanon’s 1975-90 Civil War, when Gadhafi forcefully backed the leftist-Palestinian coalition of the Lebanese National Movement in an attempt to "replace" Egypt’s Gamel Abdel Nasser as the paragon of pan-Arabism. Libya sent mercenaries to Lebanon and Gadhafi espoused mouthfuls of inflammatory rhetoric against Lebanon's Christians, as the Phalange Party stood as a main opponent to the leftist-Palestinian alliance, "Gadhafi and Libya were pretty vocal and pretty active on the side of the Palestinian-leftist coalition that was fighting against the Christians." [625]


(The word Copt is an English word taken from the Arabic word Gibt or Gypt. The Arabs after their conquest of Egypt in 641 A.D. called the indigenous population of Egypt as Gypt from the Greek word Egyptos or Egypt. The Greek word Egyptos came from the ancient Egyptian words Ha-Ka-Ptah... The word Copt or Coptic simply means Egyptian, however the Muslim population of Egypt calls themselves Arabs. In contemporary usage, the word Copt or Coptic refers to the Christian population of Egypt. The Arab's oppression led the Copts to several rebellions, [626], Coptic: an Afro-Asian language descended from ancient Egypt, and spoken by the Copts. [627])

From early writings, many medieval Arab writers, tended to include unsubstantiated and racist negative commentaries about the Copts. [628] A Copt -- i.e. a descendant of Egypt's now subjugated, ancient, pre-Arab Christian people [629]

Egyptian gestures to Arab nationalism in the 1940s, only complicated further the already delicate relationship between Muslims and Christians. (Minorities in the Middle East: a history of struggle and self-expression By Mordechai Nisan, pp 143-144) [630]

During the rise of pan-Arab nationalism in the 1950s and 1960s, the economically prosperous Copts, who then represented 20 percent of the population but held more than 50 percent of the nations' wealth, saw their businesses and factories nationalized under the socialist government of Gamal Abdel Nasser. Many of them left as a result. [631] [632] [633]

The Copts were severely affected by Nasser's nationalization policies because, although they represented about 20% of the population, they were so economically prosperous as to have held more than 50% of the country's wealth. In addition, Nasser's pan-Arab policies undermined the Copts' strong attachment to and sense of identity about their Egyptian pre-Arab, and certainly non-Arab, identity. As a result, many Copts left their country for Australia, North America or Europe. [634]

Pan-Arab Nationalism in the Egyptian context has a strong Islamic flavor and thus acted as acted as a bridge to pan-Islamism of the Muslim Brotherhood. There was not a single Christian Copt among the ninety-four members of the Free Officers Movement, although Copts constitue 15 percent of the total population. Discrimination against Christian Copts has become prevalent, verging on persecution, especially under Sadat and Mubarak. Since 1952 revolution, the enlightened liberalism, which was the dominant ideology for three decades in the aftermath of the 1919 revolution, was undermined by pan-Arabism and pan-Islamism. Over the past fifty years, political expression by both those in power and by the organized politically disaffected has used various combinations of these ideas, beginning with Nasser's Arab socialism and, now, increasingly, contemporary militant political Islamism. (The government and politics of the Middle East and North Africa, David E. Long, Bernard Reich, Mark Gasiorowski, Mark J. Gasiorowski, p. 420) [635]

During the post-coup decades the Copt community tried in vain to cope with the rising tide of Arabism and Islam in Egypt. Nasser opposed the Copts in an abusive fashion (Minorities in the Middle East: a history of struggle and self-expression‎, Mordechai Nisan, p. 144) [636]. His policy focused on building Arab nationalism, and he nationalized agricultural lands and business, creating "Arab socialism," the Copts suffered in ethnic, political, and material ways. They did not consider themselves Arabs but "true sons of the pharaohs, who are the descendants of indigenous Egyptians." They lost their political representation, their seats in Parliament fell to less than 1 per cent, and no Copt ever rose to political prominence during the Nasser era. [637]

He Islamized the Schools, the revolutionary junta's cultural mooring was religious, hence Islamic. The leading cadres of the conspiratorial movement of the Free Officers did not feature a single Christian, unlike members of the old regime, not a single member of the junta had studied in the West, some members of the junta had had close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood. (Christians versus Muslims in Modern Egypt: The Century-Long Struggle for Coptic Equality‎, Sana Hassan, p. 169) [638]

Islamic religious education became obligatory in Egyptian schools, at the same time, Coptic children in public schools also had to memorize parts of the Qur'an [639] it created in its wake an Islamism that lacked consensus on the role of religion at the national level. [640]

Disunity was accentuated and strengthened by Egypt's adherence to the Arab League with its racist Pan-Arab policy. Being neither Moslems nor Arabs, the Copts felt themselves reduced to a position of an isolated minority group which is increasingly discriminated against. The Copts are considered foreigners in their own country by the government which fired them from every public civil office and forbade their return. (On wings of eagles: the plight, exodus, and homecoming of oriental Jewry By Joseph B. Schechtman - 1961 - 429 pages, Publisher T. Yoseloff, p. 19-20, India quarterly, Volume 17 By Indian Council of World Affairs - Publisher Indian Council of World Affairs, 1961, p. 249-250) [641] [642] [643]

In a statement by 'copts-united' it decries: discrimination takes place through security harassment and media campaigns against Shiites, Copts and Bahais... [644]

A researcher: Native Copts in Egypt--millions of the--had their country overrun by conquering, settling, subjugating, and occupying Arabs. To this day, they never know when the next murder will occur, the next church will be burned down. They have learned that to survive they must consent to the forced Arabization process. Their leaders have even written that for Israel to "get along," it too must consent to a variation of this. Pretty pathetic. Uncle Butros instead of Uncle Tom--but the same breed, if you know what I mean. Just imagine the world-wide outcry if Israel's Jews did this sort of thing to Israeli Arabs. [645]

Cairo's poor Copts are known as "zabaleen", an Arabic name for garbage man. In Cairo there is an area with the same name where those Copts are living together with the garbage that has been collected. Copts reached this level of poverty due to the regime ruling the country in the past sixty years. [646]

Critics argue that a Pan Arabist will always suppor Arab unity and "Islam" at the expense of non-Arab and non-Moslem peoples. one would direct and manipulate the Western taste for self criticism, and all that does is deflect the world's attention from Arab and Moslem atrocities committed against Christians, Kurds, Jews, Israelis, Coptic Christians, non-Arab Sudanese, etc. [647]

Though, current actively Anti Copt attacks stems more often from Islamism (see: #Merging bigotry of Arabism & Islamism), especially by Islamic groups [648] [649] [650] [651], and persecution comes often even from Egypt's government. [652] [653] [654] [655] [656], Egyptian Reformist Thinker Tarek Heggy: 'Egyptian Copts are Oppressed, Oppressed, Oppressed' [657]

Racial Arabization of Copt

From a Lecture Delivered by a Coptic Bishop In Hudson Institute, Washington (July, 2008) entitled: "The Experience of the Middle East's largest Christian community during a time of rising Islamization", where he talked about how the Arab invasion of Egypt in 639 A.D. has altered the identity of Egypt through Arabization and forced conversion to Islam, and the lasting impact on the Christian minority in Egypt. He said, "The Copts have been always focused on Egypt; it is our identity, it is our nation, it is our land, it is our language, it is our culture. But when some of the Egyptians converted to Islam, their focus changed away from looking to their own [language and culture]. They started to look at the Arabians, and Arabia became the main focus," adding that, "if you come to a Coptic person and tell him that he's an Arab, that's offensive., reemphasizing: We are not Arabs, we are Egyptians. Declaring: "I am very happy to be an Egyptian and I would not accept being an "Arab" because ethnically I am not." The Bishop went on to say, "that means shifting the identity of the nation, to belong to Arabism and to the widespread Arabic area …and this is a big dilemma for the Copts who kept their Christianity, or, I rather say, that they kept their identity as Egyptians [who have] their own culture, that of old and real original Egypt trying to keep it, The process of Arabization and Islamization are still actively working till now upon Copts, The Bishop argued that the Egyptian culture has been taken from the Copts and attributed to the Arabs, that the process of Islamization is still on-going, and that the Christian child has "to study the history of the victorious Islamic invaders, which means that as a little kid you have to praise the Arabic troops that came to your country." ... [658], like Assyrians, Armenians & Jews, the Copts are of the very few middle eastern indigenous communities to be surviving the Arabs/Muslims' forcible assimilation of non-Arabs, Non-Muslims. [659]


From the "Encyclopedia of genocide and crimes against humanity": These two Ba'thist regimes [Syria, Saddam's Iraq] — ironically, considering their advocacy of pan-Arab unity, bitter rivals — pursued a highly nationalistic pan-Arab ideology in countries that, although largely Arab, contained significant numbers of non-Arabs. [660] The Ba'th regime persecuted entire groups of people. The large-scale deportaions, destruction of villages, and executions. Saddam ordered against the country's non-Arab Kurdish population during the 1988 "Anfal" campaign rose to the level of genocide. [661] Although the Kurds of Syria have not engaged in armed conflict with the state. they were targeted for ethnic cleansing beginning in the early 1960s. (Encyclopedia of genocide and crimes against humanity, Dinah Shelton - 2005, volume 2, pages 583, 636, 938) [662]

Ba'th persecution of the Kurds, seems to have originated primarily in pan-Arabism rather than in response to any Kurdish threat against the state, (Autonomy, sovereignty, and and self-determination: the accommodation of conflicting rights, Hurst Hannum - 1996, p. 198) [663] the various Iraqi governments from 1958 onward were steeped in the pan-Arabism of the day, which by definition rejected Kurdish claims of self-determination in an Arab state. (Geographical abstracts: Human geography, Volume 14, Issues 5-8, published by Elsevier/Geo Abstracts 2002, p. 852) [664]

The Kurds in Syria between 2 to 2.5 million [665] they're second class citizens, for many not citizens at all, the attempts of Erasing Ethnic Identity. Syrian Kurds were banned from giving their children names reflecting their ethnic identity. Pary Karadaghi, Director of Kurdish Human Rights Watch in Washington, says one of the most basic ways of showing Kurdish identity was taken away. "The campaign of 'Arabization' actually replaced the Kurdish names, People could not have Kurdish names on cities, buildings [and] businesses. Children's names could not be Kurdish." Syria's Kurds struggle for years to survive despite government oppression on many fronts [666], they've been subjected to racist Arabist policies [667] and a cry against Syria's oppression has gone out. [668], as Kurds define Syria, a regime of: chauvinism, racism. [669] Syria arrested a journalist for Condemning the Ba'ath Party, among his words on the Ba'athists' formula: 'the Kurds deserve nothing.' [670]

The Kurds became the other major scapegoat of Arab nationalism and became part of the "shu'ubiyyun" or, in other words, peple who would not allow themselves to be "Arabized." They were considered as hired agents in the service of powerful foreign enemies of Arabism. [671]

The 1950s new Arabist and Socilaist measures an their impact on the Kurds, as Arab national unity had been the basic principle to rule the newly independent Syria. All non-Arab and non-Muslim minorities suffered from the expansion of discriminatory laws. Arabic was the only language to be used in public. Non-Arab cultural associations were banned and other histories and cultures denied. The use of non-Arab traditional clothes was forbidden. During the period of the UAR, Arab nationalism targeted in particular the Kurds and the communists. (Development in Syria: a gender and minority perspective By Alessandra Galié, Kerim Yildiz, Kurdish Human Rights Project, published by Kurdish Human Rights Project, 2005, ISBN 1900175886, 978190017588, p. 67) [672]

As a wave of pan-Arabism swept the Middle East in the 1950s and 1960s, the Syrian government decided in 1962 to strip thousands of Kurds of their citizenship. The method: a census supposedly designed to root out "alien infiltrators" from Turkey. If a Kurd could not prove residency in Syria since 1945, he or she lost Syrian citizenship. Kurds in Syria are designated as "foreigners," the Ba'ath Party launched an official Arabization campaign in 1963 that began to stamp out Kurdish street names, Kurdish publications, and even Kurdish personal name [673]. In a more detailed account on the racist, Arabist nature of this, David McDowall writes in 'A modern history of the Kurds' (p. 474) ...the Government in Damascus decided to ensure Arab control. On 23 August 1962 it promulgated a special decree (No. 33) authorising an exceptional population census in the governorate of al-Hasaka. The stated purpose was to establish who had entered the country illegally from Turkey, and it was carried out a few weeks later during the course of one day, 5 October. All non-Arab inhabitants, in practice only Kurds, had to prove by documentation that they had been resident in Syria prior to 1945. Many were unable to do so and a result, it seems that approximately 120,000 Kurds were stripped of their citizenship as were their descendants and the descendants of the progeny of male non-citizens even when the mother was an attested citizen of Syria. The Syrian government took the view that all these were illegal infiltrators, largely from Turkey, who were changing the demographic balance of the region... A popular programme of anti-Kurdish sentiment was launched which invoked Arabism against the Kurdish threat... In November 1963 a confidential report was produced by the head of the internal security for al-Hasaka, a Lt Muhammad Talab Hilali. This report cast the problem in stark racist terms: 'the bells of Jazira sound the alarm and call on the Arab conscience to save theis region, to purify it of all this scum, the dregs of history until, as befits its geographical situation...' [674] Stripped of rights, they were giving a document that states they're not on the registrated list in the "Arabs" in the region. [675] In addition to that legal action, symbolic violence against Kurds took on worrisome proportions. A campaign launched by the Arab media sported slogans such as "Save Arabism from Jazira" or "Fight the Kurdish Menace." certain houses of Hayy al-Akrad were covered with anti-Kurdish graffiti (Vanly 1992:151). The foundation had been laid for a more coercive policy against the Kurds, as a "foreign group." [676]

In March 2004, As Kurds in Qamishlo and other cities throughout Syria rose up to demand the human rights, the Syrian regime has cracked down with massacres, mass arrests. [677]

In that same month, Syrian journalist Muhammad Ghanem, of the city of Al-Raqa in northern Syria, was arrested by Syrian military security forces after publishing an article condemning the Ba'ath party. Ghanem's article followed the rioting by Kurdish residents of Syria in the Al-Hasaka region in early March 2004. The riots were harshly suppressed by Syrian security forces, with dozens of protestors killed. According to Ghanem, the forceful repression that is the policy of the veteran Ba'athists was carried out with the help of Northeast Syrian tribesmen who collaborate with the Ba'ath party. Ghanem's articles are posted on the Internet and also appear in Arab papers such as the UAE-published Al-Khaleej and Al-Bayan. The following are excerpts from the article: 'I am the Ba'ath, and Death to its Enemies; Arab, Arab, Arab' "They are massacring the Kurds… I do not know why, when I, as a Syrian Arab citizen — which is nothing to be proud of — look at our Kurdish brothers being massacred in the Al-Hasaka, Al-Raqa, and Aleppo districts, those districts conventionally and historically known as 'Al-Jazira,' I remember all [I know] of the chauvinism of the Bedouin Arabs of the fascist Ba'ath [Party], and the danger they pose to Syrian national unity.
"As a free and independent citizen, I called on President Bashar Al-Assad not to fall into the trap set by the disciples of [Michel] Aflaq. I wrote hundreds of articles, [both] serious and mocking, on the crystallization and the revelation of a new situation in Arab Ba'ath language and methods... I named these methods after Michel 'Aflaq and Tikrit.
"After the 'Aflaqi and Tikriti murderers were permitted to return to Syria, some fascist thinkers in the Ba'ath [Party] began to talk of the 'thought of 'Aflaq,' whose writing [is on the level] of schoolboy essays — and anyone who wants evidence of this has before him 'Aflaq's book 'In the Path of the Ba'ath.'
"Apparently the blood of the Iraqis was not enough for [the Bedouin Arabs], and they came to drink, to intoxication, the blood of the Syrians, beginning with the Kurds. I don't know why I remembered a line from the chauvinist fascist song of the Ba'ath … which covers the walls of the party offices and the government departments: "I am the Ba'ath, and death to its enemies. Arab, Arab, Arab."
"Indeed, the Arab Ba'ath is Arab, [and it acts] in accordance with its nature and according to its banners, and it is no wonder that its enemies are dead. (Today, the Bedouin Arabs are slaughtering the Kurds, and tomorrow, Allah knows.) Is it any surprise [to discover] that the party with such a motto, and hundreds more polluted chauvinistic fascist mottoes, carries out massacres like the Bedouin Arabs slaughter [sheep] for sacrifice? The Bedouin Arabs are the worst among men in unbelief and hypocrisy.
"The above Ba'ath song goes on to say, 'Death to all those who are not Arab.' These words are not only a challenge to human and humanist law. This party, the 'death to' party, is not satisfied with challenging the U.N. Charter and the Human Rights Convention, but also [places itself] above all the written laws of the human race, and against all the human customs from the creation of the world until our time. The chauvinist hyper-Arab Ba'ath Party, of the shepherds and the rabble, sets itself above the divine laws...

From a Letter to UN Secretary General regarding Kurds in Syria by the Kurdish National Congress of North America: In Syria all Syrian citizens are Arabs. According to the Syrian Constitution, in Chapter 1 Basic Principles, Part 1 Political Principles, Article 1 [Arab Nation, Socialist Republic], section 2 reads, "The Syrian Arab region is a part of the Arab homeland," and section 3 states, "The people in the Syrian Arab region are a part of the Arab nation. They work and struggle to achieve the Arab nation's comprehensive unity." As a result of this racist Constitution, the Kurds in Syria have no identity of their own and are alluded to as "Unwanted Guests." For a Kurd in Syria to obtain Syrian citizenship he or she will have to give up his or her Kurdish identity, and register as an Arab in order to receive Syrian citizenship and be able to have an official employment. Part 3 of the Syrian Constitution [Educational and Cultural Principles] in Article 21 [Goals], reads, "The educational and cultural system aims at creating a socialist nationalist Arab generation… attached to its history and land, proud of its heritage, and filled with the spirit of struggle to achieve its nation's objectives of unity…." This piece of the Syrian Constitution leaves no doubt that Syria uses the education system to arabize the non-Arabs in Syria and instill into their minds the Ba’athist and pan-Arab ideologies. The Syrian government has a long history of using brutal measures to keep its people under control. [679]

The Arab Belt

Human Right Watch report: Group Denial (November 26, 2009): The Kurds in Syria. Kurds are the largest non-Arab ethnic minority in Syria, with their numbers estimated at approximately 1.7 million—roughly 10 percent of Syria’s population... marginalization: Since the 1950s, successive governments in Syria have embraced Arab nationalism and accordingly pursued a policy of repressing Kurdish identity because they perceived it as a threat to the unity of an Arab Syria. In 1962 the government carried out a special census in al-Hasakeh province in northeast Syria on the pretext that many non-Syrian Kurds had crossed illegally from Turkey. Kurds had to prove that they had lived in Syria since at least 1945 or lose their citizenship. The government conducted the census in one day, and failed to give the population sufficient notice or information about the process. As a result, the authorities revoked the citizenship of some 120,000 Kurds, leaving them stateless and facing difficulties of all sorts, from getting jobs to obtaining state services. The number of stateless Kurds in Syria has grown since then to reach an estimated 300,000 today, because the children of stateless men are themselves considered stateless.

The Ba`ath party came to power in 1963 and continued the policy of denying Kurdish identity under the guise of promoting Arab nationalism. A key component of this policy was to encourage Arabs to resettle in areas where Kurds traditionally lived and to create an "Arab belt" that would separate Syria’s Kurds from the Kurds in Turkey and Iraq, who had started experiencing a national reawakening. The government developed the plan for the "Arab belt" in 1965 and envisaged the creation of a band 15 kilometers deep (about 9 miles) over a distance of 280 kilometers (174 miles) along the Turkish border. The plan anticipated the deportation of Kurds who were living in villages falling inside this band to areas in Syria’s interior. The government started executing the resettlement plan in the early 1970s, but under a new terminological cover: for the "Arab belt" the government substituted "Plan to establish model state farms in the Jazira province." Under the new justification for the plan, the government would build "model farming villages" in the Kurdish region and populate them with Arabs. The government expropriated the lands on which it built these "model farms" from Kurdish owners, either under the guise of land reform or because the owners were Kurds whose citizenship had been withdrawn in 1962 because they failed to prove their residency under that year’s census. In 1975 the government resettled an estimated 4,000 Arab families, whose own lands had been submerged by the construction of the Tabqa dam on the Euphrates, in 41 "model farms" in the very heart of the Kurdish region. The government suspended the "Arab belt" project in 1976, but never dismantled the model villages, nor returned the Kurds displaced from their land. [680]

There were attempts by the Kurds (in exile) to organise an uprising against the fascist Syrian regime to spoil the racist Arabic Belt project in 1967. [681]

From a researcher (2009): The "Arab Belt" and Arabisation Policy. Since the racist Baath Party seized power in the 1960s, the Kurds have been cruelly subjected to a ethnic cleansing, racial and cultural genocide, aiming to eradicate the whole Kurdish national and cultural existence by isolating and separating the northern and southern parts of Kurdistan. On 24/6/1974 the Chauvinist Government issued the racist Article 521, known as "The Arab Belt" which resulted in the seizure of the Kurdish agricultural lands... and thousands of Kurdish land owners and farmers were forcibly driven from their own property, which was confiscated and given to Arab settlers and farmers coming from Arab regions. This widespread annexation of Kurdish agricultural lands and the settlement of immigrant Arabs resulted in splitting families and the destruction of social relationships, and in Arabising the names of villages and towns, which has altered the character of the whole region. This inhuman deprivation of natural ownership rights and livelihood has terrorized the Kurdish population who were deported from their cultural homelands and property and forced to live in isolation and destitution in big metropolitan cities... The Kurds in Syria are deprived of their basic human rights and there is no legitimate recognition of their cultural, social, economic and political rights. They have been subject to ethnic cleansing and racial and cultural genocide by the oppressive Syrian regime, which has been implementing racist and discriminatory policies, such as the Exceptional Census of 1962 and Decree No.49, 2008, resulting in half a million Kurds becoming stateless, losing their homes and properties and being forcibly deported. [682]

Kurdish writer Dr Kamal Mirawdeli, a specialsit in Middle East, charges that: The Arab League as a useless ideological racist Arabist institution has existed only to promote Arabism and Arab racism against colonised non-Arab nations [683].

Pan-Arab fascists & Saddam's genocide campaign

Kurds in Iraq rejected partition, and fought right-wing pan-Arab fascists... [684]

Iraq's Saddam Hussein's Anfal campaign was designed to depopulate ethnic cleansing the Kurdish regions in northern Iraq. [685], The attacks were part of repeated attempts by Saddam's government to suppress the Kurds [686], Kurdish writers decry the massacre of Halabja and The Racism of so-called Arab Intellectuals towards Kurds and Kurdistan [687] [688], from the book: "Genocide in Iraq: the Anfal campaign against the Kurds" By George Black The radical pan-Arabist ideology on which the party had been founded was hostile to the non-Arab Kurds... [689].

Arab racism against the Kurds became a feature of Ba'athist propaganda and was institutionalised in education. (The end of tolerance: racism in 21st century Britain‎ by Arun Kundnani - P. 113) [690] and this Ba'athist racism led to the Anfal campaign in 1988. (p. 115) [691]

At the trial of Ali Hassan al-Majid also known as Chemical Ali (who led the chemical attack on the Kurds), his co-defendant, Abdul Ghafor al-Ani, who headed Saddam's Ba'ath Party in southern Iraq, shouted: "I welcome death if it is for Iraq, for pan-Arabism and for the Ba'ath [692], "Welcome to death for the sake of Arabism and Islam" - as the death sentence was read. [693]

Post Saddam

But even after Saddam's regime gone, some Kurds still complain on certain actions in Baghdad against the Kurdish people is a clear indication that the culture of racism and fascist mentality practiced under the former Ba'athist regime is not quite extinct. Arab chauvinists still cannot accept the Kurdish people on an equal basis. They regress into the view of Kurds as second class citizens at the first opportunity. [694] In the 2010 elections campaign, Iraq's vice president Tariq al-Hashemi, a key leader in Allawi's bloc, went on al-Jazeera after the election to say that Iraq's president must be an Arab. Kurds reacted with outrage, while Maliki aides fanned out in the media to praise Talabani and deplore the racism behind Arab opposition to a Kurdish president. This aggravated Allawi's liabilities: Though not anti-Kurd himself, much of his bloc is. [695]

In March, 2010, The US announced it might bolster force in northern Iraq. The possible move reflects US concerns that Arab-Kurd tensions, provoked by disputes over land and oil rights, are the biggest threat to Iraq's long-term stability [696]

Some have written against the "objectivity" of the post Saddam tribunal court & its real effectiveness while reminding: the Kurds have suffered under Arabization since the establishment of the Iraqi state, and there are many episodes and documents proving this, in an article: "The Iraqi Special Tribunal: A Lack of Objectivity Concerns the Victim Nation", stating that: neither the Arab judges nor the Kurdish judges can be impartial about past cases of ethnic conflict. An Arab judge cannot be impartial toward the Kurds, as the case is related to the Kurdish genocide committed by Arabs., and ask for to clarify about Arabizartion: Arabization should have a clear definition.Arabization can be seen as a type of ethnic cleansing with particular characteristics. Arabism is central for Arabization, for instance a cleansed territory of the targeted group settles only by Arabs; the victims in some areas are forcibly pushed to accept Arab national identity only, and so on. Article... from the statute concerns crimes against humanity, which includes crimes such as extermination, but this in itself cannot encompass the crime of Arabization. The text is vague, does not give a precise definition of ethnic cleansing, and does not sufficiently deal with the ethnic cleansing committed against the Kurds. [697]

Palestinian Arab racism against Kurds

In 2006, Kurds have decried Palestinian leaderships' derogatory assault on them: Haniyeh's language is counterproductive. The Palestinian leadership must not walk on the Arafat's path, if they want to serve their people, and must see the interest of the Palestinian people beyond their personal interests and beyond tickling the sentiment of Islamic radical groups and racist Arab mentality. [698]

In 1968, Ismet Cherif Vanly wrote The Syrian Mein Kampf Against the Kurds. A Kurdish nationalist, he described the murderous and brutal Arabization policies--Syrian settling, conquering, and occupying Arab--employed against Kurds who predated them in the land by thousands of years. Settling, conquering, and occupying Iraqi Arabs did likewise to Mesopotamia's ancient native Kurds (the Hurrians, Guti, Kassites, and Medes of old), Assyrians, and other no--Arab peoples as well--Jews included. a writer: It's time for thirty million truly stateless people—such as the Kurds—to finally get their own state. They were promised one after World War I but saw it sacrificed at the altar of British petroleum politics and Arab nationalism. An Arab Iraq was pieced together in its stead. [699]

Racial Arabization of Kurds

Arab nationalist influences restricted the political space for Kurdish groups. After the overthrow of Qasim and assumption of power by 'Abs al-Salam Arif on November 19, 1963, the qawmiyya Arab nationalist current strengthened, hindering any real opportunity to draw the Kurds into the state as Iraqis. Although he talked about Kurdish-Arab brotherhood, Arif stressed qawmiyya nationalism as the baiss of Iraqi partnership, Arif created a new provisional constitution stating that "the Iraqi people are part of the Arab people, whose aim is total Arab unity" (Hizb al-Ba'th 1970-1971, 48-97). [700] He also revived the racist ideologies of Sati al-Husri and pan-Arabist historians at the University of Baghdad, all of whom attempted to prove the Arab origins of the Kurds (Rauf 1984, 6-8). Managing the Kurds also involved a combination of eliminationist and control strategies, including torture and internal expulsion from Kirkuk and other sensitive border regions. Regional politics influenced and was influenced by these trends. In 1963 Syrian officials implemented their Arab Belt plan to save Arabism in the Jazireh, or Syrian Kurdistan. They also sent armed forces to Iraqi Kurdistan to assist Baghdad in its war against the Kurds. The Arabization of Iraqi identity continued under the rule of Abdul Rahman Arif, who assumed the presidency in 1966. (The Kurds and the state: evolving national identity in Iraq, Turkey, and Iran By Denise Natali, pp. 52-3]) [701]


The UN documented the racism against Indigenous peoples Multi-ethnic States, The Imazighen Berbers are the indigenous peoples of northern Africa and the Sahel [702], a target of discrimination across the Maghreb for decades [703]. Despite Arabization's oppression in north-Africa, they are a proud people [704], Morocco's Berbers Battle to Keep Their Culture [705], in 2004 they spoke out and attacked Moroccan state racism [706]. Berber Leader Belkacem Lounes: '"There Is No Worse Colonialism Than That of the Pan-Arabist Clan that Wants to Dominate Our People [707].

From an essay on "Amazigh, (Berber) the Indigenous Non-Arab Population of North Africa, and Their language" The presence of the Berber in North Africa today is a living proof that the "Arab World" is not made up of 325 million Arabs. In fact, pan-Arabism is an unfounded heresy forced down the throats of people conquered and subjugated beginning with the advent of the Arab conquest in the 7th century. The Amazigh, much like the overwhelming majority of the people of this (Arab) "world," belong to a wide variety of ethnic groups that are different in blood, tradition, language, literature, art and history, and should not be lumped together as a single people. [708]

Kabylia info writes about oppression and tyranny of its people by Arabic-Islamic colonialism [709], their issue of identity due to the pan-arabist ideology of the former Egyptian president, Gamal Abdel Nasser, that "It is time—long past overdue—to confront the racist arabization of the Amazigh lands." [710], the IHT's description: This is Kabylia, one of Algeria's most restive regions - home to a stubborn and proud ethnic minority of Berbers who since the end of the colonial era four decades ago have fought to preserve their cultural identity and independence [711]. The Strategies of the Algerian regime to subdue Kabylia: We all know the drive of the Algerian state and its Arab and Islamic allies (both inside the country and the 22 or so Arab countries) to subdue Kabyles. [712] From the 'Official request for an autonomy status for Kabylia' [June, 2008] On the Algerian State side, the Algerian regime pursues its methods, its colonialist vision and reflexes, at least against Kabylian whose identity, language and culture are declared as subversive and are furiously fought by the young Algerian State. The latest aims to eradicate those permanently by adopting a policy of cultural genocide through Arabism of their School, Arabs are first-class citizens in Algeria, Amazigh in general and Kabylian more specifically are second-class citizens. They get killed, jailed, tortured, watched, are subject to provocations, insults and racket and exposed to national and public condemnation for their refusal of Arabism and Islamism, two elements that are for the Algerian authorities, the exclusive features of the Algerian identity. [713]

The Berbers in Algeria also said once, they will boycott the presidential polls. [714] in 2008: "Arab-Berber clashes shake Algeria town" [715]

Pan-Arabists "hoped" that Berbers in North Africa (as well as Christians in the Middle East and Kurds in Iraq) will be automatically diluted into the 'Arab nation'. [716]

The majority Berber population of North Africa saw its lands overrun as well over the past centuries by conquering, settling, and subjugating Arab hordes creating Arab empires. Imperialism is evidently only nasty when non-Arabs indulge in it. Berbers who dared to insist on keeping their own pre-Arab language and culture have been murdered for trying to do so. A look at any number of websites dealing with Berbers on these subjects will be revealing indeed. a writer asks: It's time for the subjugation of North Africa's huge Berber populations to come to an end and for those folks to be able to decide if they want to remain forcibly tied to Arabs or not. If not, then why should they not get territory to create a Berber State if Arabs can get to have yet a second one carved out for themselves in "Palestine?" [717]

From a statement of The 'Amazigh World Congress' in 2005: "The Libyans in exile must be allowed to return to their country, where we intend to organize cultural events and invite members of the press to attend, asserting that she reported violations of the rights of the Amazigh and violence they suffer in all countries where they live, to begin in Libya" [718].

In March 2007, Moroccan Berbers call for independent Berber state, say Arab League is "Racist" [719], on April-2007, the Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia, an Algerian Berber group headed by Ferhat Mehenni, has condemned Mu'ammar Qaddafi's March 1 2007 speech, in which the Libyan leader denied the existence of a non-Arab Berber people and accused Berber activists of being agents of colonialism) [720].

On 28/09/2009 'amazighworld' celebrates the 'national day of the language', in order to denounce the Panarabist racism against political prisoners of the Amazigh issue [721].

Anti Dom-Gypsies

(In their homeland of India, they were originally called Dom, meaning "man." Today, in the Middle East and North Africa, they still identify themselves as Dom. [722]

They have a present in Jordan as well, from "Gypsies and the problem of identities" by Adrian Marsh, Elin Strand, Karin Ådahl (p. 207): "The Dom people are perhaps the most despised people in the Arab world. They accommodate Arab racism by hiding their ethnic identity, arguing that they are Jordanian, Bedouin, Turkman or more generally, Arabs" [723] [724]

On Caucasians

From: "Color and conscience: the irrepressible conflict‎" (p. 9, 241 by Buell Gordon Gallagher - Social Science - 1946 - 244 pages) Pan-Arabism, developing as anti-white phalanx. [725]

SHEIK Taj Din al-Hilali: "The Western people are the biggest liars and oppressors and especially the English race," the Mufti of Australia said in Arabic during the extensive interview in Egypt, his birthplace. [726]

On the racist gang rape spree by Arab Lebanese in Australia (starting in August 2000) targeting specifically white girls [727], it was clearly racially motivated [728], from the Sydney Morning Herald 2002 Racist rapes: Finally the truth comes out, So now we know the facts, straight from the Supreme Court, that a group of Lebanese Muslim gang rapists from south-western Sydney hunted their victims on the basis of their ethnicity and subjected them to hours of degrading, dehumanising torture. The young women, and girls as young as 14, were "sluts" and "Aussie pigs", the rapists said. So now that some of the perpetrators are in jail, will those people who cried racism and media "sensationalism" hang their heads in shame? Hardly. [729]

In 2006 a report of 'Pan-European Arab Muslim Gang Rape Epidemic' was distributed, also classified by some as "the Rape Jihad" in countries such as: Germany, France, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark [730].

Saudi Arabia's King Fahd Bin Abdul-Aziz, Jeddeh 1993: "I summon my blue-eyed slaves anytime it pleases me. I command the Americans to send me their bravest soldiers to die for me. Anytime I clap my hands a stupid genie called the American ambassador appears to do my bidding. When the Americans die in my service their bodies are frozen in metal boxes by the US Embassy and American airplanes carry them away, as if they never existed. Truly, America is my favorite slave." [731] [732] [733] [734] [735] [736] [737]

In March 2005, peaceful white, French demonstrators were attacked by bands of black and Arab youths. One 18-year-old named Heikel added that he had "a pleasant memory" of repeatedly kicking a student, already defenseless on the ground. The sentiment was a desire to "take revenge on whites." [738] [739]

In July 20, 2006, With feelings already running high after the brutal murder in Paris of the young Jewish man Ilan Halimi, Fears of Anti-White Racism grew, the events surrounding the death of 31 year-old Raphael Clin on February 12 have stoked fears of a festering anti-white hatred among the country's black and Arab populations, as an accidental death of a gendarme (French policeman) on the Caribbean island of Saint-Martin, after his widow claimed that youths refused to help after he was hit by a speeding motorcycle and later gloated at the death of a white. [740] [741] [742]

From Defending the West by Ibn Warraq on Arab Palestinian Edward Said: Not only, for Said, is every European a racist, but he must necessarily be so. [743] [744]

In 2006 Arab "Youths" Kick Man to Death on Crowded Bus in Antwerp Belgium [745].

In 2007, In Reactions by Arab North Africans to Rachida Dati's Nomination as French Arab Justice Minister, Dati was described as "North African on the outside, bigoted Caucasian on the inside." [746]

Dyab Abou Jahjah (born 24 June 1971) is an Arab political activist who came from Lebanon to Belgium as an asylum seeker. He is the founder and leader of the Arab European League (AEL), a Pan-Arabist movement which claims to struggle for Muslim immigrant interests in Europe. [747], he advocates a form of separatist apartheid for Belgium's Muslims, demanding segregated schools, an end to "Flemish cultural terrorism" and recognition of Arabic as a fourth official language after Dutch, French and German [748], reveres Osama Bin Laden [749] and dreams of a pan-European coalition of Arab Muslims with the power to force European governments to reckon with Islamic communities [750], was described as an Arab racist sparking riots in Antwerp (Nov 2002), the former Hezbollah terrorist was blamed by the Belgian authorities for inciting two days of race riots in the Flemish nationalist bastion of Antwerp. he/his Pro-Hezbollah group organizes demonstrations in Brussels on 9/11 under a propaganda banner of: "against Islamophobia and racism in Europe." [751]

(From a researcher: Not only does the record reveal numerous instances where blacks were held in high esteem or occupied powerful positions in Muslim society, but there are even expressions that connote black superiority over whiteness. In fact, early in their history the Arab --or more properly the Arabians-- actually identified themselves as (more towards) black, against the generally lighter-skinned Persians, Greeks, and others, whom they generally referred to as "red." But even later, when this is no longer the case, we encounter expressions such as the following by the sixth–seventh/twelfth–thirteenth-century Arab poet, al-Baha’ Zuhayr: Do not revile blacks because of their features For they are my portion of this world As for whites, I am repulsed by them I have no appetite for the color of old age. Similar is the declaration of the third/ninth-century poet, Abu al-Hasan al-Rumi, this time speaking of black women: Part of what renders blackness superior to whitenes-- And truth has many levels and depth-- Is that darkness is never blamed for being black. [752])


The Druze are usually loyal to the state they reside in and frictions with the states are rare, but the following is a historic fact. August 25, 1952: Adib al-Shishakli created the Arab Liberation Movement (ALM), a progressive party with pan-Arabist and socialist views [753]. He forcibly integrated minorities into the national Syrian social structure, his "Syrianization" of Alawite and Druze territories had to be accomplished in part using violence, he declared: "My enemies are like serpent. The head is the Jabal Druze, If I crush the head the serpent will die" (Seale 1963:132). To this end, al-Shishakli encouraged the stigmatization of minorities. He saw minority demands as tantamount to treason. His increasingly chauvinistic notions of Arab nationalism were predicated on the denial that "minorities" existed in Syria. Shishakali launched a brutal campaign to defame the Druze for their religion and politics. [754] [755]

A journalist accounts that "Today, if you call a Druze an Arab, you've just insulted him. This was told to me by a Druze." [756], the main Druze leader of Lebanon spoke out against what he termed the oppression [757], the Druze leader spoke to the BBC. about "these kinds of regimes" (Syria), terrorist regimes [758]. The Syrian regime does not permit its Druze citizens to visit their relatives and friends [759].

The Druze in Israel, their culture is Arab and their language Arabic but they opted against mainstream Arab nationalism in 1948 and have since served (first as volunteers, later within the draft system) in the Israel Defense Forces and the Border Police. They are located in the north of the country, mainly on hilltops; historically as a defense against attack and persecution. [760], which they were subject to historically from the Arab-Muslims [761]. The Druze, who mostly do not identify with the cause of Arab nationalism. In the years preceding the founding of the State of Israel, Arab nationalists persecuted the Druze. [762]


In General

Pan-Arabism's anti-Jewish ideology

The champion of pan-Arabism Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser used the infamous anti-Semitic "protocols" libel in his war against Israel. [763], Both pan-Arabism and pan-Islamic ideologies looked to Hitler's Germany as a model [764], Haj Amin al-Husseini expressed his admiration for the way 'the Germans have definitively solved the Jewish problem,' [765] (see: #Merging bigotry of Arabism & Islamism) & Gamal Abdel Nasser's affinity for the Mufti was great [766], Joachim Wurst describes the emergence and psychological mechanisms of modern anti-Semitism and particularly of genocidal Islamist anti-Semitism. He traces the development of this trend from the Muslim Brotherhood and the Mufti of Jerusalem in the 1930s and 1940s through the pan-Arabism of the 1950s and 1960s up to the present-day Islamism. [767].

Racism in Arabism was already strong in the 1920's, Dr. Kaveh Farrokh explains that to understand the awkwardness (and indeed irrationality) of pan-Arabism (or any form of racialism), one is compelled to also briefly learn about the true founders of the B'aath party; Michel Aflaq and Salah al-Din al-Bitar. Both were born in Damascus, they formed their party on the basis of pan-Arabism, like the movements that had taken place in neighboring Iraq in the 1920s. Another influential and French (Sorbonne) educated Syrian, was Zaki al-Arsuzi. Al-Arsuzi was especially outspoken in his racism against the local Turks of Syria and especially venomous in his hatred against the Jews [768] He proves that Pan-Arabism is an extremely racist and chauvenistic movement on par with Nazism, whose ideology is anti-western, anti-Jewish and anti-Persian. [769]

Earlier history

The famous Jewish community in Alexandria, Egypt, was prominent centuries before Jesus. The Jews of Iraq had been in that country at least since the days of the Babylonian Captivity and Nebuchadnezzar. The Jews of Yemen were on the Arabian Peninsula before Muhammad was born, and the latter Prophet of Islam fled Mecca to Medina, a Jewish date palm oasis on that peninsula where the Jews were still prominent when Muhammad sought refuge there during the Hijra. When they would neither convert to his new faith (based largely on their own), nor accept his religio-political leadership, he butchered and enslaved them. Jews also took part in the resistance against the Arab imperial invasions of North Africa in the 7th century C.E. Recorded history, replete with similar instances.[770]

Since the 1800's & 1920's

The origin of anti-Jewish feelings among Arabs do not originate from what they perceive as 'the occupation of Palestine' and the creation of Israel. Even before the creation of the Israeli state in 1948 on what was before Palestine, a largely uninhabited terrain, many Jews were attacked in various settlements by Arabs since the late 1800's [771].

From a study: Palestinian Arab anti-Semitism and Racism were at their worst prior to 1948 - The worst excesses of Arab racism in Palestine were directed against the Jews of Palestine between 1920 and 1947. There had been no "Nakba" - no mass exodus or expulsion or expropriation of Arabs. During the British Mandate, the Arabs of Palestine prospered economically and demographically and benefited from Zionist investment. Only a tiny portion, less perhaps than would normally be affected in a country undergoing relatively rapid industrialization, experienced displacement Propagandists like Grand Mufti Hajj Amin El Husseini manufactured the myth of imminent expulsion from the very beginning of the British Mandate. The propaganda fell on willing ears. [772]

'Historical and Investigative Research' examines if Arab anti-Jewish racism in the first half of the 20th c. (that was marked already then with slaughtering of Jews with the racist shouting of Itbach al Yahud - kill the Jews) was fundamentally indifferent from the European variety [773].

In August 1929, leaflets prepared by the mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini instructed Muslims to attack the Jews [774], Al-Husseini also helped incite the series of pogroms which lasted from 1936 to 1939, in which hundreds more Jews were killed [775] [776], he even visited Berlin during World War II to ask Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler for help against the British and the Zionists [777]. On March 1, 1944, he makes speech from Berlin addressing Muslim SS Nazi troops: "Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, History and Religion. This saves your honor. God is with you." [778].

In the Thirties, the rise of pan-Arab nationalism coincided with the second King Faisal's admiration of the Nazis. By 1936, there were "episodes of Jews being killed in the streets that led to a growing sense of insecurity"... (the Iraqi Jews were hardly Zionists) The Nazi agenda crystallised Arab anti-semitism. On April 3, 1941, the rabidly pro-Nazi Rashid Ali, a former prime minister, with a group of similarly inclined politicians and army officers, staged a coup against Faisal II. Rashid Ali's aim was to root out British influence and ally Iraq with the Nazis, the mufti of Jerusalem, took refuge in Baghdad after the defeat of the Arab revolt in Palestine. The mufti launched a campaign of incitement against the Jews, and became a key adviser to the Golden Square, a group of pro-German, pan-Arab colonels led by Rashid Ali al-Gailani. For the Golden Square, Iraq was part of a larger Arab nation, in which Jews were an irremediably foreign element. it led to the worst assault on Jewish life and property in the history of Iraq, In June 1941, there was the Farhud ('breakdown of law and order') - or pogrom - during which "the mob wreaked havoc", "For two days, they killed Jews in the streets, kidnapped girls, raped them, killed them and mutilated the bodies. They burned property, looted houses - it's estimated that about 600 Jews were killed in those two days." [779][780]

Regarding the racist expulsion of 850,000 to 1,000,000 Jews from Arab countries [781] [782] the ethnic cleansing of the Jews [783] (The Jewish "Nakba" - Arabic for "catastrophe" – not only emptied cities like Baghdad - a third Jewish - it tore apart the cultural, social and economic fabric in Arab lands. Jews lost homes, synagogues, hospitals, schools, shrines and deeded land five times the size of Israel. Their ancient heritage - predating Islam by 1,000 years – was destroyed), the UN Watch Mar 19, 2008 has raised the importance of Historic truth in: Testimony at the UN - "Racism and Historical Truth: Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands" [784], Jews have been an indigenous people of the Middle East for over 2,500 years. On the basis of race and religion, Arab regimes subjected Jews to arbitrary arrest, confiscation of property and expulsions. This is fully documented in this report by Justice for Jews from Arab Countries. [785], pan-Arab and pan-Islamic parties and movements in almost every Arab state have fomented mob violence against Jews. [786] The displacement of Jews from Arab countries was not just a backlash to the creation of Israel and the Arabs' humiliating defeat. The "push" factors were already in place. Arab League states drafted a law in November 1947 branding their Jews as enemy aliens. But non-Muslim minorities, historically despised as dhimmis with few rights, were already being oppressed by Nazi-inspired pan-Arabism and Islamism. These factors sparked the conflict with Zionism, and drive it to this day. [787]

Iraqi Author Dr. Rashid Al-Khayoun: Iraqi Jews were driven out of the country by Pan-Arab Extremists, Led By Nazi Ally Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini [788]

Another Iraqi author, K. Makiya: The two main outbreaks of anti-Semitism in modern Iraqi politics (1941, 1967-70) are both firmly associated with the ascendancy of pan-Arabism. [789]

Joan Peters: Anti-Jewish publications deluged Egypt, including the infamous "Protocols" -- many of them circulated by the Egyptian government -- When the Six-Day War began, Jews were arrested and held in concentration camps, where they were beaten and whipped, denied of water for days on end ('From Time Immemorial' p. 50) [790], they were death for allegedly "spying" for Israel. [791]

Magdi Allam writes 'the Silent Exodus' testifies that anti-Semitism and the pogroms against the Jews of the Middle East preceded the birth of the state of Israel and the advent of ideological pan-Arabism and pan-Islamism. It infers that hatred and violence against the Jews could originate in an ideological interpretation of the Koran and the life of the prophet Muhammed taken out of context. [792]

Iraqi author Dr. Rashid Al-Khayoun: "Iraqi Jews Were Driven Out of the Country by Pan-Arab extremists, led By Nazi ally Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini" [793]

Half of Israel's almost six million Jews originated in the Arab/Muslim world. They too predated the Arabs in many of those lands that they were forced to flee as refugees, leaving far more property and valuables behind than Arabs who fled in the opposite direction after the latter's brethren invaded a reborn Israel in 1948. [794]

On Jan 13 1960, French Minister Jan Jacques Soustelle, said at a protest meeting against anti-Semitism in Paris that "anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are the two sides of the same coin." He declared that the sources of current anti-Semitism were "the Arab League and Pan-Arabism." [795]

During the 1961 Eichmann trial in Jerusalem, Hannah Arendt commented on the astounding degree of anti-Jewish venom and praise for Hitler in the Arab press together with regret that he "did not finish the job". 40 years later the state-controlled Egyptian daily Al Akhbar (April 18, 2001) declared "Our thanks to the late Hitler...", The same regret and heartfelt wish to see all Jews finally annihilated was expressed in April 2002 by a columnist in the second largest, state-controlled Egyptian daily Al- Akhbar [796] [797].

On Syria's Ba'athism's racism [798] Major ideas of Ba'athism center around racism and anti-Semitism. The Ba'ath party stems from the Pan-Arab movement [799], examples: Syrian Daily Al Ba'ath, October 21, 1998 had an antisemitic cartoon, and on October 21, 1998 on Syrian TV: In these days, all of us, Arabs and Muslims, must stand together against the Jews [800].

Anti-Semitic outlook holds sway (even) in more secular Arab societies such as Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Jordan. This hysteria cannot be adequately understood in terms of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Certainly, the cause of Palestine has periodically been hijacked by radical Islamists and pan-Arabists in order to broaden their political support in the Muslim world. [801] [802]

Hitler's useful Arab "inferior" race

The Nazis were clear in their minds that the Arabs were racially inferior, and there would, therefore, be no pleasure to be had from helping them in anything except for the extermination of Jews in their region. [803], most Arabs never realized that the Nazis would consider them racially inferior as well. [804]

Nazi leadership saw the dedication to Pan-Arabism. The Arab world is gathering strength and is bound together in "Folkish feeling," which stand in contradiction; the Arabs belong to the mongrel races of Asia and Africa and are to be ruled by the master race. (Germany and the Middle East, 1835-1939: international symposium, Jehuda Lothar Wallach - 1975) [805]

Hitler and the Nazis admired the totalitarianism nature of (radical) Islam, Nazi official: The emotion in Germany is Islamic; warlike and Islamic. They are all drunk with wild god. That can be the historic future. Albert Speer, who was Hitler's Minister of Armaments and War Production, wrote a contrite memoir of his World War II experiences while serving a 20-year prison sentence imposed by the Nuremberg tribunal. Speer's narrative includes in thi discussion Hitler's racist views of Arabs on the one hand, and his effusive praise for Islam on the other: [806]

Although he loathed Arabs, he once described them as "lacquered half-apes who ought to be whipped", Hitler understood that he and the Mufti shared the same rivals - the British, the Jews and the Communists. [807] [808] [809]

In a title: 'The roots of Arab Anti-Semitism Radical Islam's favorite Western tradition' D. Greenberg writes: they were eager to make common cause with Hitler, despite Nazi belief that they, like the Jews, were inferior to Aryans. The mufti of Jerusalem, among others, actively spread propaganda about "Anglo-Saxon Jewish greed" while praising the Nazi war effort. Even years later, sympathy for Nazism could be easily found in Arab culture. When Israel apprehended Adolf Eichmann in 1960, a Saudi newspaper headline read, "Capture of Eichmann, Who Had the Honor of Killing Five Million Jews." [810]

Explaining the gap between Hitler's, Nazis' contempt for Arabs as much as against Jews, yet cooperating with them to use the middle east bloc power, From: 'The Nazis, the Holocaust and Muslims: According to the Nazis' racist ideology, Arabs are racial Semites and thus subhumans, similar to Jews. In his book, Mein Kampf, Hitler described the struggle for world domination as an ongoing racial, cultural and political battle between Aryans and non-Aryans. He envisaged a "ladder" of racial hierarchy, asserting that German "Aryans" were at the top of the ladder, while Jews and Gypsies were consigned to the bottom of the order. On Hitler's racial ladder, Arabs and Muslims occupied a servile place, held in much the same contempt as the Jews. Hitler made a personal remark in 1939 in which he referred to the populace of the Middle East as "painted half-apes that ought to feel the whip". As in other instances, however, the Nazis never allowed their ideological views to get in the way of more urgent political considerations. The Nazis recognized the importance of wooing the Arab and Muslim world to their side and, in their public proclamations, downplayed their real views of Muslims and Arabs. When Mein Kampf was being translated into Arabic in 1938, Hitler himself tactfully proposed to omit from it his "racial ladder" theory. [811], worth mentioning that this broad inclusion of populace of the Middle East would encompass middle easterners such as Iranians (like anti-Jewish bigot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) as well.

From an article in the UK's Independent, "Have no doubt Hitler would have wiped out Arabs after Jews", With French Mourice Papo's death, more revelations about his killing of Arabs not just of Jews, it was proved again what many Arabs have long suspected but generally refuse to acknowledge: that bureaucrats and racists and others who worked for Hitler regarded all Semitic people as their enemies and that - had Hitler's armies reached the Middle East - they would ultimately have found a "final solution" to the "Arab question," just as they did for the Jews of Europe. Haj Amin and the like suffered from "dilution of memory." [812]

A writer in an article titled: 'Anti-Semitism: From The Holocaust To Israel-Bashing': "In the Judenrein Arab Middle East, racist anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial are preached in mosques, featured in the media and taught in schools." [813]

Egypt has played gross anti-Jewish TV extravaganza "Horse without Horseman" which also portrays the Arab/Israeli conflict in an antisemitic anti-Jewish format [814]. so do anti-Jewish themes in Hezbollah Media. [815]

ADL documents Anti-Semitism in the Arab world [816], So does Memri, in fact, recently, Arab antisemitism has become a main catalyst of antisemitic incidents [817], Saudi Arabia bans Jewish visitors [818], The Arab countries see to it that even young schoolchildren are taught to hate Jews. The Syrian Minister of Education wrote in 1968: "The hatred which we indoctrinate into the minds of our children from their birth is sacred." [819] Pew's finding in 2005 found that in Muslim nations such as (even moderate) Jordan most viewed Jews unfavorably. [820] In 2009, it found 90% of the Middle East views Jews unfavorably [821].

Arab leaders regularly call Jews "monkeys," "dogs," and other epithets (at Palestinian and other Arab mosques). [822]

From 'MEMRI TV Project': Saudi IQRA TV Examines Public Attitudes toward Jews, it was recorded and translated by MEMRI's TV Monitor Project, from a show on Saudi Arabia's IQRA TV Channel, which featured "man on the street" interviews about feelings about Jews. Interviewer: 'Would You, as a Human Being, be Willing to Shake Hands with a Jew?" [823] This is state-controlled TV allowing this to be broadcast. The amount of hate, ignorance and vitriol within that community is pretty disgusting and something we ignore at our own risk. And note, this guy is not a poverty stricken member of the underclass either. This sort of thing is all too common in the Middle East. I would be interested in seeing the same sort of "man on the street" interview in Iraq. While we have skinheads in the USA who have similar views we don't put them on TV as mainstream representatives of public opinion [824]

In citing a routinely flow of evident racism in books, newspaper articles, television serials, movies and schoolbooks in the Arab world, saturated with outrageous venomous anti-Jewish bigotry, activist A. Isseroff asks: What would happen I wonder, if someone made the claim, based on the above, that "Islam is Racism" or "Arabism is Racism?" [825]

Authors lament some "willingness to tolerate Arab racism for the sake of oil, an indifference to oil men's deals with friendly dictators who inflict atrocities on the Jews."("The secret war against the Jews: how western espionage betrayed how western espionage betrayed the Jewish people," John Loftus, Mark Aarons, Macmillan 1997, p. 329)[826]

There's a very worrying alarming large data of incidents Arabs attacking Jews (for no reason other than being identified as 'Jews') worldwide [827].

In February 2009, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) denied entry visa to an Israeli tennis player into the country for the international games. "To discriminate as the UAE did against one player in this way smacks of bigotry and racism" [828] [829], The Women's Tennis Association has fined the Dubai Open organisers $US300,000 ($A465,000) [830], Sponsors have pulled out of Dubai over this 'racism row' [831], Bret Stephens on ([832] Wall Street Journal's "hits & misses") The Fining of UAE for denial of visa to Israeli tennis player is a "defeat for bigotry".

In February, 2009, the Arab world went crazy over reports that Leonardo DiCaprio is converting to Judaism & his relationship with a Jewish beauty, hateful messages flooded sites such as Al Arabiya [833] [834].

In Nov. 2009, Egyptian striker Amr Zaki insisted that he will not play alongside players of Israeli or Algerian descent (see #Egypt VS Algeria). His racist slur created an uproar. [835][836] [837]

In 2010, a court in Cairo has upheld a ruling urging the government to consider stripping of their citizenship Egyptian men who are married to Israeli women. This would effect about 30,000 Egyptian Arabs who are among those that have succeeded in getting an Israeli citizenship looking for better opportunities and a better life in Western type democratic Israel, (the racism of being against having an association with the Jewish state). [838]

At the February 2011 celebration of the fall of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, a racist Arab Muslim mob of more than 200[839] attacked and sexually assaulted CBS' 60 Minutes reporter Lara Logan, while yelling "Jew!, Jew!"[840] [841]

It knows no borders, of the ADL's records documenting anti-semitic attacks worldwide, [842] the larger portion of those listed since 2002 (to 2010) were attributed to Arabs, especially those in Europe. From a report in 2010: "Anti-Semitism on the rise worldwide," Jewish Community in Berlin warns of 'alarming' rise in anti-Semitic violence by Arab, Turkish immigrants. According to the report, although extreme right activists still play a significant role in perpetrating anti-Semitic incidents, in 2009 most violent cases, especially in western Europe − where identification was obtained − were determined to have been carried out by individuals of Arab or Muslim background. [843] In a sport game in Chile, Non-Jewish Goldberg (mistaken for Jew) made headlines after fans of Palestino, a Chilean team set up by Palestinian Arabs hurled racial slurs, 'They called me J. garbage' [844].

In 2007 the London editor of pan-Arab daily was praying for Iranian nuclear genocide attack on Israel [845] "if the Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight." circulating its propaganda to about 50,000 readers [846]. In 2005, the president of the pan-Arab group AEL (Arab Europen League) Abou Jajjah backed and rationalized Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's outrageous statements, after the Islamic Republic's head made his controversial speeches including the infamous (denounced) genocidal call for Israel to be wiped off saying that: the foundation of Mr. Ahmadinejad's reasoning is intellectually defendable.[847]

In June 2010, in the aftermath of the flotilla incident, (where Islamists --masked under "humanitarian peace activists" with an aid-ship to Gaza which Israel blockaded after years of that regime Islamic-Hamas attacks on Israeli civilians, especially targeting schoolchildren in Sderot, with an aim of stopping the flow of arms, only allowing basic needs-- prepared themselves to kill [they were filmed shouting "Kill the Jews" and in the radio exchange to warning of Israel's security if entering its waters the Islamists' reply was "Shut up! Go back to Auchwitz!"] and die in order to tarnish Israel's image, they succeeded when attacking & injuring Israeli soldiers that came aboard the ship for inspection, as a result 9 Muslims died and wide condemnation & an "outcry" against Israel arose), the Arab world’s media has seen a surge in publication of political cartoons depicting anti-Semitic stereotypes and "hateful caricatures," especially a hateful (Qatari) Arab ship cartoons drew rebuke. [848]

United by hate, Neo Nazis & radical Arabists, Islamists cooperation

The "cooperation" between Unlikely partners: White supremacists ally with [Arab] Muslim extremists [849], the Peculiar Alliance [850], Including ridiculous anti Israel "conspiracy theorists" that don't have any basis in reality [851], The KKK uses Arab businesses to recruit it's members, One can always tell the KKK when they have a politician in office [852], Some have noted about 'Arabist wing' inside the infamous racist KKK [853], Neo-Nazi coined offensive terms used by anti-Semites and neo-Nazis referring to the government of the United States and occasionally to Britain, implying that Jews and their supporters control the mechanisms of government, is used by hardcore "Palestine" supporters and Pan-Arabists who seek the elimination of Israel. [854]

'Refreshing Old alliance, In an essay titled: "The Swastika and the Crescent Muslim and Neo-Nazi extremists unite" Martin A. Lee writes about: the Nazi-Muslim axis, about Ahmed Huber: Neo-Nazi, Islamic convert, Advocating a pan-Islamic insurgency in British-controlled Palestine, the Brotherhood proclaimed their support for the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini. [855] Michael Whine wrote in: 'An Unholy Alliance - Nazi links with Arab totalitarianism,' reminding the 'Nazi Arab Cooperation' during the 1930s and the 1940s, Europe exported totalitarian ideologies to the Middle East, where their most enduring influence has been on Islamists and the Ba'athists. [856], both point out to the ironic fact of Hitler's loathing Arabs, yet finding "common ground" to share the hateful goal.

From a researcher on the "Third position," revealing the Third Position motif, a racial nationalist journal, Nation und Europa, promoted the slogans "Arabia for the Arabs," and "the whole of Germany for the Germans." In Britain, some neofascists praised the regimes in Libya and Iran as allies in the fight against communism, capitalism, and Israel. [857]

Holocaust denial

Holocaust denial now regularly occurs throughout the Middle East [858], Holocaust denial is finding increasing acceptance in certain Arab circles as part of their anti-Israel propaganda. It would seem, from any logical perspective, that Holocaust denial would be counter-productive in the Palestinian/Arab struggle against Israel, but as an expert has put it "It shows the depth of their anti-Semitism and their hatred of the Jews, and the depth to which their hatred overcomes their logic." [859]

Embracing Holocaust Deniers

In the wake of the intifada, crude Holocaust denial re-emerged as a means of delegitimizing Israel and Zionism, along with motifs that had typified the discourse of the early years of the Arab-Israeli conflict, such as regret that Hitler had not finished the job. Egyptian columnist Ahmad Rajab thanked Hitler for taking revenge on the Israelis "in advance on behalf of the Palestinians," but noted that it was not complete. The PA semi-official paper al-Hayat al-Jadida published an article on 13 April by Khayri Mansur, entitled "Marketing Ashes," which elaborates various themes common to Holocaust deniers: alleged political and economic exploitation by Zionist propaganda, and doubting the number of Jews exterminated as well as well as the existence of the gas chambers. The Hizballah website disseminated "The Holocaust Lie," from Richard Harwood's book Did Six Million Really Die?, and referred the browser to the Leuchter Report. Norman Finkelstein's book The Holocaust Industry drew considerable attention in the Arab media. It was translated into Arabic, reviewed and discussed while Finkelstein himself was a welcome interviewee. Although it does not deny the Holocaust, the book was perceived as an anti-Jewish/anti-Zionist tract, confirming Arab claims of exploitation of the Holocaust for Zionist political ends. At the Durban conference, Arab and Muslim representatives attempted, publicly, for the first time, to trivialize the Holocaust by denying its uniqueness and turning it into one of many holocausts.The centrality of Holocaust denial in the Arab discourse was manifested in two events – an aborted conference of Western revisionists in Beirut, and an Arab forum on historical revisionism, which took place in May in Amman. The conference "Revisionism and Zionism," co-sponsored by the California-based Institute of Historical Review (IHR), the leading Holocaust denial group in the world (sued for libel [860] ). [861]


Conspiracy theories continue to be rampant in the Middle East [862]. Pipes in an article: "Israel, America and Arab Delusions" brings both "exreme" exmaples of the Arab 'conspiracy theories', one that accuses the Zionists for "using" US, the other, just the exat opposite thesis, proclaiming that the U.S. has for decades "used the Zionist entity as a tool to safeguard its interests in the region." [863], the "Anti-Semitic 9/11 Conspiracy Theories" invented by the Hezbollah a few days after the Islamic 911 attack, Years later, it still "lives" on [864]. Vernon Richards wrote about the "Never-ending Islamic Conspiracies," from "contaminating" AIDS to blaming some Islamic terror attacks on the Jews... Arab countries also regularly host conferences where Holocaust deniers masquerading as historians claim to be able to "prove" there was no massacre of Jews by the Nazis during World War II. Whereas many Muslims worldwide praise Hitler for his services, yet almost in the same breath they deny the Holocaust as "a big illusion of the Jews". [865] (see #Merging bigotry of Arabism & Islamism) , an Iraqi Arab writer had the strength to speak out: Najem Wali in "The dictator's orphans" came out against the 'Arab Writers Union' and declares: the terminology and concept: collaboration with the "Zionist enemy" is an invention of the Arabic racist lexicon [866].


In a New York Times that ran in December 3, 2003 under title: "Attacks by Arabs On Jews in France Revive Old Fears" France's Mr. Sarkozy has differentiated between all racism and anti-Semitic racism, in saying: "that the horror of the Holocaust meant that anti-Semitism had to be treated differently than other forms of racism in Europe. That is a challenge when many of the young Arab Muslim youths who wander the streets have no understanding of the Holocaust."[867]

A few examples of racist Arabist attacks, in France: Already in October 2000 among a very long and troubling list of attacks, Jews threatened and shoved by Arabs outside O.Y. Synagogue in Paris (first of two incidents) & 'Death to Jews' painted on two Synagogues in Marseilles [868], between 2000-2001 200 Arabs attacked Jews on the Champs Elysees [869], in March 2003 French Arab Muslims attack Jews in Paris in an "anti-war" march [870], in 2003 Jewish congregations in Sweden have noted a sharp increase in "harassment threats and attacks by Arabs and Muslims against Jews [871], in 2004 Six Arab youths attacked a twenty three year old young mother with her thirteen month old baby [872] after "deciding" she was Jewish, cut her hair with knives, slashed her clothes and scrawled swastikas on her belly in black felt-tip pen [873].

The Netherlands has a large Arab immigrant population that causes anti-Jewish racist attacks. From a report on "Manifestations of Anti-Semitism in the European Union - The Netherlands Commissioned by the E.U. Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia": Direct threats, The number of anti-Semitic incidents in schools and at the workplace is growing. The slogan “Hamas, Hamas, Joden aan het gas” (Hamas, Hamas, all Jews to the gas) and the accusation “Kankerjoden” (cancerous growth Jews) are frequently used against the Jewish population by native Dutch, often by children and by members of the Muslim population., Indirect threats, During the pro-Palestinian demonstration in Amsterdam on 13 April 2002, 75 swastikas were carried amongst the 15,000-20,000 participants, almost 90% of whom were not native Dutch; Israeli and American flags were also burned. 200 mostly non-native Dutch [Arab] Moroccan young people were responsible for the excesses during the demonstration. At other pro-Palestinian demonstrations mainly Moroccan participants called out anti-Semitic slogans, including the aforementioned “Hamas, Hamas, all Jews to the gas”, a slogan that is heard repeatedly in football stadiums, in particular by supporters of Feyenoord Rotterdam; anti-Semitic symbols were also visible. It was also noticed that such chants have long become the norm in football stadiums. [874]

From a 2005 US State Department report, militant young Muslims, mostly Moroccans, on a number of occasions assaulted or intimidated identifiable Jews. In addition to the anti-Semitic acts carried out by a relatively small group of Arab youths, the virulent anti-Israel sentiment among certain groups in society, such as the Arab European League (AEL) and the Stop the Occupation movement, also have contributed to an anti-Semitic atmosphere in some quarters. [875]

In 2006, in Germany, there was a widely reported case of a 14 years old girl, suffered anti-Semitic insults from adolescents with an Arab background. They also beat her and spat on her. Walking to school became like running the gauntlet for her. Her tormentors would hide in wait for her and chase her through the streets. In the end the girl had to be given police protection on her way to school. [876].

In January 9, 2006 – Créteil – Two Jewish boys wearing yarmulkes were attacked in front of a train station in Créteil, a Paris suburb. The 11- and 12-year-olds were approached by four men of African and Arab origin, who hurled anti-Semitic epithets at them before striking [877], in March 2006 Jews attacked in Paris suburbs by Arabs [878], in June 2008 Jewish Boy Attacked by Arab Muslim Mob in Paris [879], A 17-year-old French Jew Rudy Haddad attacked by North-Africans (Arabs) Jewish teen brutally beaten in apparent anti-Semitic attack in Paris, "[Sarkozy] assures the victim and his family of his support and renews his total determination to fight all forms of racism and anti-Semitism," said a statement from Sarkozy's office. A 23-year-old French Jew, Ilan Halimi, was found naked, tortured and covered in burns near Paris on February 13, 2006, after being held captive for three weeks. He died on the way to the hospital. The crime shocked France and raised fears of surging anti-Semitism among French Muslims. In February of this year, another Jewish teenager was tortured in the same town in which Halimi was killed, in yet another anti-Semitic attack. [880].

In April 2002 the Antwerp-based Arab European League (AEL) leader Dyab Abou Jahjah (1971) performed for the first time at a pro-Palestine demonstration in Antwerp that got completely out of hand, 'Where flags of Israel were set on fire and demonstrators shouted anti-Semitic chant" (De Volkskrant, 11/5/02). "Jews are dogs," was heard in the streets (Reformatorisch Dagblad, March 1 2003) [881]. his group branded Anti-Semitic. [882] It ridiculed the holocaust, [883] on February 2006 this Muslim European group posted anti-Semitic cartoons, [884] the AEL website posted a cartoon of Anne Frank in bed with Adolf Hitler,[885] and on January 2009 was behind Anti-Jewish riots in Belgium. [886]

In early 2010 in Sweden, the situation got so bad to Jews from racist Arab & bigoted Muslim (See also: #Merging bigotry of Arabism & Islamism) attacks on them that caused downright ethnic cleansing, "Jews flee Malmo as antisemitism grows" [887][888], a writer decried: What of the excuse that the Arabs in Sweden dislike Israeli policies? Antisemites always have excuses. The excuse is a pretext for bigotry. First comes the prejudice, then comes an excuse, as if prejudice were rational. Ask an emotionally disturbed person why he does such and such, and he will give an apparently logical reason. Do you believe it? The Arab-Israel conflict is itself religious, based on the pre-existing Muslim Arab prejudice against non-believers. The prejudice has been augmented over the centuries by Christian notions of blood libel, Nazi notions of racial inheritance of character traits, and inflammatory conspiracy theories by Radical Islam. [889]

In February 2010, the Israeli minister Danny Ayalon may press charges over 'racist' heckling, when a student was alleged to have shouted the Arabic phrase Idhbah al-yahud", meaning "kill the Jews", before being ejected by security. [890]


Jeremy Jones wrote in a report in 2004 on Australia that some of the most overt anti-Jewish rhetoric in recent years has come from the Muslim and Arab groups & communities, and within the Arab and Muslim communities there is a group of activists who seek at every opportunity to denigrate Jews, not only in association with attacks on Israel [891].

On campus

Columbia University's investigation into charges of anti-Jewish intimidation by Arab professors [892].

Harassment on Jewish students in Canadian universities by Arabs like in Carleton [893], Concordia University [894] which has been described by some as "centre of militant Arabism in Canada" [895]. [896] there were charges (in 2002) of militant Arabism in Canada's Concordia University.

On May 7 2002, an example has been seen at the SFSU while a large, angry crowd of Arab Palestinians and their supporters swarmed a Jewish peace rally (where students wore t-shirts that said "peace" in English, Hebrew and Arabic) members, used physical violence, and shouted "Get out or we will kill you" and "Hitler did not finish the job" [897] [898] [899].

November 2008, Arab Students at UC Berkeley Disrupt Israel Event, Attack Jews The Arab students unfurled the large flag on a balcony above the outdoor site where the concert was taking place, inciting a provocation right in front of the concert-goers, who were enjoying the event as part of the campus' Israel Liberation Week. Several Jewish concertgoers went into the building to ask the Arabs to remove the flag – but were viciously attacked, with one male concertgoer knocked down from a blow on the back of his head, witnesses said. College alumnus Gabe Weiner, who was helping run the concert, was assaulted by the leader of the anti-Israel group, Husam Zakharia, who also attacked one of the performers, Yehuda De Sa. The fight was finally broken up by John Moghtader, a senator in the UC Berkeley student organization. Police were called in and arrested Zakharia along with others from his group, charging them with battery. Witnesses said that the Arab students shouted anti-Semitic curses and epithets throughout the incident, calling the Jews "Nazis" and "dogs," [900].

On February, 2009 The Canadian Federation of Jewish Students warned Jewish students warned of growing threat of violence and threats against Jews (from 'pro Arab students') who overtly support Israel or who are wearing clothing that identifies them as Jews. On February 11, York University students blocked the entrance to the office of Hillel, a Jewish campus group, shouting anti-Israel — and allegedly anti-Semitic — statements. Campus and city police had to escort the students through the swarm. The Toronto Police Service are investigating a potential hate crime, The RCMP is investigating an incident at the University of British Columbia, in which a pro-Palestinian student allegedly assaulted two Jewish students. During the conference, a Jewish Student claimed he has seen a spike in complaints from Jewish students across the country in recent weeks. He also alluded to several incidents--including the dissemination of posters that featured anti-Semitic caricatures. [901]

There are complaints against the Muslim Students Association MSA of racism against Jews coming from its Arabs, Muslims, in 2008 Author David Horowitz, a popular conservative writer, was derided in a Nazi-like anti-Semitic cartoon, put out by the Muslim Student Association. The cartoon, which was copied and spread around campus, portrays Horowitz, a Jewish man, as a hooked-nose Nazi hiding in a trash can [902].


From a 2000-2001 Report of Antisemitism And Racism, Responses to the intifada in the media, in wall graffiti and by Arab organizations in Venezuela such as FEARAB (Arab Federation for Latin America) were directed at de-legitimizing the State of Israel, which was accused of causing the Palestinian tragedy. The radical language used against Israel was not infrequently antisemitic, for example, the comparison of Israeli soldiers with Nazis. [903]

In January 2009, Venezuela expelled Israeli ambassador over Gaza, due to influence by Chavez's government's Justice Minister Tarek El Aissami, who is of Arab descent [904] and a sizable population of Arab descent, hundreds of people who marched against Israel [905] (at Israel's anti terror operation of cast lead [906] [907], Descendants of Arabs thriving in S. America, Venezuela has a flourishing Arab community of about 1.5 million, business and commerce. Shop names like Flower of Palestine are a common [908]).

In Jan. 1, 2009, Antisemitic graffiti was painted on the corner of Cristobal Colon Sinai Jewish School in Caracas [909].

There was worldwide condemnation pouring down on Venezuela After Synagogue Attack in Caracas, with written racist messages like: "Jews, get out," in the worst ever attack on the Venezuelan Jewish community. [910] Death threats against rabbis and the menacing of the Jewish community has apparently led to vandalism of a synagogue in Caracas. Marauders entered the temple and profaned the Torah and Ark, strewing them on the floor and fired shots in the air. [911] It has been said that 'Palestinian' and Arab supporters in Venezuela were responsible [912] and Chavez's (described by many as a dictator [913] [914] [915][916] [917] [918] [919] [920] [921], who is a new "hero" in the Arab world [922]) close ties with the radical Islamic Republic of Iran's leader Ahmadinejad (that has called for genocide, to 'wipe out Israel' [923][924][925] ) [926] [927].

Hugo Chavez - extreme Arabism, he also forged alliances with dictators of rogue Arab states such as Libya' s Qaddafi, Iraq' Saddam Hussein, Exhorting his countrymen to return to their "Arab roots" [928], he has illegally given more than 270 Venezuelan passports to Arab extremists [929], Waleed al-Tabtabai A Kuwaiti Islamist MP called for moving Arab League headquarters from Cairo to Caracas after he expelled the Israel's ambassador, Tabtabai said that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez "has proved that he was more Arab than some Arabs" [930].

United States

In March 2008, Oriah Ohana, a 25-year-old Israeli rabbi was attacked by a group of Arab men in Brooklyn, New York City. An 18-year-old Arab man grabbed the yarmulka (kippa) off Rabbi Ohana's head at the 4th Avenue and 9th Street train station in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, while his friends kicked and punched the victim and screamed "Allahu Akbar" [Arabic: Allah is Great]. [931]

An Ohio Arab "Palestinian" man, Mansor Mohammad Asad on a plane: "I'm Palestinian and I want to kill all the Jews!" [January, 2010] [932] [933] and told Black police officer, "Go Back to Africa!" [934].

The elderly Arab American 'White House' journalist Helen Thomas (89), caused an uproar in June 2010, at her anti-Jewish racist statement of 'ethnic cleansing,' calling for Israelis to get the "heck out" of Israel and go "back" to Poland & Germany and the US. [935] [936] [937] (Ironically ignoring of course the very fact of the origin of today's Arab Palestinians rather, which is by in large by Arab immigration from Syria, Egypt & other surrounding areas,[938] [939] [940] [941] [942] [943] [944] [945] [946] [947] [948] [949] [950] [951] [952] [953] [954][955] [956] [957] [958] [959] [960] [961] [962] [963] while there was always a continuous Jewish presence in Israel - Palestine for thousands of years.[964] [965] Incidentally no one in American public media, so far, has called for the Arab "Palestinians" in Israel and the surrouding territories to go back to Arabia), there were calls for her being fired over the 'racist' and anti-semitic remarks. [966], The US administration has criticized her controversial remarks and a scheduled speech by her was canceled [967], the veteran White House reporter drew sharp criticism from the Obama. [968], her weak 'apology' was rejected [969]. The national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said that Thomas' apology didn't go far enough. "Her suggestion... is bigoted and shows a profound ignorance of history," said the statement. "We believe Thomas needs to make a more forceful and sincere apology for the pain her remarks have caused." [970], at the end, she "retired" over the outburst. [971]

Roots and cause of Middle east conflict

Pundits explain that the conflict in the middle east Arabs Vs Israel (that started with racist massacres on Jews accompanied with the slogan "Itbach al Yahud - Kill the Jews" [972] already in the 1920's [973], through Hitler's buddy [974] the Mufti Mohammad Amin al-Husayni, is just another Arab Muslim intolerance, the plight of Israel - being a minority in a majority hostile middle east. [975] [976] [977] [978] [979] [980], another one writes: place Israel's demand for security... for the sake of survival against two racist and exclusivist ideologies Arabism and Islamicism [981], see more about the: #Twin fascisms: Arabism & Islamism, some have put it bluntly: This is about a 250 million strong Pan-Arab Movement seeking to drive 6 million Jews into the sea [982], Lebanese journalist Brigitte Gabriel: 'Arabs are taught hatred of Jews with mothers' milk.' "universities teach hatred of Jews," from a lecture at Columbia University - March 6 2005 entitled: "Environments of Hate: Indoctrination in the Arab World and Propaganda Advocacy in Americas University Classrooms" I am an eyewitness and a victim of the indoctrination of hate education, racism, intolerance, intimidation and fabricated lies by my government and religious influences. This indoctrination was for one purpose: To eradicate the newborn state of Israel; to foment hatred and wipe out Jewish presence in an Arab dominated world. For Arabs, the simple existence of Israel was viewed as a nakbah! This pan Arab hate indoctrination was a reaction to Jews returning to their homeland after Arabic and Islamic belief for 1400 years that the Yahuds were vanquished and subjugated as Dhimmi. I believe hate motivated indoctrination fosters irrational thinking and faulty reasoning [983], and even progressive, left wingers in Israel realize that Arab racism must go, and that "There will be no peace around here before Arabs view Jews as human beings." [984], or as others have phrased it: Racism and Middle East Politics, What we are witnessing in the Middle East is anti-Semitism, not politics. It is Jew-hatred, not a dispute over borders or rights or Palestinian statehood. This present conflict is the direct result of Arab racism and Arab intolerance. As long as middle-eastern Arabs teach their children to hate Jews, there will be no lasting peace [985]. 'Facts and Logic About the Middle East' asks: Racism in the Islamic World How can peace prevail in the Middle East in the face of Islamic bigotry and hate? When will moderate Muslims speak out? [986], and the phenomenon of the new anti-Semitism which demonizes Jews and Israel alike, has fused itself with the "old" European anti Jewish bigotry [987]. Saddam Hussein's "Three Whom God Should Not Have Created: Persians, Jews, and Flies" [988] who also led a racist [989] genocide campaign [990] against the Kurds, coincides with that in moments before his death, he shouted: 'Palestine is Arab', meaning only Arab. [991], as part of a culture of hatred, the racism that denies historic roots of the Jews to Israel [992], so does an Iraqi author explains, as part of the damage that was done to the rights and interests of non-Arab nations and ethnic groups in the Arab lands – among them the Kurds, the Copts, and the Jews, that: "Despite the consequences of denying the other the right to exist, not to mention other rights – that is, [despite] the oppression, conflicts, wars, and instability [resulting from this]... the Arabs have steadfastly clung to their clearly chauvinist position. All problems in the region arising from minorities' increasing awareness of their rights have been dealt with by the Arabs in accordance with [the principle of non-acceptance]... [even] after the emergence of international institutions giving these rights legal validity, in keeping with the mentality and rationale of our time." pointing the finger at the Arab league, "With the strident chorus of its secretaries, the Arab League ensures that every car crash in Gaza or the West Bank is interpreted as an Israeli conspiracy against the Arab future. This is because the Arab League... was established as a pan-Arab entity whose main function was to write reports and studies rife with distortions of fact so as to quell the conscience of any Arab who dared think independently and expunge [the concept of] the Nakba from his consciousness." [993].

An expert who befriended an Arab-Palestinian as to understand/help him in the conflict: The question of Israel is the question of what happens to all minorities in the Middle East. The Arab Muslim Middle East has 300 million people. It has a very hard time treating Coptic Christians with equality, treating Maronites in Lebanon with equality, treating Southern Sudanese in an equal way, treating Kurds in an equal way, and dealing with Jews – not only in their national expression, but even as minorities within their own countries. There was never a golden era for Jews who lived in Arab countries. He adds: This is why I'm negative about the intentions of Palestinians. If their goal were statehood, they could have had statehood. Therefore, you have to give serious credence to the idea that their goal is not statehood, that it's more important to rid the Arab world of Jewish nationalism than it is to have a Palestinian state that would improve the lives of individual Palestinians now. [994]

From an article in Newsweek: The Virus of Arab Anti-Semitism, Anti-Semitism In Araby, To achieve Arab-Israeli peace will mean dealing with a civil society on one side that is by no means civil. the fact that no Arab regime has shown itself willing to truly prepare its people for peace with Israel, which would mean accepting the lasting presence of Jews in their midst. Indeed, anti-Semitism--the real stuff, not just bad-mouthing particular Israeli policies--is as much part of Arab life today as the hijab or the hookah. Whereas this darkest of creeds is no longer tolerated in polite society in the West, in the Arab world, Jew hatred remains culturally endemic. The writer continues: For a European, it all feels uncomfortably familiar. Take the cartoons one sees in the government-controlled Arab press. They feature The Jew as a murderous conspirator, a capitalist bloodsucker or Satan himself--the classics. He even looks like his predecessors in Der Stürmer, with his hooked nose, thick lip and sinister beard. Citing a few highlighted examples: Open Egypt's Al-Gomhuria newspaper, and there is The Jew as a serpent strangling Uncle Sam over a caption that reads "The Jews taking over the world." On Al-Nas TV, Egyptian cleric Ahmad Abd al-Salam tells his viewers, "I want you to imagine the Jews sitting around a table, conspiring how to corrupt the Muslims … The Jews conspire to infect the food of Muslims with cancer [and] to ship it to Muslim countries." Al-Salam's colleague, Zaghloul al-Naggar, has called Jews "devils in human form." And this is a country at peace with Israel. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazis' chief propagandist, would be proud.

Meanwhile, Saleh Riqab, Hamas's deputy minister of religious endowment, has picked up smoothly where European anti-Semitism leaves off, declaring on TV that "the protocols of the elders of Zion discuss how the Jews should seize control of the world... [995]

The first recorded Arab attack on Jews in Palestine was already back in 1886 in Petach Tikva [996][997] [998] [999] [1.000].

A writer in an article titled: 'Anti-Semitism: From The Holocaust To Israel-Bashing' In the Judenrein Arab Middle East, racist anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial are preached in mosques, featured in the media and taught in schools. [1.001]

Fascist roots of the 'war on Israel' from the beginning, Some British fascists were also eager to fight the Jews in Palestine, a development noticed after Jamal Nasir of the Arab Office addressed a group of fascists in Hampstead, as a result of which the 43 Group learned that some were visiting the Arab League Office in Eaton Square, London in order to join the Arab Legion' with the express intention of 'killing Jews,' Arab League's secretary Azzam Pasha, had received a letter from his friend, the fervent pro-Arab fascist Captain Robert Gordon-Canning, suggesting that a major general travel to the Middle East and lecture to the Arabs about modern warfare. [1.002] revealed intelligence documents (1948 Report to the UN, which rebukes PLO's Myth of National Liberation) show that before the 15 May 1948 invasion, British intelligence knew that the Arabs terrorizing the future Israel were being led in part by Nazi advisers. These included Bosnian Muslims from the infamous Handzar Division of the Waffen SS. According to a French intelligence document published by The Nation seven months later, the British sent thousands of Nazi prisoners of war, including top war criminals, to assist the Arab attack. This was after the Arab invasion. [1.003]

Writing on 'Arab fascism,' spreading across the globe: "The recent waves of Arab anti-Semiticism has promoted an entire new type of behavior towards Jews and Israel that has not been seen since the early 1930s", C. Read: "Arab Anti-Semiticism - Just A Brand Of Arab Fascism", Arab anti-Semiticism runs rife and is causing a whole new wave of anti-semiticism throughout the world. Jews are once again the target of fascism. Only this time, it is Arab fascism. Israel is seen as the big bad wolf by some in the western world, including the media, and the plight of the Palestinians has caused them to become the new favorite victim of those who use the situation for political purposes. While many decry fascism in theory, they turn a blind eye towards Arab fascism and take up collections for Palestinians. pointing to the shear contrast between the West (including Israel) and the Arab world: In the west, it is common to teach your children to respect all people. This is especially true in the United States, a nation made up of immigrants. Yet Arab fascism does not work that way. Arab anti-semiticism runs so deep that although Arabs are allowed to worship as they please in Israel, the same is not afforded Israel or other religions in many Arab countries. There is no amount of talking that is going to change an ideology such as Arab fascism. [1.004]

On anti-Jewish racism's effect on clarity of the middle east, Interfaith Office Acknowledges (May 2008) Anti-Jewish Motifs and Stereotypes in Commentary About Arab-Israeli Conflict [1.005], there's widespread concern about Carter's pro-Arabism, and veteran historian of Islam and the Middle East [1.006] & Bernard Lewis is concerned that the "Arab strain of racism, untruths and hatred against Jews and Israel is not only more virulent than its European counterpart, but is not counterbalanced by true scholarship or competing reason." As a result, he believes, attitudes and beliefs "long discredited in the modernity of western countries take root with gullible, impressionable Middle Eastern audiences from a pre-modern culture." [1.007].

The Arab Anti-Jewish racist ideology even in terminology, spreading beyond its borders, Chaim Herzog, Israeli Ambassador to the UN and author of The War of Atonement (1975), in his book: "Who stands accused?: Israel answers its critics" It has been declared that Jewish settlements beyond the 1967 borders are "illegal," that the brought about "demographic changes" in the territories that they constitute an "obstacle to peace" in the area (p. 88), "demographic changes." This new international slogan, which attempts to mask Arab anti-Jewish policy, has unfortunately been adopted by gullible spokesmen of many countries whose philosophy is far removed from such racism and racist policy (p. 95) [1.008]. In a 1975 article "New Attitudes toward the Jew in the Arab World," NA Stillman wrote that "colonialist," and "racist" in the Arabic lexicon of epithets-perhaps the most sinister of them all.[1.009]. The Guardian Promoted the Apartheid Slur [2006]. [1.010]

Critics have drawn the attention to a racist "Arabist" phenomenon --that has spread unto non-Arabs as well-- 1) Branding Israelis' defense from Arab attack as "racist." 2) Reserving the pejorative "racist" epithet to Jews alone. 3) All the while (racist) killing Jews as Jews are condoned, even glorified. 4) The real anti-Israel motivation is not out of any feelings or caring for Arab-Palestinians but a plan of cleansing out Jews by Arabism. ...adoration of the "other" as such. It's inverted scale of values a la Orwell's 1984, is reflected in the selective use of pseudo Arabist terminology where, for instance, the pejorative epithet "racist" applies to Jews alone. Thus, while the encouragement of Arabe migration from Israel to the neighboring lands is vehemently condemned as worthy of a Hitler, the indiscriminate attack on Jews as Jews is glossed over in silence, if not actually condoned... empathy with the Palestinian Arab plight. In reality it betokens the pseudo-Arabist's pathetic longing for no less than a racial transmutation.[1.011] [1.012]

Bat Ye'or: Arab racism consists of calling the Land of Israel, Arab land, whereas no Palestinian province, village, or town, including Jerusalem is mentioned either in the Koran or in any Arabic text before the end of the ninth century. On the contrary, these locations are mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, which represents the religious and historical heritage of the Jewish people. The Bible, which tells the history of this country, tells it in Hebrew, the language of the country, and not in Arabic. Palestinian racism consists of asserting that the whole history of Israel, biblical history, is Arab, Islamic, and Palestinian history. [1.013]

Mideast Narratives Have Changed Over Time, Though Arab governments in a spirit of Pan-Arabism founded the PLO, the acknowledged historical chronology relegates such inconvenient facts to the dustbin. Instead, fiction assumes the realm of fact while charges of racism are leveled against anyone who denies the veracity of "Palestinian claims." Instead of the Palestinians being perceived as a group of immigrants from various Arab states that have only recently coalesced into a semi-unified community, they are acknowledged as a group deserving of equal rights to the historical Jewish homeland. [1.014]

When pressed by an Islamist pro-Jihadists of Hamas where they stand on "Palestine", (after IDF's cast lead operation against the terror group Hamas), (most) Berber leaders said: We Don't March Because Islamists and Pan-Arabists Have Monopolized the Public Sphere, we reject completely both ideologies 'Islamism and pan-Arabism', that Selective Humanism and Compassion Are the Expression of an Unspoken Racism, that The 'Arab Street' Is Jubilant When an Indoctrinated Palestinian Child Blows Himself up in Tel Aviv" - And Ignores Crimes in Darfur and Kurdistan, they spoke out against Palestinians' death cult such that of Gaza: Death is their ideal, their culture, and the pillar of their values. The society that [Hamas] dominates, is indoctrinated to murder, to kill in jubilation and in horror. against the Arab terrible media that shows casualties caused by Arab Palestinian themselves (with Iranian & Syrians pulling the strings) in order to make Israel look bad suffer martyrdom while serving as a human shield in a war imposed on them by Hamas' Islamist militias and their allies in Damascus and Tehran. The media are at the source of the clamors of indignation heard from the four corners of the world when faced with the horrors of a war broadcast live. [1.015]

There's extensive research on 'Palestinian Anti-Semitism' [1.016], In its official media, the PA daily described: The Fable of the Holocaust [1.017], the JCPA elaborates About Anti-Semitism among Palestinian Authority Academics and how The Palestinian Authority's academic anti-Semitism has built an extensive case against Jewish existence [1.018] This Palestinian racism is particularly dangerous because this hatred of Jews is portrayed as the will of Allah. [1.019]

The racist Hamas charter calls for the killing of all Jews and blames Jews for all world problems for the last several hundred years.[1.020] Authors assert that: "Hamas displays an 'almost blind hatred' and racism against Jews." [1.021]

Racism of killing 'any' Jews

The racism of killing only Jews for the sole reason of being Jewish. they target every Jew, regardless of his or her individual political views, and they apologize when they accidentally kill a non-Jew (Arab), regardless of his political view. [1.022], Make no mistake: Arab racism is killing Jews [1.023], radical Arab Palestinians openly declare they seek the killing of Jews simply for being Jews [1.024], on the racism of supporting terror (by the Arab population) and the 'Fear of calling a terrorist a terrorist', a writer clarifies: If justifying the murder of innocents because they belong to a certain hated group is not abject racism, I'd like to know what is. [1.025] [1.026]

See: #False racialization of fear of terror.

Apartheid by the Arab world

Arab states like: Saudi Arabia that has long discriminated against Jews, still does so today [1.027], it barrs any Jews from entering the country [1.028], even barring any Americans with passports that contain an Israeli entry stamp called 'Arab passpoort bigotry' on the NYTimes [1.029], so does Syria, it refused even entry for journalists that happened to be Jewish [1.030], Jews were never permitted to live in Jordan civil law No. 6, which governed the Jordanian-occupied West Bank, states explicitly: "Any man will be a Jordanian subject if he is not Jewish." [1.031].

From a statement on 'Arab Discrimination Against American Citizens...' acts of discrimination by the Arab states against American citizens on the basis of their religious beliefs, appears to be condoning practices that, are in utter violation of the fundamental principles of religious liberty and equality of citizenship. These acts of discrimination include the following:

Americans of the Jewish faith are excluded from serving in Arab countries in American military, diplomatic and civilian capacities. Arab countries refuse to honor American passports carried by Jews. The Arab countries are conducting a boycott against American business firms which employ Jews or which have Jewish stockholders or directors. Arab consular and diplomatic officials in this country lend their offices to the implementation of such boycotts and to spreading anti-Semitism. [1.032]

The years long Arab world's boycotting, Isolation of Israel is described as 'Anti-Israelism and Anti-Semitism,' and like typical anti-semitism, it starts with demonization [1.033], the evils of the Arab boycott [1.034] connected to bigotry has grown to a push in the west of an Academic bocycott of Israeli professors, [1.035] [1.036][1.037], and outrage has gone out on attempts of silencing Jewish voices. [1.038]

The Arab Muslim apartheid against Israel's ambulances, Arab Red Cross societies seek to censure Israel and Magen David Adom. [1.039]

Critics have raised the fact that 'the notion that Palestinians, but not Jews, may live in Judea and Samaria is blatant "racism." [1.040].

A south African writer: "If there is apartheid in the Middle East, then it is the apartheid in Arab states against Jews, Christians and women, who are all denied the most basic human rights and treated as second-class citizens. Most Arab governments do not even allow Jews to visit, let alone live. In fact, more than 800,000 Jews have been expelled from Arab countries over the last five decades, where they lived peacefully for centuries, albeit with inferior status." [1.041]

More on the Arab Muslim anti-Jewish apartheid, a writer: As Jonathan Tobin points out, the official goal of the Middle East "peace process" is a "two-state solution", in one of which Muslims live alongside Jews and have voting rights and representation in the legislature, while in the other there are no Jews at all and, as in "moderate" Jordan, to sell your house to a Jew is a crime punishable by death. There goes the neighborhood, right? When the western campus left holds its annual (Arab led propaganda) "Israeli Apartheid Week", presumably it's in philosophical support of the notion that you don't need to run an "apartheid" system if you just get rid of everyone who's not like you. The writer goes on and decries: If Muslims are so revolted by Jews that they cannot tolerate any living among them, well, they're free to believe what they want. What is less understandable is the present position of Obama & his administration made it very clear that they regard a few dozen housing units in Jerusalem as a far greater threat to Middle East peace than the Iranian nuclear program. Why is it in the interest of the United States to validate, enthusiastically, the most explicit and crudest bigotry of the Palestinian "cause"? [1.042]

Rachel Neuwirth Wrote "Judenrein Palestine?" about Arabs forcing Israel to remove Jews from their historic Judea and asks: Why can't Jews live in their historic homeland if there really is peace? After all, there are 1.2 million Arabs living as citizens of Israel in the one Jewish country in the world, while there are only a handful of Jews living in any of the 22 Arab countries. In fact, in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, not only is it illegal for Jews to be citizens, they are not even allowed to live there. Therefore, she proves, instead of Israel being the "apartheid state" in the region, it is the Arab world that is not only apartheid, but also racist and religiously exclusive [1.043].

In an article titled: Endorsing Palestinian apartheid, the writer asks Why does world accept notion of Palestinian state free of Jews? [1.044].

The American Thinker wrote about "Arab ethnic cleansing," regarding the demand of uprooting and removal of over 200,000 Israeli/Jewish citizens from towns and cities, (ie, ethnic cleansing), that Arabs want for their "Palestinian" state as a beginning for peace. No mention is made, no uproar over this Judenrein demand although it is another example of Arab apartheid and racism. However imagine the shrieks if Israel made the same demand. that most Arab nations ban Jews from living in their countries; from "moderate" Jordan to "radical" Saudi Arabia, while others place severe personal and religious restrictions on the few remaining Jews. In contrast, over 20% of Israel's population is Arab, who are free to practice various forms of Islam or Christianity. But not a peep of protest about the former comes from the mouths or internet sites of the human "rights" crew while shouts of apartheid instantly roar from the anti Israel crowd when Israel takes preventive measures if Israeli Arabs commit terrorism. and asks: Who is racist then? [1.045]

See also: "Traditional" #Durban conferences ganging up against Israel.

Apartheid by Palestinian regime

A. Pasko writes: That even before Hamas was elected to rule the Palestinian Authority, it was a known fact that the Arabs want "Palestine" to be a Judenrein (Jew-free) Arab-only state. [1.046].

A writer points to the fact that the Palestinian authority leaders are champions racist, apartheid, with policy of Judenrein. [1.047]

The fear is: Who will defend Jews from racist and apartheid "Palestine" state (if there will be one), [1.048] From ynet: The hypocritical illogical "demands" from the PA in negotiating with Israel, such as the claim made by the PA regarding the land on the other side of the line that it sees as defining Israel's border. Its leaders maintain that it must be totally Judenrein. This is a position that is inherently morally offensive, and yet it is accepted wholesale by the world. This demand is particularly ironic in light of Palestinian charges that Israel is an "apartheid" state. "Apartheid" is a buzz word, utilized spuriously to delegitimize Israel: anyone who has spent time in Israel and seen the freedom with which Arabs walk the streets and secure equal services knows full well that there is nothing remotely resembling apartheid here, which permits its Arab citizens (citizens!) to elect representatives to the Knesset and provides them with full health care and other rights – is "racist" for insisting that the nation must be recognized as having a Jewish character, what, precisely does this make the PA – which seeks to totally drive out every Jew from the land it envisions to be part of a future state? The writer asks: How long will this intolerable inequity of demands fail to be noted by those who are promoting that "two-state solution"? [1.049]

Official Apartheid policies by the Arab Palestinian authority

The PA tries to forbid Arabs from selling land to ANY Jews as an "Islamic fatwa". In 1996, the Palestinian Authority (PA) Mufti, Ikremah Sabri, issued a fatwa (religious decree), banning the sale of Arab and Muslim property to Jews. Anyone who violated the order was to be killed. At least seven land dealers were killed that year. Six years later, the head of the PA's General Intelligence Service in the West Bank, General Tawfik Tirawi, admitted his men were responsible for the murders.

On May 5, 1997, Palestinian Authority Justice Minister Freih Abu Middein announced that the death penalty would be imposed on anyone convicted of ceding "one inch" to Israel. Later that month, two Arab land dealers were killed. PA officials denied any involvement in the killings. A year later, another Palestinian suspected of selling land to Jews was murdered. The PA has also arrested suspected land dealers for violating the Jordanian law (in force in the West Bank), which prohibits the sale of land to foreigners. These apartheid style practices mainfested in 'hit squads unleashed' were unveiling, Ahmed Tibi, an Israeli Arab politician, reacted to the sale during a radio interview by warning: "Whoever sells his house to Jews, has sold his soul to Satan and has done a despicable act." from the rulings: "Any Palestinian who sells land in violation of this law will be considered to have committed national treason and will receive the maximum punishment. "Any foreigner who violates this law will be prosecuted on charges of harming the national interest and will receive a life sentence. [1.050]

During the Palestinian War, few, if any Palestinians tried to sell land to Jews, but the prohibition remained in effect, Now that the war is over, the persecutions have begun again. In October 2004, Palestinian who allegedly sold land to Jews killed [1.051], In April 2006, Muhammad Abu al-Hawa was tortured and murdered because allegedly sold an apartment building in Israel's capital city to Jews [1.052] [1.053]. Since the Mufti forbade Muslims accused of selling land to Jews from being buried in a Muslim cemetery, al-Hawa was laid to rest in a makeshift cemetery on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho. [1.054] On April 2009, a Palestinian Authority military court sentenced a Hevron (Hebron) ( where Arabs are now the majority on the Jewish-owned land [1.055]), Arab to death by hanging for the "crime" of selling land to Jews in Judea and Samaria. [1.056] [1.057] [1.058] [1.059]

PA Forbids Arabs to Vote for Jerusalem mayor, Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi, the PA's top Islamic judge, issued a fatwa banning Arabs from voting in the election. [1.060]

Anti-Jewish by Israeli-Arabs

The worrying involvement of Israeli Arabs in terrorist attacks directed against Israeli Jews [1.061] [1.062], In 2006, an Arab Knesset Member Wasal Taha used 'IslamOnLine' website -- run by Al Qaeda linkd Sheik Yusuf Al Qaradawi -- to call for terrorists to kidnap Israelis [1.063], in mid 2008 Israeli Arabs Indicted for kidnapping & murder plot, planned at the Lod's al-Omari Mosque [1.064], Among the brazened ones in 2008 are noted the bulldozer attacks [1.065], "He took the bulldozer, with which he fed his own wife and family, and used it to crush other families to death, simply for being Israeli Jews."[1.066]. Arab Workers attack, use hammer to injure Jewish electrician (Jul 24, 2008) [1.067], On July 7, 2008 a writer in Israel's lefty paper Haaretz asks: If justifying the murder of innocents because they belong to a certain hated group is not abject racism, I'd like to know what is. is. [1.068].

The 'Mercaz HaRav massacre', where an Israeli Arab, former employee, (on March 6, 2008) entered the Yeshiva and started shooting students in cold blood, [1.069] [1.070] The murderer Alaa Abu Dhein, was a former driver for the institution, Abu Dhein's family hung green Hamas flags outside of their home in his memory [1.071]. In February of 2010, two Israeli Arabs were indicted for planning a terror attack on civilian targets in Israel [1.072]

Israeli-Arab leadership, Arab MK Ahmed Tibi: (the entire area of) 'Palestine Belongs to Arabs, Not Jews' [1.073], Ahmad Tibi has been accused of of being an Arab anti-Jewish racist.[1.074], in an anti-Israel bashing editorial in the Palestinian Al-Quds newspaper in July 2007, he said, [the entire area of] Palestine belongs to the Arabs only, not to the Jews[1.075][1.076]. Despite alarming worries over his association with the PLO and the idea of negating Israel's existence - seeking its destruction, inciting to racism, the democratic Israeli court [so often favoring Arabs' side] Ok'd his party's inclusion.[1.077]

From an Haaretz article titled: "Lieberman is no racist," What's racist is denying the Jewish people a state of their own. Certain Arab Knesset members talk incessantly about the Palestinian people's rights, including their own state. But in the same breath they refuse to acknowledge Israel as the state of the Jewish people and deny the very existence of a Jewish people as a nation with national rights. The person who deserves the racist epithet is MK Jamal Zahalka, who attended the conference of hate in Geneva and called himself "a victim of Israel's racist apartheid" while serving as a member of the Israeli parliament.[1.078]

On January 2008 Islamic Movement head in Israel was charged with incitement to racism, violence [1.079] and on August 2008 Police shut down offices of Islamic Movement branch suspected of aiding Hamas, He was later in court with incitement to violence and racism, over a fiery speech he gave in the Wadi Joz neighborhood, in which he accused Jews of using children's blood to bake bread. [1.080].

A writer in Israel's lefty Ha'aretz (regarding the left's unfair demonizing of Avigdor Lieberman), on the subject of who is the racist, and on the hypocrisy of Israeli Arabs, especially Arab MK (member of Knesset /parliament) enjoying equality and lying about Israel's pluralistic democracy at the same time: What's racist is denying the Jewish people a state of their own. Certain Arab Knesset members talk incessantly about the Palestinian people's rights, including their own state. But in the same breath they refuse to acknowledge Israel as the state of the Jewish people and deny the very existence of a Jewish people as a nation with national rights. The person who deserves the racist epithet is MK Jamal Zahalka, who attended the conference of hate in Geneva and called himself "a victim of Israel's racist apartheid" while serving as a member of the Israeli parliament. [1.081]

It has been noted for a while that Arab Knesset members such as Ahmed Tibi have turned racists against Jews [1.082].

In face of radical Arabs' in Israel, such as Azmi Bishara toward terrorism, forming alliances with those attempting to annihilate Israel, a new term was coined: 'Bish-Arabism' , it could be defined as a radical and rapid shift among Israeli Arabs - especially their representatives in the Knesset - from relative moderation [1.083].

In Oct 2008, on Yom Kippur, an Arab driver drove dangerously wild into Jewish neighborhoods causing clashes, Arabs heading back to their neighborhoods ran riot through Jewish areas of the city. Calling "Death to the Jews" and Allah hu akbar ("Allah is great"), the rioters vandalized hundreds of Jewish-owned shops and vehicles, and threw rocks at people on their way to or from Yom Kippur prayers. [1.084]

On March 30, 2009, Arab MK "complained" of: 'Too Many Jews in Galilee,' Taleb A-Sana of the United Arab List (Ra'am Ta'al) accused the government of "Judaizing the Galilee and the Negev" by encouraging Jews to move to those areas. A-Sana called on the government to encourage Arab life in those areas... [1.085]

From a May 2009 poll: 'Bad Numbers Among Israeli Arabs,' 40 Percent of Israel's Arab Citizens Deny Holocaust [1.086], they believe Holocaust never happened [1.087] and only 41% of Israeli Arabs support the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state. [1.088], this racist trend is on the rise from a 2007 poll that showed "only" '28% of Israel's Arabs deny Holocaust' - statistics on Holocaust denial "reflect the situation in the Arab elite [1.089], worth mentioning the transparent hatred of this, less of convinced "disbelief", as the Israeli Arabs, and their groups like "Adala" (also known for calling Israelis' fears as racism), etc. know when to remind the Holocaust when trying to exaggerate lost battles with Israel's war on terror, comparing Arabs' failure to "victims of the Holocaust" (as YNet elaborates on "Who is the real fascist?") [1.090]

Lack of naming the racism inside Israel by it's name: Arab racism

In light of growing attempts to demonize Israel by the Arab world's bigoted anti-Israel campaign and often backed by radical liberals for political reasons, some have pointed out to the fact that not only isn't Israel any worse than any other western democratic nation, but the racism in Israel is more in fact by the Arabs, Arab racism [even] inside Israel that is, which is almost not mentioned, or simply often shoved aside as "indicents" of "terror" and "hooliganism."

In a OP-ED: "The True Face Of Israeli Racism," Prof. Steven Plaut (Nov 24 2010) elaborated on the clear Arab racism like: "off limits" in Arab areas to Jews, (where Jews are regarded by racist Arabs as "intruders") though not "officially" but its well known that Jews -simply- endanger their lives by attempting to reside in Arab areas. He adds In fact, Jews often risk their lives just passing through Arab areas, as a group of four Jewish Hebrew University students discovered during a recent weekend when they were almost lynched after making a wrong turn into an Arab neighborhood next to the campus. Recalling Arab racist numerous organized attacks by Israeli Arabs targeting Jews.

Not to mention the overall movement by Arabs to evict Jews. and asks: So who are the real racists? Where is the real apartheid? [1.091]

A researcher, in JPost in a Nov-2010 article title: "Racism: The reality whose name we do not speak‎," decries "The absence of discussion about Arab racism is a phenomenon of the old Western postcolonial view that only the minority suffers racism while the majority is always the perpetrator. Racism by the minority is “resistance,” “authentic,” “spontaneous,” “hooliganism” or “nationalism.” He goes on in personal testimony of Arab racism minimized in the Israeli press as mere "hooliganism." For example: Walking to a bus stop across from the Hebrew University, I saw four Arab youths walking in the middle of the street. Every time a car driven by Jews passed, they would jump in front of it, make menacing gestures, laugh and then let it pass. The same day a 57-year-old Jew was stabbed in the Old City by two 20-year-old Arabs who, according to police, went there to stab a Jew.
In mid-October in the village of Deir al-Assad in the Galilee, a Jewish woman on leave from the IDF drove into the neighborhood with her Jewish friends looking for a bakery. She was immediately sexually harassed – what the police described as “teased” – by young Arab men. While attempting to leave, a stone was thrown through the car window, fracturing her skull. The police subsequently arrested an Arab man “on suspicion that the [he] was driving the car at the time of the incident and was involved in the assault.”

Emphasizing that these are mere examples, he adds that: On October 8 Arab children gathered in Silwan for what had become a daily event. Lookouts were posted to watch for cars driven by Jews. When they arrived, the children threw stones at them. On that day, for some reason, a number of cameramen were invited to watch the ritual and good footage resulted. An accident resulted in which a Jewish driver, David Be’eri, struck two of the children.
Of course this rock throwing takes place against a backdrop of tensions in east Jerusalem between Jews wishing to live there and Arabs who see their neighborhoods as being invaded by settlers. The “hooliganism” is a daily occurrence, whether it’s in the Negev or Route 65 that runs through Umm el-Fahm.
In Jerusalem the Jewish victim of the stoning is called a “settler.”
But what is more interesting is a third term that crops up from time to time: “nationalist motives.” In 2007 French-Jewish immigrant Julian Soufir “decided to murder an Arab.”
He lured taxi driver Taysir Karaki to his apartment in Tel Aviv, slit his throat and left his body in the apartment.
The head of the Yarkon District police investigation unit “suspected that there was a nationalistic motive behind the murder.”
On August 15, 2009, six Arab men from Jaljulya and their Jewish girlfriends, one of whom was a soldier and another a minor from Petah Tikva, went to Tel Baruch beach, north of Tel Aviv. Arik Karp, his wife and daughter were out for a stroll. One of the Arabs harassed them, “baiting them by asking the father to fix him up with one of the women.”
Then two others came and assaulted the Jewish women, who managed to escape. The Arabs then beat Arik Karp, whose dead body was found later on the beach, purchased more alcohol and went to a forest where they lit a fire and danced through the night. The case against them is ongoing more than a year later.
He stresses the fact that: There was no outcry about racism in the Karp murder.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu condemned what he called “domestic terrorism.”
In the end it is all semantics. There are no “nationalist” motives. There is no “hooliganism.”

He reminds the reality: There is only racism. The one deciding factor in each case was race." explaining: Had Arik Karp been Khalid Musa or Taysir Karaki been Ben Cohen they would be alive today, and had David Be’eri or the Jews from Karmiel been Arabs entering an Arab neighborhood no one would have harassed them. In many communities here the evils of the American Old South are alive and well, and the police seem to distort the nature of the crimes in the name of “quiet.” Adding that when Israeli-Arab lwmaker Ahmed Tibi "cries" racism, he is actually right, there is escalating murderous racism, and a lot of it is in his own community. [1.092]


In 2010, a Pakistani Muslim journalist wrote about: "Arab Racism against Non-Arabs: Slavery in our Times," especially in face of (still) recent massive abuse of Asian workers in Arab countries (especially in Saudi Arabia and in Bahrain), the supremacy attitude and race gaps dating back to the early days of Islam, the racist legacy of the 'Umayyad' which imposed Jazia on non-Arab Muslims… Non-Arab Muslims felt that they were the slaves of the Arabs… that the Araba are "chosen" over all non-Arabs, and asserts that if this is their attitude towards non-Arab Muslims, imagine how they must feel about non-Muslim Asians. Clearly, this racist mindset has only grown stronger over time. Now, with egos bloated with billions of dollars in newly acquired unearned wealth derived from an accident of geology, many in the Middle East feel they are chosen above all others, and can mistreat those less fortunate than them. [1.093]

Some had the courage to speak out against the terrible treatment of South Asians in Saudi Arabia [1.094], in 2008 Asian immigrant are forced to clean mosques for 'skipping prayers' Riyadh [1.095], Saudi Arabia courts: "Asian and African Witches Will be Hunted Down and Terminated". The current witch hunt, aimed mostly at Indian and Africans, appears to be a symptom of the racism inherent in the Arab culture. For centuries, Arabs traded in African slaves, and such slavery continues today, with both African women and Slavic women from the former Soviet Union being forced into prostitution. [1.096], Amnesty charged on Saudi Arabia that Asian workers continue to suffer behind closed doors [1.097], Professor Tariq Modood of Bristol University: "Arab racism is such that most Pakistanis would prefer to work in Britain than in Saudi Arabia for a higher income; racist humiliations from shop-keepers, taxi- drivers, catering staff and so on have become a regular feature of the pilgrimage to Mecca for the diverse ethnic groups of Islam." [1.098], (book: 'Race, Culture and Difference' by James Donald, Ali Rattansi p 27 [1.099]).

From a 2004 report, some two million Asian maids are subjected to physical abuse, beating, sexual harassment, rape in Gulf states, without proper legal cover[1.100].

"Foreign female workers were tortured to death, Saudi ambassador said It was her Destiny", it was the will of Allah, with no apology given. [1.101] [1.102]

Sri Lankan maids abused in the middle east. [1.103]

High volume of racism cases is recorded against Asians in Dubai, especially against Indians and Pakistanis, the situation is so bad that Even "Dubai for Visitors" publication had to write about it. [1.104] "Meet the slaves" in UAE, Mainly of Indian or Pakistani origins. [1.105] A writer calls the Arab business elites and the South Asian slaves - 'The second coming of Saladin', [1.106] United Arab Emirates - Heaven for money, hell for Asian workers in the United Arab Emirates More than 10 million Asians work in the Emirates in quasi-slave. [1.107]

A pundit illustrated the way Asians are treated, Young Arabs spit at them when they pass by them on the roads, they curse them and beats them and there are companies that don't even pay them a penny as salary after 1 or 2 years of work. writes that of personally knowing who had to gone through this, and asks: Have you ever voiced against that discrimination? Where is our so-called media on this? [1.108]

Another pundit decries: 'Indian Maids Tortured, Denied Food, Treated Worse Than Dogs,' Estimates put the number of Indian housemaids working in Qatar at about 10000. [1.109]

In August 2009, the BBC published a re port on 'Racism' claims at Lebanon beach clubs', The Lebanese office of campaign group Human Rights Watch says a majority of beach clubs it surveyed are preventing many migrant workers from Asia and Africa from using their facilities. The ban is a clear manifestation of the racism that exists in large parts of Lebanese society... the bans are on household maids and domestic servants, widely employed by Lebanese families and the many Gulf Arabs among the tourists. As the vast majority of the maids are women from places like the Philippines, Nepal, Ethiopia and Kenya, it seems no-one can be in any doubt as to who these restrictions are aimed at. Reports of mistreatment are commonplace. Wide reports of employers taking aways Asians' passports. and forced to work 10 to 12 hours a day, seven days a week. They [her employers] would only let me out of the house for three hours a week at most. Every year there are reports of domestic maids in Lebanon committing suicide. In a statement it condemned the practice of banning maids from beach clubs as, "an act of discrimination and racism". MP Ghassan Mkheiber, from the Lebanese parliament's human rights committee: there is "a lot of racism in the way the Lebanese deal with people of different nationalities." [1.110]

From the Time, the case of Sarah Balabagan, Only 15, barely able to read or write, and unwise to the ways of the world, says her mother, she felt driven by a single ambition: to rescue her family from the poverty and hunger of their life in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao. flew to the United Arab Emirates' sheikdom of Abu Dhabi to work as a domestic servant.

Balabagan's dream of fortune and adventure was a mirage that dissolved into a bleak reality. She was sentenced to death by firing squad for stabbing her employer after he allegedly raped her, she quickly found herself fending off --A pious Muslim-- Baloushi's sexual advances. He would squeeze her breasts, she says, or grab her between the legs. He offered her gold jewelry in exchange for her virginity. Baloushi lured her into his bedroom, put a kitchen knife to her throat and raped her. After she had escaped his grasp, she picked the knife up off the floor and stabbed.

The case caused an international uproar. Human-rights and women's groups from Berlin to Kuala Lumpur joined Philippine President Fidel Ramos in showering the U.A.E. government with protests and appeals for clemency. Women demanding Sarah's freedom marched daily outside the U.A.E. embassy near Manila, the case cast a spotlight on a dark practice throughout the Arabian peninsula: an almost medieval system of servitude that each year turns thousands of young women from underdeveloped Asian countries into virtual slaves for prosperous Arab families. The women are frequently lured to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the lesser emirates and sultanates by shady "employment agents" who offer them attractive-sounding jobs at relatively high pay. Once there, they learn that much of the money they initially earn goes to pay for their airfare and the employment agent's fee.

Worse, the maids find themselves in virtual bondage to their employers, who almost without exception confiscate the servants' passports to prevent them from walking out before fulfilling their typical two-year contract. It is common for the maids to be forced to work from dawn to midnight, seven days a week. Often they are fed scraps and leftovers, are beaten and verbally abused and, in the worst cases, raped and murdered. Only in the most egregious instances is an employer ever charged with sexual abuse or assault.

The maids suffer their indentured servitude with government sanction: those who flee their assigned households are breaking the Persian Gulf states' immigration laws. Nevertheless, thousands of the maids run away every year. On any given day hundreds crowd the gulf embassies of the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India, the nations from which most of the women are hired.

It highlighted the hundreds of thousands of other Asian maids who labor there, for the contract-labor system that took her to Abu Dhabi is well entrenched. The oil-rich but underpopulated gulf states need workers, and the Asian nations that send the domestic workers need the foreign exchange they send back to their families.

A London based organization called Kalayaan says it has aided thousands domestic workers who since 1987 have fled from their gulf Arab masters while they were visiting or residing in Britain. of the women interviewed: 88% complained of name-calling and verbal abuse, 38% of beatings. A shocking 55% said they were not paid regularly, while 42% were denied a bed to sleep in, and 10% had been raped.

Some of the worst cases of abuse have come out of Kuwait, The Philippine and Sri Lankan embassies in Kuwait City are constantly jammed with women complaining of ill-treatment at the hands of Kuwaiti employers. In one year alone, 2,100 of the 23,000 Filipino maids employed in Kuwait have sought refuge in the embassy-and many more who do not flee are also abused, according to human-rights workers.

Says a report on Kuwait by Human Rights Watch, "Our investigation found that in a significant portion of households there exists a pattern of rape, physical assault and mistreatment of Asian maids that takes place largely with impunity."

Women who have taken refuge inside the Sri Lankan embassy in Kuwait City provide graphic evidence of the problem. in one case it was concluded the girl was still a virgin, which means the employment broker is unlikely to be charged.

Maryham, 25, a married woman says, her employer's son raped her. After the child was born and Maryham accused the son, she was held in the hospital by police for eight months while they investigated. In the end, the son denied responsibility, and the police believed him. Maryham, who has lived in the embassy for six months, is fearful of working for another Kuwaiti family, but equally scared to return to Sri Lanka, where she will probably be shunned by both her husband and community because of the alleged rape.

Thusary, 26, from Anuradapura, Sri Lanka, complained that she was paid irregularly to work from early morning until late at night, watching a Kuwaiti family's children and cleaning house. Then she was forced to work at the wife's beauty salon for no compensation. Punishment for perceived slights, she says, was a hard punch in the stomach from her employer's wife. On the fourth punch, Thusary ran away. "I want to go back to Sri Lanka," she says... they treat us like animals."

Asian diplomats say that maid abuse is equally bad in Saudi Arabia, the biggest and wealthiest of the sheikdoms, but the repressive government in Riyadh succeeds in hushing up the scandals. The Philippine government reports that of the 43,000 Filipino maids working in Saudi Arabia, about 4,000 seek their embassy's assistance each year. So far in 1995, 1,022 maids have sought shelter at the Philippine embassy in Riyadh alone; 11 of them alleged they were raped. Those who file formal rape charges are held in prison while an investigation is conducted; not surprisingly, few file. A member of the Kuwait national assembly's human-rights committee says about certain Arab employers "They lack the education that might have taught them how to treat their servants, but they have enough money to hire them. They think that slavery still exists."

Far from pledging to address the problem of domestic-servant abuse, government officials in the gulf countries tend to minimize it. A senior Kuwaiti official issued a stern admonition to complaining governments. "I have one suggestion for the countries who send these girls over here: 'Keep them home.' This has become a nightmare for us." the gulf Arabs are being asked only to apply their laws equally to their foreign guest workers. [1.111]

It has been written extensively on "Dubai's untold story: degradation, excess and slavery', of worker slavery, sexual slavery, child slavery, debtor's prisons, a censured press, political prisoners and environmental destruction on a massive scale,

Dubai's hidden Slave society that built Dubai gets exposed in "The dark side of Dubai' - Johann Hari in The Independent on: slavery that built Dubai, "the usual Gulf Arab racist abuse." [1.112] it was a solid investigative piece Revealing is the following exchange between the author and a couple of British ex-pats:

My patience frayed by all this excess, I find myself snapping: doesn't the omnipresent slave class bother you? I hope they misunderstood me, because the woman replied: "That's what we come for! It's great, you can't do anything for yourself!" Her husband chimes in: "When you go to the toilet, they open the door, they turn on the tap – the only thing they don't do is take it out for you when you have a piss!" And they both fall about laughing.

The UK Guardian published this piece in October 2008 , "'We need slaves to build monuments," which gets its title from the following quote: "We need slaves," my friend says. "We need slaves to build monuments. Look who built the pyramids - they were slaves. ("Inside Dubai's labour camps," the Guardian, 8 Oct 2008) A hidden army of exploited immigrant workers are building Dubai's skycrapers. Ghaith Abdul-Ahad: Behind the dizzying construction boom is an army of migrant labourers lured into a life of squalor and exploitation [1.113], [1.114]

Rafia Zakaria an attorney living in the United States on wrote on: 'Gulf Excess and Pakistani Slaves' (August 2009): "Pakistanis themselves, mired in denial and ever-ready to engage in the pantomime of pretending to be Arab, are inured to this reality of Arab racism. Easily appeased with the promise of Gulf jobs when their own country is in shambles they consider any paltry thankless employment a godsend",

The Iraqi engineer living in Dubai that declared: "We need slaves to build monuments," adds that he would never use the metro if it wasn't segregated since "we would never sit next to Pakistanis and Indians because of their smell". The dismal condition of Pakistani labourers in the Gulf States is well known and the above statements are merely reflections of the deep-seeded and overtly racist attitudes of Arabs in the Gulf and otherwise towards Pakistanis.

The Guardian report also details how Pakistani slave labourers work up to eighteen hours a day and often live twenty to a room without any ventilation and with only a single bathroom for several hundred people. Several do not see their families for four to ten year periods, unable to afford the airfare home and many die on the job.

Without any insurance scheme families are often not notified of deaths for months and the only compensation available to them is through an underground system through which other workers donate thirty dirham each which is then collected and donated. The strictly segregated society means that the rich Arabs never come across the lowly Pakistani workers who build their roads, clean their floors and drive their cars.

Ironically, the standards they expect non-Muslim countries like the United States and the European Union to uphold in terms of equal employment, egalitarian laws and freedom of expression are all abandoned when it comes to the assessment of Arab nations. No attention is given for example to the Arabs, discriminatory employment practices that pay a Pakistani a fraction of what is paid to a European citizen for the same engineering job. [1.115], [1.116].

In Afghanistan, the "Arabs" of Al Qaeda lorded it over the local Afghans. [1.117]

The Arab Islamic group Muslims Students Association (MSA) (which the government has identified as having a significant problem with terrorism, [1] even labeled "Butcher Enablers," [2] charged with harassing Christians [3] & known for its radical anti-israel activities and anti-Semitic views [4] ) has been accused of Arab racism against Asians, within its club. [5]

Anti Al-Akhdam

The Al Akhdam, a minority social group of a dark complexion in Yemen, or Yemen's blacks, pejoratively called Al-Akhdam (servants) [1.118], non-Arab "Al-Akhdam" are morally rationalized, there's wide ethnic persecution of "Al-Akhdam" as a "non-Arab" group [1.119], they've been subjected to racial segregation, extreme social practices of cruelty and violent socio-economic exclusion [1.120], discrimination [1.121] and oppression, the group form a kind of hereditary caste in Yemen [1.122].

The racial and emotional uneasiness and uncertainty in dealing with the akhdam is best characterized as "aversive racism". This is a more hidden form of racism which is expressed in simple avoidance. Social distance is maintained separating this minority group from the rest of society in relation to work, neighborhoods, and friendships and marriage. The exclusion of the akhdam has been multidimensional: from livelihood, from social participation and from basic needs. (Social exclusion: rhetoric, reality, responses, Gerry Rodgers, Charles G. Gore, José B. Figueiredo, International Institute for Labour Studies, United Nations Development Programme - Business & Economics, p. 181) [1.123] [1.124]


African resistance against racist Arabism currently being practiced in such places as Mauritania, Sudan and Algeria committing atrocities. (The Journal of international studies, Volumes 30-31 By Sophia University. Institute of International Relations p. 31) [1.125], (Africa insight, Volumes 23-24, 1993, p. 45) [1.126]. Author Sophie Duhnkrack in Sudan - An Analysis of the British Colonial Policy and Its Legacy, cites the explanation that in the "Darfurian drama," it is visible: racial and racist Arabism, which increasingly characterizes the conflict in Darfur, reflects a hierarchy of potency that originates from the unequal power.[1.127]

Tarek Fatah, spoke in April, 2009 at the Durban 2 conference about 'Arab racism' from Bangladesh to Darfur, against darker skinned people, by Arabs who think they are "superior" to their victims. [1.128]

Arab Racism against Black Africans [1.129] [1.130], Arabs do not consider Black Moslems authentic or of consequence. At best, they concede to blacks, the role of ordained slaves or animals, to be used as beasts of burden by the "superior Arab race." The rule applies to all blacks, whether Moslems or non-Moslems and whether of Nigerian (Hausa/Fulani or Yoruba extractions), Tanzanians, Ugandans, Malians or African-Americans [1.131] Darfur is but one example of Arab racism toward non-Arabs within the broader Arab world [1.132].

Literally millions of native African Blacks have been butchered, maimed, enslaved, turned into refugees and seen their lands forcibly Arabized. All of this still going on today, and not just in the Sudan. [1.133] Blacks who live in Arab countries subject to racism, most Arabs refer to blacks as "Abed" which means "slave" in Arabic. [1.134]. the common word for non-Arab Africans today among the Arab elite remains "abid," or slave. In Darfur, in Western Sudan, non-Arab Africans often are referred to as "zurga," which translates as "black," but is thought of more as a slur [1.135], experts explain: "It is a question of what they are hung up with: In their mentality, they are Arabs; in their mentality, they are superior; in their mind, you, the Black, the African, is abid [slave] and it remains to be so no matter what achievement you have accomplished. The feeling among the Blacks that this is unaccaptable." [1.136] The Sudanese soldiers and Janjaweed abuse their victims as "Abid" or "Zurka," meaning slave or "dirty black," and tell them that the rape will produce light-skinned babies. ("Complicity with evil": the United Nations in the age of modern genocide By Adam LeBor, Yale University Press, 2006, p. 152) [1.137] Umarlee details it: "Ugly Black Women", Perfect Arab Wives, and Matters of Race, Arab racism is not akin to American white racism. Let it be said that Arab racism is different from white (American) racism [1.138]. in Arabia Black Muslims are not accorded the same status as pure Arabs. They are referred, even in Mecca during the Haj, as 'abed', meaning slave. Whereas in the western world the human rights concept has made possible an Obama, in Arabia such a phenomenon, of a Black president is inconceivable, such is the level of racism. In Arabia and amongst Arabs, anti-Black racism is a fact of life, be it in Libya or in Egypt. So that Africans, who, by colonial design, are ruled by Arabs, as is the case in south Sudan and Mauritania, for example, are the subjects of an apartheid system which is even more oppressive, due to Arabia's lack of enlightenment, than the racist system which was in place in southern Africa. [1.139] Some charge the Arab attitude on Darfur, 'to the True Nature of the Twin Fascisms of Islamism and Pan-Arabism' [1.140], Pan-Arab fascism, conveniently cloaked in the pseudo-religious mystique of the Islamist jihad [1.141].

Mona Eltahawy is a columnist for Egypt's Al Masry Al Youm and Qatar's Al Arab wrote in the NYTimes on December 200 "Racism The Arab world's dirty secret" she sides witnessing to racist attacks by Arab Egyptians on blacks when no one objects to it, she admits: We are a racist people in Egypt and we are in deep denial about it. On my Facebook page, I blamed racism for my argument and an Egyptian man wrote to deny that we are racists and used as his proof a program on Egyptian Radio featuring Sudanese songs and poetry! Our silence over racism not only destroys the warmth and hospitality we are proud of as Egyptians, it has deadly consequences. She asks: What else but racism on Dec. 30, 2005, allowed hundreds of riot policemen to storm through a makeshift camp in central Cairo to clear it of 2,500 Sudanese refugees, trampling or beating to death 28 people, among them women and children? What else but racism lies behind the bloody statistics at the Egyptian border with Israel where, since 2007, Egyptian guards have killed at least 33 migrants, many from Sudan's Darfur region, including a pregnant woman and a 7-year-old girl? She continues: The racism I saw on the Cairo Metro has an echo in the Arab world at large, where the suffering in Darfur goes ignored because its victims are black and because those who are creating the misery in Darfur are not Americans or Israelis and we only pay attention when America and Israel behave badly.

We love to cry "Islamophobia" when we talk about the way Muslim minorities are treated in the West and yet we never stop to consider how we treat minorities and the most vulnerable among us.

She cites how instances in the U.S. where Arabs/Muslims have been -- rarely -- treated bad, yet, most have interfered against this, whereas in Egypt (as well as in the Arab world) the racist deafening silence is horrendously telling about the Arab racist society. [1.142]

Already in 1930, a traveler in Sudan observed that In the eyes of the Arab rulers of Sudan, the black slaves were simply animals given by Allah to make life of Arabs comfortable.

Osama Bin Laden, in a discussion with the Sudanese-American novelist, Kola Boof, in Morocco in 1996 said, "All African women are prostitutes, and the whole race of African men are *abeed* [slave] stock. Your people are like rats plaguing the earth," (Kola Boof, Diary of a Lost Girl, p. 167) [1.143] [1.144] [1.145]

A Canadian-Sudanese human rights activist is an outspoken critic of the Arab media, saying it is racist and promotes stereotypes of Africans and Jews alike.[1.146]

(Mu'ammar Al-Qaddafi) 'Muammar Gadhafi's Arabization crusade'

In the New York Times June 5, 1988 about Libya's leader: Qaddafi is bringing a truly racist crusade against Chad and Africa, Chad's President, Hissen Habre, told [1.147]. He has heightened his Arabization policy pursuit at the AU level since 2001, pretending to be promoting the Pan-African agenda of Kwame Nkrumah. Chinweizu, the renowned scholar, described Gadhafi's Arab-Black Africa government plan at the time, "as unification of nigger monkey with python." [1.148] As Arabs themselves divide Africa into North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa to instigate a division and as long as the invaders continue to occupy our land and treat us as slaves in North Africa, the two segments of the continent cannot cohabit. His urge in modern times to enlarge Arabia inside Africa, is described as continuation of the Arab war against Africans and the Arabization of African lands that started in the 7th century CE. Arabs' racial war against black Africa started with their occupation and colonization of Egypt between 637 and 642 CE, decimating the Coptic or black population. [1.149]

Persecution of Africans saw a major rise in 2000, Africans have been brutally attacked in Gaddafi's Libya [1.150] Racism at the core of the attacks Libyans were amongst the most brutal of the onslaught against Africans [1.151] and in 2009, the UN saw an exposure of ongoing oppression on black migrants.[1.152] Indeed, in an article titled: "Is Al-Jazeera TV complicit in the latest vilification of Libya's Blacks?" Michael Mumisa of The Independent" wrote: Although Gaddafi styled himself as a fellow “Brother” to black Africans and was even bestowed the ceremonial title of Africa's King of Kings by the West Africa Conference of Chiefs, Kings and Sultans, he presided over a society where some of the worst forms of racial prejudice and racist attitudes and practices towards black Africans and others became normalised and part of the mainstream. In 2000 about 5,200 Ghanaians fled Libya after racist violence against blacks that left more than 135 dead and many more seriously injured. George Auther, one of the victims, was quoted as saying, "The problem is, the Libyans don't like blacks." The journalist recounts: There have since been many reported cases of racist violence against black Africans in Libya. On 16 February 2010 the UN Human Rights Council issued a written statement asking Libya to "end its practices of racial discrimination against black Africans, particularly its racial persecution of two million black African migrant workers." [1.153]

In the words of Darfurian Muslim Even my Islamic heritage reinforced this with quotes from the Prophet Muhammad such as "You should listen to and obey your ruler even if he was an Ethiopian [ie black] slave whose head looks like a raisin" (Sahih Bukhari Volume 9, Book 89, Number 256) [1.154].

"Arab League and KKK are Two Faces for One Coin" says Elhadi Adam Elomda, The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) is equivalent to the Arab League. This is because of the similarity and agreement of these two terrorist organizations' goals. The KKK was founded to promote the white man's superiority in the United States of America. It looks for the dominance of white men within political, economical, and cultural aspects in the USA. The KKK started to achieve its goals by strengthening the relations among the white men in the USA. However, the KKK used discriminative means against the minority black people in the USA in order to achieve its prospective goals. As a result, the back people and disheartened white people revolted against the KKK. Therefore, the KKK was disbanded in the 1940s although it changed its goals of hating the black people into love of white people. By the time the KKK was disbanded in the USA as a terrorist organization, another KKK was born. This new KKK was born in a different area and has a dissimilar name from the former KKK. Yet, this new born KKK has similar goals to the former one. The newly formed KKK is named the Arab League. The Arab League was established in order to strengthen the political, economical, and cultural relations between its members. The league membership constituted of any independent Arab countries from any continent. Charter I states that "Any independent Arab state has the right to become a member of the League." Ironically, all these Arab KKK members were considered Islamic countries. Their values and motivations descended from their Islamic curriculums and the holy Quran book [1.155]

From an example of Arab racism against blacks in the press, "The black locusts invade the north of Morocco", this is the big title of the first p. of the weekly newspaper Moroccan Ashamal number 283, of the 06/12 September 2005 (Les criquets noirs envahissent le nord du Maroc", c'est le grand titre de la première p. du journal hebdomadaire marocain Ashamal numéro 283, du 06/12 septembre 2005) [1.156].

Al Qaeda's No. 2 leader uses racial epithet against Barack Obama in Nov 20, 2008, In a video, Ayman Zawahiri says the president-elect is 'the direct opposite of honorable black Americans' and says Obama, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice are 'house Negroes.' [1.157].

Eritreans in Egypt suffer from racism, [1.158] Egypt crackdown on African migrants (June 2008), [1.159] in 2008 alone at least 20 Darfurian refugees (who tried to break free from Egypt's oppression into democratic Israel) have already died at the hands of Egyptian forces [1.160], and on February 2009 shot Sudanese at Israel border, The migrants say they try to leave Egypt because of poverty and racism. [1.161] In 2010 there was a rise in Egyptian officials' 'Racist attack on Sudanese refugees,' described as: "This naked racism demonstrated by the police in Cairo is a tragedy for Egypt, the Sudan and the budding African Union." [1.162]

Nubians of Egypt have been furious at Lebanon's popular Arab pop singer of white complexion Haifa Wehbe, her racist song, in an article: 'Nubian monkey' song and Arab racism [Nesrine Malik - 23 Nov 2009], the troubling effect she has with her being worshipped by Arab men & women alike, it brought to the attention once again the wide Arab racism against [blacks] native Egyptians (and Sudanese) Nubians [1.163], [1.164]

From an 'al-Arabiya' report in July 2010: "Slaves in impoverished Yemen dream of freedom," they fights the stigma of their status as 'slaves' in impoverished Yemen [1.165].

In Iraq, the 2 million blacks suffer from Racism which isn't new there. Blacks were brought there as slaves from Africa more than 1,000 years ago to work for wealthy landowners in Basra, where most of Iraq's black population still lives. Today, one of the insults sometimes hurled at black people is "Abd," which means servant or slave in Arabic, said Razzaq, who has founded a political organization called the Free Iraqis Movement to press for equal rights for black people. (got exposure in 2008) [1.166], from a report of 2008, black Iraqis in Basra face racism. [1.167]

Caste systems in Somalia mandate non-Arab descended "outcastes" such as Midgan-Madhiban, Yibir, Tumal and other groups deemed to be impure and are ostracized from society. [1.168] In Dec. 2009 decried: "Racism at the Arab League" [1.169]

Ethiopians have grown angry with charges of racism in Lebanon at the mistreatment post a crash of an Ethiopian airline in the area in January 2010 [1.170], or as a writer has put it "Arab racism Flight ET409 Exposes Lebanon's Racist Underbelly" [1.171]

Palestinian-Arab Racism: Secretary of State Rice has been the subject of some vicious racial attacks [1.172] including an anti-black Racist Rice Cartoon in Palestinian Authority's controlled Press Al Quds 'Black spinster' label pinned on Condi Rice Palestinian media use racist terms including 'colored dark skin lady' [1.173] Condemned by Black Activists [1.174]. On September 18 2007, Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV labeled U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice a "black snake." [1.175]. In June 2008, Hamas's Minster of Culture, Atallah Abu Al-Subh, was interviewed on Al-Aqsa TV. He called her a 'black scorpion with a cobra's head.' [1.176]

Excerpts from a research about blacks among Arab-Palestinians: Negev Bedouin in Palestine owned slaves, many of whom were of African origin. When Israel was created in 1948 some of these people of African origin became refugees in Gaza, while others remained in the Negev and became Israeli citizens. With ethnic identity a key factor in claims and counter claims to land in Palestine/Israel, African slave origins are not stressed. The terminology of ethnicity and identity used by people of African origin and other Palestinians is explored, and reveals a consciousness of difference and rejection of the label abed or slave/black person. [1.177]

According to history books, slave traders and owners used to make a distinction between Ethiopians (Habash) and other Africans such as the Zanj from the East African Coast. In their racist way of thinking, they considered the Ethiopians to be superior to the other Africans. [...] The groups of black people living in the Nagab and as refugees in Gaza today are the descendants of slaves of the Bedouin. [...] One 'white' Bedouin man told me that slaves used to be branded like animals, but that there were no papers concerning ownership or origins. In the family unit, there were sometimes also other slaves who were white, or low status dependants, such as hamran. But one man told me that a white slave would never have answered to a black slave.

Some African children were educated along with the other, free, children of the family. Once the children grew up their masters arranged for them to be married. They never married white people, even if they were also slaves [...] others are embarrassed to even hear the word mentioned. Clearly the issue of the origins, identity and terminology used to describe people of African origin is a highly sensitive one. When I spoke to some white Palestinians they denied that black people were ever slaves in the region, and said that rather they had been soldiers of the Ottoman Empire. When I pointed out that this was not the case, one man almost whispered to me 'we never talk about it'. Yet, white Palestinians by persisting in calling people of African origin 'abed, perpetuate discrimination.

The African Palestinians living in Jerusalem told me that they would fight with anybody who referred to them as 'abed'... They also clearly identify themselves as African and Palestinian. (Tinabantu: Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society, 2002, p. 17) [1.178], (Reflections on Arab-led slavery of Africans, by K. K. Prah, 2005, p. 198) [1.179] [1.180] [1.181]

On February 2009, an Arab bus driver in Israel's Egged was fired over his racist remark he made to an Israeli of Ethiopian descent: "drink milk and be white like me".[1.182]

Slavery & Arabism

It was 'Pan-Arabism' who authorized the enslavement of African Muslims in Saudi Arabia and other Arab states [1.183], and in Darfur, says an Arab human-rights activist: The chief culprit in this particular case seems to be pan-Arabism, the fascist movement that rose to power half a century ago through military coups [1.184]. In her book, Kola Boof wrote about slavery and Arabism in Sudan [1.185], The Anti Slavery Society found that: there is an ingrained psychology of racism or Arabism which deems the Dinka inferior [1.186].

From the Nigerian press: "Military Pan-Arabism is essentially racist and is therefore bound to favour slavery." another wrote in Zambian press: "Refusal by Arab countries to sell oil to African states at a reduced price is a tacit example that Arabs, our former slave masters, are not prepared to abandon the rider-and-horse relationship. We have forgotten that they used to drive us like herds of cattle and sell us as slaves." [1.187]

Fundamentalist Islam and fanatical Arabism play a very important role in the slavery, ethnic cleansing, genocide in Sudan, the situation in Mauritania is equally beset with conflict. The history and tradition of African enslavement by Arabized moors is old and has persisted to the present day [1.188].

Arabs and Arabised Muslims never formally ended slavery and had a reconciliation or reparations process for their treatment of Afrikans. It continues in Mauritania and Sudan. There was no Middle East civil war to abolish slavery. [1.189]

Activists accuse Sudan of enslaving thousands in Darfur [1.190], hundreds, possibly thousands, of Darfuri women have been kidnapped by Sudan-backed Arabic militias and sold into physical and sexual slavery [1.191], in fact, Darfur slaughter is rooted in Arab African slavery, experts said similar racism is the spark setting fire to Darfur. [1.192]

On Mauritania, The American Anti-Slavery Group reported, Slavery has been a part of Mauritanian society for centuries. In fact, today the majority of the country's population is comprised of slaves or former slaves. [1.193].

Persian Ahreeman X wrote about: the High Price that his ancestors paid to free Iran from Pan Arabist (Islamic) Slavery after 222 years of colonialism by Arabo-Muslim Oppressors. [1.194]

On July 15 2004, Human Rights Watch issued a report on the condition of Foreign workers in Saudi Arabia. The revelation that "Guest Workers" are systematically abused in Saudi Arabia should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with that region's history. What a shame that it took Sarah Whitson, executive director of HRW's Middle East and North Africa Division, to finally speak the unpalatable truth. "We found men and women in conditions resembling slavery," said Whitson in the press conference announcing their findings. [1.195]


From "Encyclopedia of the Stateless Nations: S-Z" by James Minahan (p. 1420) The African identity of the Nuba culture is slowly being eroded by forced Arabization and Islamization. Many Nuba claim descent from the ancient Kush kingdom of the eighth century BC and believe that theirs is one of the oldest cultural heritages in Africa. [1.196]

A writer about "Pan-Arabic Anti-Nubian Racism": Nubians are terribly oppressed in present day Egypt and Sudan, because of the imposed Arabic nationalism that undermines the historical importance of the Nubian as language, and consists in a massively expressed racism against Nubian. Practices have been numerous and sophisticated to instigate among Nubians a feeling of linguistic inferiority – in comparison with Arabic –, and as such these efforts are more perilous and more anti-human than the current Pan-Arabic anti-Semitism... in the sense that the perverted work takes the form of Nubian self-intoxication and self-indoctrination with anti-Nubian ideologies towards which the self-intoxicated Nubians cannot express any criticism. This method that employs Islam for hideous and anti-human plans is a most sulphurous and vicious tactics in the sense of victimizing an entire nation and engulfing millions of people into cultural, linguistic and national self-extermination. Compared to this, the worst ethnic cleansing in this regard is just an innocent act! [1.197]

Nubians in Egypt

Native Nubians in Arabized Egypt

Some define their loss in Arabized Egypt: 'The Lost Land of Nubia' [1.198], Christopher Tidmore wrote about: "Nubia submerged, Black Egypt washed away" [1.199] [1.200], many Nubians were forcibly resettled to make room for Lake Nasser after the construction of the dams at Aswan. [1.201]. From "Pan-African issues in crime and justice (By Anita Kalunta-Crumpton, Biko Agozino p. 49) 'Crime, Justice and Social Control in Egypt,' The primary visible racial minority consists of a million Black Nubians. The Kingdom of Nbia once lay in southern Egypt, extending in to the Sudan, During the 1960s the government built the high Aswan Dam... which permanently flooded the Nubians' valley homeland. Hundreds of Nubian villages with their spacious, ornate and unlocked homes, lush palm groves, ancient temples and ancestral graveyards disappeared, forcing Nubians to relocate... The government indiscriminately forced Nubia's three antagonistic ethnic groups to live together. This housing proved extremely unsatisfactory, even an impetus to crime. The Aswan Dam had great national value, eliminating most flooding of the Nile, but for Nubians it spelled cultural genocide. Ancient customs quickly eroded in the exogencies of settlement life. Having lost their ancestral homes and unsatisfied with their Spartan quarters, most eventually migrated to cities where they had to learn Arabic. They began to forget their native language. As displaced persons whose traditional culture was largely destroyed, the Nubians harbor enduringly hard feelings. One Nubian explained: 'We are also experiencing crime and social problems...' [1.202]

Nubians: "We are calling upon the world to observe our unalienable rights in Nubia land. The government of Egypt has been launching all kinds of intimidation and discrimination upon Nubian people, without world noticing. We (Nubians) however, charge that the International Community turned a blind eye to Nubians suffering in the Nubian Genocide." They decry especially on a specific project by the government: 'Toshki project', and the success of which means a total uprooting and a new exodus of Nubians from their ancient home-land., they declare: We have been harassing by government since 1964. We are the indigenous African origins of the ancient Nubian Empire. We are totally forbiden to hold the public meetings, concerning about the government's systematic robbing and confiscating of our land and destroying of our culture . In 1964 the world's newspapers written about the deportation of the 400 000 Nubians from the Lower Nubia (Egyptian sector) by force. The deportation, and total transference, however, was quite arbitrary and illegal. [1.203]

A Nubian, growing up in Egypt recalls the racist supremacy treatment by the Arab society in Egypt, we as Nubians were entrapped on a lower rung of the social ladder, those around me always called us by the Arabic word for "barbarian."... I began to routinely taste the degradation of being a black, which was by definition inferior in all respects... in appearance, in intelligence, in social standing. they always looked down on us. This air of superiority certainly seemed to be a sort of racism. No one seemed even to notice that Egyptian television employed absolutely no broadcasters with dark skin. We never heard of a single black diplomat. There was no recognition of the contributions and sacrifices of the Nubians, even as their lands were repeatedly drowned by dam building. Even today, the pain inflicted on us has not been acknowledged. In spite of all this, we find ourselves accused of racism if we call for any sort of return or restoration, or even for the meager reparations that have already been promised. The other groups within Egyptian society seem to appreciate us only as long as we are silent traitors to our own cause; as long as we are nothing more than quaint folklore; and as long as we are satisfied with inferior status. However, they reject us as soon as we try to pull together as a living community with our own unique lifestyle. They become complete racists as soon as we mention our rights or reparations. [1.204]

Idris Ali, one of Egypt's leading Nubian writers has created a novel, Poor: A Tale of Nubian Discrimination, The story follows the life of the narrator whose Nubian identity sets the tone of the novel."Poor" is saturated with feelings of indignant displeasure and anger for the racist insults and wrongs committed against the Nubians. Idris Ali mentions "barbari," a pejorative term used in the Egyptian dialect for black Africans, especially Nubians: "The degrading element of the word is rooted in a close association between human culture and linguistic competence; the barbari is someone who mispronounces and misuses Arabic, and his broken speech points to a lack of culture. To call a Nubian "barbari" is thus doubly insulting: First, because it ignores the words which Nubians call themselves; and second, because it suggests the ineloquent Nubian is less than fully human". [1.205]

The Nubian novelist, Hajjaj Adoul, argued that there is severe racism within the Egyptian society at all brackets and classes, giving as evidence the nonexistence of a dark-skinned broadcaster in Egyptian media. Adoul accused the Egyptian society who vanished into the White West, showing hubris towards the black in a bid to offset this imbalance.
Adoul affirmed that within Egypt, dark-skinned people are treated as slaves, or predecessors of slaves, (despite the fact that slaves belonged to all races not the black race alome). Egypt is suffering from an egotism based on color, he added, that is both inherited and imported, The Egyptian society is really racist; Egyptian urban areas are egotistic over the rural areas; both Upper Egyptians and peasants are always depicted as laughing stock. Racism, thus, is deeply rooted in the Egyptian society, he affirmed. and Mr. El-Borai argued, that racism is at Arab societies in general. [1.206]

A Sudanese writes on: De-Nubianization Policies in Egypt and the Sudan and on the racist Arab culture toward the Nubians [1.207]

Genocide in Sudan

Background on the Darfur Genocide "The [Sudanese] government [made up of Arabs] has launched scattered attacks on local African tribes for years. But when two main Darfuri rebel groups began retaliating against government positions in February 2003, Khartoum's leaders [intensified their campaign]... The Khartoum regime's motives in Darfur soon became clear: Its leaders are not only Islamists but Arabists, who believe blacks-even Muslims-are 'slaves.' " (From Since 2003, Sudanese government forces and ethnic militia called "Janjaweed" have burned and destroyed hundreds of villages, killed and caused the deaths of possibly 200,000 people, and raped and assaulted thousands of women and girls, through humiliation, Arab women are alleged to have sung mocking and insulting songs even as their own men raped black Sudanese women [1.208]. As of November 2006, approximately two million displaced people live in camps in Darfur and at least 218,000 people have fled to neighboring Chad, where they live in refugee camps. In addition to the people displaced by the conflict, at least 1.7 million other people need some form of food assistance because the conflict has destroyed the local economy, markets, and trade in Darfur. [1.209], figures of the 20 years of genocide in S-Sudan: 2 million deaths, 4 million displaced [1.210], from the Daily Telegraph March 2009: "More than two million people died during the north-south war between 1983 and 2004". [1.211]

From 1500 to roughly 1800, most of what is now present-day Sudan was considered the Funj Sultanate of Sinnar. The Funj, an Arabized and Islamicized group, overthrew the Christian Kingdom of Nubia in 1504 and institutionalized Islam as the nationa religion. The Sinnar Sultunate and its sister sultuante in Darfur were well-known, an Arabized and Islamicized group, overthrew the Christian Kingdom of Nubia in 1504 and institutionalized Islam as the national religion. The Sinnar Sultunate and its sister sultunate in Darfur were well-known slave-raiding kingdoms, and the Muslim slaver-raiders of Sinnar and Darfur became a dominant regional force. Islam and Arabism were seen as the carriers of civilization, as Amir Idris calls it, and those who were not part of either were subject to subordination, exploitation and enslavement. At the time, agricultural and other "menial" labor was considered socially humiliating. Thus non-Muslim and non-Arab slavers, who did much of that work, were looked down upon and the Arabic-speaking riverain Muslims came to see themselves as culturally superior. it has been argued about Arabism being a product of enslavement." by (Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor's [1.212]) Jennifer Pekkinen [1.213].

In 'Genocide in Darfur' by (by Samuel Totten, Eric Markusen, p. 30), it explains that racist ideology plays an important part of the genocide, it lays out the background that led to the current calamity, racist pan-Arabism by Libya's Arab supremacist legion action for Arab expansion in Chad in 1987, and that: Libya was not orchestrating a simple border raid on a poor country; it was pursuing a new strategy of pan-Arabism, couched in an emotionally charged ideology and that the sharp distinctions between Arabs and Africans in the racially mixed Darfur region had not been drawn until the ideology of pan-Arabism that came out of the Libya made itself felt.[1.214].

From: "Violence, political culture & development in Africa" by Preben Kaarsholm (James Currey Publishers, 2006, ISBN 0852558945, 9780852558942, pages: 100-101): It was counter insurgency on the cheap, with an introduction of the racist element alrady seen in the use of militias in Bahr al-Ghaza; an the Nuba mountains, even against Muslim peoples. The expression of this racism is particularly evident in the widespread rape of Muslim women from non-Arab groups (Amnesty International, 2004d), whether in the act of rape, when victims are also verbally insulted as black slaves, or in denying allegations of rape. Musa Hilal, the leader of one of the largest militias repudiated such claims, asking, '"Why would we rape them? They disgust us." He adds that black women have such wanton sexual habits, as can be seen from the way they dance, that there would be no need for anyone to use force with them.' it concludes: The racial difference between black 'Africans' and black 'Arabs' in Darfur has been part of the manipulation of the national project emanating from the centre that has equated Islam with Arabism, reinforced by the specific manifestation of pan-Arabism promoted by Libya during the Chadian civil war. [1.215]

The Arabist Islamist regime that fought for Islamo fascism arabism and islamism [1.216], displaced over 5 million in southern Sudan, Islamist dictator Omar el-Bashir (Al-Bashir) [1.217] (supported by Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who met with him: Nuclear power available for Al-Bashir's Sudan... [1.218] and by Hezbollah [1.219] ), was charged with crimes against humanity, genocide by the ICC [1.220] [1.221] and faced an arrest warrant [1.222], yet the Arab League backed this Arabist monster [1.223] against the genocide charges, [1.224] which a writer described it: the Arab world in its entirety condemned the warrant and called it racial and colonially motivated. If this ever reflects anything at all, it only shows the world how racist Arabs indeed are. [1.225] Some hoped that locking up Sudan's Al-Bashir could let in some light into the war-torn region where Arab racism seen as the curse of Sudan. This terrible virus is claimed to be most virulent in leaders with varying degrees of dark skin and West-African tribal marks—the Janjaweed. [1.226]

The Christian Science Monitor 2004 affirms that racism is at root of Sudan's Darfur crisis, that reluctance to call it genocide perpetuates hypocrisy in Afro-Arab relations, Arab militias is the racist, fundamentalist, and undemocratic Sudanese state[1.227], [1.228], roughly speaking, the conflict is ethnic, majority is considered inferior by the privileged Arabist minority [1.229] [1.230]. president Nimeiry of Sudan, 1969: "Sudan is the basis of the Arab thrust into the heart of Black Africa, the Arab civilizing mission." [1.231] [1.232], the result of Arab racial superiority for ages. [1.233], an activist: Sudan has a regime that launched a military campaign on an unarmed population for no other reason than that they are not Arab [1.234], a writer at calls it 'Arab Racism And Imperialism In Sudan' [1.235], Darfur crisis linked to Arab racism, Slavery [1.236], and this genocide has been described as an example of Arab racism at its worst [1.237]. Sudanese decry the "Apology of racism", that some Sudanese people of Arabic origin consider themselves superior than the indigenous Sudanese [1.238]. Der Spiegel writes about the Janjaweed: Sudan's War within a War - regime that uses tribal conflicts and Arab racism [1.239].

From the 'International Dialogues Foundation' a comparison to South Africa's [former] Apartheid system, [Sudan's] present regime combines Arabism and Islam... Yet they refuse to share their power and to include those who have been left out. In South Africa, there was a similar situation of a small group dominating the rest ... [1.240] In Darfur and Kordofan, Arabs and non-Arabs are fighting each other. [1.241] (Constitutional perspectives on Sudan, proceedings of the IDF seminar, International Dialogues Foundation, by Michel Hoebink, CMEIS, University of Durham, 1999, p. 26)

Sudanese journalist Akol Jacob cites Dr. Deng in talking about the 'fictitious' self definition of the Afro Arabs in the Sudan as "Arabs" and says that unlike elsewhere in Africa "where, with the exception of Mauritania, people identify themselves as Africans, the northern Sudanese see themselves as Arabs and deny the strongly African element in their skin colour and physical features. They associate these features with the Negroid race and see it as the mother race of slaves, inferior and demeaned. "Their identification with Arabism." Dr Deng says, "is the result of a process in which races and religions were ranked, with Arabs and Muslims respected as free, superior and a race of slave masters, while Negroes and heathens were viewed as legitimate target of slavery, if they were not in fact already slaves." Colour of skin is also an important factor in Sudan: "The darker the colour of skin, the less authentic the claim to Arab ancestry and the greater the likelihood of being looked down on as of slave origin."

The vision of the leadership of Sudanese "Arabs" (39%) for a "united Sudan" is one in which the Southerners (33%) are either peacefully converted or forced into Islam. Their vision is a "united Sudan" in which 39% are "Arabs" while 61% are "orphans" of Arabism. The South has rejected that vision as unacceptable and divisive. [1.242]

The government has build anti-Dinka militias to fight the war by proxy. To persuade Arab Sudanese to join militias, the old Sudanese ideas of racial cleavage between the north and the south were deployed. Southerners were characterized as abid [slaves]. (Sudán: race, religion and violence by Jok Madut Jok, 2007, p. 176) [1.243]

"The Janjaweed are like a grotesque mixture of the mafia and the Ku Klux Klan," says Prendergast. "These guys have a racist ideology that sees the Arab population as the supreme population that would like to see the subjugation of non-Arab peoples. They’re criminal racketeers that have been supported very directly by the government to wage the war against the people of Darfur." [1.244] [1.245], the US State Department said (2005) that the Sudanese (Arab) government continued to support the largely Arab nomad janjaweed militia who attack with racial epithets. [1.246], attackers call non-Arab Africans abid or slave, and zurga, which means Black, but is used as a racial slur. (The Crisis - Jan 2005 - Vol. 112 - 70 pages, Magazine, Page 46) [1.247] (See related: #Arab supremacy - Conflicts, Wars.

From 'The Emergence and Impacts of Islamic Radicalists" (Professor. Dr. Girma Yohannes Iyassu Menelik p. 36): "The origin of Arab superiority ideology and racism is one of the main causes of the present ethnic cleansing and genocide in Darfur. This can be traced back to 1981, when a Libyan supported Sudanese group al-Tajammu' al-'Arabi, the "Arab alliance," who injected racism [1.248], distributed pamphlets declaring that 'the Zurga (blacks) had ruled Darfur long enough and that it was time for Arabs to have their turn,' if necessary by resorting to force, in 2004, under the leadership of Musa Hilal, one of the most powerful leaders of the Janjaweed militias Tajammu' al-'Arabi issued a directive that called upon its supporters to change the demographics of Darfur and clean it of its African tribes... since early and mid-1980s; Arabism has become sharper as a racial ideology in Sudan. The Darfur conflict raging since 2003, has given urgency to questions about Arabism, Islam, and race in Sudan. On an everyday level this racism is manifested by Arabs' deragetory term abid (slaves) attached with sexual violence and a series of rude slurs' -- to apply to western and southern." [1.249]

Scholars agree that Arabism in Darfur is increasingly racial or racist in the sense that it assumes a certain hierarchy of peoples. (From: "Arab Identity and Ideology in Sudan: The Politics of Language" by HJ Sharkey - 2007) [1.250] (African affairs, Volume 107, Author Royal African Society, Publisher Published for the Royal African Society by the Oxford University Press, 2008, Original from the University of California) [1.251]

Pundits of Sudan write about "Arab racism, Islamic bigotry and discriminatory practices are the most divisive issues in the Sudan" and its terrible effect, crimes on non-Arab Sudanese [1.252], (See also: #Merging bigotry of Arabism & Islamism). the southern backlash to Islamization and Arabization boosted its Christian identity. Southerners now combine indigenous culture, Christianity, and general elements of Western culture to combat Islam and the associated imposition of Arab identity. [1.253].

An 'Arabist'

An Arabist can be referred to 1) someone that is well knowledgeable of Arab culture and nationality. But can also be referred to a radical nationalist anti non-Arab or 2) a 'fanatical' supporter of Arabism's wars, dictatorship and bigoted policies.

Arabists control over institutions, policy, not only in Britain Arabists dominate the Foreign office [1.254], but even in the US, in the book: 'Arabists': The Romance of an American Elite by Robert D. Kaplan Blending history, reportage and sharp profiles of key players, this insightful study tells how American "Arabists"-- diplomats, intelligence agents, scholar-adventurers, Protestant missionaries, military attaches--formed an elitist, expatriate professional caste in the 19th-century Middle East. The Arabists, in Kaplan's ( Balkan Ghosts ) view, carried on a "romance" with exotic Islamic cultures, and many supported pan-Arab nationalism. Blind to what Kaplan deems the inevitability of the birth of Israel in the aftermath of the Holocaust, American Arabists today often see Israel "in only the simplest stereotype," he asserts. Kaplan charges that Arabists adapted to and promoted the Bush administration's appeasement of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, as exemplified by U.S. ambassador April Glaspie's wooing of Saddam right up to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. Occupational hazards facing the latest crop of Arabists, warns Kaplan, include rampant shallowness, careerism and an insular, sterile embassy life divorced from local realities. [1.255]

Arabists, Pro-Arab Sympathisers, Arabists in government do not have names like Hamadi or Abdullah. No, they have names like Hendrikson and Smith and they work diligently for the government of America - except when they don't. When they don't, they work first for themselves and then for their Arab connections. They may be in the White House, the State Dept. and the Intelligence Agencies on orders from any of the above. Then there are corporations who have leases on Arab oil land, contracts, shipping lines, and these executives are plugged into the highest offices of government. They can be generally defined as either motivated by money or as Arabists: meaning they ideologically agree with Arab orders. (Recall how the multinational oil companies accepted orders from Saudi Arabia during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. The orders were to cease delivering oil to American civilian and military depots. These American based corporations followed the Saudi orders and cut off supply. The 'Arabists' in their zeal to assist their friends for the money it brings, American Arabists have become accessories to terrorist murders. If former Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries of State and Defense and State Department officials have been part of the growth of terror, then they must go to prison.[1.256], examples: Jimmy Carter and James Baker, both outspoken Arabists. [1.257]

Laurent Murawiec, a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute and the author of the new book Princes of Darkness: The Saudi Assault on the West... I'd say: "Sir, Mr. President, judge people according to their deeds, not to their sugary words." I'd also advise that a lot of heads that having talking the Saudis up, at the State Department, the CIA especially - the "we-love-the-Sunni-dictators-and-despots-forever-because-they-deliver-stability" school of the three monkeys who see, hear and say no evil - should roll. The 'Arabists' have controlled US policy in the Middle East - and not the Likud! As every cretin, every liar and every falsifier repeats endlessly - for too long. [1.258]

Many have raised concern over Clinton's Arab money Connections, The royal family of Saudi Arabia gave the (Bill) Clinton facility in Little Rock. [1.259] [1.260] [1.261]

Ambitious and "busy" Saudi Arab Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal to influence the west One of the world's riches men, has supported, donated for Jihad - terror 'suicide bombers' families, As a phenomenon of 'Radical Arabs Seek Influence Over U.S. Media' [1.262] acquired major chunks of news media corporations like CNN, AOL (which was partially "explained" for charges of AOL bias [1.263]), even some of FOXnews [1.264] [1.265][1.266][1.267] [1.268], has pushed Georgetown University towards appeasing Radical Islam [1.269], attempted to bribe former NYC mayor Rudi Giuliani after the 911 attacks by the 19 Arab Muslim hijackers (who were mostly from Saudi Arabia) that he (ironically) "denounces"... Israel, which Giuliani turned down [1.270]. He bankrolls the Arabist 'anti-Israel' organization 'Middle East Policy Council' (MEPC) by Chas Freeman.[1.271], has donated at least $5 million to the Carter Center [1.272].

The Arab lobby - 'Arab American Action Network' (AAAN), seeks to empower Chicago-area Arab immigrants and Arab Americans, [1.273] was established by the Arab-Palestinian pro terrorism (and terror excuser) "activist" Rashid Khalidi, once having ties with Barack Obama [1.274] [1.275], he's described as a 'radical Arabist' [1.276]

Bat Yeor on Eurabia and Euro-Arab Antisemitism, about 'Euro-Arabism': This phrase, borrowed from Arab League declarations, is repeated in every few lines of European statements mimicking their Arab models. "We would seek in vain the definition of the rights of Kurds, Berbers, Copts or any other pre-Islamic indigenous inhabitants of the Middle East, including Jews- these peoples are never mentioned." [1.277]

J. Carter, as a radical 'Arabist' that he is, he was so shamefully reluctant to call the Darfur genocide (which is described as "This is probably the worst series of crimes against humanity since WWII" We’re talking about ethnic cleansing, deportations, mass murder, slave trade, forcible enforcement of the laws of Islam, taking children from their parents and more. Millions have become refugees [1.278], and described as "one of the world's worst human rights and humanitarian catastrophes" [1.279]) as such, and was sharply criticized in an article '"Carterwauling": Jimmy Carter's Shamefully Ignorant Statement on Darfur' [1.280]

In accordance with Arabism's intolerance, It is not without reason that outspoken Arabists: Jimmy Carter, James Baker & George Galloway, all have had cases of anti semitic (anti Jewish) outbusrt.

Jimmy Carter

He chose to side and support the most radical among Palestinian Arab known killers, the Hamas, etc. [1.281][1.282]

As an Arabist, Carter also minimized the horrors of Darfur -- who experts call: "the worst humanitarian calamity since WWII" [1.283]-- and objects to define it genocide. [1.284]

In an article titled: 'Jimmy Carter and the Arab Lobby' J. Laksin writes about his deep ties with Arabs and oppressive Arab regimes like Saudi Arabia, Especially lucrative have been Carter's ties to Saudi Arabia. Before his death in 2005, King Fahd was a longtime contributor to the Carter Center and on more than one occasion contributed million-dollar donations. In 1993 alone, the king presented Carter with a gift of $7.6 million. And the king was not the only Saudi royal to commit funds to Carter's cause. As of 2005, the king's high-living nephew, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, has donated at least $5 million to the Carter Center. Meanwhile the Saudi Fund for Development, the kingdom's leading loan organization, turns up repeatedly on the center's list of supporters. Carter has also found moneyed allies in the Bin Laden family, and in 2000 he secured a promise from ten of Osama bin Laden's brothers for a $1 million contribution to his center. To be sure, there is no evidence that the Bin Ladens maintain any contact with their terrorist relation. But applying Carter's own standard, his extensive contacts with the Saudi elite must make his views on the Middle East suspect. [1.285], To see Jimmy Carter's true allegiances, just follow the money. [1.286]

Prof. Alan M. Dershowitz in "Ex-President for Sale," It now turns out that Jimmy Carter--who is accusing the Jews of buying the silence of the media and politicians regarding criticism of Israel--has been bought and paid for by Arab money. [1.287]

Deborah Lipstadt writes about "Jimmy Carter's Jewish Problem", Carter has repeatedly fallen back on traditional anti-Semitic canards. [1.288]

In one of his hateful outbursts, he "complained" that there are "Too many Jews" on Holocaust Council. [1.289] [1.290] [1.291]

Though he has begged the American Jewish community to forgive him for stigmatizing the Jewish State over the years, and his begging may yield some big-time bucks, yert he hasn´t change the content of his book. [1.292]

James Baker

Described as: 'anti-Semitic institutional Arabist' [1.293], Quotable quote no 1: "Don't worry, Jews remember the Holocaust, but they forget insults as soon as they smell cash." Quotable quote No 2: "F-ck the Jews, they didn't vote for us anyway." [1.294].

Baker was also the one who during the first Gulf war told Israel to simply suck it up for the greater good and take Iraq's Scud attacks without responding [1.295] [1.296]

Some have pointed out that: He founded the military of the modern Islamic terrorism in 80s in Afghanistan. He along with fellow Arabist Brezenski armed the Afghans at the behest of his Wahhabi friends [1.297]

Obama's administration's initial pick for former ambassador to Saudi Arabia Charles W. (Chas) Freeman to head the National Intelligence Agency (NIC) [1.298] came under fire [1.299] for ties to brutal regimes : China [1.300] & Saudi Arabia [1.301] Mr. Freeman has viewed the Middle East through the prism of one of Foggy Bottom's most successful Arabists. He justifies Arab enmity towards us [1.302], has been critical of Israel, appears to be a "strong Arabist" [1.303], They noted that Freeman served on the board of the Chinese National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC), which has done business with Iran [1.304], Furthermore, researcher revealed Freeman's pre- and post-9/11 "business connections" with the bin Laden family, which have donated "tens of thousands of dollars a year" to the MEPC, also discovered donations to Obama's presidential campaign by Freeman's Projects International, "a company that develops international business deals." [1.305] though State Department Arabists rushed to defend one of their own [1.306], On March 11, he withdrew from the post over the criticism.[1.307]

The Iraq Study Group (ISG) has been analized over its (2006) version of the "road map" to guide America's policy in Iraq as a fruit of Arabists lobbyists headed by James Baker Despite an orchestrated public relations campaign that bordered on the farcical, with reverential media treatment at first, the unrealistic nature of some of the policies led to withering criticism. Brit Hume was able to conclude that the almost now completely forgotten Baker-Hamilton commission, which arrived [with] great fanfare... got so much criticism from all sides [that it] now seems to be an irrelevance. The ISG turned into a colossal dud, a missed opportunity of huge magnitude. Its failure to engage with the real dilemmas, and instead substitute a combination of wishful thinking and hostility toward Israel, was actually quite predictable. An autopsy of its decaying corpse reveals a disturbing pattern among those charged with creating and staffing the Group. While Professors Walt and Mearsheimer famously hypothesize that an "Israel Lobby" has hijacked American foreign policy, the ISG report suggests otherwise, that a far more influential lobby operates out of country well to the southeast of Israel. While the Group was charged with analyzing the situation in Iraq, some were surprised and disturbed that the focus shifted to Israel and did so in hostile way. For example, the superb Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens took note of the fact that while most of the policies towards the "players" involved in the Middle East were couched in the language of suggestions ("should") those directed at Israel were seemingly mandatory and were characterized as orders (as in "Israel must"). Phebe Marr, [1.308] an academic who in the past has worked for oil companies. She is on the Editorial Board of the Middle East Journal, published by the Middle East Institute (remember those leitmotifs). She is also on the Board of the Middle East Policy Council-which is another "front" organization for the Saudis. In this case, the Chairman of the Board is Chas Freeman, another former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Other Board Members include Frank Carlucci, Chairman of the aforementioned Carlyle Group and a host of executives from multi-national corporations with extensive financial ties to the Arab world. Currently, Dr. Marr resides in Qatar, where her husband has been on the faculty of the University of Qatar. The author of the ISG was reportedly the Founding Director of none other than the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy: Edward Djerejian. He is a former Ambassador to Syria, a nation that would be rewarded under the ISG plan with the return of the Golan Heights and the expulsion of the Palestinians within its borders, as they would flood Israel under the "right of return"). He is also an Arabist, a man who has a proclivity to favor Arabs. Ed Lasky (in an article titled: 'Baker's ISG: Shilling for the Saudis') asks: 'Could he have been the person who slipped in the provision requiring Israel to accept a "right of return" (which contravenes US policy and that would mean the end of Israel)?' [1.309], as The New York Times reported that Saudi Arabia has threatened intervention in Iraq to support Sunni Insurgents iraqupdates asks: 'Was the Saudi lobby behind some of the recommendations of the ISG?' [1.310]

George Galloway

Despite the Arabist anti-Israel, and wide demonization of Israel - tenedency in almost all of British media [1.311] [1.312] [1.313] [1.314], which was even admitted by the very own BBC [1.315] [1.316], yet, Galloway said on Al Jazeera: "I am still a member of parliament and was re-elected five times. On the last occasion I was re-elected despite all the efforts made by the British government, the Zionist movement and the newspapers and news media which are controlled by Zionism." [1.317], he closed London's only Jewish radio station [1.318], in a Sept. 9 interview with the loopy conspiranoid site Prison Planet, he both blames the Jews for persecution of Jews (including bringing Hitler to power), as well as for unleashing the global terror wave upon the world. [1.319]

Canada banned George Galloway on grounds of national security [1.320] [1.321] and he has ties to the SSNP, a fascist party [1.322][1.323] [1.324]

A (Facebook) Muslim Arab fan of his called to 'slaughter the Jews' [1.325]

Arabism = violence!


Arabism & Violence: Dictatorship, Totalitarianism, Oppression, War, Terrorism

The front runners of Pan-Arabism, brutal tyrants and waged large scale wars, such as Egypt's Nasser [1.326] (some describe Nasser's totalitarian ideology of Pan-Arabism, the 'forerunner of today's Islamism' [1.327]), Iraq's Saddam Hussein [1.328], Syria's Assad (on Lebanon [1.329] [1.330] [1.331] and on it's own people [1.332] [1.333] like the Hama massacre [1.334] [1.335] and the dictator in Sudan Al Bashir [1.336] [1.337].

The fact that all of those entities that call themselves "Arab states" are governed by dictatorships is proof that what they stand for is wrong. These gangster-like regimes collaborate with each other in oppressing their own people, using deadly force and fear tactics while pushing hateful agendas. They delude themselves in thinking they can build free markets and vibrant economies while their people still suffer oppression and lack basic freedoms. Rather each country should abandon Arabism and look inward for a definition of itself. [1.338].

In Hannah Arendt's Book the Origins of Totalitarianism Pan-Arabism is dealt with and their subsequent roles in the creation of the totalitarian... [1.339]

Pan-Arabists and Islamists ends range from merely oppressive to genocidal [1.340].

Besides espousing a fanatic Pan-Arabism, the Futuwwa adopted a frankly totalitarian ideology, and, as though in recognition of kinship, in 1938 sent a delegation to a Hitler Youth rally in Berlin. (The Axis and the Arab Middle East: 1930-1945 by Robert Lewis Melka, published by Univ. of Minnesota, 1966, p. 62) [1.341]

The rift between pro-Western and pan-Arab elements in Lebanon surfaced again & again. [1.342] [1.343]

A writer reminds how the vast majority of conflicts today involves militant Islam and/or real Arab racism. [1.344]

Libya's government was and continues to be a strict military dictatorship. Libya adopted a high international profile based on Pan-Arabism, its virulent condemnation of 'western imperialism', its support of "liberation" movements around the world and its military adventurism in Chad [1.345]

From (an admission) on the Arab site: 'Lebanon Daily Star,' (March 23, 2005): Over the past 50 years, authoritarian leaders in the region have banded together in support for each other almost blindly, despite all evidence of despotism, totalitarianism and heavy handed oppression. Although the ideal of pan-Arab unity was never realized, it seems that what has been achieved is a union of corrupt regimes. Grossly misusing the language of Arab unity, they casually dismissed the mass murders that occurred under Saddam Hussein's rule, as well as genocide in Sudan, Syrian oppression of Lebanon, and countless other tragedies. And since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, they have extended only a tepid welcome to the country's leadership, and have turned a blind eye to the insurgency that is wreaking havoc on the lives of ordinary Iraqi citizens. We must no longer allow the language of Arab unity to be so distorted... [1.346] [1.347]

E. Karsh: Pan-Arabism causes conflict in the middle east [1.348], he explains: "Since its formation in the wake of World War I, the contemporary Middle Eastern system based on territorial states has been under sustained assault. In past years, the foremost challenge to this system came from the doctrine of pan-Arabism (or qawmiya), which sought to "eliminate the traces of Western imperialism" and unify the "Arab nation," and the associated ideology of Greater Syria (or Suriya al-Kubra), which stresses the territorial and historical indivisibility of most of the Fertile Crescent. Today, the leading challenge comes from Islamist notions of a single Muslim community (the umma). Intellectuals and politicians, denouncing the current system…" [1.349]

In an article "Pan-Muslim Fiction" Karsh writes about Darfur genocide, Yemenite, Lebanese, and Algerian civil wars, hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians perished; the Iran-Iraq war claimed nearly a million lives and the fake "worry" for Arab Palestinians under Pan-Arabism as this/their real gole is aggression, control, etc. Nor have the Arab states have ever had any real stake in the "liberation of Palestine." Though anti-Zionism has been the core principle of pan-Arab solidarity since the mid-1930s — it is easier, after all, to unite people through a common hatred than through a shared loyalty — pan-Arabism has almost always served as an instrument for achieving the self-interested ends of those who proclaim it.

Consider, for example, the pan-Arab invasion of the newly proclaimed state of Israel in 1948.This, on its face, was a shining demonstration of solidarity with the Palestinian people. But the invasion had far less to do with winning independence for the population than with the desire of the Arab regimes for territorial aggrandizement. Transjordan's King Abdullah wanted to incorporate substantial parts of mandatory Palestine into the greater Syrian empire he coveted; Egypt wanted to prevent that eventuality by laying its hands on southern Palestine. Syria and Lebanon sought to annex the Galilee, while Iraq viewed the 1948 war as a stepping stone in its long-standing ambition to bring the entire Fertile Crescent under its rule. Had the Jewish state lost the war, its territory would not have fallen to the Palestinians but would have been divided among the invading Arab forces. [1.350]

Richard D. Molfese anylises "The Palestinian Conflict: Brought to you by the Arab League," that the 'Arab league' which was, is not a union of Arab States working for unification toward Arab solidarity or peace, but rather a fragmented group of power, status and wealth seekers trying to keep what they have and dumping down their neighbors, have been using, exploiting and fueling the "Palestinian" conflict for the 'greater pan-Arab' cause of power under a supposed 'unity' flag over a divided Arab world, and that the Palestinians, are made to bleed, to keep all Arabs consciously united through their pain, while the Arab leaders keep the people's focus away from what they do., a continuous campaign, while sending the hateful message that the "westerners are devil". [1.351]

In 1967, Egypt's Nasser was planning a Pan-Arab (genocidal) invasion to eradicate Israel. [1.352] In fact, the pan-Arab leader was also war-mongering against the west, from Nasser's Speech to The Egyptian National Assembly Before The 1967 six-day war: "We are confronting Israel and the West as well -the West, which created Israel and which despised us Arabs and which ignored us before and since 1948. They had no regard whatsoever ... If the Western Powers disavow our rights and ridicule and despise us, we Arabs must teach them to respect us and take us seriously." [1.353] (The closed circle: an interpretation of the Arabs, by David Pryce-Jones, Ivan R. Dee, 2002, p. 253) [1.354]

Amir Taheri on Iraq's Identity Crisis (June, 2003) - The future of Pan-Arabism. On Iraq's "Arabness", the idea of dropping Iraq's Arabism is backed by most Shiite parties that want the nation's Islamic identity to be emphasized. "What binds a majority of Iraqis together is their Islamic faith while Arabism divides them," says Abdel-Aziz Hakim of the High Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq. The Kurds also want Arabism to go because the see Iraq as a multi-ethnic nation in which no community should try to impose its specific identity and culture on others, says Hoshyar Zibari of the Kurdistan Democratic party. "Pan-Arabism was always used as an instrument of terror and repression against our people. It has no place in a new Iraq." The Iraqi left is also favorable of abandoning what the poet Fadil Sultani calls "the illusion of Arabism." The reason is that Iraqi Socialists and Communists have been frequently persecuted and, at times, massacred, as enemies of "pan-Arab nationalism." Iraq's democrats and liberals see pan-Arabism as a barrier to democratization. "You cannot build a democracy with a tribalist ideology," says Kanan Makiya of the Iraqi National Congress. Most Iraqis wish to develop the alternative concept of Uruqua (Iraqi-ness) as a substitute for Uruba (Arab-ness). They say Uruqa is not a version of classical nationalism because it cuts across ethnic and confessional divides. "Uruqua is a big tent in which we can all live together," says Hussein Qazvini, a mullah from Karbala. [1.355]

Farid Alghadry of the Reform Party of Syria called for the end of the pan- Arabist Ba'athist oppression. "Only Kurds can decide their own faith," he declared. [1.356]

The civil war in Lebanon from 1975 on can in part be understood as a conflict between Pan-Arabism and Lebanese particularism. (World encyclopedia of peace, by Linus Pauling, Ervin László, Jong Youl Yoo - Political Science - 1986 - Volume 2‎ - p. 159) [1.357]

Amir Taheri on Iraq (2003) Iraq's democrats and liberals see pan-Arabism as a barrier to democratization. [1.358]

An Arab writer in GulfNews: Even Pan-Arabism and nationalism have become empty of any meaning of unification, and are being used for conflicts with a neighbouring Muslim or Arab country. [1.359]

A Muslim writer in the Yemen Times in an article: "Extremism and how to deal with it". It is no secret that I love Arabic, perhaps just as much as I despise Arabism. .. Arabism is a reminder to some longest lasting and senseless wars that predated Islam. Today Arab kingdoms, republics, and emirates are none but exaggeration in Arabism, and have no relevance to Arabic except for a name assigned to the country by its ruler. [1.360]

Alan Tonelson wrote in 1993 that the Gulf states which are made of some by legal-political fictions, some family corporations in which the restive immigrant employees greatly outnumber the indigenous owners, others "tribes with flags." All are under constant assault by centrifugal forces ranging from ethnic and religious tensions to Islamic fundamentalism to pan-Arabism. For many regimes, making scapegoats of foreigners and infidels is the only hope of survival. [1.361]

On the ('Palestinian' Arabs as part of the Pan-) Arabs vs Israel conflict a writer sums it up: The goal of Arabs is simple: to wipe out the state of Israel from the map and create the twenty-second Arab state. If anyone doubts me, just listen to what Yasser Arafat, the late leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, told a reporter, Arianna Palazzi in 1970: "The question of borders doesn't interest us… From the Arab standpoint, we mustn't talk about borders. Palestine is nothing but a drop in an enormous ocean. Our nation is the Arabic nation that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea and beyond it….The PLO is fighting Israel in the name of Pan-Arabism. What you call 'Jordan' is nothing more than Palestine." [1.362], ...the interplay among pan-Arabism with the Palestinian issue as a bond, pan-Islam, and national interests have often produced tensions [1.363], from the book: Essentials of Terrorism: Concepts and Controversies' Abu Nidal: Ruthless Revolutionary... long argued that Al Fatah membership should be open to all Arabs, not just Palestinians. In support of the Palestinian cause, he argued that Palestine must be established as an Arab state and that its borders must stretch from the Jordan River in the east to the Mediterranean sea. According to pan- Arabism, however, this is only one cause among many in the Arab world. [1.364]

In an article: 'Nasrallah and War on Egypt' (30/12/2008) in Egypt's 'asharq alawsat' Tariq Alhomayed wrote, Nasrallah incited the Egyptians against their own country and leadership... Hassan Nasrallah, who made an appearance... to stir up the Arabs and Arabism, who is the same man who occupied Beirut and tortured its Sunni citizens, along with Iranian agents..., today wants us to follow the instructions of [Supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah] Khamenei. This is what Nasrallah called for in his recent speech. What many did not notice in Nasrallah's address is that he devoted half of the speech to attacking Egypt and incitement against it, whilst the second half was devoted to attacking elements within Lebanon. [1.365]

The linkage to terror

Protecting terrorism, Pan-Arabism: the inhuman progenitor of Islamic Terrorism [1.366]. "Terror was used by the Arabs against the Jews in the Land of Israel since the dawn of Zionism." [1.367].

An Arabist group called Jamiat-e Dawa el al Qurani Wasouna. The J.D.Q., as it is known by American intelligence, is suspected of having links to both the Saudi and Kuwaiti governments [1.368]

An analyst: The larger war on terrorism will end only when both Pan-Arabists and Islamists abandon their desperate desire to turn back the calendar to the year 1000, when they accept that neither ethnic purity not scriptural fidelity can serve as the raison d'être of a modern state. [1.369]

An Iraqi writes: our troubles with Arab fascism - the actual source of the terrorism we face... [1.370]

Osama bin Laden is in fact the latest and quintessential product of pan-Arabism [1.371]

P. Berman in his book: 'Terror and Liberalism', makes a strong case for viewing a war against the Ba'athist regime of Saddam Hussein as a war against the latest incarnation of 20th-century totalitarianism -- a war on behalf of the ideas and values of liberal democratic society -- and in the process, he connects Pan-Arab Ba'athist ideology with the radical Islamist ideology of Sayyid Qutb, Osama bin Laden, et al., referring to it all together as "Muslim totalitarianism." that they represent two versions of the same "totalitarian system." [1.372]

A writer in an article titled: The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the Nazification of the Arab world While Europe was largely de-Nazified after the war, Muftism, or Arab-Islamic Nazism remains a major political and philosophical force. Arab peoples continue to groan under Nazi-Arab oppressive regimes and Mufti influenced pan-Arabists continue to wage war against non-Islamic nations and peoples. [1.373]

An analyzer on NRO: Ba'athism (pan-Arabism and Arab supremacism) is largely a spent force but its remnants have merged both with bin Ladenism [1.374].

At the early stages of the war in Iraq (March 22, 2003): An Iraqi officer, who stood in front of a group of soldiers engaged in marching drills, said: "Oh, Jihad fighters and Arab believers... we greet you with the greetings of Arabism and Islam. We are happy to show you some of the drills of our brothers the Arab volunteer." [1.375]

S. Vincent (2004): The terror on Iraq is caused by: pan-Arab Ba'athists and pan-Islamic jihadists. [1.376] [1.377]

Syrian liberal author Nidhal Na'isa began his career in journalism as a teenager, at the government dailies Al-Thawra and Syria Times, but today he is a vocal opponent of the Arab regimes, in his words: "Our Totalitarian Societies", and the pan-Arab ideology, as well as of Islamism and Islamist terrorism. He has written that due to the Islamist "tsunami," the Middle East could be declared an "intellectual disaster zone"; that if one were to try to sell pan-Arab identity to "the bushmen and the cannibals" they wouldn't buy it; and that the pan-Arab media is "a harbinger of ill, pain, and destruction." In contrast, he praises the West for its humanism and its respect for the individual, and writes that, given the current state of affairs in the Arab world, the real question is not "why does the West hate us?" but rather why it does not. [1.378]

The Palestinian terror organization: PFLP, a 'marxist, pan-Arabist revolutionary group was, until the rise of Hamas, the second-largest Palestinian faction after Fatah' [1.379].

Palestinian Fatah Leader, School Books Supports Terrorism Against US in Iraq, quote: "We [however,] take pride in this [Arab nationalist] language because we are the authentic Arabs who believe in our Arabism, our faith, our cause" [1.380]

Arabism with Islamism as motivation for Jihad and Terror

(Sami) Saib Shawkat was the head of Iraqi educational system, an outspoken pro-Nazi enthusiast who expanded the schoold system's paramilitary training program into a full-fledged youth movement (al-Futuwwah - The Youth) directly inspired by the Hitler Youth. Shawkat publicly called upon Iraqi secondary-school students to devote themeselves to the "Profession of Death" - that is to killing and dying on behalf of the pan-Arab cause. (Ethnic nationalism and the fall of empires: central Europe, Russia, and the Middle East, 1914-1923, Aviel Roshwald, Routledge, 2001, ISBN 0415242290, 9780415242295, p. 214) [1.381]

They are fascists writes a Muslim journalist on Muslim terrorists, they hijack civilian airliners, kill people in restaurants, and justify their actions by using pan-Arab or Islamic descriptions. [1.382]

Salman Rushdie discusses 'free speech, fundamentalism, America's place in the world, and his new essay collection' in "Reason" the kind of Islam that is being forced on Kashmir is very much a kind of Arabist Islam, which is alien to Kashmir. It is not liked by Kashmiris. [1.383]

The Millenarian-Eschatological strain very present in Islam was powerfully revived in the second half of the 19th century by the so-called Muslim "reformer," "progressive" and "modernizer," Jamal al-Din al Afghani, father of pan-Islamism and pan-Arabism, but most of all, reviver of the old Mahdist creed. He turned it into a workable, modern political ideology of a radical sort. As the British Islamologist H.A.R. Gibb wrote: "The heresy of Mahdism is its belief not only that the minds and wills of men can be dominated by force but that truth can be demonstrated by the edge of the sword." Further: "Mahdism has linked up with extreme nationalism to produce the swelling tides of popular discontent and revolutionary ardor which are familiar to all observers of the Muslim world today." Anti-imperialist al-Afghani loudly proclaimed that England hoped in vain "to stifle the voice of the Mahdi, the most awesome of all voices, since its power is even greater than the voice of the Holy War, which issues from all Muslim mouths. Does England… think herself able to stifle this voice making itself heard in all the East… proudly proclaiming the coming of the Savior whom every son of Islam awaits with such impatience? El Mahdi, el Mahdi, el Mahdi." [1.384]

From the "prospectmagazine" under title: 'A British jihadist' ...So far afield in this case, that for many second-generation British Pakistanis, the desert culture of the Arabs held more appeal than either British or subcontinental culture. Three times removed from a durable sense of identity, the energised extra-national worldview of radical Islam became one available identity for second-generation Pakistanis. The few who took it did so with the convert's zeal: plus Arabe que les Arabes... no nation matters save the Islamic nation and its Arab culture. Butt spoke passionately about Arabia and wants to go there. "I believe the Arabic language will give me that key to have access to those things I don't have access to at the moment." Again, that yearning for Islam to fill the gaps in his own identity. [1.385]

The Arab-Palestinian charter merges Islamic 'holy war' Jihad, with Arabism, quote: 'We, the Palestinian Arab people, who believe in its Arabism and in its right to regain its homeland, to realize its freedom and dignity, and who have determined to amass its forces and mobilize its efforts and capabilities in order to continue its struggle and to move forward on the path of holy war (al-jihad) until complete and final victory has been attained...' [1.386]

From a friday Sermon on Palestinian Authority Television (March , 2003): "America will be destroyed, Allah willing", "Oh, people of Palestine, Oh, people of Iraq. The Crusader, Zionist America has started an attack against our Iraq, the Iraq of Islam and Arabism [1.387]

A Bahrainian journalist explains that it's the Islamists, the pan-Arab nationalists, and the Arab regimes who are the ones who hate America. The ordinary Arab and Muslim citizens are mere blindfolded hostages in the hands of this alliance. [1.388]

Hezbullah, an Islamist group, has long been using the mixed language of Islam and Arabism, which is why some came up with a term: "Pan-Arabist Islam/ism" or "Arabo-centric Islam." In an accompanying DVD-Rom of Avi Jorisch's 'Beacon of Hatred,' the various propaganda clips on Al-Manar which reach out to the Arabs, as Arabs, often using the term "ummat al-Arab" (the Arab Nation), to combat Israel. This amalgamation has a long history. from a review of Bashir M. Nafi's Arabism, Islamism, and the Palestine Question, 1908-1941: A Political History. The reviewer writes: Although several major studies were written on Hassan al-Banna and the Ikhwan, no study highlights Banna's indebtedness to Arabist ideas as Nafi does in his book. Nafi contends that Banna's Pan Islamic and Arabist ideas developed from his serious intellectual and political contact with several Syrian émigrés in Egypt, especially Rashid Rida and Muhib al-Din al-Khatib. Banna was then able to express Arabism in 'an Islamic framework' (p. 161). [1.389]

In, 2003, Muammar Qaddafi spoke to women of Libya's work for the pan-Arab cause, he accused the Arab countries of ingratitude and said that women should be trained to carry out suicide operations in Baghdad and in Gaza.[1.390]

Terrorist organisations worked together, trading access for capability. In the period after the 1991 Gulf War, the regime of Saddam Hussein supported a complex and increasingly disparate mix of pan-Arab revolutionary causes and emerging pan-Islamic radical movements." [1.391]

In January 2009, a new Islamic Arab terror group was established in Lebanon, Mohammad Ali Al Husseini, Lebanon's Arab Islamic Council Secretary-General, announced about the "resistance" movement [1.392] under a supremacist flag of "Arabism", vowed to go against Israel, they oppose Hezbollah as it gets its orders from (non Arab) Iranians [1.393] they even named a rocket as Uroubua - Arabism. [1.394]