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Formerly martian622 8/98
If you want to know something about me, ask.
-Among my personal studies and interests are Geopolitics and Warfare, Amateur(ham) Radio[N3WTL], Martial Arts, Hunting and Backyard Astronomy.
I think the Declaration of Independance says it all........but what do I know?

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The things below will piss-off somebody.
...or so I'm told.

Political science's best kept secret:
We are, all of us, useful idiots. Especially when we speak or stay silent.

Political science's second best kept secret:
The true political spectrum is not left and right. You have command and control on one side and anarchy on the other. Left and right are offshoots of the command and control complex. Freedom and Liberty are just this side of anarchy, probably closer than most of us are comfortable with. I know I'm not too concerned until Captain Chaos shows up.

All warfare is deception. Those who deceive you are at war with you albeit silently. Information is your primary weapon.

Infiltration and subversion controls information.

Information can be bought and sold - truth has no price.

Those who cloak truth in "Mystery" are hiding something for some damn reason. Couldn't you handle it?

- How to catch a human -
Attract their attention with motion.
Fascinate them with shiny, sparkly colors.
Tell them they want to be caught(use music) and they'll catch themselves.
Never mention the words trap, snare or hook.

Who Dares Wins --- Got History?

All events are out in the open and seen by everyone. Nothing is obscured, hidden or secret. We understand everything that's going on. There is nothing to hide and all leaders work for you.
- Anyone violating this concept must be labeled "conspiracy nut" and painted with aluminum ASAP. -

After ~40 years the official investigation and findings remain the same concerning the JFK assassination:
-There was no conspiracy nor was there a cover-up.
-Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone-nut killer.
-He used a magic bullet.
Who could argue with that?

Control a person's perspective and you control that person's reality. You can accomplish this en mass with the forms of media. The pen is mightier than the sword. It's true.


At the end of WWII the race was on between the Soviets and Americans to capture the real prizes of the war effort - Germany's surviving scientists and engineers. What isn't commonly talked about are the scientists who specialised in mass psychology, mind control and information extraction. Many people have wondered how an otherwise intelligent and industrious people were turned into - well, nazis. It's all a matter of technique. Today, cultural and emotional conditioning methods are very refined. IMHO. Who tells you what you are to want before the need arises? Indeed, who tells you what you are?



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