Since Sep 27, 2000

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Licensed Professional Counselor/Psychological Examiner, Associate School Psychologist, EMT.

In past years, for 16 years, ending in 2011, I taught election law to Texas Republican county chairs,lawyers,candidates,and election judges/clerks.

I have written a book, “EMERGENCIES HAPPEN! BE PREPARED NOW!” I am selling it myself as a Word document or PDF file.

If you are interested in such a book, contact me at
I will send you the Table of Contents so you will know what you are getting if you are interested in the book. The book is 284 pages, price $20.

I have dedicated the book to Johnny, a favorite guy at FR. It was Kartographer, Johnny and I who posted constantly on Prepper threads and Johnny and I on the Gardening Thread. We combined our knowledge to put emergency preparations and growing food on threads. We did this for years.