Mama Shawna
Since Oct 17, 2000

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Conservative, guitar playing, look like a granola crunching berkenstock wearer mom of two boys! With the same man for 36 years, married 27 years on 7/11! GO TRUMP! Pic of me (I hope) playing my guitar at the Garfield Street Fair on Aug. 22, 2009 ... Photobucket Here's a pic of my hubby at the same gig: Photobucketand now both of us: Photobucket

Now a photo of hubby just starting the first poles in the garden: In the beginning..

And another pic of the garden progressing...Photobucket

And another...Frame..

This is hubby making sure everything is level... I dubbed him 'Gnats Ass Construction' 'cause everything has to be perfect!Gnats-Ass construction

And some more: Installing fence..

Lettuce, cukes in cages


This is a little tiny WATERMELON! I'm holding it up with one finger!Photobucket